'Sluts' Rally Against Sexism?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: An international protest movement has erupted after a Toronto police officer reportedly made a flipping comment back in January. Now word is the officer said that women could avoid being raped by not dressing like sluts.

He has since apologized, but the reaction has been fierce in response. Those angered by the comments formed, quote "slutwalks." Now the first protest was in April in Toronto. Since then, people in other cities have taken up the cause. This past Saturday, about 2,000 protesters took to the streets of Boston. It wasn't the first protest, it won't be the last as others are already being scheduled.

Joining me now with reaction are Grammy-award winning artist Rebecca St. James and Fox News contributor, the one and only Tamara Holder. Guys, good to see you. Thanks for being here.



HANNITY: All right, so I think we all agree, at least I would assume we agree. I don't think you can ever blame the victim ever, I mean, period, end of sentence. I don't care if it is late at night, bad neighborhood, what they're wearing, if they're naked. No, means no, we all agree on that?


HOLDER: Absolutely.

HANNITY: All right, so the officer apologized here. Tamara, should that officer be forgiven?

HOLDER: He didn't actually apologize, Sean. He was on campus and he was supposed to teach these women about the dangers of being a woman on campus. He said he was sorry that he offended some people.

But the greater issue here is that there is an attack on women in general. Just because you are dressed provocatively does not mean you welcome an abuser. You know, if you are a parent out there and you have a son, you tell your son if you ever touch a woman, you will go to prison. If you have a daughter --

HANNITY: I agree with that. We just all conceded that point. No, one's disagreeing, you know, no means no - no one's ever blame the victim. We all agree.

HOLDER: But he didn't recant.

HANNITY: But here's the question, is there -- look, I think of all the women in my life. The fact that rape happens, is a horrifying thought. You don't want any woman to be a victim of this. So the question is, is there advice on a college campus to the women in our lives that can reduce their risk and are you allowed to talk about it, Rebecca?

ST. JAMES: You know, I mean, I -- I absolutely agree with you that there is never an excuse, no matter how a woman is dressed for a man to abuse a woman. I think there has to be responsibility though for what a woman is wearing, personal responsibility.

I mean, I love the t-shirt modest is hottest. I absolutely believe it. I got married two weeks ago to a holy hunk. I have lived out purity. I have spoken about it. I have a book about it. I have a song about it. Purity and modesty go hand in hand. I think when a woman is dressing in an immodest way, in a provocative way, she has got to think about what is she saying by her dress? Because to a lot of guys, I just wrote another book about it called "What Is He Thinking? I interviewed these guys and they're saying --

HANNITY: You interviewed -- one of them is me.

ST. JAMES: Yes, one of them is you, you're in the book.

HOLDER: This is absolutely disturbing.

HANNITY: All right, but let me ask you this. But I wanted to say specifically on this point.

ST. JAMES: They are asking for sex if they are dressed immodestly.

HOLDER: Women are asking for sex by the way that they're dressed, are you kidding me?

ST. JAMES: Yes. Yes.

HOLDER: Forty four percent, 44 percent of all girls who are raped are under the age of 18. This is a major problem that we have in society.

When you have somebody like Christine O'Donnell who's saying that using a vibrator is, you know, cheating on her husband, or these ridiculous things. Someone like Senator DeMint who says sexually active unmarried women shouldn't be teaching or somebody like Senator Kyle who says that 90 percent of all abortions are by Planned Parenthood. This is an attack on women.

HANNITY: Tamara, hold on a second. Let me go back, I don't have a lot of time. Is there an advice we can give to women to reduce their risk? What would the advice be, Tamara? What do you tell women that we love how they can reduce their risk of being a victim? Is there anything you can say to them?

HOLDER: Absolutely.


HOLDER: As somebody who sees violence every day --

HANNITY: Tell me what? I don't have a lot of time -- what?

HOLDER: Be aware of the signs of a violent person. Violent people exhibit behaviors all the time that they are going to attack. Be aware and be vigilant. Don't be concerned about how you dress.

HANNITY: For example, would it be wrong to say stay away from bad neighborhoods that are known for high crime rates, late at night? What other advice would you give, Rebecca?

ST. JAMES: Tamara, I mean, what are women saying by dressing provocatively? I mean, I think they are saying I'm easy. I'm asking you to look at me as a sexual object rather than a woman worthy of respect. I think these women that are marching and saying I should be able to wear whatever I want --

HOLDER: There's nothing wrong with looking like a sexual object.

ST. JAMES: OK, do they want to be treated like a sexual object all the time?

HOLDER: No, you can look attractive --

ST. JAMES: Are these women mothers that are marching? What are they saying to their young girls?

HOLDER: Absolutely.

ST. JAMES: Dress like a slut?

HANNITY: We got to run. Last question, Tamara, would you advise your daughter not to dress provocatively?

HOLDER: No, I would tell my daughter to dress however she wanted and to be aware of the signs of an abusive person.

ST. JAMES: Oh my goodness. That is scary.

HOLDER: It has nothing to with how you dress, but who you are inside and what you have to offer.

HANNITY: We establish that, you don't blame the victim.

ST. JAMES: I think we have women need to be responsible for what we are wearing and how it is impacting the men in our lives.

HOLDER: Responsible for what?

HANNITY: We have to run. Guys, good to see you both. Rebecca, Tamara, thank you.

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