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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Well, everybody, I'm Jesse Watters along with Dan Bongino, Marie Harf, Kennedy and Greg. It's 5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

Fox News alert, President Trump raising the stakes in the stand-off over building the border wall during day 13 of the government shutdown. The president appearing in the White House press briefing room surrounded by immigration and law enforcement officials to say he's not backing down.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We need protection in our country. We are going to make it good. The people of our country want it. I have never had so much support as I have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control, and for frankly, the wall or the barrier. I have never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in, in terms of people writing in and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do. I've never had this much support.


WATTERS: Those same officials supporting the president's call for more border security.


BRANDON JUDD, PRESIDENT, NATIONAL BORDER PATROL COUNCIL: Anywhere that you look where we have built walls, they have worked. They have been an absolute necessity for border patrol agents in securing the border.

ART DEL CUETO, VICE PRESIDENT, NATIONAL BORDER PATROL COUNCIL: You are all going to ask yourself this question. If I come to your home, do you want me to knock on the front door or do you want me to climb through that window?

HECTOR GARZA, VICE PRESIDENT, NATIONAL BORDER PATROL COUNCIL: These criminal aliens that have been released from jail that have been deported will come right back into the United States. However, we had a physical barrier. If we had a wall, we will be able to stop that.


WATTERS: The stalemate over money for the border wall set to intensify with Democrats retaking control of the House. Nancy Pelosi is promising to put pressure on President Trump and Republicans after reclaiming the gavel and the speakership just hours ago. Pelosi is also insisting she's not budging on coughing up money for the wall.


SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, NBC NEWS HOST: Are you willing to come up and give him some of this money for the wall because apparently that is the sticking point?

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: No, nothing for the -- we are talking about border security. There is no amount of persuasion he can do to say to us we want you to do something that is not effective, that cost billions of dollars.


WATTERS: This comes as President Trump invites congressional leaders back to the White House tomorrow for more shutdown talks after a contentious briefing on border security yesterday.

All right, so Dan, on a day when all the attention was on Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi, a big ceremony and all the nightly newscasts were going to lead with that, the president comes in at the end of the day and holds this big press briefing surrounded by ICE agents and Border Patrol agents and kind of stole her thunder a little bit. I thought it was pretty effective. Did you?

DAN BONGINO, HOST: It is. I think the GOP has generally had a problem over the last few decades, not with the message but with messaging. The general idea of low taxes, border security, healthcare, freedom and choice resonates with the majority of Americans. The problem is our messaging is terrible. We never managed to fit things on a Wheaties box.

In other words, everything -- we go to like a methadone clinic and we are talking about 401(k) and the Laffer curve (ph). We have never been able to say it as easily as Trump. This is about border security. That is his message right now. It's clear. He is a master at taking over the microphone and he just did it again in this press conference. I think it was brilliant. Come out, be snappy, get off the stage.

WATTERS: And it's a nice response to Speaker Pelosi who has been saying for almost a year, walls don't work and you have people on the border, experts who have done this their whole lives saying everywhere we have put a barrier, they have stopped illegal immigration.

MARIE HARF, HOST: And you have other experts who say we don't need the kind of wall that Donald Trump is talking about. We need something in the middle.

WATTERS: Who's that?

HARF: So, there's a whole list of them.

WATTERS: Can you name one?

HARF: Will Hurd who is a former CIA officer, a congressman from Texas --


HARF: -- on the border -- on the border --

WATTERS: I trust these guys because they are down there on the front lines.

HARF: He is a Republican member of Congress from Texas who says it is the most costly, least effective way to do border security. So there is a difference of opinion.

WATTERS: I don't believe that at all.

HARF: OK, well, it's true.

WATTERS: And the CIA, don't come after me. I'm clean.

HARF: But here's -- so, Donald Trump didn't hold a press conference. He didn't take any questions so let's just --

WATTERS: I think that was smart because sometimes he takes questions and then he steps on the message.

HARF: That's true. So, two points go on this. First, you have you have the first Republican senator today, Cory Gardner from Colorado, come out and say the government should reopen with no wall funding. There are senators on the Republican side who are vulnerable here who may decide that they will vote for something the House passes with no wall funding. This is a numbers game for the president at this point.

The other point I would make is that a lot of people in cable punditry, including myself, have started talking about this DACA for a wall funding swap. My question is, is that even being talked about inside the negotiating room because you don't hear about it from Trump or the White House. You don't hear about it from Pelosi. They are each sort of in their own corners. We are all talking about a possible compromise here, but are they?

WATTERS: We know something --

HARF: Right? They shouldn't be if they're not.

WATTERS: -- that was happening inside the negotiating room the other day. I think Kirstjen Nielsen, Department of Homeland Security secretary, started talking about the facts and figures on the border and Chuck and Nancy just cut her off. I thought that was really mean.

KENNEDY, FOX NEWS HOST: Yes. According to one White House source, Chuck leaned into Nancy, you should interrupt her.


KENNEDY: And because she was presenting data and facts and she was presenting her case, and then Speaker Pelosi comes out and says the president is allergic to data and facts.

HARF: True.

KENNEDY: So, you know, clearly this is an allergy or an affliction that is spreading to both parties and that is why we are at an impasse. I also don't hear Nancy Pelosi talking about what the House can do in terms of immigration because everyone is hung up on the wall. They are hung up on that four-letter word and they can't get past it.

