Senator Schumer Should Worry About Himself and Not the Folks Flying the Planes

So now Chuck Schumer's upset.

He demands to know why airport security is so lax; particularly abroad.

May I suggest the senator first look here, and not at the folks flying the planes, but numbskull passengers like him who take them?

Back last month when he was on a U.S. Airways shuttle flight from New York to Washington, and he wouldn't get off a phone call, after a flight attendant politely asked him to do so.

And he still wouldn't, when the flight attendant asked him again, reminding New York's senior senator that the entire plane was waiting on him to shut down his phone. Which he finally did, but not before calling the flight attendant a name that rhymes with "witch."

Later, the senator's spokesman acknowledged the off-the-cuff comment. Said Senator Schumer shouldn't have made it, and he regretted it."

What I regret is a senator who flaunted security procedures on a plane, having the nerve to lecture anyone on security on any plane.

It's not enough he won't shut the hell up on a plane when he should.

He has the audacity to stick his foot and cell phone in his mouth all over again, when he shouldn't.

Next time, I'd put him in luggage; damaged luggage.

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