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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everybody. I'm Jesse Watters along with Kennedy, Richard Fowler, Emily Compagno, and Greg Gutfeld. Here he is. It's five o'clock in New York City, and this is The Five. 

Fox News alert, President Biden's Afghanistan nightmare just got even worse. The Pentagon making a shocking admission today saying that an August drone strike in Kabul killed 10 civilians including seven children instead of those ISIS-K fighters. 


KENNETH MCKENZIE, COMMANDER, U.S. CENTRAL COMMAND: I am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians including up to seven children were tragically killed in that strike. Moreover, we now access that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K or were a direct threat to U.S. forces. 

Our investigation now concludes that the strike was a tragic mistake. 


WATTERS: The Pentagon revealing that information after the administration kept telling Americans things like this. 


MARK MILLEY, U.S. CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF: Were there others killed? Yes, there were others killed. Who they are? We don't know. We'll try to sort through all of that. At this point, we think that the procedures were correctly followed and it was a righteous strike. 

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: What we've seen in the last week is that, our over the horizon capacity can work and has worked in going after ISIS targets and killing people who went after our troops. So that's where our resource and focus is going to be at this point in time. (END VIDEO CLIP) 

WATTERS: Greg, your reaction to the news today. 

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I mean, unless you're a terrorist, no one wants to kill innocent people. But we need to atone for this. And the bigger question is, was this rushed? Was it based on limited info just to help the administration politically, right? 

Because, you know, he came out and he was very, we're going to do something, we're going to do something. And it feels kind of like it was -- the strike was a gesture. Because it was -- we're done here, like after that happened, we were done. And there was a lot of -- there was a lot of rumor and a lot of pretty substantiated rumor that this was a bad thing. 

But, you know, they wouldn't -- they wouldn't admit it. Now they are. And I really do think he was under pressure to act. And that's why they acted and they did -- and they did a horrible, horrible thing. You know, it's been eight or nine months in this administration and their mantra should be a lot went wrong because, I mean, this White House right now is a mess. 

The situation is terrible in Afghanistan right now. There are still people trapped there. I hope that the people are happy we got rid of a president because of his mean tweets, and in exchange what you got is a president who's just mucking it all up. But there were people that voted a guy out because emotionally it was damaging. It was causing the sleepless nights. 

But he happened also to be a peacemaker, right? He didn't drone anybody, right? He didn't -- he didn't make the worst foreign policy decision and -- or implementation of a decision in the last five decades. That's -- I'm the nice guy. The nice guy who lets you sleep at night but then he does absolutely horrible things. 

So, I'm always like -- I'm always going to vote for the jerk. Because you know what? You're harder on the jerk. The jerk ends up being more sensible because he's been a jerk for so long, he has to be, right? The nice guys get away with literally murder. 

WATTERS: And I heard you muffling some sort of reaction when you heard them say, over horizon capabilities. What made you say that? 

KENNEDY MONTGOMERY, FOX NEWS HOST: This is the Obama drone policy. That's happening again. This is how you create terrorists. Shoot first, aim later doesn't work here. This is what happens. This is absolutely horrific. This is why there are so many people in the military especially special operators who are opposed to drone strikes in general but specifically this kind that really missed the mark. 

And I'm glad you played General Milley and Jen Psaki because those two propagandists need to resign. They are doing the devil's work. They are doing so much harm to this country by trying to make this OK. They have lied to us on Afghanistan for 20 years. They thought they would continue to do so. 

And the fact that General Milley hasn't resigned over those 12 marines and navy medic who were killed, who were bombed to death. And then who did they get the intel from? That's what I want to know. Where did they get the intel? Because I think you're right. It was absolutely rushed. It was totally political. Was it from the Taliban? Because if they see a caravan of 10 civilians including seven kids and they tell the U.S. military strike this now. Look what happens. 

GUTFELD: Great -- 

WATTERS: It was intelligence failure, Richard, that follow the strategic failure because you back yourself into a corner surrounded by the Taliban at the airport. You have no one on the ground to call in air strikes and you're relying on perhaps the Taliban for intelligence. 

RICHARD FOWLER, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, there's always a risk when we use drones as Kennedy pointed out. I mean, I'm glad that the Pentagon acknowledged that this drone strike was a mistake. Sadly, there were so many more drone strikes over the past 15 or some odd years that they haven't called mistakes. 

There were drone strikes in Syria, there were drone strikes in Iraq, there were drones strike in Somalia, that happened outside of the spotlight, out of the headlines, no journalist covered it. Those families are still suffering today. And they're not going to get any money. They're not going to get journalist coverage. They won't get interviews. They won't be talked about on this show or any other show. 

