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CHARLES PAYNE, FOX BUSINESS HOST: Yes. Well, a Democratic lawmaker. And the bottom line is this. The pandemic of a lot of vaccinated people as well. We all want to be healthy. Happy New Year, ladies. So, thank you all for catching and watching the show. Now "THE FIVE" starts.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino along with Jesse Watters, Greg Gutfeld, judge Jeanine Pirro, and Harold Ford, Jr. It's five o'clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.

Well, a very happy New Year to all of you, it is a brand-New Year but the confusion over COVID coming from the Biden administration it remains the same. America is seeing a spike in cases with the Omicron variant expecting to peak by mid-January.

Lines to get a test is exceptionally long, people are being forced to wait hours just to get swabbed and it could take days to get the results. On top of all that, there is no new mixed messaging from the CDC. Last week the agency slashed the isolation period to five days for asymptomatic COVID patients but now that guidance is being directly contradicted.


ROCHELLE WALENSKY, DIRECTOR, CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL: What we know is that the PCR test after infection can be positive for up to 12 weeks. So that is not going to be helpful. You're not going to be transmitting during that period of time. We've seen that in study after study.

ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: There has been some concern about why we don't ask people at that five-day period to get tested. That is something that is now under consideration. The CDC is very well aware that there has been some pushback about that.


PERINO (on camera): And after backing lockdowns and mandates, some Democrats appear to be taking a different approach to the pandemic.


MAYOR ERIC ADAMS (D-NY): We have to live with COVID and modify our behavior. Another variant comes out, what are we going to do? We are going to shut down our city? We spent $11 trillion on COVID. We don't have another $11 trillion. It's time to live with COVID.


PERINO (on camera): All right. So, we are going to take it around this box situation that we have for another couple of days here. Judge Jeanine, you know that saying if mom is unhappy, nobody's happy. I have a feeling that moms across the country, that there they are furious. They are trying to do everything right.

They've been patient, they've been vaccinated, or they've been taking precautions. And this past week was just a complete disaster when it came to testing and all that anxiety about trying to get back to school, get back to work, it's all falling on these parents' shoulders.

JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, it is following on their shoulders, you know. And happy New Year, everybody. You know, and welcome to year three of COVID which I simply can't believe.

But here's the truth. You know, we've got -- we have Fauci saying, OK, you know, we now have, we can do this in five days instead of 10 days. You can quarantine as long as you don't have any of the symptoms. But before you come out of quarantine, you've got to make sure you take a test.

Now if you take the PCR test, chances are for up to 12 weeks it's going to say you still have it even if you don't have it, and if you take a rapid test, we are not sure the rapid test even works. And that's assuming you can even get a rapid test or that's assuming you don't get sick again waiting in line to get a rapid test.


PIRRO: So, everything is backwards and upside down and the only thing that makes sense in the introduction was when the new mayor of New York City said, you know what, we have to learn to live with it. But Fauci has been flip-flopping since day one.

And what I'm hearing now is I'm hearing no change. I think it's like maybe it's being motivated by politics and the midterms. But you know, we are just going to have to make sure that, you know, people can go back to work and that we can, you know, just kind of lessen the time that people quarantine, even though we don't know for sure whether or not they are better.

PERINO: Jesse, take a listen to Dr. Scott Gottlieb who thinks that we'd be dealing with this for a couple more weeks at least.


SCOTT GOTTLIEB, FORMER COMMISSIONER, FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION: This is not going to last very long. We are going to be in the throes of this wave of infection for maybe a month. Hearing the northeast, I think you are going to see infection peak out in the next two weeks. Now hopefully New York City does find a peak in the next two weeks.

London, which is about two to three weeks behind New York City has already peak and is probably been on the way down. So, this is a very fast-moving wave of infection. On the back end of this, hopefully we are done with COVID for a while and we'll have enough immunity in the population between vaccination and infections. So, we really need to get through this month.


PERINO (on camera): So, Jesse, before Christmas the Biden administration said they are going to get 500 million test and send them out to Americans. But by the time those tests get there if Dr. Gottlieb is correct, then it will be on the back end of this surge.

