Sununu: We need a chorus of support for the Trump agenda

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: This is a Fox News Alert. Welcome to "Hannity." Tonight, this country is facing a moment of truth because there are groups of people in this country -- they're trying to destroy what you voted for in November, and it's time for you to stand up and defend the agenda that you want. And that is tonight's very important "Opening Monologue" you won't hear in the establishment media.

Now, we've been telling you for months how five forces in this country are now actively working day in and day out to damage, delegitimize and utterly destroy Donald Trump's presidency, and of course, his agenda. So tonight, if you want to keep that agenda, it is time for to you fight what you voted for because if these forces -- the destroy Trump media, the deep state, sore loser Democrats, establishment weak Republicans, never-Trumpers -- if they are successful in stopping this president from keeping his promises, you, the American people, are the ones who are going to end up suffering more than Obama in his years.

So tonight, it's time for the American people to draw a line in the sand, start pushing back hard and fighting for your agenda because you deserve to get the agenda that you fought so hard for all last year and voted for on November the 8th.

Now, let's start with the destroy Trump media, these rigid leftist ideologues. They need to be called out and exposed for what they really are. These are purveyors of fake news, these so-called news organizations. They've gotten it wrong month after month, time after time, again and again, constantly pushing their lies and phony conspiracy theories!

Now, here's the good thing tonight. President Trump's administration is now fighting back, and they're doing so in a big way. Now, over the weekend, Kellyanne Conway, following on the heels, of course, of Sebastian Gorka, Anthony Scaramucci this weekend and others -- they are refusing to put up with CNN's fake news bias. They called the network out right to their faces! This is priceless.



BRIAN STELTER, HOST, "RELIABLE SOURCES"/CNN: You're talking about Hillary Clinton again?


STELTER: Honestly, I don't have time for that.

CONWAY: Brian, excuse me. If you're going to talk about Russia and you're going to talk about e-mails and you're going to talk about investigations, you're going to talk about...

STELTER: You're actually the one that brought up Russia.

CONWAY: You're always going to be talking about Hillary Clinton.

STELTER: I didn't bring up Russia.

CONWAY: No, no, no. Your network is obsessed with that.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, INCOMING WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, ON "STATE OF THE UNION"/CNN: The Russian thing is a nonsensical thing. I was there early on in the campaign. I didn't have any interactivity with Russians. I didn't see anybody have any interactivity with Russians. It is a complete bogus and nonsensical thing, and this is the stuff that happens in Washington I honestly don't like. It's scandals incorporated.

JAKE TAPPER, HOST: But we know -- we know...

SCARAMUCCI: You guys have to manufacture these scandals to take the president off of his agenda.


HANNITY: All right, finally fighting back. Now, we're going to have a lot more on all of this later tonight in our mini monologue, including very important information on what you can personally do to stand up and fight for the agenda you want.

But first, it is time for the American people to call for the destruction of what is a two-tiered justice system in America and return to the rule of law.

Now, while the destroy Trump media and the left is so busy with their witch hunt, Russia, collusion, well, there are actual real scandals and actual crimes that are completely being ignored in this country. So now the American people -- you better start demanding congressional hearings, investigations because we can no longer ignore what is the biggest double standard I've seen in my lifetime.

Start with Hillary Clinton. We all know she mishandled secret, top secret, classified, special access program information. She also deleted. Nobody in the Trump campaign or the Trump White House deleted 33,000 emails. Nobody in the Trump campaign or the administration smashed her mobile devices with a hammer. Last week, we told you about how Clinton's lawyers finally turned over to the FBI BlackBerrys and other devices? Oh, but they didn't have the SIM cards in them! And her server scandal is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what needs to be investigated. All of us -- we'd go to jail!

There's Uranium One. Remember? During her tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton -- she personally signed off on giving up to 20 percent of America's uranium, the foundational material for nuclear weapons, to Vladimir Putin and the Russians, a real Russia conspiracy that nobody in the media is covering! And while the people who were tied to this deal, they kicked back, what, some $145-plus million. And during the same time, Bill Clinton -- he doubled his speaking fees in Moscow.

Now, that's actual Russian collusion. And if we're going to investigate Jared Kushner, Don Fr., this needs to be investigated!