Meanwhile, you have a bunch of people who aren't collecting paychecks, others who aren't going to work and those who are caught in the middle trying to work in this country, but by some, they are being demonized. And my question for Dan is what if the wall doesn't work, because really the greatest correlation between immigration in this country and when it proliferates is when the economy is doing really well. Right now, the economy is doing really well. You also have a lot of illegal immigration.

BONGINO: You generally believe in facts and data, right? How do you explain the fact --

KENNEDY: I love it so much.

BONGINO: -- that there is a significant correlation between construction of walls and the decreasing in illegal immigration traffic and drug trafficking where there in fact is a wall in place. How would you explain that? Are there any other way (ph)?

WATTERS: Well, and you know, the president actually just went to Instagram and I think released a meme. The wall is coming.

HARF: Oh my god.

WATTERS: That is from "Game of Thrones."

BONGINO: Is that real? I love it. Nice.

WATTERS: That's fresh from the gram. Let's go to Greg for the big picture. Greg, I know you've been watching this on --

GREG GUTFELD, HOST: And that is the big picture. It's a big picture. You know, I looked at it from -- OK, as part of the media, we are living in Donald Trump's restaurant, right? Because around 4:30, he says, you know, there's not enough Trump on your pizza. There's not enough Trump in your soup.

So he leaves in the kitchen and he comes out and puts more Trump on your plate, which is what he did at 4:30, which helps galvanize the media and then everybody reacts, responds. But here's what -- I want to think about the real threat to security is a rhetorical device -- conflation, OK?

If you think about the four areas of security, border, terror, crime, and let's say home protection -- guns, OK. Those are the four areas. In each one of those cases, there is the device that is used to prevent any kind of improvements in that area, its conflation. If you look at immigration, conflate illegal immigration with legal immigration, you can't get a wall.

With terror, if you conflate religion with extremism, you get Islamophobia. That prevents any movement in the anti-terror world. If you look at policing, you conflate law and order with racism, right? Police brutality, police shootings, and then when you look at the Second Amendment, you conflate gun crime with actually gun ownership.

So this is a tactic used by the left that is effective in every area of security. And it's probably most glaring here because we see that they both agree on the same thing. They both want border protection, but one won't budge because they are conflating it with bigotry. It's like you want a wall? You don't like -- you don't like brown people.

That's what it is. You don't like the people from Dallas (ph). It's like, no, actually if you ask the Hispanics here, they would actually agree that they believe at security too, but that conflation is what is destroying every debate. That's my big picture.

WATTERS: You say though that the Democrats and the Republicans agree they both want border security. I'm not so sure the Democrats want 100 percent - -

GUTFELD: We have proof. We have them saying it.

KENNEDY: Actually, that's my question.

WATTERS: Just because they say it doesn't mean it's true.

KENNEDY: That's my question -- no, but that's my question and I want someone to pose that to Chuck Schumer. Why was that OK in 2006 --


KENNEDY: -- but it's not OK now?

GUTFELD: Because it's Trump.

KENNEDY: Why were you OK designating $46 billion for the kind of border security that everyone is talking about 12 or 13 years ago now, but you are not OK? What has changed?

WATTERS: Well, if you are a reporter on Capitol Hill, take that question from Kennedy and then ask crying Chuck Schumer and maybe we can get an answer and then we can find out the truth, but we got to run, all right.

HARF: I was just going to say what has changed from the Senate bill that passed a hundred to nothing and with the last Congress they had no wall funding.

WATTERS: Caravans and people throwing rocks at border agents.

HARF: That has happened before. Nothing changed.

WATTERS: President Trump standing firm on his call for a border wall. More on his surprise press briefing, up next.

GUTFELD: Trump is the wall.


BONGINO: President Trump appearing in the White House briefing room to tell Democrats he's not backing down in this fight over building a border wall. He even just posted this meme on Instagram saying "The Wall is Coming." I love it. The president's new push for increased border security comes as California is coming under fire for its sanctuary laws.

The illegal immigrant with a criminal record accused of killing a California police officer last week has now been charged with murder. And the county sheriff and police chief in charge of the investigation are blasting laws, preventing that suspect from being deported to Mexico before slaying Officer Ron Singh.


ADAM CHRISTIANSON, STANISLAUS COUNTY SHERIFF: Why are we allowing criminal illegal aliens into this country and why is there any political interference in the first place in our ability to protect our communities and to have a communication or at least work with ICE?

RANDY RICHARDSON, POLICE CHIEF, NEWMAN, CALIFORNIA: You couldn't script it any more political. You have an illegal immigrant and an illegal immigrant that we are talking about, but I want everyone to remember the family, what this man came here to do.


BONGINO: You know, Jesse, you see that picture of Officer Singh with his beautiful wife and child, and it's tough. It's tough to take especially, you know, having been a former cop myself and having lost people in the precinct, you know. It was real. You stood next to these guys and then one day you show up for work and they are just not there.

I mean, it's literally over and you can't get it out of your head, like this child will never have their father again. But what I can't get out of my head is, listen, on sanctuary city laws, yes, I get it. The illegal immigrants that come to this country who broke the law, many of them will not go on to commit other crimes, point stipulated.


BONGINO: But 100 percent did break the law and should not have been here and if we effectively secured our border, this child would have their father again.

