Should Uncle Sam Bail Out Homeowners Over Their Heads?

So New York Senator Chuck Schumer wants to help out homeowners who got in over their heads. Subbed and now primed for disaster. So Uncle Sam to the rescue.

Senator Schumer might not call this a bailout, but it is. Because any time you put taxpayer money on the table to support folks who cannot support themselves — that's a bailout.

Now some of those folks were duped, and signed deals they shouldn't have signed. But they did. And it's not up to the government to un-do what they did.

Now some have said, "Yeah, Neil, but what happens to home values if we don't?"

Turn it around. What happens to the poor guy who is struggling to pay his mortgage if we do? What reward does he get for trying to do the right thing? He pays his bills and gets nothing, his neighbor who does not gets everything?

I just think it's very unfair to the 87 percent of subprime mortgage customers who "are" paying their bills, to help subsidize the 13 percent who are not.

It's wrong. And it's a slippery slope.

What about the guy who can't pay his credit card debt?

Bail him out?

Or the guy late on his car payments?

Bail him out?

It's dangerous, my friends, when a government with good intentions puts good money, your money, after bad money.

We live in a society where we're free to choose, and free to screw up too.

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