Then there's this comment from Hillary Clinton back in 2016. Take a look. She's admitting to doing the very thing the media says is so terrible! Take a look.


HILLARY CLINTON, THEN-PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I am already receiving messages from leaders. I'm having foreign leaders as if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump.


HANNITY: Now, given what we know about Ukrainian election interference, that sounds like a pretty damming omission (sic) from Hillary Clinton. Is it possible that other foreign actors were working to assist her campaign? And by the way, did it go further than just endorsements? These are questions we need answers to and these people need to be put under oath. That's plain and simple.

And as we have been telling you about, there is the issue of possible Ukrainian election collusion. Now, the scandal revolves around one-time DNC operative, along with the Ukrainian government officials -- they worked during the campaign to hurt Donald Trump, to help Hillary Clinton. Are we ever going to look into that?

We also have the former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch, OK, influencing the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's server, former FBI dDirector James Comey testifying that Lynch pressured him to call the investigation -- and it was an investigation -- a matter, which Comey agreed to do. That's a Clinton talking point. There's Lynch's 40-minute tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton only days before Comey's announcement about Clinton in that July. You, the American people, you need to demand these issues get investigated.

Then, of course, I think one of the most dangerous issues America is facing is the deep state. There has been an unprecedented amount of leaks of classified raw intelligence to the press in this country. There was a recent report -- over 125 leaks in 126 days. These things need to be investigated. The only crime that we know was committed in this whole Russia collusion wild goose chase is the unmasking and leaking of raw intelligence about Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and giving his name to The Washington Post. That is a violation of the Espionage Act. That's a felony. That's a crime. That needs to be investigated.

And James Comey -- remember? He gives his memo to a friend to leak to The New York Times all in the hopes it'll lead to the appointment of a special counsel, which it did. Special counsel turns out to be Robert Mueller, a guy who's now carrying out a witch hunt, a guy who has massive conflicts of interest. Here's the proof. Bloomberg reported last week Mueller is now looking into business deals conducted by President Trump and people connected to his campaign. The Wall Street Journal reported last week the special counsel is investigating Paul Manafort for possible money-laundering.

Mueller should be investigating who is potentially committing crimes by leaking that information to the press! These leaks have been going on for months and months and months, seven times more than the previous two administrations, and nothing is being done to stop them.

And aside from these potentially criminal leaks, well, Mueller has massive conflicts of interest. Like when he, for example -- he's interviewing the FBI director, remember, the day before the FBI director goes before the Senate Intelligence Committee? Oh, OK, he was talking to him.

And it doesn't end there for Mueller. He's best friends with Comey, the star witness in the investigation, which could be, by the way, a violation of law. Mueller hired members of his team who donated thousands and thousands of dollars to Democrats, Obama supporters, Hillary supporters. Look at the chart! His investigators have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Clinton, Obama, Democrats. And it gets worse. One of the lawyers on Mueller's team that he hired -- he previously worked for the Clinton Foundation! Is this not beyond corrupt, a conflict of interest?

You also have the fake news dossier from the opposition research firm, Fusion GPS. They have ties to Democrat, Planned Parenthood. And according to reports, the dossier was originally commissioned by a Republican donor, but guess what? Eventually, a Clinton ally ended up funding the entire effort. And Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent from Great Britain -- well, he put this disgusting hit piece together, cited Russian government sources or sources that were tied to the Russian government. Then there's the law firm that has ties to both Fusion GPS and the Russian lawyer who was in the June 2016 meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.

Now, what's so despicable, disgusting about all of this -- Democrats feigning moral outrage about the idea of Russia and collusion, were all but willing to repeat information from that phony dossier that used Russian sources in many cases. Now, the Senate Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the founder or the co-founder of Fusion GPS. His attorneys say he's going to plead the 5th.

And tonight, we want to tell you about a brand-new scandal. Check out this headline from the DailyCaller. Exclusive: FBI seized smashed hard drives from Wasserman Shultz IT aide's home. Now, this comes as Fox News recently reported that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, after months of stonewalling -- kind of like Hillary -- is only now willing to cooperate in this Democratic IT scandal, where contractors are accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment and may have hacked into lawmaker emails.

