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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Day 10 — still no Stacy Peterson, and police still do not know where Sergeant Peterson's fourth wife is. Police are searching, but so far, absolutely nothing.

Joining us is a close friend of Stacy Peterson, Pamela Bosco. Welcome, Pamela.


VAN SUSTEREN: Pamela, how long have you known Stacy?

BOSCO: It's been about eight years. I came to know her when I became legal guardian of Cassandra Cales.

VAN SUSTEREN: And why did you become legal guardian of Cassandra, her sister?

BOSCO: She was with another legal guardian, and she knew me through my business and she got along with me very well, and she thought we'd have a good relationship. And we just grew to really love each other at the time, so she said can she come live with me. And I assumed legal guardianship, so I did.

VAN SUSTEREN: When was the last time you spoke to or saw Stacy?

BOSCO: I spoke to Stacy on the Thursday before the weekend she disappeared. She had called me to talk to me about renting my rental property in Westman (ph). And at that time, I knew she was having difficulties, but I wanted to know more and I asked her what was going on. And she says, Well, I'm looking to move out with my children and find a place to live with them. And at that time, I said no to her because I already had people living on the property, and we then discussed other things that were happening in her life.

VAN SUSTEREN: And what were the other things you discussed?

BOSCO: She was — at that time, she told me she was fearful of her situation with Drew and that she was trying to find a way to live on her own and looking for reasonable housing and find a way to do it based on she really didn't have a whole lot of money at hand because she said he had control of all the finances. So I had advised her actually to seek legal counsel at that point to do it legally so she, you know, didn't lose a chance (INAUDIBLE) losing the children.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, he had given her — I understand that he had given her some ring. What do you know about a ring that he'd given her?

BOSCO: I was actually out of town on business that week she had come in, but it was enough that female employees at my business spoke to me about it when I did return, that it was supposedly a big ring, and they were wondering why, understanding the difficult relationship they were in, he would give her this ring. We knew that they were in a very terribly strained relationship. So when she showed up, they questioned it.

VAN SUSTEREN: About when was that in relationship — did she show off her new ring in relationship to her disappearance?

BOSCO: I believe it was, like, a week before, a week, a week-and-a- half before.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know Drew?

BOSCO: I can't say I knew him well, but I knew him. I had, you know, met with him since she had been with him.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ever — did he ever do anything to you that you thought suspicious in terms of his relationship — would he get violent, for instance, to his wife?

BOSCO: No, I can't speak like that. I did not know — he never did anything to me, you know, personable enough. But that's not to say what his relationship was with Stacy. My relationship was very benign.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did Stacy ever discuss the death of wife number three with you?

BOSCO: No. No, but I remember the day that we had heard about it. I was completely shocked, and my first reaction (INAUDIBLE) he had some involvement with it.

VAN SUSTEREN: And — but Stacy never said a word, never — she was never suspicious, as far as you know.

BOSCO: No. I asked her. I said, You know, come on, Stacy. This is a little strange. There must have been some question of doubt. And I'm sure, in her mind, she must have had question of doubt. But being a child — because she was, you know, a teen at that point, we can't (ph) wonder what she was thinking at that age.

VAN SUSTEREN: Pamela, thank you.

BOSCO: You're welcome.

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