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Dana, there is the science and then there is the science that people say is the science to get to do what they want you to do. If you can tell the difference between those things, you'll be fine.

And now vaxxed Democrats are getting breakthrough cases of the cron (Ph) and they are having a breakthrough case of clarity and saying I can tell the difference. Maybe we shouldn't be shutting schools down. Maybe we shouldn't be firing nurses. Maybe vaxxed people can transmit this thing.

So, you're seeing a retreat in the war against the virus by the left and they are circling back to where conservatives have been for months if not years. Forget about what they say. Look what they do.

AOC flopped to Florida after party in Miami. She didn't go to California. Doesn't seem like AOC is taking Anthony Fauci seriously? Not even Fauci is taking Fauci seriously. He slashed the quarantine time in half because he said we don't want to upset the economy too much. Whoa.

That all of a sudden is a consideration? And now the experts are saying, wait a second, masks might not be effective? So, for those people keeping score at home, that's three times they've changed their position on masks.

The media is now reframing this thing as a bipartisan menace. You know, it shouldn't be a stigma attached to catch an COVID-19. Shouldn't be ashamed of catching the virus. Thanks, guys. Where has that been?

Now MSNBC came out and said this. A flu can still be dangerous but we don't reorient our lives around the flu. That's basically what Donald Trump said two years ago and he was killed for that. CNN just came out with a report today, you know, if you lose weight, it might help beating COVID. I mean, we've known that for what, a year and a half? Where have they been on this?

Joe Biden finally said you know what, guys, governors, they're on -- governors are really, they really going to have a lot of work to do here. Isn't that Trump's position? The federal government can help the states?

Joe Biden's entire presidency has been a fraud. We were supposed to put this guy in office because he was the one man, the one Democrat who had the compassion to beat this virus. And he threw everything at this thing.

Now all of a sudden, he is not the guy? he can't beat this thing? And the same people that push this fraud this lie that he could do it are now saying you know what, can't do it. Everyone is going to get the cron (Ph). We got to live with it. No, we're all getting back to where Florida has been from the jump. Got to be smart, got to be safe and you've got to be free. It's just taking the Democrats a little longer to get there.

PERINO: Sim is that a positive then, Greg? If we, maybe if everyone is getting back to that same place where others have been all along, can we make some progress going forward?

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CO-HOST: I hope so. I mean, look at me. I'm so alone. I'm alone. I'm not -- Harold is not here.


PIRRO: We all are.

GUTFELD: No, but I am more alone than you are, judge.

PIRRO: I'm alone.

GUTFELD: I'm more alone. I'm the real victim. I have been out sick. I have been out sick for eight days with the flu, so I'm not getting any sympathy from anyone. I can't say, I got COVID because I tested negative.

So now I'm sweating like an arsonist. I cough like a casino smoker and nobody cares and I'm sitting here alone like a brain cell in Don Lemon's skull. I'm like the only non-sex offender at CNN I'm still alone.

But see, it is infuriating that the Democrats and the media are suddenly getting it, but it tells you that rule that nothing ever happens in the world unless it happens to them. And this was true with COVID. It was true with crime.


GUTFELD: And it was true with inflation. All the big stories that affected the general public generally don't become an intimate reality especially with the media until all of a sudden, it's their organically raised chicken that went up $0.33. Right? Or their Pilates instructor got COVID. Then it's a different story.

I think Fauci really said it best when he was talking about, this was really about how much could we get the public to endure. How much could we get the public to take before they had enough?

I think what we are seeing is that they realize that they pushed -- they pushed America pretty far. They can't push it. They can't push us any further. I always go back to the February 1st cut off. That's when it's over. And I'm not going to go after people for changing their minds when they get new information.

I would congratulate them on coming around, even though they didn't give up the same best intentions when any of us said -- many of us here at this table or this fantasy table said all of these things. We said that the Omicron was going to be widely contagious but benign and would probably act as a natural, a natural immune booster.

We were laughed about that. And that now turns out to be conventionally expert advice. But this is, we had -- we were way ahead of the game on all these things. And people thought we were crazy. And now we are expected now to say you know what, I'm glad you came around to our way of thinking. It's hard to do but we should do it.

