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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: You know him very well — he has been in so many movies. But did you know Kevin Bacon is also a musician? We caught up with Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael at a first screen event in Washington. Together they are the group The Bacon Brothers.

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VAN SUSTEREN: What is the event tonight?

MICHAEL BACON, MUSICIAN: We are playing some of our songs for this great event, and hoping the word gets out.

KEVIN BACON, ACTOR, MUSICIAN: It is kind of spreading the word about the separation of church and state and how necessary it is for this country and for the future of this country.

VAN SUSTEREN: I take it you are not anti-religion.

KEVIN BACON: Absolutely not.

VAN SUSTEREN: You just believe there should be some bright line, one side versus the other side.

MICHAEL BACON: I am a traditionalist. I think that is the way Jefferson saw it, and he saw a lot of things right, and I think it still applies.

VAN SUSTEREN: The same with you?

KEVIN BACON: Absolutely. I think that one of the great things about this country is that people of all the religions can come and practice and worship in a way that makes them happy and gives them a peace. And another great thing about it is that our government is not supposed to be based or tied to religious organizations.

VAN SUSTEREN: The point of the event is to get that dialogue going, the discussion going.

MICHAEL BACON: Yes, getting it out there, talking about it, whatever their point of view is, politically or otherwise. I think it is something we need to keep it in the public eye light.

VAN SUSTEREN: Music. Let us talk music for a second. How many CDs?

MICHAEL BACON: We are working on our fifth studio CD right now.

VAN SUSTEREN: You like doing a studio CD as opposed to live one?

KEVIN BACON: We did one of those, too, and we enjoyed both. Playing live is always a thrill, and I think a lot of our best stuff is live, but it is really fun to get into the studio. And the challenge in the studio is to try to get back what you felt when you were playing it live.

VAN SUSTEREN: Who writes the music and who writes the lyrics?

MICHAEL BACON: We both write songs independently of each. Some people think that since I'm a musician I write all the music, but Kevin writes songs. He writes about 60 percent of the songs.

So songwriting is not something you can be trained to do. You are born with that ability.

VAN SUSTEREN: Kevin, I have an older sister who she says jump and I jump. Do you get bossed around a little bit?

MICHAEL BACON: Jump, please.

KEVIN BACON: I do. Your older brother is always your older brother. No matter how old I get, I always think of him as my older brother. I look to him for advice and I respect his opinion, and then I do the opposite.

VAN SUSTEREN: The job seems really fun. It is hard work and long hours. It must be fun.

KEVIN BACON: We have a great time.

You know, there is a song we are doing tonight that is called "Children." It is a song that I wrote serendipitously. It has to do with god and war and how they get jumbled up sometimes, and how a lot of times it is the children that suffer from the combination of those two things.

And it is so great when you can put something down and you have thoughts about a topic or something personal that happens to you, and then get a chance to actually turn that into is on and, as you said, play it in front of people. It is a very fun process to go through, and one that I do not think we ever really taken for granted, because we are basically a singer/songwriter band.

VAN SUSTEREN: The downside I would imagine from your job is that you are on the road. Maybe you like being on the road, but how often are you on the road?

MICHAEL BACON: I think it is great.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you like hotels?

MICHAEL BACON: Not so much that, but we play all kinds of interesting places, like Milwaukee.

VAN SUSTEREN: I am from Wisconsin, so be careful where you're going with this.

MICHAEL BACON: One of the greatest states I have ever seen.

But you go to places, and you're there. And you do not have to necessarily have a good time because you're there to work, but it is really fun to see all these little places. And the actual playing is only about an hour-and-a-half.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you ever get nervous playing?

MICHAEL BACON: You have to get a little bit nervous. That is part of playing. You get nervous, and, hopefully, as you play, it goes away and gives you a lot of energy. But sometimes you get nervous and then you get on and you make a mistake and get worse and worse, and you are a basket case by the end.


VAN SUSTEREN: For more information about the event, go to firstfreedomfirst.org. And you can visit baconbrothers.com for more information about the band.

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