So if you're like me, I am sick and tired of a one-way street here, a dual system of justice. We don't have equal justice under the law. Nobody in the Trump campaign gave uranium to Vladimir Putin. Nobody deleted emails with BleachBit. Nobody smashed devices with hammers. Nobody colluded with Ukraine and went to the Ukrainian embassy.

So if you want your agenda passed, it's time to stand up, engage, push back against those that are trying to stop this president's agenda, which you, the American people, voted for. Everything that's been happening, all the attacks against the president is an attempt to overturn the results of the election. Those five forces that we keep telling you about are all in.

And on Friday, by the way, we saw once again our friend, Pat Buchanan. He summed it up perfectly! They smell blood in their nostrils! This is the swamp, the sewer of Washington! Watch this.


PAT BUCHANAN, R-FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Folks in this town have got the scent of blood in their nostrils, and they're targeted on the West Wing. They don't care about Hillary anymore.


HANNITY: Now, Patrick Buchanan is right. The president's agenda is at a tipping point. If you want to win, if you want your agenda passed, you better get behind and stand up now for what you believe in.

Here with reaction, former governor of New Hampshire, former White House chief of staff John Sununu. Do you agree with Pat Buchanan?

JOHN SUNUNU, FORMER NEW HAMPSHIRE GOVERNOR: Look, the Democrats have an agenda. He's absolutely right. And they think they're getting close. We need to do what you've suggested. We need to create a chorus of support for all the issues you've listed, but most importantly for the president's moving forward agenda. The president's talked about health care today. We need a chorus of support that reminds people that this 22 million that will be uninsured that the Congressional Budget Office is -- is saying will be the issue, that three quarters of those will be young people who will be stopped from being forced by a fine to buy insurance they don't care and don't want! We need a chorus putting that out in the public. We need a chorus...

HANNITY: Governor...

SUNUNU: ... complain -- yes?

HANNITY: I don't mean to interrupt you. I agree. Where are the Republicans? They have the House and Senate? They're not calling these people to testify like Jared Kushner, nor (ph) the Republicans for seven years promised repeal, replace. How do you justify not getting that done?

SUNUNU: Because we haven't been a chorus putting pressure on in the states where those weak senators are. Jared testified today. We need a chorus supporting Jared. An 11-page presentation that I thought was extremely well done -- I think we need to remind ourselves that it is up to us. Nothing worthwhile is easy, and we've got to be a part of it instead of just complaining.

HANNITY: You know, Governor, I guess there's a fine line here. I mean, when I bring up the Ukrainian issue, the Uranium One issues, destroying 33,000 e-mails and phones and BlackBerrys and breaking them with hammers and BleachBitting things -- and to think none of that is under investigation, according to my sources, none of it! How is that possible?

SUNUNU: Well, you know, I think we've got some pretty -- I hope we have some pretty aggressive Republican U.S. attorneys out there that might initiate that process. We have congressional committees controlled by Republicans. They ought to initiate that process, you're right.

HANNITY: Where are they?

SUNUNU: I don't know how it's possible that they haven't done it! We have to put pressure, political pressure on them to do it.

HANNITY: What about -- what are your thoughts on Mueller?

SUNUNU: I think we have to create a climate that doesn't make it easy for Mueller to make a self-satisfying decision for what may be a very biased group of people that he's put together. We have to let them know that if they do something that is a -- somehow coming up with a trick (ph) technical violation, that's not going to be acceptable to the American public!

HANNITY: Governor, how do you justify hiring Hillary Clinton's attorney, only Obama, Hillary and Democratic donors, investigating Trump? How is that possible? How's that fair?

SUNUNU: Well, I think it's self-destructive on Mueller's part because there is no way he can come out, in my opinion, with a decision against this administration with the bias he's built in there without it being taken as just a false biased decision. So in an odd way, I think he's undermined himself.

HANNITY: All right, so my -- my next question is, for the president moving forward, if he can't get the Congress to do this on heath care, what would you advise him to do? I thought he gave a great speech today. We're going to play a part of it as the program unfolds. What are the important items for the Republicans? Don't they risk their own power if they don't keep that seven-year promise?