WATTERS: That's true. And he came here from Mexico. He was busted twice for DUI, didn't have any I.D., didn't have any insurance, he had gang affiliations, he had multiple aliases. And in Madera County, they have kind of an unspoken sanctuary policy. ICE was never contacted because these weren't felonies. They were only misdemeanors.

So, when something like this happens, it's heart-wrenching. And there is not the outpouring of emotion when an American police officer is killed by an illegal alien criminal. But there's this huge outpouring of emotion when a woman, a migrant in the caravan, is tear gassed. Now, one is dead and the other is tear gassed, and this country focuses on this woman at the border with her kid and she's held out to be this big hero. And an actual hero right now is now dead.

So, the reason the sanctuary city policies continue to happen is because these open border politicians are protected by the open borders media. They should have reporters knocking down the door of the governor of California asking for accountability.

They should have people out on the street saying why is this happening? Instead, this guy is not on the cover of "Time" magazine. The mother with a daughter is on "Time" magazine. So as long as they are not held accountable for this, they feel emboldened and these dangerous policies are allowed to continue.

BONGINO: You know Greg, what has always irked me about this as well is regarding sanctuary city laws, when you have this debate with Democrats and liberals, you know, you asked them what other laws in the United States are we not obligated to follow?

Like, I hate Obamacare. It sucks. I mean, it has destroyed my health care, doubled my premiums. Do I get to ignore that? No, Obamacare is the law of the land. You don't like the immigration laws, vote people into office and change them. But this debate never made sense to me. It's like where else - - it is so unprincipled by Democrats to not just try to change it legislatively and say, hey, just ignore it. We are not going to abide by --

GUTFELD: I want a sanctuary city where I, you know, you are not to wear pants, but it's not going to happen. Not here in America.

WATTERS: I would file a suit against that.

GUTFELD: I think so too. Suit, with no pants.

KENNEDY: A bathing suit.

GUTFELD: But this is a great lesson or a sad lesson or a tragic lesson in the dangers of value-free virtue signaling. You know, the sanctuary city is a virtue signal for politicians and the media in which the victim isn't them. It's always somebody else so they can proclaim how great a sanctuary city is because it doesn't really affect them.

They are not on the front lines knocking on doors like a police officer who has to pay the price. And if you bring up the stat and I think a lot of people do bring the stat, the rates of crime are higher among citizens than illegal immigrants. And I would be inclined to believe that because I go back and forth.

But, you know, I've said this before. Heart disease kills more than cancer but people still die from cancer. We can handle both kinds of threats. So you can say -- this is why the argument fails -- you can say, citizens commit more crime. Well, the citizen didn't kill that police officer.

So, we should be focusing on that primarily. The rage is legitimate because that was totally preventable.


GUTFELD: It was preventable because there is a system in place that allowed for it to happen that shouldn't have been there, sanctuary cities.

HARF: So, the sanctuary city laws, though legally -- I mean, the Trump administration has tried to take federal funding away from these cities --


HARF: -- with these laws that is still working its way through the legal system. There are legal questions about these laws and hopefully the judicial system will work some of these out, right.

But Jesse, I said this last week because I think someone else brought up a similar point. The fact that Congress has failed to fix our immigration system has led to so many tragedies. It's led to this police officer. It has led to Kate Steinle. It's lead to the kids who come here and die in CBP custody of diseases they did not have when they did not show signs of when they went into custody.

GUTFELD: But both parents admit they used them in order to get here, and in custody they were in a hospital being -- trying to be saved by Americans.

HARF: Because we have a broken immigration system.

GUTFELD: Well, they were -- they got an incentive though, Marie. They were incentivized.

HARF: Congress -- because Congress has failed to fix this system, they have not done their job, there are tragedies at so many levels. There are human tragedies and humanitarian crisis at the border and Congress needs to reopen the government, however they can figure out how to do that, and then tackle this problem because these tragedies keep happening.

The fact that people are willing to come to the United States to cross in very difficult, dangerous situations, to present themselves because they want a better life here but they don't feel like there's a system to do that, this has created tragedies on many, many levels. All of them are --


GUTFELD: I mean, the parents were both made to believe that this would help them if they brought their child. And we have activists in the media who basically encouraged the caravan.

HARF: But Greg, legally it does though.

BONGINO: Why are these crimes always discussed though in terms of the impact on the illegal immigrant, not the actual victim like no one else -- if you are burglarized in your house, everybody is worried about the victim, not the guy who committed the crime? Why is illegal immigration always discussed in terms of how it affects the people here illegally and not the victims of it like we saw?

KENNEDY: Well, you know, and if you talk to some in law enforcement, they will say we can't demonize immigrant communities because we need their help in solving crimes.

HARF: Yes, that's true.

KENNEDY: And it -- at the LAPD, they have special over 40 and there were people who were activists against illegal immigration who were appealing to LAPD to get rid of that but they say it really helps us solve crimes because they are trying to --

BONGINO: But is this demonizing them to call them out for breaking the law?

KENNEDY: I guess the worry is that if you say that law enforcement has to report to ICE anyone who is here illegally, even for misdemeanors, then their worries that law enforcement is now going to target immigrant communities and arrest people for petty crimes and then deport them or at least hand them over to ICE.

But the problem -- OK, this is the problem I see at the table. Everyone here is laying out the case why government has failed over and over and over again whether it's there is not enough security at the border to there's too much chaos and people are dying. So, the solution from everyone from different angles is to throw more government at bad government. And that is something I just don't understand.