And they're suffering in silence because of bad drone policy that honestly should get bipartisan rebuke, the idea that people are being struck in the middle of night -- in the middle of the night with no -- just like as Kennedy said poignantly, shoot and then aim later. 

And in this case, it's very clear. And I watched the entire press conference earlier today, if they had just waited a second, or two seconds, or a minute later on this drone, they could say, this is actually water and it's not an explosive. This is actually not going to the airport. They're going to drop water off to people. This could have been better handled.

WATTERS: Are heads going to roll because of this, Emily? 

EMILY COMPAGNO, FOX NEWS HOST: Not under this administration, I doubt it. Heads would only roll if we collectively come together in 2022 and 2024 to vote this administration out and everyone that's perpetuating it. There will only be accountability and heads rolling if the mainstream media gets its act together and presses back on this. 

Now to you point earlier, you know, the action that Americans were calling for, it was to extract Americans, it was to protect allies. It was to process Afghans in an efficient, legitimate way, not acting with, quote, "reasonable certainty" as General McKenzie said earlier which was the aiming certainty that they had before this drone, the I.D. certainty that they had before this drone. 

It's like that commercial, that insurance one, where that family is paying for the house. And they're like, we think we can pay. And then the comedian comes in and he's like, you think you can? Would you say that, you know, about bees? Like, I think I can outrun this Doberman, I think I can outrun this bee sting. 

There are certain things where reasonable certainty is unacceptable. And that drone strike was one of them. General McKenzie said today that moving forward he would have to use a heightened standard absolutely. 

But to your point, that's the argument against this over the horizon capability that under this administration has been furthered, which is that without U.S. intel and troops on the ground, we are relying on the Taliban. We're relying on intercepted communications, video feed to get this intel at what cost? The cost of life. And American lives at that. This administration continues to fumble everything. And I hope, to your point, heads will roll -- 


WATTERS: Yes. We'll probably see more of these because we don't have any intelligence on the ground there. No basing, nothing. 

GUTFELD: And yet, I wonder how will the media cover this? Because -- we're always stuck with the alternate universe where Trump is president and you place every one of these actions if he were to do it. So, this would have been condemned as an atrocity -- 

WATTERS: Right. 

GUTFELD: -- and perhaps even a racist atrocity. 


GUTFELD: Milley would have been on the phone with Pelosi getting ready to remove Trump from office and there would have be a groundswell of support for that. In this case, they're probably going to say, hey, we all make mistakes. 


GUTFELD: We all make mistakes. 

WATTERS: And in the midst of a hostage crisis. 

GUTFELD: Right. 

WATTERS: They'd probably have a count down, day 17 -- 


WATTERS: -- Trump hostage crisis. You don't see that. 


WATTERS: Coming up, another crisis unfolding for President Joe Biden. Stunning video shows migrants just streaming across the border. 


MONTGOMERY: If you love my body, just rush the border. New video shows chaos at the southern border, over 10,000 migrants cramming themselves under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. And officials say 10,000 more immigrants are on their way to join them. The massive makeshift shelters are highlighting just how bad the problem is. 

Our own Bill Melugin showing earlier how migrants can easily cross the dam and make their way into Texas with no resistance. Now keep in mind the White House refuses to say what we are all seeing is a crisis. They won't call it a crisis. Republicans are furious with the president and the fact that he's allowing this to happen. Watch. 


SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): It is the most horrific thing I've ever seen. It is packed in as a mass of humanity. 

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA): When it comes to illegal immigration, you just can't trust the Biden administration. It would be like trusting Harvey Weinstein with your daughter. 

UNKNOWN: He is failing and he's willfully disregarding his duty to enforce the laws of the United States. 

UNKNOWN: This is not authorized by the state of Texas. It's not welcomed by the state of Texas or any other Republican state that I know. And they're not invited. 


MONTGOMERY: So, Emily, this has become such a crisis. And it's only been recently that Del Rio has become such a magnet. And they're saying it's because the president has refused to fly these mostly Haitian immigrants back to Haiti. So, what is going on here? 

COMPAGNO: Tragedy upon tragedy compounded by an inept administration that refuses to acknowledge that this crisis is even present. And for an administration that claims to prioritize COVID over everything, you know, the vaccination rate in Haiti is .1 percent. Eight thousand of those migrants under that bridge are from Haiti, as you pointed out. 

We know that, for example, in McAllen, Texas, there were -- there was a 15 percent COVID positive rate in the 7,000 migrants that had been released into that town in recent months. However, remember, New York City public schools shut down at 3 percent. 

So, which is it? What is the priority of this administration? Now I know that they're folding into this humongous bill that with our tax dollars will fund amnesty for all. But in the interim, it's a complete humanitarian crisis. These people have no adequate shelter. What looks like a party is an absolute cesspool. 