SUNUNU: They've got to keep that promise. They've got to get tax reform done within a month or two, early fall, at the very latest. They've got to start looking at things like infrastructure. They've got to start producing. For them to just be sitting there and arguing behind closed doors, they're not going to get support anymore if they don't perform and deliver. And I think we have to tell them that.

HANNITY: If President Trump asked you to help him, advise him as a former chief of staff, would you do it?

SUNUNU: I always give advice when I'm asked. And let's just say...

HANNITY: You're always so shy.

SUNUNU: ... that some people have asked.


HANNITY: All the years I've known you, you've been so shy and demure. I can't believe (INAUDIBLE)

SUNUNU: I know.

HANNITY: It's amazing.

SUNUNU: It's more than (INAUDIBLE) I'm happy to help in any way I can.

HANNITY: All right, Governor, good too see you. Thank you for being with us.

SUNUNU: Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: And up next on this busy breaking news night tonight on "Hannity"...


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: ObamaCare has broken our health care system. It's broken. It's collapsing. It's gone.


HANNITY: President Trump and I and other conservatives -- Republicans, do your job. Keep your promises. Ari Fleischer, Larry Elder weigh in next. Also Jared Kushner, a strong defense today. He says he did not collude with the Russians. All of that and an investigation tonight on "Hannity." Peter Schweizer's Government Accountability Institute has a new report on foreign donations helping Democrats in American elections. Democrats have explaining to do as we continue.



TRUMP: Every Republican running for office promised immediate relief from this disastrous law. We as a party must fulfill that solemn promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace, what they've been saying for the last seven years. The Senate bill protects coverage for preexisting conditions. And you don't hear this from the Democrats. They like to tell you just the opposite, and they didn't even know the bill. They run out, they say, death, death, death.

Well, "Obama care" is death. That's the one that's death. "Obama care" has broken our health care system. It's broken. It's collapsing. It's gone. And now it is up to us to get great health care for the American people.


HANNITY: All right, that was the president earlier today explaining why Republicans must do something, keep their promise, repeal, replace "Obama care."

He with reaction, former White House press secretary, Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer, and Salem radio nationally syndicated host, Larry Elder.

Ari, I'll got with you and I'll start with you. I like that the president was back on message today and I like that the message was really geared in a pretty aggressive way to Republicans. And I really believe after watching Jared Kushner today, this is all going to go away. Now Republicans got to do their job.

ARI FLEISCHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Boy, Sean, wouldn't that be great? And that's exactly what you want to have happen if you believe in good government and getting our problems solved.

Look, I think on a double basis today, Jared had a very good day. That's what you call effective pushback, and he did it well. The president went on the offense and focused on an issue, a policy, and I hope that's the beginning of something new for this White House, a relentless policy focus driven by the president.

But one last point. Think about how different things could have been if the president had done what he did today on health care by having huge rallies in senators' states. Go to Maine, have 15,000 people, hear the president talk about repeal and replace, chanting repeal and replace. Same thing in Nevada, where Senator Heller is a no vote. The president could have used the power of the bully pulpit on issues so much more effectively in the months leading up to this. I'm glad he did it today. I hope it's not too late.

HANNITY: All right, Larry Elder, let's go to -- I think the White House strategy has certainly been more aggressive. We're talking about Sebastian Gorka. Kellyanne this weekend was amazing. Anthony Scaramucci is out (ph) taking it to the media. And Scaramucci said one other thing that I think if this president is ever going to be successful, the leaks in the White House, and then I'd argue the deep state, 100 -- there's been, like, 150 of those, almost daily, have to stop. Here's what Scaramucci said.


SCARAMUCCI: We got to get the leaks stopped, Chris. I know that it's Washington, so it's going to be impossible to stop all of them. But I think what's going on right now is a high level of unprofessionalism and it's not serving the president. If the leaks don't stop, I'm going to pare down the staff because it's just not right, Chris.


HANNITY: He will fire them all, but I think even more dangerous to the president are deep state leaks from our intelligence community that have almost been daily.

LARRY ELDER, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, it's a huge problem. You know, Sean, for the last seven years, what the Republicans should have done is spent money on public service announcements explaining the problems of "Obama care," talking about free markets, talking about the fact that doctors are artificially limited, the number of doctors, because of the American Medical Association, talk about the tax breaks that corporations get that individuals don't get, talking about the failure to provide health insurance across state lines, make the case for why we ought to have limited government and why we ought to have free markets in health care. We have not done that!