BONGINO: I agree with you there. All right, we got to run. It's a brand- new year but the left is unleashing the same unhinged attack against President Trump. Don't miss it. See it next.


KENNEDY: Well, hello and welcome back. The far left is kicking off a New Year with the same old rhetoric. We are only three days into 2019 and here are some of the most outrageous attacks on Republicans and President Trump. Watch.


JANE CURTIN, COMMEDIAN: My new year's resolution is to make sure that the Republican Party dies.

REP. HANK JOHNSON (D), GEORGIA: Americans elected an authoritarian, anti- immigrant, racist strongman to the nation's highest office. Much like Hitler took over the Nazi party, Trump has taken over the Republican Party.

JOY BEHAR, ABC NEWS HOST: The lying continues and that his base apparently still doesn't care. He lies right to their faces.


KENNEDY: Interesting. So, did Bob Iger have to apologize to Disney shareholders for Joy Behar or President Trump?

WATTERS: Well, I won't ever speak ill of Joy because when I appear on "The View" to promote my book I want to have everything go (inaudible).

GUTFELD: What is your book called?

WATTERS: "Rising Waters."

GUTFELD: Yes, "Rising Waters."

WATTERS: That's right. Coming to a store near you, some time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You were in this book.

WATTERS: No, we are looking for a ghostwriter.

GUTFELD: You can pre-order though on Amazon for 2023.

WATTERS: That's true. But I would say this is a great example of media bias because if someone who come on Fox News and said the Democratic Party should die, goodbye.

GUTFELD: Somebody has I'm sure.

KENNEDY: Yes. People say crazy things.

WATTERS: Yes, probably on my show.

KENNEDY: -- people you don't see who used to be pretty regular contributors.

WATTERS: That's why you don't see them anymore. And I actually have to say something about Hank Johnson. So he's managed to combine a Hitler gaff with a deplorable gaff because if you go on and listen to what he says, he calls all of Trump voters old, alcoholic racists.

And that's about 60 million of them. This guy also believed that -- what was the island he thought was going to tip over and capsize because of overpopulation?

BONGINO: -- could you see the general when he said that at the briefing? The guy is like --

WATTERS: That's right.

BONGINO: I don't think that's going to happen trying to play it straight.

WATTERS: Yes. Not the smartest guy.

KENNEDY: I think it's wonderful. I mean, you know, it's grist for the mill and it just goes to show that people are still spouting bitter vague (ph) platitudes and they are upset about the election that they should focus on undoing. Focus on getting a good candidate and a good message. Not just the Republican Party should die. I live in a bubble. Smells like off cheese.

HARF: Jane Curtin doesn't represent the Democratic Party.

KENNEDY: She thinks she does.

HARF: No, she doesn't -- I literally have not heard of her in a decade. Like, we are reaching pretty hard here. If it's like, OK, Joy Behar said something, OK, we do that one every couple of weeks. And Jane Curtin, like really? That doesn't matter at all, right. This congressman --

GUTFELD: Are you accusing us of cherry picking?

HARF: Yes.

BONGINO: What about Hank Johnson?

GUTFELD: Case closed.

HARF: Yes, I am.


KENNEDY: I want to talk about Hank Johnson because Hank Johnson is saying that the president is so bad, he's like Hitler. So, somehow using foul language and course expletives and some weird language on twitter is the same thing as exterminating six million Jews.

I have a really hard time with that comparison. And also, Hank Johnson also compared Jews in Israel to termites. So apparently, he was giving Donald Trump a complement by violating Godwin's law.

HARF: Yes. I don't like what he said. I don't like the Hitler references. I think that goes way too far and I didn't know that congressman. I didn't hear the Guam (ph) thing, but he shouldn't have said it, right.

I do think though that politics today on both sides, I'm going to do that, people say crazy things. Like, we were joking at the beginning of the Democrat -- of a Republican said that about the Democratic Party, the things that were said about Barack Obama, about Michelle Obama, about --

WATTERS: Was Barack Obama ever compared to Hitler by a sitting member of Congress?

HARF: He was said --

WATTERS: Was he compared to Adolf Hitler? No.

HARF: Jesse, the current president questioned whether he was actually born in America. The things that were said about --

WATTERS: What was it? He was a private citizen.

KENNEDY: Are you really comparing birtherism to calling someone Hitler?

HARF: I'm not saying --

KENNEDY: Is that a direct comparison because that's pretty weak from you Marie. You are smarter than that, you are better than that.

HARF: Kennedy, I'm not making a direct comparison but I am saying there were terrible, awful, racist, sexist things said about Michelle Obama, about Barack Obama.

WATTERS: Not by sitting members of Congress.

HARF: Oh, really? Really? Do you want me to find some of the things that people like --


HARF: -- Joe Wilson said about -- are you kidding me?

WATTERS: Well, he said, "You lie."

KENNEDY: He said, "You lie."

WATTERS: He didn't say, "You're a Nazi."

HARF: Steve King? Have you heard things Steve King said in Iowa?


KENNEDY: Well, let's -- Greg.

HARF: They're really racist and awful.

WATTERS: Not about the sitting president.

GREG GUTFELD, HOST: OK, I'm going -- I am going to agree with everybody here.


