Some Wins, Some Losses in the Culture War

While on vacation last week, I cheered the Simpson victory from afar and the return of Christmas to most retail stores in America. Both are big wins for Americans, who believe this country stands for what's right and promotes positive things like Christmas -- a federal holiday that encourages good will toward all people.

Now I knew when I returned to work that the far left secular forces in America would not take kindly to those two victories and to the fact that my book "Culture Warrior" is a huge success. And I was correct. The print press clippings over Thanksgiving show stepped up attacks on me by fanatical SP columnists from coast to coast.

Many of these loons are still denying there is a Christmas controversy --even though one is before the Supreme Court right now.

Here in New York City, the public school system has banned the manger display, while allowing the menorah for Hanukah and the star and crescent flag for Ramadan.

A federal appeals court upheld this blatant bit of discrimination. And now the Supreme Court must decide whether to review the case. We'll have more on this coming up.

But to deny there are attacks on Christmas in America is a flat-out lie. And you should take note on who is doing that.

On another front, there was a culture war setback while I was away. The National Center for Health Statistics announced that out-of-wedlock births in America are at an all-time high. Thirty-seven percent of babies are now born to single women. Thirty-seven percent!

This, of course, is an economic and social disaster. And single mom households are the primary poverty indicator and a huge risk factor for criminal behavior by young people.

The assault on marriage in our society comes exclusively from the secular progressive community, which sees traditional marriage as a threat to their sacred tenet of "inclusiveness."

Now societies don't change by accident. And our society has changed dramatically in the last 40 years. The emergence of the secular progressive media has one major reason why. Without the FOX News Channel and The Wall Street Journal editorial page, the SP media would go unchallenged in this country. That's how dominant it is.

Last Thursday, I was very thankful to be an American; while understanding that the country in which I grew up still needs to be defended on almost all fronts.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Just a quick review of the Christmas/Hanukah store that is doing record-breaking business this year.

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