And now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine:

Silence is Deafening

Republican Congressman Henry Bonilla of Texas says he is no longer demanding the resignation of Democratic Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown -- who is African-American.

At a closed Congressional briefing with Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega on Wednesday, Brown accused Noriega and the Bush administration of carrying out a "racist" policy toward Haiti driven by "a bunch of white men."

But when Noriega told her he was Mexican-American, she said "You all look alike to me."

Shortly after Ms Brown's remark, Congressman Bonilla called for her resignation, but backed off after she apologized.

Nevertheless, Bonilla said in a statement today that -- "If a Republican had made such derogatory, insulting and discriminatory remarks there would be a fire-storm of outrage. The current silence is deafening."

Less Than Ten Cents on the Dollar

Salon.com -- the online magazine that made a name for itself covering President Clinton's dalliances in the White House -- still owes the White House for travel expenses during that administration... as well as this one.

But when the White House asked for its money again last week, Salon.com sent the administration a letter, saying -- "Salon has been incurring losses ... its accumulated deficit totals $86 million ... as of December 31st, 2003. ... [W]e cannot offer a full payment at this time, but would offer you the opportunity to settle all amounts owed by us."

Salon owes the White House more than $25,000 ... but is offering to pay only $2500, less than 10 cents on the dollar. The online magazine told the White House that this is " less than you might hope, but it does offer the advantage of certainty." The White House has not yet responded.

Visas Not Issued for Jewish People?

The tourism office of Saudi Arabia, on its Web site, has said that -- "Visas will not be issued for... Jewish people" ... or for non-Jews that have an Israeli stamp on their passports.

Yesterday, New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner -- a frequent critic of the U.S. for its policy toward Saudi Arabia -- called the Saudis "backward" and urged the U.S. government to decide whether Saudi Arabia should still be considered an ally. The Saudi Tourism office has taken that notice off its Web site.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report