GUTFELD; Yes. OK, so Marie is making an interesting point. Because the better state that America gets in, in terms of increased prosperity and lower incidence of violence, the more frustrated the critics who are out of power become. So right now, we're living in a peaceful, prosperous state, and it's -- it's causing people like Joy Behar to become more irrational and Hank Johnson to become more irrational, if that's, indeed, possible.

And I do believe that there are times when come -- I'm going to say it -- there were people irrational about Barack Obama. Now, I disagree with everything that Barack Obama did, maybe 98 percent. But, you know, I don't think he was evil. And I know that people are going to say, "How dare you say that?"

I think that you've got to hand it to Trump to make -- for making a lot of irrelevant comedians feel important again. I mean, they had to go very far to find Jane Curtin. I mean, that's an R -- that's an R-list comedian. I mean, they -- they're exhausting it.

But my piece of advice for the Democrats is what I said when I was doing "Red Eye" during Obama -- the Obama thing, was to be positive and fun about what you're doing. Have a good time, enjoy -- if you're out of power, you can still find -- and I'm going to bring up somebody. I know -- I think AOC is a positive force for the Democratic Party, because when I look at her, I see a positive person.

KENNEDY: I'm sure you do.


KENNEDY: Ruby-red lips.

DAN BONGINO, HOST: I'm going to take a different approach to this, totally. The gift of Donald Trump has been the ability to get the Democrats to show their butts, right? This is who they are.

The Democrats are really an angry lot. They want to take your money, your health care, take away your kids' education. And where in the past --


BONGINO: No, it's actually true.

HARF: It's actually not, Dan.

BONGINO: They don't want more of my money? Everything I just said is true.

HARF: It's actually not.

WATTERS: You know what? Take it. Take the money. Take it. (WATTERS PUTS MONEY DOWN IN FRONT OF HARF) Take it.


BONGINO: And it gets them to show their butts. He does. And in the past, whereas Republicans would have backed down to these attacks with the media pressure, Trump doubles down.

GUTFELD: I agree with him, too, on that part.

BONGINO: Greg, they venture into hysteria.


KENNEDY: -- everyone.

BONGINO: And what's -- in politics, you just mentioned Godwin's Law. What's the ultimate form of hysteria? Comparisons to unique stains in human history. Slavery, the Holocaust, and Nazism. And that's where the Democrats go consistently out there. And it's because Trump will not back down. It's the gift of Donald Trump. He refuses to back down.

KENNEDY: And it's very -- very uncreative.

Nancy Pelosi trying to play the sexism card against President Trump in a new barrage of attacks. We've got that next.


GUTFELD: In an interview with NBC News, Nancy Pelosi was asked whether she thought Trump treats her differently because she's a woman. Me, I have no idea.


PELOSI: I have no idea. We'll see now how he will deal with speaker of the House. And that doesn't matter whether you're a woman or not. But I hope he recognizes that a new day has dawned in America.


GUTFELD: So who knows if Trump deals with her differently because she's a lady. The real question is, does she treat Trump differently because he's a man?


SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, HOST, NBC, TODAY SHOW: You reportedly came back, spoke to some members of your caucus, other Democrats, and said the wall, it seems like it might be a manhood thing; it might be about his manhood. That's a statement that's capable of interpretation. Care to explain what you meant?

PELOSI: Well, I wish that my members had not repeated that outside the room.


GUTFELD: I bet she does. But no matter. The real story is what passes as news these days.

You know what the news is? It's a bitter smoothie made of watered-down old news, thrown into an idiot lender. In this era of good times, brought to you by peace and prosperity, the media must keep making crazy crap up.

In the old days, the news went like this: "Something happened. Here it is." Now it becomes, "Let's ask so-and-so a question that gets an opinion that we can fashion into something that feels like facts, since we have no new facts regarding the original story."

So you end up with failed opinions that didn't measure up before but feels like facts for viewers seeking validated assumptions, because no real facts exist.

So without new stuff on collusion, we now have opinions on collusion. Then feelings about collusion. Then feelings about opinions on collusion, which suddenly somehow becomes indictment.


PELOSI: Everything indicates that a president can be indicted after he's no longer president of the United States.

GUTHRIE: What about a sitting president?

PELOSI: Well, sitting president, when he's no longer president of the United States.

GUTHRIE: A president who is in office, could Robert Mueller come back and say, "I am seeking an indictment"?

PELOSI: I think that that is an open discussion.


GUTFELD: Hmm, open discussion. So that's news.

The stories we see today are no longer the four "Y" -- "W's": who, what, where, or why. Under Trump, it's now just one "W" repeated over and over again. Whine, whine, whine.

Do you guys want to hear what Nancy's daughter had to say about Nancy?


GUTFELD: Let's roll that tape. That's fun.


ALEXANDRA PELOSI, NANCY PELOSI'S DAUGHTER: She'll cut your head off, and you won't even know you're bleeding. That's all you need to know about her. No one ever won betting against Nancy Pelosi.


GUTFELD: You know, I'm going to do that thing. Imagine if Ivanka Trump was on a show and said that about Donald Trump? "He'll cut your head off, and you won't even know it's bleeding."

BONGINO: That's pretty medieval, man.

GUTFELD: But they all laughed.

BONGINO: That's like -- talk about "Game of Thrones," right?

GUTFELD: CNN all laughed. They thought it was funny. "Oh, she decapitates."