They are standing in their own feces. There's no running water that's clean. There's no potable water. There's no food sources. And instead of being put back to a safe place where they're from, they're just being left there in squalor with an administration and a mainstream media that turns its head. 

MONTGOMERY: And they can't turn their head right now because Fox has been flying a drone over the area. Just to -- just to capture the footage so people can see exactly what's going on and the number of desperate Haitians, South Americans, Mexicans who are trying to get into this country. 

But Bill Melugin has been reporting that there's a temporary flight restriction for two weeks so we won't be able to see these pictures. And you have three kids that you know of. You do have a baby. 


MONTGOMERY: And so, when babies put their hands over their eyes, they think that no one can see them. So, the Biden administration wants to remove the Fox News drone so no one can see how bad it's really gotten in Del Rio, Texas. 

WATTERS: That's the pattern that we've seen. He creates a crisis then tries to cover it up and then lie about it. First, they wouldn't let the media in to these camps where they had the kids in cages. Then they hid the kids and flew them all over the country. And now they're saying Fox can't fly our drone overhead to capture the footage. 


MONTGOMERY: And they did, they did lift the ban a few hours ago because there was a lot of pushback when it was a very obviously politically motivated ban. 

WATTERS: Right. And so that's what they do. And then they lie, and they say everything is fine, it's not a crisis. Actually, it's Trump's fault. And which one is it? But here's why the media doesn't cover it. I think Fox is the only one with a drone. 

One of the main reasons is because a lot of people that work out of New York and D.C., they don't even see Texas as part of the country. This is the silly red state way down south. Maybe they'll go to Austin to south by southwest. They'll get a kick out of the music and the bar. And then they'll fly right back and say I've been to Texas. They don't go to Brownsville. They don't go to McAllen or Laredo. They don't understand if you have -- 


MONTGOMERY: Neither does Vice President Harris -- 

WATTERS: Neither does she, right? So, if you have 10,000 Haitians or random guys from Nicaragua or Mexico just lined up pouring into a small town, a ranching town, families that have kids in school and small businesses, you're just going to overwhelm that town. The town can't handle that kind of influx of random people like that, unvaxxed, no documents, no education, no English. 

You're going to pour across the border into a small town like that. These people are crying out for help. And the media doesn't care because they're not affected by it. It's a 27-hour drive from Texas to New York. Might as well be Australia. 

MONTGOMERY: That's a much longer drive with no bridge. 

WATTERS: Harder to drive to Australia. 

MONTGOMERY: Probably not. Good point, Jesse. So, how do the Democrats make a political win out of this? Because you have Republicans and Democrats in a state that's trying to go from purplish to blue. And you have Democrat lawmakers who see what's happening and see how the towns and their constituents, to Jesse's point, are completely overrun. And this is something that Republicans are going to make hay with next year in the midterms. 

FOWLER: I think that's a good -- I think that's a good question and a valid question, Kennedy. 


FOWLER: And I think the way to start is by telling the story of those Haitians at that border. And here's what we know. We know this -- that most of the Haitians that are at that border would qualify for temporary protective status under American law and under international law. 

Many of those people have been through two earthquakes, two hurricanes. Many of them left the country of Haiti. They got on ships and went to Brazil. They didn't walk on foot from Brazil to America's southern border, a journey that takes almost 15 months, right? And they're on the southern border. They are waiting to qualify for asylum. 

Many of them can't qualify for asylum because of title 52 which is a program that says because of health restrictions, you cannot cross that border. Because of America's clogged immigration courts, they are not seeing an immigration judge. 

So this is a story about delays in the immigration courts and an un- modernized immigration court system has caused many of these folks that would qualify for temporary protective status to be -- as you just said, Emily, to be in a situation where there's a humanitarian crisis on the southern border by the people that will qualify for humanitarian asylum in the United States. 

We are a giving country, right? That's why we have Lady Liberty a couple of miles from here. These individuals who -- is who we should be giving to. 

MONTGOMERY: So, they're prioritized above -- 


FOWLER: No, no. It's not prioritized -- 

MONTGOMERY: -- people with -- 

FOWLER: No, no, it's not about prioritizing them over that. These are folks who already qualified. 

MONTGOMERY: I mean, that's your -- that's the argument that you're making right now. 

FOWLER: No, no, no. But I'm saying they qualify for -- 


MONTGOMERY: Not everyone can -- I mean, whatever the administration is, there's a fixed number of people. 

FOWLER: Very true. Right? What I'm saying there's already laws and there's already a law in place on the books for them to qualify, temporary protective status. They would qualify for them. The problem is many of them aren't seeing an immigration judge because the courts are just so overrun. They are so clogged that it might be two or three years before they even get to court case. 