PERINO: I know. We always have to be the better person, Harold.

GUTFELD: I don't want to be a better person.

PERINO: Harold, I've been -- you were elected to governments, you understand government. I worked there for a while, never elected but worked in communications. I've never seen anything like this. I think that the communications breakdown is so bad that the only way they could fix it is to have a blank slate.

HAROLD FORD, JR., FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: First off, happy New Year and it's good to be around whatever table we are around safe and healthy.

Look, I think a couple things I don't necessarily disagree with totally with Jesse or Greg and the analysis here. I do think the public, Judge Jeanine, I think the three things that public health experts all around have said is that getting vaccinated and boosted will help prevent hospitalizations and death. I think they have said that these variants are growing up in unvaccinated communities. And three, we should get tested.

Now the administration has a challenge. Dana, I thought you laid it out very clearly right before Christmas about the failures around the testing. And hopefully even if we are to vanish Omicron, which all the experts are saying from whomever you may believe. Dr. Fauci or Dr. Gottlieb, or any of them, they believe that we are near the end of it.

I hope the administration will continue to invest in a testing regime largely because Doctors Redfield and Admiral Giroir all believe that we are going to need that going forward. I hope the people who have made mistakes along the way admit that they have made mistakes, whether they are friends of ours, people we support or people we don't support. Because the real enemy here is the virus.

And the fact that we find ourselves in a good position to beat Omicron because it's receding, I think we should all be proud of that.

PERINO: Look at Harold trying to help us all be better people --


GUTFELD: It's not working.

PERINO: -- here in the New Year 2022. All right, coming up, COVID threatening the classroom. Teachers unions trying to force kids back into lockdown.


WATTERS (on camera): Liberal teachers unions at it again eyeballing a return to remote learning during the Omicron surge. Members of the Chicago teachers union threatening to strike if their demands aren't are met. And other groups across the country testing the waters for their own departures from the classroom.

But once again the science isn't on their side. The arguments have gone so far off the rails that even people like Dr. Fauci are saying school should stay open.


FAUCI: We have done the balance so many times over the last year about the deleterious effects of keeping children out of -- in physical presence in the school. And it's very clear that there are some really serious effects about that. It's safe enough to get those kids back to school.

MIGUEL CARDONA, U.S. SECRETARY OF EDUCATION: There is a level of urgency that we shouldn't lose around making sure that our children learn in person. The impact of hybrid learning, the impact of remote learning is very real.


WATTERS (on camera): All right, judge, the Chicago school districts have received three billion --


WATTERS: -- with a b from the taxpayer since this pandemic began. They can put in ventilation. They can put in the hand sanitizing stations. They can build a plastic igloo around each individual teacher's desk to prevent this thing but they still don't want to go in the classroom. What more do they want?

PIRRO: Why would they want to do any of that stuff if they can strike and they can call it, I think they call it a remote work action and not a strike, which is illegal by saying, look, we are not going back to work unless it's safe.

So, you've got the teachers union now at odds with the administration. Now remember it was the administration, or so it seemed, the CDC taking information from Randi Weingarten --


PIRRO: -- and the UFT, the United Federation of Teachers. Now all of a sudden there's this break where the teachers are like, we want to make sure all these kids are tested and they are tested negative. Well, we just went through this in the a-block. You can't get enough tests to test the kids to begin with and now you want to create this impossible hurdle so that you don't have to go back to work.

This is what's at odds now. The administration is facing 2022. They know the America -- the moms in America have had it. They saw it in Virginia. And now all this nonsense where even the Washington Post is coming out and saying it's really time to kind of weather through this severe illness is really uncommon among children and all you teachers are vaccinated. So, get back to work. Youve been paid enough.

WATTERS: All right. So, Dana, the judge said that politicians are at a crossroads. They are going to have to either side with the teachers unions or they side with the students and their parents. What are they going to do?

