Some Black Conservatives Are Being Called Uncle Toms

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Color Bind

Some black conservatives are taking heat for their involvement in the mostly white Tea Party movement.

A member of a group of black conservatives, who support free market principles and limited government, says: "I've been told I hate myself. I've been called an Uncle Tom. Black Republicans find themselves— always having to prove who they are."

Some of the disapproval also comes from supporters of President Obama. David Webb, a Tea Party organizer and radio personality, says some black conservatives are hiding their political views because: "I've gotten the statement— 'How can you not support the brother?'"

Civil Warfare

Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonnell is bringing back "Confederate History Month," a move cheered by his party, but denounced by civil rights leaders.

The two previous Democratic governors refused to issue a proclamation honoring soldiers who fought for the south in the Civil War. McDonnell said the recognition is designed to promote tourism in the state, and that he did not reference slavery because: "I focused on the [aspects] I thought were most significant for Virginia."

The proclamation has been condemned by the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus and the NAACP.

Late today McDonnell said having no reference to slavery was a major omission, and he inserted a condemnation of slavery into the proclamation.

Switching Teams

And potential Senate hopeful Stormy Daniels says she's found her inner Republican.

Politico reports if the former porn star decides to run for the Senate from Louisiana, she will switch to the GOP after last week's revelation the Republican National Committee spent almost $2,000 at Voyeur, a bondage-themed nightclub in Los Angeles: "Over time — my libertarian values regarding both money and sex— and the legal use of one for the other [are] now best espoused by the Republican party."

However, Louisiana Republicans are not rolling out the welcome mat, calling it a shameless PR stunt engineered by Democrats.

— FOX News Channel's Lanna Britt contributed to this report.