Taya Kyle in the No Spin Zone

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O'REILLY: "Personal Story" segment tonight, there is a new book out called "American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms." The book was written by the late Navy SEAL Chris Keil who was shot to death in Texas last February. A year earlier I interviewed Chief Petty Officer Kyle on "The Factor." Anyway, Kyle's wife Taya is out promoting the book, and I spoke with her last night.


O'REILLY: So, this is a pro-gun book that you guys put out; but, what is the headline of the book? What is the most important thing in it?

TAYA KYLE, WIFE OF SLAIN NAVY SEAL CHRIS KYLE: I don't actually think of it too much as pro-gun book as much as it is a history book. Honestly, it was just history. Chris loves American history. And, yes, his interest are in guns, so it makes sense that he would show how history has been changed by people using guns and how the gun manufacturers changed to adapt to the times. But, it is really fun and entertaining look at the people who changed history.

O'REILLY: But, there is a specter of your late husband over the book and because he was killed with a firearm by a deranged guy, and that is the center of the debate that most Americans who are clear thinking understand that we need to defend ourselves with firearms and that's why the founding fathers put that in the constitution. But, the other side is also disturbing because there are a lot of crazy people that get a hold of guns and do damage like killing your husband. So, how do you balance that out?

KYLE: Well, I think there are always people that are going to kill other people. They were doing it before guns. And, so, I don't really look at it as a gun issue because it's overshadowed; so, one evil act is something that we end up focusing on. We don't focus on all the positive things. The vulnerable people like me who feel a little bit safer with a gun.


KYLE: So, I think it's just grossly skewed to a few evil acts.

O'REILLY: All right. Now, Jesse Ventura had a dust up with your husband allegedly and your husband was on this program and told me this.


O'REILLY: You say you knocked Jesse Ventura to the floor with a punch. Now, you don't mention his name but everybody knows who that is. Number one, that happened? You knocked him out?

CHRIS KYLE, FORMER NAVY SEAL SNIPER: Well, I knocked him down.

O'REILLY: Knocked him down. Why? Why would you punch Ventura?

CHRIS KYLE: He said you -- you all deserve to lose a few guys.


CHRIS KYLE: I am assuming he was saying that to me.

O'REILLY: Did he fight back?

CHRIS KYLE: He went down. The cops were there. I took off running.


O'REILLY: Now, Ventura is suing you, even though your husband is dead. He continues the lawsuit and discussed it on CNN. Roll the tape.


JESSE VENTURA, FORMER MINNESOTA GOVERNOR: I was accused by this gentleman of committing treason. That is very serious. In fact, it is a capital offense in the military. And, I want to clear my name because of the event and everything written about it did not happen. It never occurred --


VENTURA: -- And, the only place I can do that is to exercise my right to go to court. It is not about money. It is about restoring my reputation.

MORGAN: But, do you not feel slightly uncomfortable about the fact you are now suing his widow?

VENTURA: No. Because it an insurance company is paying for the whole thing anyway.


O'REILLY: How do you react to that?

KYLE: He is suing me for money.


KYLE: For my estate, for the money that I'm supposed to use to raise my children, for the money we wanted to give to other veterans. He is suing me. Harper Collins, William Morrow has an insurance company that is helping me pay for legal fees that I can't afford on my own.

O'REILLY: Right.

KYLE: But, the money he wants is mine.

O'REILLY: He wants money.

KYLE: Yes.

O'REILLY: No doubt about it. But, he also -- I believe that Mr. Ventura when he says he is insulted that his reputation was impugned, how do you feel about him personally?

KYLE: I don't really have an opinion on him, personally. Honestly, I don't really give him too much thought.

O'REILLY: Too much thought. I feel that if he really wants to be a man, he drops the case. If he really wants to be a man. You know? And, if he wants to restore his reputation, then he should drop the case. That's how I feel, Jesse. I hope you got the message there.

Finally, a lot of people go through tragedies. Is there anything that you can tell people who are suffering now as you have suffered because of the loss of your husband? Any words?

KYLE: I think more than anything I can say it to people who know someone who has suffered a devastating loss. I can tell you that my family in the absolute worst of times has seen the absolute best in people. And, that has given us more strength than could ever imagine.

You know, there are -- these people who live by the code of the samurai or the bible that says, "Father of the fatherless." And,they have all stepped in and they have held us up. I think when you suffer a tremendous loss, everybody needs love and support in tangible ways. And, that's what people have done for us. It has been amazing.

O'REILLY: Ms. Kyle, thanks very much for coming in here and talking to us today.

KYLE: Thank you.


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