PERINO: Well, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Michael Cardona (Ph), the education secretary, was speaking in his personal capacity --


PERINO: -- and not as secretary of education. However, I do think that the reality has all caught up with them. I think many of you probably saw over the past week Cheryl Atkinson at CVS pointed out just how horrible the lockdowns have been for youth. And it was -- you know, everybody nodded.

They all get it. They all know that this is happening. More research is going to come out that shows that this was so harmful to them from suicide rates to plunging test scores. The inability for them to get back on track.

And you know, the teachers complained that there are behavioral problems in the classroom. Really? You think so? Because you kept them out of school for a year and half.

And just recently there was a big article in the New York Times that really puffed-up Randi Weingarten and said that she, as the head of the teachers union, was very much trying to keep kids in school. But then as the judge pointed out, we have the actual e-mails from the CDC and the school district that then went to the White House, that basically said teachers wanted to keep schools close.

So, I think all of that is something that's going to lead into this question of who do you side with, the parents if you want to win the election or the teachers union if you want to get political donations?

WATTERS: What do you think the real reason is, Greg, that some teachers don't want to return to the classroom?

GUTFELD: Because there is no incentive for them to return. Joe Biden said today that capitalism without competition is exploitation. He was talking about the meat industry. I would reckon that that probably could be applied to education one of these days.

This is truly a teachable moment, literally. Here is the area that you could say arguably suffers the most, which is education, it's the one that combats intensely at any outside influence that smacks of competition.

You know, imagine any industry dealing with children was like this. They can't offer an alternative child seat. You know, they only make one car seat and it sucks, right? But you've got to buy it and by the way, we are not going to be in the car with you. OK. Good luck. You know, that's what it's like.

They are making one product and because there is no competition, there's no push for school choice, they can make that product as bad as they want it to be. They don't have to go. So, this pandemic, the teachable moment finally we have one, shows that you need school choice, affordable school choice or you are going to end up in a bizarre hostage situation where your kids are basically held captive by people who don't want to work.

WATTERS: Harold, last word.

FORD: This strike or whatever it is to be called should be avoided at all costs. I think you've laid out, all of us have laid out in clear ways the social, mental, emotional and educational impact, negative impact this has had on kids.

I do think that some of the demands that the teachers are making around the masks, I think even many of our public health experts as you noted, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield and others who all agree that kids should be back in school think that we have some consistency in the mask and that they shouldn't be cloth masks.

But I would encourage Mayor Lightfoot and others, one of the things that's best for kids, put aside the electoral politics for one moment, is to find ways to get teachers and students back in school and for us to be competitive against China, we have to continue to educate our kids and at a minimum help them catch up from the year they missed last year. And being outside of the classroom certainly does not aid us and enable us to do that.

WATTERS: It sure doesn't. Up next, the never-ending nightmare at our airports getting even worse as thousands are left stranded.


PIRRO (on camera): Good luck catching a flight. It's an utter disaster at America's airports. COVID staffing issues and bad weather causing a nightmare for travelers. Some stuck for hours, thanks to a slew of cancellations.

More than 4,000 flights have been canceled so far today and since Christmas Eve, there's been a staggering 15,000 flights called out. Fed up passengers have had enough.


UNKNOWN: Start to increment enough. And this is a Southwest flight. And it would change about every five minutes to be another six minutes delay.

UNKNOWN: I thought of coming back. It was canceled and I tried calling them for 24 hours. And just chatting, anything, leaving messages, and nobody returned my calls.

UNKNOWN: There is no space to spend the time, nothing to eat. It's like a long time.


PIRRO (on camera): All right, Jesse, it started out one of the busiest travel seasons. JetBlue said that they had more staffing than they've had since the pandemic started. What really happened?

WATTERS: It's probably a little COVID but here's my solution if the FAA is listening, say a pilot test positive, you just pair him up with another positive pilot, make them co-pilots. They sit in the cockpit. So, what they lose their smell, judge. You're not going to sniff your way to my destination. You're not going to lose your eyesight. And you know, I'm not going to jump in the cockpit and sit on his lap and ask the pilot to pin the wings on my vest. I've done for years. They stay in the cockpit. They get there. Fine.