When you have Senator John Cornyn, for crying out loud, saying, Let's keep the portions of "Obama care" that we like, such as preventing insurance carriers from denying people for -- with preexisting conditions, you've turned the concept of insurance on its head! It's no longer insurance, it's now a trust fund, and the only issue now is who's going to pay for it and how much! That's where we are right now!

HANNITY: All right, last question. And I'll start with Ari. Ari, should the Republicans who control all these committees, when you see real collusion with Ukraine and then you've got real -- a real Russia conspiracy with Uranium One -- should those committees, if we believe in equal justice under the law and fundamental fairness, should they be bringing those people involved in to these committees?

FLEISCHER: You know, there are -- there is a role for government investigative committees, but I want it to be secondary. I think the Republicans' strongest hand is policy. Donald Trump and Republicans were elected to build a wall, to repeal and replace "Obama care," to fix the economy, to increase wages, particularly for blue-collar struggling Americans. If they do that, the sky is the limit for Donald Trump and the Republicans.

ELDER: What I think Donald Trump is doing is talking about the hypocrisy and the selective outrage. That's what's going on here.

Why aren't we talking about China-gate? In the mid-'90s, for crying out loud, you had these Asian business persons making illegal contributions to the DNC. The head of the FBI, Louis Freeh, said if there's any reason for a special counsel, it is now. His successor said the same thing. And Janet Reno refused to do it.

This is why a lot of Republicans are simply P.O.'ed and circled the wagons around Donald Trump and don't care about all this about collusion because they realize the double standard and the hypocrisy and the selective outrage!

HANNITY: If we're going to have -- if it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander. I think a lot of people feel that way. But good advice from both of you. Thanks for being with us.

All right, when we come back, we have a brand-new import -- a report tonight about campaign foreign donations raising a lot of questions. And how do the Clintons make so much money from foreign governments? Peter Schweizer has an exclusive report tonight on "Hannity."

And also tonight...


JARED KUSHNER, PRESIDENT TRUMP'S SON-IN-LAW: The record and documents I have voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events of very unique campaign.


HANNITY: Four (ph) members of the Trump administration -- they are fighting back. Jared Kushner -- he defends himself against the allegations he colluded with the Russians. We'll check in with Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett.

All of that, plus my important monologue tonight about how you, who voted for Donald Trump, can stand up to fake news and defend the agenda you voted for straight ahead.


KELLY WRIGHT, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Live from America's news headquarters, I'm Kelly Wright in New York. Good evening. Here's what is happening.

The Senate health care bill finally up for a vote tomorrow. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell trying to force dissenting Republicans in line to meet the 50 vote threshold. And President Trump applying pressure on his secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price. The president jokingly telling a Boy Scouts national gathering that if Price doesn't get the votes, he'll say, quote, "Tom, you're fired."

Senator John McCain returned to Capitol Hill just in time for tomorrow's health care vote before his absence during which he was diagnosed with brain cancer. The Arizona senator called for a fresh bipartisan start on health care. He expressed concerns that this bill might repeat the mistakes of Obamacare, but he has not yet indicated which way he'll vote.

That's a look at news. I'm Kelly Wright. Back to "Hannity."

HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." So for months, the left has been completely obsessed with the possibility of Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential election, nonstop coverage. Democrats have vowed to get to the bottom of all of this alleged foreign meddling, except, of course, when it comes to their own fundraiser. A brand new study from Peter Schweizer and the Government Accountability Institute shows that as of 2016 fewer than 10 percent of Democratic lawmakers with active donation pages on their website require a card verification value, it's known as a CVV, in order to make a contribution.

On the other side of the aisle, the Republicans are a much different story -- 91 percent of Republicans require the CVV. Now this system is important because it insures the credit cardholder is in possession of the card therefore prevent fraudulent donations by foreign actors and others trying to influence, for example, our election process.

Joining us now to discuss the latest example of left wing hypocrisy, one of the people behind this study, the president of the Government Accountability Institute as well as the author of the bestselling book "Clinton Cash, The Untold Story," oh, I forgot the title, "How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Very Rich," Peter Schweizer. Peter, tell us about this.