WATTERS: The difference -- the difference, Richard, is you have Americans still stranded in Afghanistan who Biden has abandoned -- 


FOWLER: But you're mixing apple and oranges. 

WATTERS: -- and they're letting in -- 

FOWLER: You can't mix apples and oranges. 

MONTGOMERY: But you can't -- you can't verify the manifest. 

WATTERS: -- thousands of Haitians -- 

FOWLER: You're mixing apples and oranges. 

WATTERS: -- that really don't qualify to be a priority. 

FOWLER: Immigration versus what's happening in Afghanistan are two different things. 

WATTERS: Not a priority, Richard. We have Americans stranded overseas right now. Make them a priority. 

MONTGOMERY: No, we can't, we can't verify the manifest. We certainly can't verify 10,000 people a day -- 


FOWLER: Those are two completely different things. 

MONTGOMERY: -- for coming into a small town, Greg? 

GUTFELD: Yes, it is interesting. So, the government actually tries to temporarily take down the drones. In the previous administration, they would have invited the press down to see everything. I guess Biden only approves of drones if they're killing people. 

If this coverage, this Bill Melugin coverage, this amazing, you know, footage were on any other network, let's say NBC, it would win Emmys because the visuals have the power of creating a real true narrative that Richard should applaud because it would tell the story that he would want to hear. 

These visuals are striking. They are forcing the mainstream media to actually maybe, you know, get off their butts. These are images that honestly can make a difference. But it tells you why nothing changes. It's because the media are the gatekeepers of the -- the left are the media gatekeepers for the media. 

There's this one small like trickle of injustice anywhere under Republicans, the media will amplify it. Right? But you could have months of this. We've had -- 


WATTERS: We had. 

GUTFELD: -- months of this, a lot of it, suffering, a lot of it unmitigated suffering. And it takes Fox -- and Fox's visuals and Bill Melugin to force the media into a corner to do this when the Democrats are in power. You actually have to shame them to actually do their jobs. 

But this is why we often can't do anything about it. Because the monopoly - - the monopoly of thought in the media, which is aligned with -- with Democrats makes this kind of coverage so rare. And I -- I don't know how they go forward when now they can see this. This is award-winning stuff. 

COMPAGNO: NBC gave these four-second -- coverage of this issue in mainstream media besides us has declined 94 percent while the surge itself of these people, of these humans, has increased by over 300 percent, to your point. 

MONTGOMERY: But they know they're suffering. They just don't want to tell the story. If they did, maybe would you alleviate it. 

Ahead, President Biden's plan to give millions of Americans booster shots. Well, that just hit a major roadblock. We'll tell you about it, next. 


FOWLER: President Biden at odds with the FDA over his plans to give million of -- millions of Americans booster shots. An advisory panel overwhelmingly voted not to give every American over 16 an extra dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The plan -- the panel did however vote in favor of giving booster shots to people over 65 years old and high-risk Americans booster shots. The president's plan was plan to start on Sat -- on Monday, rather. 

Greg, what's your take on this. 

GUTFELD: Get the shots. I did. I might get a booster shot. I don't know. I was more interested in that other part of the story we're talking about. What was this -- the withholding -- 


WATTERS: Florida. 

GUTFELD: Florida. Withholding -- was it the monoclonal antibodies for the sake of equity? If that's true, we have a leader deliberately withholding treatment punishing Americans because they don't follow his orders or just because it's a red state. 

This guy is about as unifying as a table saw. He sees everything as how do I split it. You send the drugs where they're need, not where you believe they're deserved, you creep. I'm saying this, assuming this is true. Because I still I'm not sure I believe it. Because I can't believe a leader would do that. 

But I saw the back and forth between Psaki and -- who, I don't know who ask the question. Probably Doocy. 

MONTGOMERY: With juicy Doocy. 

GUTFELD: Juicy Doocy. 

WATTERS: Juicy Doocy. 

GUTFELD: And she did not deny it. She did not deny it. But this is part of a greater strategy to polarize the country. As long as we're at each other's throats, we can't be unified and then face the problems that we all agree on, which is crime, homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness.

These are all things we know are bad and have directly affect our lives. But if we can be, you know, if we can be at each other's throats about treatments, vaccinations, then -- then we're completely consumed by our own hatred. It's like, this is the new Trumper versus never Trumper. 

FOWLER: So, I mean, Emily, to Greg's point, it seems as though that like, yes, to some extent the White House is playing politics with the sort of Regeneron and whether or not folks can get these monoclonal antibodies. It also seems that to some extent some of these governors are playing politics as well. 