I went down to Florida with Jesse Jr., the flight was delayed for an hour, he was an angel. Slept most of the time. Other time we were watching Barney. He started a let's go, Brandon chant when we landed. I was like, where did he learn that from?

PIRRO: Gee, I can't imagine.

WATTERS: But on the way back, though, judge, we had a four-hour delay on JetBlue. So, we took all this children's Tylenol, we just started giving it to Jesse Jr. to knock them out.


PIRRO: No, you didn't. No, you didn't.

WATTERS: And then he kept spitting it up. And then we kept on giving him more because we didn't know how much he was actually ingesting. And then we were worried, did we give Jesse Jr. too much children's Tylenol but then he was just cranky. He didn't really have a good flight. He cried the whole time.

PIRRO: Jesse --

WATTERS: So, we landed and JetBlue gave me a $50 voucher. You know I'm a Delta guy, but $50, judge, goes a long way.

PIRRO: Jesse, I don't know how to break this to you, but I used to prosecute cases on parents who gave the kids too much drugs.

WATTERS: Children's style and all.

PIRRO: Yes. Yes, well, that's a good, one after another. Anyway, I'm going to move on. Now, Harold, the Delta CEO -- and I love Delta, I fly Delta all the time. Delta is the best. That's just me.

GUTFELD: No, no, no. Knock it off.

WATTERS: No, they are.

GUTFELD: Stop shilling.

PIRRO: No, I love Delta. OK, listen, I'm talking to Harold. Now listen, Harold. He calls -- he calls -- the Delta CEO calls the CDC. And apparently he says, you got to cut the isolation time. The CDC says, OK, they go from 10 to five. This happened with the school teachers with Randi Weingarten. So, what's with the CDC? How political are these people?

FORD JR.: That was a smooth segue from Jesse's parenting advice, so thank you for that. The -- I know that young Jesse needs to hang out with Uncle Harold on a plane every once in a while. We'll show him how we do it on the plane.


FORD JR.: I think what you're -- Judge Jeanine, running an airline on any day on a good day is hard. You throw -- you throw a schedule -- a schedule mishap, you obviously throw COVID, and you throw weather, and you got it -- you got a real challenge.

I thought what Ed Bastian who I think you're talking about, what he -- what he did was really to assess how his pilots and how his workers were adjusting, and more importantly, how he could best serve his customers. And I think he made a recommendation that evidently the CDC and others had been considering. And it's probably the smart thing.

I think Jesse's idea about pairing the pilots who may have COVID, there may be some value in thinking about how you -- you know, you might be able to utilize those who are asymptomatic and if tested. But I think the five-day quarantine is probably going to help airlines as we move into the spring break period, and as we move even more so into some of the other winter breaks.


FORD JR.: Busy times, that is.

PIRRO: All right, so I'll go -- I'll go to Greg next. Greg, is it better to rebook or stay with your airline? We heard on the sound that woman said, you know, that she waited and waited, nobody answered the phone.

GUTFELD: See, is it just me or did you get the feeling when you were watching TV that they kept interviewing the same people? I was so over the airport porn where you're just like, they put the mic up to somebody and he's like, I can't believe -- it's like, OK, we get it. This is what happens.

And you know what? Elon Musk made a really great point. If you lived your entire existence, your entire life on a plane 24/7, your risk of death would be lower than in your current life. So, maybe if we all tried to fly more and live more on planes, we would be healthier.

The challenge here is not the testing. It's what do you do with the results? It's entirely possible to create a natural lockdown that shuts down an economy for good if you do not know what to do with the results of tests that have a high frequency of being wrong, right?

Rapid testing can be wrong. You don't want to shut down an economy. I returned to the fact that, you know, the experts aren't in charge because they're paid for the data. The leaders aren't in charge because they are paid for by the elections. It is up to us to shout mission accomplished. We should do it on February 1 because no one else is going to say it. It's up to us to say it. Get on with our lives. The pilots are doing great. The airline should be doing better. This is all just complete panic.

PIRRO: OK. Now, Dana, can you give us some final words on this topic?