PETER SCHWEIZER, "CLINTON CASH" AUTHOR: Hey, Sean, thanks for having me.

Yes, this is a basic security provision that anybody involved in ecommerce uses. So for example, if you go to Amazon and you go to make a credit card payment, or if you want to go, for example, on Barack Obama's campaign website and buy a sweatshirt, you have to give your credit card number, your address, and your name, but also include the CVV. And the reason they do that is to prevent fraud from people using a different name with a credit card number, or in other words engaging in fraudulent transactions. So it's very, very important.

And the problem in the political space is that, as you just showed those numbers, a lot of Democrats don't use the CVV. Hillary Clinton, to her credit, in 2016 did, but less than 10 percent of Congressional Democrats use the basic security on their campaign website, so it is very difficult to track whether they are getting fraudulent donations or not. And we know going back to 2008 when the "Washington Post" reported that eh Obama campaign that year received tens of thousands of dollars of illicit donations this way. So it is a real problem.

HANNITY: All right, so I am trying to point out a double standard to this audience, and when you have a DNC paid operative, meaning at the Ukrainian embassy, the Ukrainian ambassador, and it's reported in "Politico" six months ago, on top of the Uranium One deal, Hillary's deal where she signs off on giving Vladimir Putin and the Russians 20 percent of our uranium.

SCHWEIZER: Sean, it is very simple. Let's play a very simple name game here. Let's pretend that President Donald Trump gives 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russian government and the Trump Foundation at the same time receives $145 million in contributions from the shareholders in that deal, that Melania Trump goes and gives paid speeches in Russia for people involved in this deal, getting four times their traditional speaking fees, and let's imagine that on top of that, Russian government officials are also contributing to the Trump Foundation. There would be apoplexy across the spectrum in Washington D.C. and rightfully so. That is precisely what happened when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

HANNITY: And how rich did they get? How rich did the Clinton's get?

SCHWEIZER: They got $145 million plus in donations to the Clinton Foundation and they've made millions of dollars in speaking fees. It is hard to fully know. But the bottom line is this was a big financial bet for them. And it's a classic example, Sean, of an exchange. You have the Clintons making and getting all this money and the Russians getting a benefit in return which is the uranium. You also have the Skolkovo text transfer arrangement. So there is a clear exchange, and yet there is not this outcry to actually investigate this. If the name were Trump instead of Clinton, I would support investigation and I think a lot of other people would too.

HANNITY: Pretty amazing double standard. Thanks for holding government accountable. We're trying to do the same thing here. Peter Schweizer, we appreciate it.

SCHWEIZER: Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: And up next on this busy breaking news night tonight on Hannity.


KUSHNER: Let me be very clear. I did not collude with Russia nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so.


HANNITY: Jared Kushner could not be any more clear. He did not collude with the Russians during the election. Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrettt, they are here with their take next.

Also later tonight, I have a very important mini-monologue, and it's about how you, the American people, how you can stand up to fake news and stand up for the agenda to those that are trying to destroy what you voted for in November. Hope you'll stay with us, straight ahead.



KUSHNER: The record and documents I have voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events of a very unique campaign.

Let me be very clear. I did not collude with Russia nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. I had no improper contacts. I have not relied on Russian funds for my businesses. And I have been fully transparent in providing all requested information.


HANNITY: That was Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and a senior White House advisor, defending himself against the left's unrelenting attacks that he colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. Today Kushner, he spoke with members of the Senate Intel Committee.

Joining us now with reaction, Fox News anchor, attorney Gregg Jarrett, and from Sara Carter. There's one thing he said here. I didn't have financial dealings, and then he went on to say, you know, I had contacts, incoming contacts with people from approximately 15 countries. To put these requests in context, I got thousands of emails, letters, calls for people wanting to talk to me on a variety of issues. I try to be respectful of any foreign government with whom it would be important to maintain an ongoing productive working relationship for the candidate to prevail. I am trying to understand what is wrong with that, Sara, and how we are here in light of everything that his 11-page statement said today?

SARA CARTER, CIRCA NEWS: Sean, think of this. He said he had contact with people from 15 countries. He had 50 right after the election with people from various countries only two of which were from Russia. And Mr. Kushner gave a public statement. He gave the statement to all of the media, then came out and spoke publicly after the closed door hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee. Donald Jr. says he's going to talk. Paul Manafort says he's going to give documents over as well. So they've been very forthcoming.