Because you, a couple of days ago, Governor DeSantis had anti-vaxxers at his rally and he's like, I'm not sure what they said. I don't know if they were really there. And there's video tape of the anti-vaxxers being there. So, it seems as though that both parties, to some extent, are playing a little bit of politics when it comes to how we deal eradicating COVID-19. 

COMPAGNO: But in terms of candidate, now commander-in-chief who ran on a platform of prioritizing COVID and the pandemic, assuring us that he is the one that would make Americans safe, that he is the one in contrast, he said, to the prior administration nonsensically who created this vaccine under their watch initially, who assured us that all would be well, that he will hand -- he would handle this, you know, effectively, strongly those assurances, those seem to fly in his own face. When he was the one that was touting the booster, it's so political. 

And then the own FDA comes out with a vote of 16-2 that says, no, thank you. And then only when it comes to 65 and older -- when the wording, by the way, the first question posed to them was literally like, should we give the booster six months later? And most of them said absolutely no way. That second question updated 90 minutes later had the qualifications of a legal brief. Is it more likely than not? If you more than not? 

I mean, it was -- I literally had to sit there for five minutes to understand the questions. And that only then did it pass unanimously. So, I think the ripple effect of confusion, my point is, is completely under his watch. And it will go not only forward but also it goes back. 

This is a president that, to your point too, stokes division. He sows hatred among Americans. He tells the vaccinated they should be angry at the unvaxxed. He says they should be condemned. If you're a celebrity, however, he'll answer your legitimate questions about the vaccine by inviting you to the White House and talking about it. But he answers the rest of our questions, our fellow American's questions with the mandates, anger, and condemnation. 

I want my fellow Americans to be supported and their questions to be answered. But under this President's watch, all they will get is his anger that should be reserved for the Taliban and for the virus itself. 

GUTFELD: And when he runs out of ice cream. 

COMPAGNO: That too. 

FOWLER: Kennedy, your take? 

MONTGOMERY: Curse his dairy. Yes, I think what they're trying to do is justify the deaths of people that who they assume are Republican, anti- vaxxers, and they now deserve to not have treatment. So, if they're withholding treatment, it means that a lot of them are going to die. And because they didn't play by the President's rules, that's OK. That's not okay.

If you have more people in certain states who are going to require treatment, send the treatment there. You know, this idea of equity that is really taken hold this socialistic idea that is ill-defined, it's not appropriate in a medical setting. And when you politicize a medical setting and sacrifice people's lives, you're really dumb, like you're a bad politician. 

And also, at same point for Texas applies to Florida. If you are trying to flip Florida in 2024 and make this a Democrat state, then don't go killing people in Florida by withholding necessary treatments. 

FOWLER: But don't you think -- I mean, my larger question is, so you think -- there's only one -- do you think there's just one side playing politics? You don't think that there are any Republicans that are playing politics when it comes to this pandemic? 

KILMEADE: I think unfortunately, a lot of people are politicizing things they absolutely shouldn't. Democrats happen to be in power. Democrats happened to be in positions of power where they have more control and more effect on people's lives, especially very, very vulnerable people. And they also have to be mindful of people in the African-American community who also live in Florida, who are also unvaccinated, who will also need monoclonal antibodies. So, you know, why don't you go out and serve those among us who need the most help, jerk. 

FOWLER: Jesse? 

WATTERS: A lot of Black Floridians, Puerto Rican Floridians unvaxxed now in hospital beds waiting for these therapeutics. Joe doesn't want to give it to him. Joe didn't plan to have enough. He botched the stockpiling. 

FOWLER: But he just bought some more. 

WATTERS: He botched it and now he's rationing it. If he had enough, Florida would have as much as they needed. But we don't have enough because Biden, no surprise, just like Afghanistan, failed to plan ahead. And now, we're shortchanging Americans who cares what their politics are. 

They're Americans. If they need treatment, they should get treatment. Isn't that what the President said? He's going to help every sick person in America. Not if they live in Florida. So, while he was so focused on mandates and masks, people are dying and he needs to get these people help. Donald Trump was giving people ships masks, PPE, ventilators. Joe Biden's taking that away from states. 

And by the way, Florida, 65 percent of Floridians have had a shot, all right. That's more than blue states Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado. Florida is better than a bunch of blue states, but you don't hear Biden complaining about these blue states, do you? 

FOWLER: And listen, I hear you, Jesse. 

WATTERS: Do you? 

FOWLER: Jesse, I hear you. And I agree that we should be giving resources where the resources are needed. With that -- 

WATTERS: It's America. We had a lot of resources. 

FOWLER: With that -- with that being said, I do believe it is the job of a governor to ensure that you work on making sure there's no community spread in your state. And in that -- on that case Governor DeSantis has failed 

MONTGOMERY: So, DeSantis is such a big threat -- 

FOWLER: And "THE FASTEST" is up next. 