PERINO: Well, I would just go back to what I started with in the A block when I asked you the question. I think that if you're a mom, and you just went through this, and you get home and you find out that their school district is demanding a negative test before your kids can go back to school on the Monday but there's no test to be had, and you're outside for three hours waiting and your kids get sick because they're outside for three hours -- I just really think this is all building up. And I wouldn't be surprised to see President Biden's numbers fall further than they already are.

PIRRO: Well said. All right, and I think he said 43, but we'll talk about that. Coming up, liberals are turning against President Biden fast. Why he could face a progressive challenger.


GUTFELD: President Biden facing new trouble in the New Year. The far left is reportedly sizing up a challenger to primary Biden if he seeks a second term. A progressive strategist explaining why, "He's deeply unpopular. He's old as bleep." He must have been talking to Dana. "He's been largely ineffective. And I think you'll probably get demolished in the midterms." Even MSNBC, a local TV station, thinks Biden has become a liability for the Democrats.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is difficult when you have the Biden administration struggling in so many parts of the country.

JASON JOHNSON, CONTRIBUTOR, MSNBC: What the two things that you think he needs to make sure he has accomplished by June of 2022 in order to raise his number so that he is not sort of an albatross on the neck of Republic - - of Democrats are going to run in this fall?


GUTFELD: All right, Harold, I see right through you. I know what you are up to, you Democrats. You -- what you're trying to do is you're trying to create this fog of progressive challengers to help Joe look moderate and look sane. And America fell for that before, but we're not going to fall for it again. I see right through you Harold, right through you. Don't look away.

FORD JR.: Well, you might, but -- you might but I'd put it a little historical perspective. When President George H.W. Bush got a challenger to the right in Pat Buchanan, he lost. Jimmy Carter before that, and Teddy Kennedy, he lost.

I think when you when we think about the kind of challenges that a president faces, you don't want them from in your party. It certainly spells challenge for you in your election year. I don't know what will happen in 2024 but I know this, crime, COVID, supply chains, and inflation, and the border. If they just focus on two or three of those, they could find themselves in a better spot.

I would urge progressives who are out fomenting these kinds of things -- I don't know that pollster or that person that you quoted there in a piece. But if you're serious about helping Joe Biden and the country, pass something. Take victories that are in front of you. Help every American.

I thought Phil Levine had it -- the former mayor down in Miami Beach had a great piece in The New York Post today. We outline things that Democrats should be for. And if you can't find Phil Levine's piece, and you're having difficulty understanding what it means to get a win, look to the new mayor of New York. Look to what he's about, talking about COVID and crime and moving the city forward.

The Democratic electorate in New York elected a mayor, who, frankly is probably to the right of Joe Biden on things. That's where the Democratic Party is. Those who think that we have progressives, or even progressives who believe we're going to win with this kind of messaging that they're presenting, I think they're dead wrong.

GUTFELD: All right. So, Harold, essentially, you're saying he will be impeached. You know, Judge, let's get down to the most important question here, old as bleep. What do you think the bleep was?

PIRRO: Sapid, dirt, D-I-R-T.

GUTFELD: Dirt, old as dirt? You know what --

PERINO: No, and I don't like --

FORD JR.: You're very good, Judge.

PERINO: By the way, I don't like that you were shading Dana with that one at all.

GUTFELD: Well, you know what? It is technically dirt.

PERINO: It's true.

GUTFELD: It's a form of a compost. Humans make their own dirt.

PIRRO: Yes, OK, well, I'm not going there. But I just -- I just want to say one thing. Here's the thing about -- and Harold, you made so much sense there. All it is is about doing something for the American people. We're fed up with people who sit there and do nothing but complain and watch the lunacy that is going on around us. We're fed up with it.

We work hard. We pay our taxes. We do everything we're supposed to do. And we expect -- and they expect that we're going to say yes, we want Joe in there. Yes, that administration is doing great. One thing you left out to Harold was Afghanistan. That is the most outrageous thing that happened in the whole year, as far as I'm concerned, in terms of oh, leave no American behind, but we left a few 100. I mean, whatever, 90 percent.

You know, this is about them working for the American people. And if they can't do it, get out and get them out.

GUTFELD: There you go. Jesse, what are your thoughts on this in between feeding liquid Viagra to your pets?