HARF: Like, "I could shoot someone in the middle of New York and still be elected"? Like something like that?

GUTFELD: Well, that was accurate.


BONGINO: Trump -- on your opening, though, you know, facts don't matter anymore.


BONGINO: We live in an opinion society --


BONGINO: -- where all opinions are given equal weight, even when those opinions are stupid --


BONGINO: -- and make no sense.

You know, I just remember when I ran for office, arguing with The Washington Post guy that the Reagan tax cuts had cost the government money. I said, "Here's the Treasury's website. The revenue -- are you missing this? Do I have to email you the link?" He still refused to debate it.

We're seeing it now in the topics today.


BONGINO: The wall. You know, "Walls don't work." OK, there's data on that. Where they built a wall, it worked. "No, no, it doesn't work." OK, well, do you -- are you, like, in a world -- were you vaccinated against facts, like, at an early age, was there some facts vaccine we all missed?

GUTFELD: Facts-inated.

BONGINO: It's the same thing about collusion.

GUTFELD: Feeling that.

BONGINO: Like, she goes into feeling the collusion. Is there any actual evidence of that, or are we just going to keep talking about your opinion on actual collusion? It's ridiculous.

GUTFELD: I feel like -- I feel like, Kennedy, each story is, like, one of those little Russian dolls.

KENNEDY: Nesting dolls.

GUTFELD: And we just keep adding another one.


GUTFELD: Yes, the nesting dolls. So collusion then becomes -- somebody says something and somebody reacts to that and reacts to that. And it's just like the solar system of opinion.

KENNEDY: The big question is what's in the middle? Is --

GUTFELD: Right. Nougat. Creamy nougat.

KENNEDY: God, I wish. That would be so fantastic. But is it --

GUTFELD: Cadbury egg.

KENNEDY: is the smallest nesting doll, is that Mueller's report? And is so, are we ever going to see it? Because now it feels like he's going to hoard his nesting dolls.


KENNEDY: And that's the threat, that we're never really going to see which one fit inside the other, which then, you know, nestled inside the next.


KENNEDY: You're absolutely right about that, because the thing -- when you don't have facts --


KENNEDY: -- and you only have a society and discourse that's based on opinion, it's entirely subjective. And that way, you never really get to the truth. And it's interesting, because objectivity and the search for the truth is now being demonized.

GUTFELD: That is so true. But here's the reality and I admit that it's part -- it's part of our reality, Jesse. If -- if Trump wasn't around, 90 -- 87.3 percent of our stories would not exist.

WATTERS: Right, it would be about Nancy Pelosi.

HARF: It would be about Hillary's emails.

WATTERS: Can we go wide for a second? This is probably the scariest thing I've seen all day. Let's take -- (GESTURES AT BACK PROJECTION OF NANCY PELOSI IN FRONT OF AN AMERICAN FLAG) Oh, my God. Oh, my God. We have to see that for the next two years.

KENNEDY: Get it, girl.

WATTERS: And so this is what the media is now doing. We're going to see Nancy catapulted up to the same level --

HARF: Speaker Pelosi.

WATTERS: -- as President Trump. You're going to see her face all the time. When you see Trump's face, it's going to be Nancy, and they're going to create this big collision in the media.

I don't think that's a good thing for Democrats. Nancy Pelosi is extremely unpopular. Trump loves contrasting himself with other people. He loves the fight. I think the media is leading the Democrats over the cliff on this stuff.

You just saw her try to get her to play the gender card, Savannah. You tried to get her to say, "Oh, impeach, impeach, impeach." If the media does that to the Democratic Party, especially Nancy Pelosi, who's got a pretty fierce left wing breathing down her neck over the next two years -- gender card, race card, impeachment -- they're going to just drive them over the cliff.

HARF: Well, all of those things existed in the run-up to the midterms, and Democrats won 40 seats in the House, with people knowing Nancy Pelosi would probably be speaker. So people say --

WATTERS: I thought they campaigned on health care all the time.

HARF: So people say -- yes, but she was in every Republican ad, Jesse. You know this as well as I do. She was the foil Republicans were running against.

KENNEDY: Then why did Democrats who ran against her do so well?

HARF: I think the Democrats got good candidates for their districts, and 15 of them did not vote for her today as speaker, including a number of people who said they would not.

So they found candidates that are not just liberals, are not just progressives like AOC. They fit their districts. We have a lot of moderates. She's going have to bring them all together to govern.

WATTERS: Right, and those moderates are going to lose their seats if they go far left.

HARF: And so they're not going to. So this is my point to you. Republicans say that she's this big foil and she's so unpopular, and in some places she is. Democrats just won a historic victory in the House with the absolute idea that she would be speaker.

So I think people should not underestimate -- I underestimated her. OK? I said on this program and others she won't be speaker if we take the House. I was wrong. I underestimated her strength and her power, and it would be stupid of all of us to keep doing that, frankly.

GUTFELD: All right. We must --


KENNEDY: That's sad.

GUTFELD: -- must leave it there. I always like saying that. We must leave it there.

HARF: We'll keep following it.

GUTFELD: We'll keep following it. That's very good.

Up next, a potentially dangerous new Internet challenge --

WATTERS: Oh, no.

GUTFELD: -- inspired by the Netflix hit "Bird Box."



SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTRESS: We're going on the trip now. It's going to be rough.