COMPAGNO: Welcome back. It's time for "THE FASTEST." First up. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, the last time you went to jail was for one. When was the last time you stole a car. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I've never stole a car. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When was the last time you stole a tractor? 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I never stole a tractor. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You said earlier you got arrested for stealing a tractor. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, I got busted for that. It doesn't mean I stole it. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you know the car was stolen? 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No it's not stolen. I mean it was reported stolen but it wasn't stolen when I got it. 


COMPAGNO: The iconic reality show Cops is coming back starting October 1st. Fox Nation will be premiering a brand new season. Greg Gutfeld, my favorite is when there are K9 chases, obviously. 

GUTFELD: You know, I learned so much. If you are out at night without your shirt on trying to climb as fast, you're probably going to get arrested because every guy is shirtless trying to climb a fence. It's always great when cute girls are on cops because it's just cute to see. It's like why did they there? What did they do? How did they get there? 

I understand the drunk dudes, but almost all encounters -- it shows you the lie about social workers could do cops jobs. 

WATTERS: Right. 

GUTFELD: Because all of these things, the encounters are usually between violent -- you know, violent spouses or just too drunk friends, and they are dangerous. No social worker is going to get between these two people. But cops do it all the time. Drug use is behind probably like 80 to 90 percent of the calls. And that's during drug prohibition. 


GUTFELD: So, when I -- if you want to -- if you want to decriminalize or think about decriminalizing, watch cops because it will persuade you instantly to legalize drugs because this is -- all of their arrests have to do with like -- 

WATTERS: Well, the other 10 percent involves a woman. 


WATTERS: There's a fight over a woman or a woman fighting another woman perhaps. And those are the best episodes. Cops, Live PD, and Bachelor in Paradise, basically all I watched besides football. And I am really looking forward to re-upping my prescription -- my prescription and subscription at the same time and binging on Cops at Fox Nation. Go sign up right now. 

GUTFELD: Are there going to be new episode? 


WATTERS: Yes. I'm going to be doing a ride-along. 

COMPAGNO: Yes, totally brand new season. 

WATTERS: Which I haven't cleared that yet but I'd like to. 

COMPAGNO: Richard, are you adding it to your Grey's Anatomy obsession? 

FOWLER: I will -- I will -- might be adding it to my Grey's Anatomy obsession. I think -- look, I think this is an opportunity for us to see. Since Cops has been taken off air, there's been a lot of reforms that have been done in police department across the country. So, it'll be an opportunity for us to see what these reforms have done to policing in the country. 

GUTFELD: Why do you think people -- why do you think the reformers don't want Cops on the air? That's what I find -- 

WATTERS: Because it shows how well -- 

GUTFELD: And how human they are. 

WATTERS: -- the police act in these tough situations. 


COMPAGNO: Kennedy, but don't you think that that girl had a great defense? She was like an attorney sitting there. She's was like, did I steal it? 


WATTERS: I got busted for it. 

MONTGOMERY: I was accused of stealing it. It doesn't mean I stole it. These aren't my pants. 

FOWLER: I got busted for it. 

MONTGOMERY: It's my favorite, these aren't my pants. I just did -- I just did a fly-along in LA Sheriff's Department chopper to see homeless camps and then we had to go on calls when they got calls. And it was fascinating seeing them work with the patrol cars and how they coordinated all that from the air. And I got to spot a perp. 

So, you know -- and I was like this, this is amazing. And having family members in law enforcement, everyone should do a ride-along. 


FOWLER: I've actually done one. I've actually had 24 hours with the police officer on a night shift and learned quite a bit. 


GUTFELD: I love that everybody in the ride-along claims they caught somebody. I was there. I saw the guy. 

FOWLER: I didn't -- I didn't -- we didn't catch anybody. 

MONTGOMERY: You can ask Sergeant Geraldo. He will tell you I spotted the perp and that I told the missing 11-year-old girls mom to find her on snap map on her Snapchat. 

WATTERS: You don't get a reward, Kennedy. 

COMPAGNO: Yes, yes. I just got a ticket from an airplane cop. OK, up next, Rolling Stone updating its list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time 17 years after publishing the original. Aretha Franklin's Respect taking the top spot, followed by Public Enemies Fight the Power and Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come. 

Kennedy, I was massively disappointed that Def Leppard, George Michael, Kenny Loggins, Prince wasn't in the top 10. So, for me the list is -- 

MONTGOMERY: And by the way, Little Red Corvette should be in the top 10 and not Purple Rain. And Outkasts is now on the list for Hey Ya, but it should be so fresh, so clean. I was happy to see Nirvana move up like 12 spots or something to number four, Smells Like Teen Spirit, because it should always smell like teen spirit. 