WATTERS: Greg, the Watters apology tour has to continue. I have gotten so many text messages from my mom. I haven't heard this much from my mom since January 6. Mom, I was being irreverent when I was telling the story about the children's Tylenol. It did not happen that way. I hope that was clear.

With that said, listen, if I was a member of the squad, I would want federalizing elections, socialized medicine, tax hikes, gun grabbing, the Green New Deal. Joe hasn't given me that because he's been blocked by the courts, the Constitution, and Joe Manchin. But he's met them halfway. He's given them open borders and reckless spending. They're still not happy.

They want 100 percent of their agenda. They want total control over your life. People in the audience have probably dated other people like that. And we know how painful that can be. But do I feel sorry for Joe Biden? No. I work at Fox. I want to see disarray on the left. It's good for America. It's good for our ratings.

I want to see this guy primaried by rich liberals, crazy liberals, so much so that they can hit the threshold, the pop -- the debate, so he has to argue with communists about whether they're going to fund solar paneled slavery reparation.

PIRRO: Which Squad member would you like to see run against him?

WATTERS: Oh, AOC comes to mind.

GUTFELD: You know, I would -- I would actually let -- prefer Ilhan Omar because then we could see her first brother. You know, Dana, I don't -- I'm not a big fan of ageism saying that Joe is as old as bleep. What are your thoughts on that?

PERINO: Well, I think that -- everybody reads differently in terms of how they age, right? So, you know, people that are his same age, 78, who seem a lot younger or a lot older. But they have to dance with the one that brought them. But the good news for Republicans is that no leader in the Democratic Party is listening to Harold.


PERINO: Because --

WATTERS: No offense.

PERINO: -- what did you have happened today? Senator Schumer comes out and he says, I'm putting the stake down and I'm saying that by Martin Luther King Day, we have to have this voting rights bill passed, or else we have to change up the filibuster rules, knowing that they don't have the votes for that just like they didn't have the votes for Build Back Better, so they constantly set themselves up to step on their own rake. They listen to Harold, they might have a better chance.

GUTFELD: There you go.

PIRRO: Yes. Well said.

GUTFELD: All right, don't step on any rakes. Coming up, an NFL star having a meltdown on the field. What set the whole thing off next.


FORD JR.: An NFL star's epic meltdown is getting a ton of attention. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown stripping off his uniform and dancing his way out of the stadium in the middle of the game.

The wild seen reportedly started after a dispute with his coach about getting back on the field. His quarterback Tom Brady offering support to his former teammate.


TOM BRADY, QUARTERBACK, TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: You know we all love him. We care about him deeply. You know we want to see him be at his best and you know, unfortunately, he won't be with our team.

I think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic toward, you know, some very difficult things that are happening.


FORD JR.: Jesse, mental health -- you and I are both mental health experts. What do you think about what Tom Brady said there?

WATTERS: I don't know if he has early-onset CTE. I don't know if he needs to be medicated. Obviously, Harold, if he has mental problems, he needs help. That goes without saying. But he couldn't just have rotten character. The guy's been cut for the last three straight teams he's been on. He's blown up his career. He's done some really bad things.

What happens if God felt tears his shirt off, storms off the set in the middle of our show because he has a little dust-up with our executive producer.

GUTFELD: You wish.

WATTERS: The ladies would love to see him shirtless. But do you think people wouldn't go around to the media, oh, I hope Greg gets the help that he needs? No. They say he's a narcissist, he's a pompous narcissist who's been coddled because he has so much talent. And you know, the only reason they keep him around because he runs a sub-four or 540 and catches anything that comes near him. I'm not talking about Gutfeld talking about Brown.

FORD JR.: Greg, your name was invoked. How do you see this?

GUTFELD: Well, I think he does hit on a very -- Jesse hits on a very important point. Only really, really good-looking people in great shape can take off their shirt in public. And let's not -- I mean, let's point this out. He's in great shape. You don't see a lot of pro bowlers doing this. I watch a lot of PBA on the weekends and they never take their shirts off. But you know, this guy -- look at him. The guy definitely works out.

