SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Happy Monday.  Welcome to "Hannity."

Buckle up, we're going to put this all in perspective.  I know many of you -- you might be worried about the ongoing political tornadoes and hurricanes out of the swamp in Washington, the mob and our corrupt media.  By the way, you should be.  It's repulsive what they are doing again after three years of lies and conspiracy theories.

Now, I can't tell you exactly how it's all going to play out.  And likely may be the go-ahead and impeach President Trump over nothing.  Bill Clinton had 11 felonies in the Kenneth Starr report, nothing here.  We'll see.

But I can tell you this with confidence, I can tell you how this is going to end and it's going to end with the reelection of Donald Trump and in part, we are going to be able to thank them for what they did and their stupidity and their lack of concern for you, we the American people, and I can see the Republicans taking back the House, I could see Republicans increasing their majority in the U.S. Senate.

But make no mistake about it.  These are dangerous times for a constitutional republic.  By the way, God help us, if they ever did win with their $94 trillion Green New Deal, there are $36 trillion Medicare for all with no private insurance, yet, you see, that would destroy the greatest economy ever designed by man.  That's a clear and present danger.

Now, Democrats, they are compliant lapdog stenographers in the mob and the media, they are now willing to shred the Constitution, upend the rule of law, suspend any connection to truth, reality, objective truth, and, by the way, they will cast away all God-given common sense as assuming they might've had some in the beginning to subvert the will of you, we the American people.

The root cause of this now going into another impeachment saga, it's not bribery, high crimes, misdemeanors.  They don't have any evidence of that.  
Instead, it is a psychotic hatred and rage against this president and, really, for those of us who put him in office and voted for him.

In other words, they never recovered from losing in 2016.  They thought they had this covered.  Make no mistake: they loathe, we, you the American people, we smelly Walmart shoppers.  I love Walmart.  We irredeemable deplorables.

You know, we're Americans that cling to our God -- thank you.  Our guns, our bible, our religion.  They hate you, they hate me, they hate the president, and they look down on all of us, they think they know better and they want total control of your life, your decisions, and they'll tax you to death to get their scheme done.

They want to confiscate our money, they want everything free, free, free, for everybody.  Cradle to grave, womb to tomb, free Medicare, free higher education, free childcare, free paid vacation, free housing, free healthy food, free universal basic income whether you are willing or unwilling to work -- by the way, they will eliminate oil, gas, the combustion engines, eventually planes and cows.

And Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the real speaker of the House, now wants to provide -- this is the truth, welfare for illegal immigrants, including criminal illegal immigrants.  Those convicted.  Now, this would cause an economic devastation, the likes of which we, the U.S., the world has ever witnessed.  This is the greatest wealth producing system in the world.

It would be turned into another socialist hell no different from Venezuela or Cuba.  In order to govern this country with an iron fist and carry out that socialist freedom of theirs, they must first reclaim power.  It's all about power.

Now, you might say, we have an election in one year.  Why not let the American people decide?  Well, the answer to that is they don't want to risk another term of President Trump, so they feel like they've got to bludgeon it more.  It will backfire, but that's their thinking.

Instinctively, I argue they know they can't win with the people they have running.  Congressman Al Green said it best.  If he's not impeached, yes, he could get reelected, likely well.  Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Are you concerned that impeachment talk may actually help the president's reelection?

REP. AL GREEN, D-TEXAS:  I'm concerned that if we don't impeach this president, he will get reelected.  If we don't impeach him, he will stay, he has been vindicated.


HANNITY:  If we don't impeach him, he will get reelected.  Now, what we have now been through the last three years, Russia, Russia, impeach, impeach, Stormy, Stormy -- it's now clear Democrats are fully prepared to up and the will of the American people by any means necessary.  They think they know better than we do.

And what -- by the way, the do-nothing Democrats, what have they done?  
What a compliment had they made in the last three years of Russia, Russia, to make you, we the American people more prosperous, to keep us more safe and more secure?

They have done nothing.  This is all they have done for three years.  They want this post-constitutional America.  They want to stack the U.S. Supreme Court, eliminate the electoral college of California, New Jersey, New York and Illinois will decide every national election.

They want to get rid of a president because they don't like him and, by the way, even if he does something they like, they don't like him.

Now, that the left does fail to realize time and again is that -- well, we might be a redeemable deplorables that cling to our God, but we are also hardworking, logical, smart Americans and we weren't -- well, swamped out of the common sense God gave us.  We know what this impeachment inquiry is all about, nothing more than a political stunt.