COMPAGNO: Brilliant analysis as always. 

FOWLER: I'm happy to see Stevie Wonder's Superstition at number 12, even though I wish I would have saw Always by Stevie Wonder on the list. 

COMPAGNO: Yes, there you go. What do you feel about Dreams being in the top 10 and not Gypsy? 

WATTERS: It's a trash list, you're dead on, when I saw that Missy Elliott Get Your Freak On is listed as the number eight greatest song of all time. 

MONTGOMERY: It's a great song. 

FOWLER: That's a great song. 

WATTERS: Eight greatest, Richard? 

FOWLER: So, who should be -- who's missing, Jesse? Who's missing? 

WATTERS: Richard, move up Lennon, move up the Beatles, move up -- at least Stevie Wonder. Move up the Stones. 

GUTFELD: Where's Herman and the Hermits? 

WATTERS: Let's go, guys. 

FOWLER: Who's missing, Jesse? 

COMPAGNO: I'm scared to hear Greg's lists. 

GUTFELD: No, the list is -- it kind of reflects their timid virtue- signaling bland editors. They're aging. They have to like -- they have to keep looking at the list and go, we need to update this. We need to update this because we're getting old and stupid. So, they keep updating it. 

The number one song ever, How Soon Is Now by The Smiths. 

MONTGOMERY: Oh, that's number one on Krock. 

GUTFELD: That is the number one song of all time, How Soon Is Now. 

WATTERS: How Soon Is Now? 


WATTERS: I don't even know that song. 

FOWLER: Neither do I. 

MONTGOMERY: I am the son, I am the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. 

GUTFELD: I am the son, I am the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. 

WATTERS: All right. 

GUTFELD: I'm the son and heir. 

COMPAGNO: OK, "FAN MAIL FRIDAY" is up next. Stay with us. 


GUTFELD: That's the theme from The Munsters, Emily, and that is a great song. By the way, "FAN MAIL FRIDAY." Just to give you an update, Jesse and I are no longer friends. We're no longer friends. It's not -- if you do not like How Soon Is Now by The Smiths, you're not even a human being. You're not even a human being. 

WATTERS: I could see 5000 better songs than that song, 5000.

GUTFELD: You know what, you don't even know music. You and your -- 

WATTERS: I play music. 

GUTFELD: You don't even know how to read music. I could play music better than the music that you liked. 

WATTERS: I know how to play the flute. 

GUTFELD: Oh, geez, that's not even real. 

FOWLER: You guys sound like two senior citizens arguing in a retirement club. 

MONTGOMERY: Jesse, that was the instrument you picked in band? 

WATTERS: It was picked for me because I was so talented at the record. 

GUTFELD: All right, I got to -- they're yelling at me. All right, here's a great question. Probably the only one we're going to get to, from Sandra. What would you prefer, a nosey neighbor or a noisy neighbor, Emily? 

COMPAGNO: Noisy. You know why? Because you know who is in prison, the majority of them are in prison because of neighbor narcs. So, a nosey neighbor, there's a fine line between them and a narc neighbor. There's nothing worst. Noisy all the way. So, then we can join the party. 

MONTGOMERY: I'll be right over. 

GUTFELD: I disagree, Jesse. If you try to confront a noisy neighbor, that always ends in a fight. 

WATTERS: I don't have anything to hide. So nosey neighbor, fine with me. Loud neighbor, I can't go to sleep. I need my beauty rest. 

GUTFELD: That's why you need -- I mean, that's what shades are for. Just pull your shades down, and then you dissolve the nose the nosey neighbor. Richard, which one is worse? 

FOWLER: I want a nosey neighbor because they'll make sure your Amazon packages don't get stolen. They'll make sure your house doesn't get broken into. 

GUTFELD: That's a good point. Good point. 

FOWLER: And they'll make sure that nothing happens to your house. 

GUTFELD: That's a great point. And they love it when you make it -- if you give them that responsibility, Kennedy. 


GUTFELD: What about noisy? 

MONTGOMERY: I will take noisy because you can always put earplugs in. Nosey, not a fan because they go oh, I saw you on Gutfeld that you were talking about ham in a hot girl summer. How's that going for you? I'm like, oh, my garden. 

GUTFELD: I'll take -- I'll take the noisy one can say screw you if you tell them to turn down the noise. 


GUTFELD: But you go to the -- 

MONTGOMERY: Or you can call the cops. You want to call the popo? 

GUTFELD: But you could -- you could intimidate a nosey neighbor. You could scare the crap out of her. 

WATTERS: Set some traps. 