And I just thought, yes -- and I will say the requisite, I hope he gets the help he needs because you always have to tack that on to everything --


GUTFELD: -- including a tactless joke that I made.

PIRRO: Okay.

FORD JR.: Dana, that mental health and football don't seem to go together. It's supposed to -- it's a tough sport. And how do you think a guy like this, and maybe even others, are able to address these kinds of challenges?

PERINO: I think you saw it -- I mean, this past year, but Simone Biles and then the lovely tennis lady that I can't think of her name. I've all --

FORD JR.: Naomi Osaka.

PERINO: Naomi Osaka -- who have all been very public about it and they are talented and maybe they focus on it and get that. I will say that if Greg ever does that, Jesse, then what you need to do is just stuff in with children's Tylenol until he throws it up.

GUTFELD: Children's Tylenol exactly -- is exactly what I take.

FORD JR.: Judge Jeanine?

PIRRO: The only thing I have to say is I love Tom Brady, yes, period.

GUTFELD: Control yourself, Judge.

FORD JR.: He was good about it. "ONE MORE THING" is up next.


PERINO: It's time now for "ONE MORE THING." I want to tell you about this story. Back in October, Vancouver connects assistant equipment manager Brian 'Red' Hamilton had no idea they -- that he had a cancerous growth on his neck. But there was this eagle-eyed fan. Her name is Nadia Popovici. She saw it. She's an aspiring doctor. She knew she had to get his attention. So, she wrote a message on her phone and she pressed it against the plexiglass. It turns out she was right. Here's what he had to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nadia, the Kraken, and the Canucks cannot thank you enough. And together, we would like to give you $10,000 toward your college tuition. We know you're going to make a phenomenal doctor.


PERINO: He said that she absolutely saved his life and she has been accepted into multiple medical schools. So, way to go, Nadia.

PIRRO: Oh, fantastic.

PERINO: Nice little story, Greg.

GUTFELD: Not a bad story at all. Hey, let's do this. This is fun. Greg's, itchy, wombat news. You know what, there's nothing more annoying than an itchy wombat. And that's not a euphemism, Judge. But I feel like this should have a soundtrack. Oh yes, there you go. That's a wombat.

PERINO: You might need some children's Tylenol.


PERINO: All right, itchy wombat.


PERINO: All right, Jesse.

WATTERS: Itchy wombat. I'm not going to forget that one. All right, here's some vacation pictures of the fam down in Florida. We were in Naples spending some time together. We were at Camp Yellows there, my favorite restaurant. There's Jesse Jr. on the plane hanging tough. There is with mom in the pool learning how to swim. And he's in that phase where he puts everything in his mouth. Gutfeld hasn't gotten out of that stage, but he should understand. So, there we are.

PERINO: He's so cute. Jesse, I hope that we're back in the studio soon together so I can hold your hand down the next time you go down that road.

WATTERS: Yes, I could have use you.

PERINO: Harold.

FORD JR.: Dana, I loved your -- I loved all of them, but I loved yours a lot. Two kids, Ilene and Alfredo born in Monterey County, California, 15 minutes apart. But guess what, one was born on this 2021, one was born in 2022. Alfredo was born in 11:45. And his sister joined him right after the New Year. It is estimated that one in two million twins are born in one year or the other.

So, congratulations to the family on being the last than the first probably born in 2022.

PERINO: I love that. All right, Judge.

PIRRO: All right, now we all talk about our New Year's resolutions and going on a diet and eating healthy foods. So take a look at this Dachshundt from I believe it's Michigan. He is dressed like a reindeer and is chowing down on a carrot. I can't say I love carrots as much as he does, but I love his enthusiasm. Look at this. He's got his reindeer ears and everything. He's adorable.

PERINO: I might try that with Percy tonight. Percy had his first day of daycare today.

PIRRO: Oh no. You got to let me know how it went.

PIRRO: He was shy at first but then really got into it. So, I'm sure you'll be seeing some pictures and video coming to you soon for "ONE MORE THING." All right, that's it for us. Happy New Year everyone. "SPECIAL REPORT" is up next. Hi, Bret!


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