Hold on!

If you hear something in the woods, you tell me. If you hear something in the water, you tell me.


HARF: Those are scenes from the hit Netflix movie "Bird Box," which is inspiring a new Internet challenge that could be dangerous.

The streaming company now issuing a warning, because people are filming themselves wearing blindfolds to do everyday tasks. These include walking, riding escalators and, yes, even driving. Most of the videos end up with people stumbling or falling, unsurprisingly. So far, no serious injuries have been reported.

Greg, how do you feel about it?

GUTFELD: Well, I figured that I would try to be a pundit while being blindfolded, because what it does is when you're blindfolded, it accentuates all your other senses.


GUTFELD: So I want to see if I'm any smarter with this on.

WATTERS: That's impossible.

GUTFELD: For the -- I know. It is impossible. Thank you, Juan.

You know, why don't other people --

WATTERS: I don't see color.

GUTFELD: Why don't other movies inspire actions? Like, why didn't "Fifty Shades of Gray"? Or --

KENNEDY: Speak for yourself.

GUTFELD: -- "9 1/2 Weeks"?

HARF: That looks like it's from "Fifty Shades of Gray."

GUTFELD: Why does it have to be this movie where people are bumping into each other? Huh? Why?

HARF: So you've seen it. You've --

GUTFELD: Stock market's going up 80 points tomorrow.

BONGINO: I liked it. Greg didn't like it.

HARF: He just made a prediction: stock market going up 80 points.

GUTFELD: Eighty points tomorrow. I did not like this movie, because I thought there was an interesting message that they overlooked. That what if the people who were dying were right?

BONGINO: We had this conversation.

GUTFELD: People who saw this movie, did they see the movie? What if they were seeing something that was telling them there was a heaven, and they were leaving/

HARF: Dan saw the movie, right?

BONGINO: I thought it was entertaining. And I just -- I'm devastated that -- do we really need more warnings about -- Remember the Drake song? Was it Drake? Don't get out of your car and dance while the car is still rolling. Don't eat Tide pods. Now we have don't walk around with blindfolds on?

It's like, guys I love you, but is this a failure of parenting? Like I love my daughters to death, but I've never feel the urge to say, you know, "Isabel, please, when you're out in public, don't walk around in the street with a blindfold on." Like, what is going on?

HARF: It's not just kids.

BONGINO: By the way, can you see me through that blindfold? Because you're staring. It's really creepy. Can you actually see me right now?

GUTFELD: No, I can't.

BONGINO: Because you --

GUTFELD: I can hear your beautiful voice, though.

BONGINO: In "Bird Box," the blindfolds, they can see a little bit of light. Just -- it's really odd.

GUTFELD: I see nothing.

BONGINO: Looks like "Daredevil." Matt Murdock.

HARF: It's not just kids.

GUTFELD: I'm much like a liberal doing it.

HARF: Kennedy.

GUTFELD: Blind to reality.

KENNEDY: The movie looks so stressful. I have a hard time with stressful movies.

HARF: I agree.

KENNEDY: I like far less stressful fare when I'm watching my Netflix. But I will say --

GUTFELD: This is how I watch "Love Actually."

KENNEDY: You love that movie so much it actually hurts.

GUTFELD: I hate that movie. It should be called "Dead Actually."

KENNEDY: Oh, no.

HARF: You're the worst.

KENNEDY: This is a cultural phenomenon. You can't buy this kind of marketing. It's fantastic, and Netflix knows that.

BONGINO: It's true.

KENNEDY: And they issued the statement, because it's only going to compound the effect so people get more and more curious --


KENNEDY: -- and say, "Why are they issuing a warning? What are people doing that's so dangerous? I have to watch some of these videos. And now I have to watch the movie and subscribe to Netflix."


KENNEDY: I think they are the beneficiaries.

WATTERS: I have the sudden urge to throw something at Greg.

GUTFELD: You know, you've always had that urge.

WATTERS: I know, but now it's really, really bad. I'm feeling it.

GUTFELD: You know, even blindfolded, I can feel your hair. I can see your hair.

BONGINO: So weird.

WATTERS: Put it up like this. Let's ask everybody who you look like when you put it up over your head.

GUTFELD: What? Oh, like that?

WATTERS: "Karate Kid."

GUTFELD: Yes, that's true, I do.

WATTERS: "Karate Kid."

HARF: Is it really bright now?

WATTERS: Sweep the leg, Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: You know, I feel -- I feel great now.

WATTERS: How do you feel now? How do you feel?

GUTFELD: I feel like my senses have been accentuated. Like I went into those dark tubs. What are they called, the --

KENNEDY: Sensory deprivation.

BONGINO: Sensory deprivation.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. I have one in my basement.

KENNEDY: The personal swimmer (ph)?



GUTFELD: We should go away.

WATTERS: It's not the first time you've been blindfolded, I'm sure.

GUTFELD: By choice, even.

HARF: OK. "One More Thing" is up next. Stay tuned.


WATTERS: It's time for "One More Thing" -- Greg.

GUTFELD: You know what it's time for? It's time for --


GUTFELD (singing): Animals are great! Animals are great! Animals are great!


GUTFELD: You know what else is great? Living in New York City. Because you can get food delivered anywhere, thanks to Seamless and other businesses.