GUTFELD: Yes, set some traps, and you could -- you could solve that problem in an instant. They never found that other one, Emily. "ONE MORE THING" is up next. 


WATTERS: Before we get to "ONE MORE THING," make sure you download the Fox Bet Super 6 app and enter for a free chance to win $1 million of Terry Bradshaw's money. All you need to do, pick six outcomes from this Sunday's games, and then see how it all plays out. 

Now it's time for "ONE MORE THING" and I would like to wish Megan Albano who oversees this show and many other shows a very happy birthday. 

FOWLER: Happy birthday. 

COMPAGNO: Yes, yes, we love you. 

WATTERS: Very much like Greg, she took off on her birthday. That's how these two do it. And now -- 

GUTFELD: My birthday is on a Sunday. 

WATTERS: Now that Greg and I are no longer friends, Megan is my new best friend at Fox, so there you have it. So, also check out "WATTERS' WORLD" this weekend, 8:00. I hit the streets and asked about Afghanistan. Here's a little sneak peek. 


WATTERS: What do you think Joe Biden did right with Afghanistan? Take your time. 


WATTERS: All right, who's next? Greg. 

GUTFELD: So, tonight, I have a great show. I got Emily on "GUTFELD!" which is always fun. I've got Tom Shillue, I've got Joe DeVito, I got Kat Timpf. Great show. We're going to just talk nothing about the news. It's just going to be how great How Soon Is Now by The Smiths is and how Jesse is no longer my friend. I hate you. I hate you. Let's do this. 


GUTFELD: Greg's end of summer news. You know, it feels like the end of summer. So, what do you got to do? You got to go somewhere and enjoy it like this pair of golden doodles did. Check these little creatures out? They got their sunglasses. Yes, they're loud. 

COMPAGNO: Oh, cute. 

GUTFELD: Actually, there's three golden doodles. They must have just -- must have just replicated during this break. Even they love How Soon Is Now by the Smiths, Jesse. You should be embarrassed. 

WATTERS: No, no, no. Dogs don't like that. They have good instincts. Emily. 

COMPAGNO: All right, guys, I want to tell you about this awesome company. 12-year-old Charlie Lovell Jr. created baseball barbecue after one summer day when a broken grill fork and a cracked bat came together to make the perfect grilling tool. 

That moment gave rise to an idea, fused together two American passions into one, sharing the love of the game and the grill. The company has been engraving baseball bat grilling tools. They partnered with pitching for baseball, worked for the Negro League Hall of Fame, and more charities. Charlie made these two amazing grilling tools for myself, which is incredible, you guys. And this one features the best baseball team of all time, which is the El Cerrito High School Gauchos. 

WATTERS: Gauchos, what is that? 

COMPAGNO: An Argentinian cowboy and also the best mascot and team of all time. 

WATTERS: I learn something new every day. 

COMPAGNO: You're welcome. 

WATTERS: Kennedy. 

MONTGOMERY: Oh, I've got something exciting to tell you. My show on the Fox Business Network is moving to 7:00 p.m. starting Monday, Monday fun day. Monday through Thursday, the best hour of your day is now an hour earlier. Wink. 

And then look at this cutie. The most gentlemanly 4-year-old you'll ever meet. That's Bernardo, and there he is at Disney tipping his hat to all the princesses like a chivalrous young man. Snow White, Merida, every time one of the gals walked by, tip of the hat. 

GUTFELD: Sexist. 

COMPAGNO: What a cutie acid washed shorts. 


MONTGOMERY: Yes going to save the world. 

WATTERS: That's my book. Go ahead, Richard. 

FOWLER: All right, all right, all right. Here's a good one for you. A taxi fleet in Thailand are giving a new meaning to the term rooftop garden as they utilize the roofs of idle taxis during the coronavirus pandemic to create a small patch of vegetable plots. Workers from two taxi cooperatives --

WATTERS: This is ridiculous. 

FOWLER: This is beautiful. 

WATTERS: Just stop. 

FOWLER: They're beautiful. 

WATTERS: What is that? What is it doing here? 

FOWLER: This is beautiful. 

WATTERS: What is the point? 

COMPAGNO: I like that they're pink. 

FOWLER: Workers from two taxi cooperatives assembled these miniature gardens and they created, you know, these beautiful gardens of taxi cabs that were parked in a lot. 

WATTERS: Did you pick this, Richard? 

FOWLER: I surely did. 

COMPAGNO: Really? I picked the chicken saving the dog from the hawk. 


FOWLER: This is how you solve climate change. 

WATTERS: OK. Well, that was adorable, Richard. 

FOWLER: It's absolutely adorable. 

GUTFELD: That's not How Soon Is Now. 

WATTERS: That's it for us. Have a great weekend, everybody. We'll see you on Monday. 

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