Sometimes a Lie is a Lie

Sometimes a lie is a lie.

Bill Clinton might have anguished over what the meaning of the word "is" is, but he was finessing a fib and a humdinger of one, at that. Actually, I should rephrase that humdinger thing, but you get my point.

To alter what "is" is, is a lie -- a dirty, rotten lie. Especially when you know it's a lie.That's a one-way ticket to a special reserved fiery-corner-in-hell lie.

Saying you created jobs when you didn't is one thing. Attaching a bogus number to said lie is quite another thing. Then making it a really big bogus number is a weird, Nixonian, screwed up, darn-near demented, borderline Freddy Krueger thing!

So when White House officials now brag about stimulus creating 3 million jobs out of thin air, I think they're knee-deep in something very thick and it stinks.

Look, I've told some doozies in my day: Like the time I swore on a stack of Bibles to my dad that the screeching sound of his treasured Chevy Impala crashing into our garage at two in the morning and taking out half the wall wasn't my doing, but clearly someone else who must have jumped in the driver's seat minutes after I got in the house!

I guess when you're in deep, you lie big and these guys are in really deep and lying really big: Totally ignoring the 2 million jobs they've lost and now saying with a straight face that if we can't see their "new math" we're "old farts."

Here's what's getting old: This making up stuff out of thin air. That's what's getting old and telling millions of people out of work that millions of jobs are magically being created all around them and that they just can't see it.

That's also cruel: Cruel to them, deceitful to us. Because it's one thing to insist things are looking up. It's quite another to make up data to support your lies.

My dad launched me into orbit for that garage thing. Wonder what voters will do to these politicians who put me to lying shame on this whole jobs thing?

Hmm... I wonder.

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