The battle over illegal immigration heats up: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

First of all, our condolences to the families of Denver detectives John Bishop and Donald Young, both shot, apparently, by a 19-year-old illegal alien who confessed the crime to his girlfriend. The man, Raul Garcia-Gomez, is still at large. Detective Young died.

Now, that terrible crime comes on the heels of a New York housewife being murder by another illegal. We'll get to that in a moment.

But in Washington, the politicians are finally feeling the heat on the illegal issue, as the "Real I.D. Act (search)" passed 100-0 in the Senate. The president will sign it into law shortly. "Real I.D." would require all states to see the birth certificates of anyone applying for driver's licenses. The intent is to keep licenses out of the hands of illegals.

But in New York, State Supreme Court Judge Karen Smith (search) is already defying the spirit of the law. She's ordered the Department of Motor Vehicles not to ask for valid I.D. when issuing licenses.

Can you believe it? Judge Smith says, quote, "DMV cannot be an enforcer for the Department of Homeland Security (search)." Unbelievable. Smith, of course, is disregarding federal law and should lose her position.

Tomorrow, President Bush should call New York Senators Schumer and Clinton into the Oval Office and tell them that if New York State refuses to enforce the Real I.D. Act it will forfeit all federal highway money, period. States cannot continue to defy federal law, period.

Now, back to the illegal alien crime issue. Every sane American knows a majority of illegal aliens are good people. That's not the issue here. If the USA continues to allow millions of people to walk in here illegally, chaos will mount, more people will die. That is definite.

But many in the press simply don't care. Listen to this editorial today by "The Journal News" in Westchester County, near where housewife and mother Mary Nagle (search) was murdered in her own home by an illegal alien last week.

"The Journal News" says, "We hope for the sake of humanity that we are correct in again saying that illegal immigration had nothing to do with this killing. It was committed by a sick individual who could have had any background."

Illegal immigration had nothing to do with the killing? Can you believe these people? If the guy had been deported after his first arrest, Mary Nagle would be alive today.— A 5-year-old could figure that out.

The newspaper goes on: "...that the accused in the Mary Nagle murder is an illegal alien does not make all illegal aliens killers or criminals."

Well, that's true and dumb. Nobody thinks all illegals are here to commit crimes, but all illegals do have something in common. They are all illegal! Unfortunately, many in the press, and politics, and on the bench refuse to confront that. And so the chaos and the danger mount.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

For a few brief moments earlier today, it looked like the "War of the Worlds (search)." Well, maybe not...


Yes, well, they're all evacuating. There they go. Now they're running away. There they go. See, that's the video I wanted up top. I didn't want the strolling, because I wanted to do the "War of the Worlds" joke, which didn't work, because I didn't have the right video to prove there was panic.


So anyway, there was a little plane, a little plane went into the air space. All the people were evacuated. It was just a little plane. And that was it.

Ridiculous? The whole thing was ridiculous, including our presentation.