'Seven Secrets of Resilience for Parents' by Andrew Wittman

From the publisher: The instant you become a parent, responsible for another life, you know you're in over your head. Parenting is a crash course in resilience, and most of us land flat on our backs wondering how – or if – we'll ever get up again. In Seven Secrets of Resilience for Parents: Navigating the Stress of Parenthood, Mental Toughness Coach Andrew Wittman brings his signature insight to redefine what it means to be a successful parent.

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Within the pages of this book, you'll learn how to:
•go from being an emotional reactor to a reasonable responder
•guide your child through the stressors of peer pressure, cliques, bullies and backstabbers
•steer through the pitfalls of dealing with rivalries: sibling, frenemies and even dueling sets of grandparents
•create harmony in the home so that it becomes a sanctuary from stress not a cause of it
•maintain your poise and calm, and smoothly sail through even the most heated arguments with your child
•stop flying off the handle and keep your composure and dignity while correcting your child's behavior
•create and sustain a balance of the job, finances, sleep, nutrition, and parenting

When kids see their parents model these behaviors, they follow in their footsteps and become balanced and well-rounded. Both parents and kids discover their authentic selves in the process.

We've all heard that kids are resilient. But what about the parents? After reading Seven Secrets of Resilience for Parents, the eyes will be off the kids and on you as you boost your own abilities to handle stress, conflict and the everyday challenges of life with kids.