It doesn't seem like anyone who would be guilty of something would be so forthcoming with all of this documentation. I know there's people that are out there that are concerned, probably Adam Schiff, others in the Democratic Party, and people who are looking into this investigation, special counsel, but they have been very forthcoming. And yet, so far, and I have been talking to a number of people in law enforcement, a number of sources that are dealing with this, there is no evidence of any type of collusion. This was a meeting that probably should not have happen because it was one-on-one, but that was it.

HANNITY: You know, he actually said, Gregg Jarrett, that after the election, after the election, he didn't even know who the Russian ambassador was by name, wouldn't have recognized his name. But I think perhaps the most exculpatory piece of evidence is he's writing in the middle of the meeting, the one that Don Jr. said was a nothing, he's writing to his assistant, get me out of here, this is a waste of my time. Doesn't that pretty much tell the whole story?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS ANCHOR AND ATTORNEY: It absolutely does. And his statement, very detailed, 11 pages long, shows nothing improper, nothing uncommon, and certainly nothing illegal. I talked to Professor David Clinton, no relation to Hillary, by the way, at Baylor University. This is a guy who wrote the book literally called presidential transitions and American foreign policy. He said he read Kushner's statement. He said there is absolutely nothing wrong with what he did. He said, look, transitions are very long. He said it's important and vital for incoming administrations to begin meeting with and talking with foreign governments to establish rapport, to understand what they want and convey to them what we want. And it's certainly not a violation of the Logan Act because there was no interference with a diplomatic dispute.

HANNITY: Sara, I go back to you because now we talk about a media going on 11 months now, that's how long this thing has been going on. Nobody that I know in the Trump campaign destroyed 33,000 emails, destroyed their iPhones, their BlackBerries with hammers, or like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a computer with a hammer, and nobody talks about it but us. Why?

CARTER: Yes, you are absolutely right on that point, Sean, that there is a lot of concern within the intelligence community, within the FBI that there hasn't been a thorough investigation into that. And I know that there is enormous frustration. It doesn't mean that the Clinton Foundation is not currently being investigated. But there definitely is enormous frustration you can see coming from the White House. I have spoken to sources there at the white who say the same thing. Why isn't anyone looking at Clinton Foundation, why isn't anybody looking at the Uranium One deal, particularly, yes, Attorney General Sessions and the Justice Department and the FBI.

HANNITY: Guys, good to see you both, appreciate you insight.

And when we come back tonight on this busy breaking news night on HANNITY.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He's going to win again. I will bring a box of Kleenex over here to CNN. He's going to win again, Jake.


ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: The White House gets aggressive. The new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci standing up to the fake news media. I have a mini monologue, and I'll explain how you can stand up. Clearly the president's agenda needs it.

And then later tonight.


LYNETTE "DIAMOND" HARDAWAY: We're coming to talk to you about the president's agenda. In our book, baby, he gets an A plus because he is doing a phenomenal job.



HANNITY: And two of the nicest people you will ever meet, and funniest, Diamond, and Silk, they get the final word with us all week this week on "Hannity."


HANNITY: And welcome back to "Hannity."

All right, so from the very moment Donald Trump announced he was running for office, the mainstream establishment media began their obsession with the man who would go on to become the 45th president of the United States. They mocked, they ridiculed the commander in chief. They continued to float their bizarre lies day in and out. Their goal is simple. They want to delegitimize, they want to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

Tonight, we're going to show you how to combat and fight back this unfair, this abusively biased fake news and hold members of the destroy Trump media accountable. It's our very important mini-monologue tonight.

Over the past few weeks, the Trump administration has been ramping up one of the most effective tactics for combating all the fake news. They have been speaking out on the very programs that spew the misinformation and lies about the president and standing up to these pundits and so-called journalists who treat the White House with hatred and disdain. I'm loving this fight back. Watch this.



ANDERSON COOPER, CNN : Are you a TV producer now? You are concerned about how many minutes --

GORKA: No, I'm just disappointed again --

COOPER: If you got to go you got to go.

