Smart in the Head, Stupid in the Heart

I remember when I was in the 8th grade, I think, there was this one really smart kid in my class. I think he was the smartest kid in my class. He always aced the tests — he aced pretty much everything.

The trouble is he knew he was the smartest kid in the class and he acted every bit of it.

He put down others, said stupid things that hurt still others.

Now I was clearly no Einstein, but back then even I could figure out the guy was a jerk: all I.Q. — no E.Q.

I don't know what's happened to him since. But I have this feeling he might be sitting in the U.S. Senate. And, for all I know, he might be one of the guys on the Judiciary Committee reducing Samuel Alito's wife to tears.

I think a lot of the Democrats going after Alito are trying to sound like the smartest kid in the class, digging up decades-old cases and memberships to prove he's a bigot. But in the end, they are only proving themselves bigger fools.

I think it's fair in hearings like these to take a measure of a man. It is not fair to tear down a man and reduce his wife to tears.

You've lost me when you do so and I think you've lost a nation too.

Smart people in the head can be very stupid in the heart: no compassion, no context, no compass, no support.

It's why Democrats fail to win elections: Oftentimes they're right on the issues, but wrong in how they present the issues. They talk down or they just talk and talk.

It's no wonder we tune them out. And it's a crying shame for them that they haven't figured it out.

So take it from a guy who was never the smartest kid in the class: Just because you're a smart ass, doesn't mean you're not still just that: an ass.

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