You can even get food delivered to a tree, as this squirrel found out when he called in for Chinese food. Check out this squirrel, having an eggroll in a tree in Central Park. Maybe that's not Central Park. I don't know what park it is. But let's say it's Central Park, because it always is.

But look at him just enjoying that lovely little eggroll up in the tree. And he's like, "I don't care if you're filming me." Because you know why? Because --


GUTFELD (singing): Animals are great! Animals are great! Animals are great!


KENNEDY: To him, that's the equivalent of a 150-pound snack.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

KENNEDY: And the tree is, like, 750 stories.

GUTFELD: And they'll -- and he's going to get hungry again.

WATTERS: Yes, he had fried rice on the other limb. Couldn't see it.

OK. An Australian paraglider got the unexpected ride of a lifetime when he got caught up in a dust devil and was flung into the air.

KENNEDY: Holy God.

WATTERS: It happened on Mt. Borah in Manilla, Australia. I thought Manila was in the Philippines. There's another Manilla. It is in Australia, Marie.

GUTFELD: Looks like he got enveloped.

WATTERS: Very good, Greg.

The good news: The man was not injured. But I don't think he's ever going to be doing this again.


WATTERS: Speaking of flying high, I'll be on "Hannity" tonight at 9 p.m.

KENNEDY: All right.

WATTERS: Eastern. I'm the one on the right.

OK. Maria.

GUTFELD: Marie. Not Maria.


KENNEDY: I will go, because I want to give my --

WATTERS: OK, why don't you go? Why don't you go, Kennedy?

KENNEDY: This is -- you know I love backpacks, Jesse.


KENNEDY: You know what about me.


KENNEDY: And I can never find a backpack big enough. But Japan has now made a human-sized backpack. This thing is enormous.

WATTERS: Whoa. Oh, my God. That's not real.

KENNEDY: Look at that. So if you have a friend.

GUTFELD: That's me in a normal backpack.

KENNEDY: If you want to fly on an airplane, then you just stuff your friend in the backpack, and you can fly for free. Because no flight attendant is going to refuse entry on a plane with a backpack. It's a backpack. They fit everywhere.

GUTFELD: I love that.

KENNEDY: It's called the Backpacker's Closet. It's meant to be used as a real bag.

GUTFELD: That's got to be bad for your back.

WATTERS: I know what I'm getting Greg for Christmas special next year.

GUTFELD: That's a normal-sized backpack for me. Right there. That's me just walking around with a normal one.

KENNEDY: Is that you on the first day of school?

GUTFELD: Exactly. And they put me in it.

WATTERS: So cute.

GUTFELD: Stuffed me in my own backpack.

WATTERS: All right. Marie.

HARF: Thank you.


HARF: So it was a treacherous day.

WATTERS: Is this about Ohio State?

HARF: It's not.


HARF: I know. Sometimes I don't do college football.

WATTERS: All right.

HARF: Every once in a while.

Upstate New York, treacherous day when a deer fell through a pond and struggled to get out. Take a look at this video. Quick thinking neighbors sprang into action by jumping in their canoes and grabbing their shovels to pave through the ice sheet back to land for the scared deer.

The deer, however, was still struggling to find its way towards shore. So one of the rescuers grabbed their drone and flew it out toward the deer to guide it toward land, which is kind of cool. They were successful in their attempt and were able to safely guide the deer out of the freezing waters after 3 hours.

KENNEDY: Oh, dear.

GUTFELD: And they shot it and had a great meal.

HARF: You just ruin everything.

GUTFELD: I try to ruin everything.

No, actually, I'm sure -- what did they do with the deer? Was the deer thankful?

HARF: I think so.

GUTFELD: Really?

HARF: I don't know.

WATTERS: Then it got turned into venison jerky.

OK, Dan.

HARF: I feel like you're a tough audience here.

BONGINO: So the British army is having a tough time recruiting 16 to 25- year-olds, so they put out these unique recruiting posters, calling out "Snow Flakes," "Phone Zombies" and -- this is real. This is not a joke, by the way. We didn't Photoshop these.

This is a great tactic. I was a recruiter when I was a young agent with the Secret Service, and it was tough trying to get people in shape. I'd tell them two things: learn how to use a mop first. Learn how to clear floors before you can go out and be a Secret Service agent. And secondly, pick up a barbell. Off the couch. I love you guys. I love it. Ladies out there, it's great. But pick up a barbell. Do not go into the military something as a phone zombie. We need you in shape, fighting for --

GUTFELD: It's more -- wouldn't you say it's more about diet now? That like, it's not just -- ot's what we're eating?

KENNEDY: Seventy percent, absolutely.

BONGINO: I would say it's about the deadlift. Pick up a barbell. A deadlift. It's about the steel. The steel is the most honest thing in your life. It will never steer you wrong.

WATTERS: What's your deadlift, Gutfeld?

GUTFELD: Four-seventy.

WATTERS: Is that right?

BONGINO: You could do that. You could get up to that in no time.

WATTERS: All right.

BONGINO: Seriously.

WATTERS: Wow. That was fake news, everybody.

You know what? I'm going to make a correction. Probably about half that. I don't even deadlift, and I --

BONGINO: Are you sure?

WATTERS: Pretty sure I don't do it.

GUTFELD: Your hair is kind of a dead lift.

WATTERS: Thanks, Greg. You're dead after the show.

Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of "The Five." "Special Report" up next with Ed.

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