GORKA: You're falling into the fake news trap again, and it's sad, Anderson.

KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP, ON CNN: We are very happy to come and take questions from I think an outlet that has been incredibly unfair and systemically against this presidency. I guess you made a business decision to do so. But we are here.

We just turn on the TV and we see a one way non-conversation using words that are meant to deride and deny the president his due.

SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY, ON "THIS WEEK"/ABC: There is a ton of focus on what I like to call Russia fever which is a total made up story about the president trying to take away the legitimacy of his victory in November.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN:: If you turned to one of your partners and say hey, do you have hundred grand for bail money in case I need it? Yes. Then people are going to say why is he talking about bail money?

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI, WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: Jake, Jake, that is a super ridiculous hypothetical, and I appreciate you are fly trying to think of them, but the truth of the matter is that the president is not going to have to pardon anybody because the Russia thing is a nonsensical thing.


HANNITY: Finally fighting back. And members of the Trump administration, they are beginning to shine a bright light on these dark corners of this fake news industry. And now thanks to social media you can, too. Remember when President Obama said this back in 2008?


THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.


HANNITY: I am not encouraging you to get in your neighbor's face like former President Obama did. Liberals would say I am calling for violence. But you can call out fake news right at the source. For example, you can tell fake news Jake Tapper exactly what you think of his interview with Anthony Scaramucci and you can do it on Twitter. Or you can message Brian Stelter, humpty dumpty, Jeff Zucker's stenographer, about his Russia, Russia, Russia obsession and lack of desire to be fair and balanced and point out Hillary, Uranium One, and felonies she committed. And of course you've got liberal Joe calling the president a schmuck, a goon, a thug, and mentally unhinged. Great job, NBC.

And if you don't think those remarks are appropriate, just send them a tweet. And over there of course you have Mika helping out, the over the top, feigning outrage every day. Her disgusting treatment of Kellyanne Conway, very despicable. You want to take it to the next level, write a message to their bosses, send a tweet over to Zucker over at fake news CNN or Andy Lack from NBC fake news.

Right now the media is living in their little bubble. It is our job to remind them that there is an America way outside of New York, D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Tonight technology is now making it possible for you to take your point of view directly to the source and show America's elites that the forgotten men and forgotten women of this country voted for this agenda, and they want it completed, and for them to stop lying to you. Take to the social media. I think you will have a positive impact.

And up next tonight here on "Hannity."


LYNETTE "DIAMOND" HARDAWAY: We are just coming to talk to you about the president's agenda. In our book he gets an A-plus because he's doing a phenomenal job.


HARDAWAY: Over 800,000 jobs created, the stock market is booming a record high.


HANNITY: Two friends of mine, the viral conservative duo on social media defending President Trump, Diamond and Silk are back, and they get the final word all week this week on "Hannity."


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." So President Trump's supporters and, by the way, personal friends of mine, Diamond and Silk, they have become huge social media sensations, and all this week on "Hannity" they get the final word. And here's tonight's


LYNETTE "DIAMOND" HARDAWAY: Hey, Sean, this is Diamond and Silk. And we're are just coming to talk to you about the president's agenda. In our book he gets an A-plus because he's doing a phenomenal job.

RICHARDSON: Phenomenal.

HARDAWAY: Over 800,000 jobs created, the stock market is booming a record high. Our veterans are doing great because he's got a plan in place for them. Jobs are coming back to this country. The unemployment rate is lower than we've ever seen it.


HARDAWAY: And then you have the left out trying to sell us a better deal. Well, Sean, we have two words for them. No deal.

And you know why it's no deal? Because we already have the real deal.

RICHARDSON: That's right.

HARDAWAY: We have a mover, a shaker, a deal maker.

So instead of rolling out their plan, how about they get with the program to help make America great again.

Now, Sean, we're just coming to give you a two-one-one. We call it the two-one-one because there are two of us.

RICHARDSON: And we are the ones giving it to you.

HARDAWAY: And we are the ones giving it to you.


HANNITY: Diamond and Silk, they get the final word all week. They are great people. I love them. You're going to love them by the end of the week.

Now, as always, thank you for being with us. That's all the time we have left. This show will always remain, thanks to you, fair and balanced. We are not the establishment media. See you tomorrow night.

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