They tried this for three years now.  They have failed.  By the way, this time, they're not going to -- they're not going to put their faith and hope in another special prosecutor who, in the end, just let them down because there was no evidence.

We have all witnessed the left's insane, breathless, non-spot, three-year hoax, their lies, their conspiracy theories, and their witch hunt.  The same people now, same agenda, just a different country.  It's Ukraine.  By the way, Ukraine helped Hillary Clinton the last election, yes, and, they admit it.

And, by the way, a DNC operative subcontractor met with Ukrainian official to get dirt on Trump.  Not telling that story either.  Now, we the people, we've been watching and witnessing this phony, fake outrage, this media circus, the character assassination, the smearing -- oh, the president, Justice Kavanaugh, we witnessed a 16-year-old high school kid get demonized on national TV for wearing a MAGA hat.  They assassinated his character.

You, the American people, you've been witnessing the media mobs and they are a mob with a mop mindset, breathless hysteria, resulted in one fake phony story after another, one lie after another, every second of every day.  We got him, we got him, we got him -- no, you don't.

The great irony in all of this, whatever accusations Democrats and the mob launched against the president, they end of being guilty of that very thing themselves.  How ironic.

This is why tonight, I want you to take a close look at this list.  By the way, those Democratic congressmen and women, they represent districts that President Trump carried in 2016.

Now, if you live in any of those districts, it might be important to remind your lawmaker that they work for you, and not doing anything in three years is not acceptable to you.  It's to allow the corrupt, cowardly, Adam, the Shifty, Schiff, literally run this thing, these people need to stand up to this post-constitutional coup attempt in their party and frankly I say defeat them.

This is where you have the power, not them.  The radical far left extreme socialist in charge of the Democratic Party think they rule it all.  You will have the last say at the end of the day.  The Cowardly Schiff and AOC and Tlaib and Omar and Pelosi, speaker in name only, they get your way, the sanctity of your vote, the foundations of this great, prosperous republic will be destroyed, because they want to want to fundamentally, drastically reshaped America.

And Adam, the cowardly Shifty Schiff -- well, in particular, he is trying to con we the people with outright lies and fabrications.  Now, we know that the non-whistleblower whistle-blower, well, from the Ukraine call, worked with Schiff's office to craft the complaint.  In fact, Schiff's office encouraged the whistleblower to hire a lawyer, go to the inspector general.

On national TV, the Shifty Schiff, well, he said, we have not spoken with the whistleblower but we'd like to.  That was a lie too.  Maybe that's why the fake whistleblower whistleblower failed to mention his contact with Schiff's office in the complaint.

And according to a report of our own Catherine Herridge, this non- whistleblower, and we have more because that was not panning out, we have tons of whistleblowers, will make them up, filing this complaint, left a blank -- a section which they could have disclosed, that congressional contact, they didn't use it.  Still no word why there was also an 18-day gap in between the president's call with Ukraine and the urgent report made to the inspector general.  Maybe the Cowardly Schiff has not been contacted by that point.  Maybe he knows the answer.

Maybe Schiff can also fill us in why the fake, phony non-whistleblower is reportedly a registered Democrat, hired to work in the Obama White House, went to his office of all places to file the complaint.  And maybe the cowardly shift can tell us how the president's phone calls with world leaders are now getting leaked again and again to the press -- Australia, Mexico, Ukraine, Australia again.  No other president in the history of this country has had to deal with this onslaught from a deep state bureaucracy swamped from within.

Only Donald Trump and now we are seeing even more leaks from more whistleblowers.  There's no end to the whistleblowers that are not whistleblowers.  That didn't work out.  We'll find some more.

They don't need to hear from anyone, by the way, because we have a transcript.  Doesn't matter what they think or how they interpreted hearsay information.

So, to Schiff or anyone in the swamp actually care, let's see, real national security ramifications, what if the president needs to talk to a world leader frankly about issues of war and peace?  Is that going to be spied on too?  Do they care about our diplomacy is now that it significantly impaired because of these leaks?  Clearly not.

Now, don't expect to get an honest answer from Schiff or any Democrat for that matter, and certainly don't expect your lying corrupt mob media to ever do their jobs.  The only thing they care about is taking down Donald Trump no matter what, undoing an election of we, the people.

They are all proven liars, every one of them.  The same players, the same playbook, it's just a different country.  Now, it's Ukraine, not Russia.  
And I can't think of a single issue they didn't lie about.

Our own Gregg Jarrett points out, Schiff alone lied about Carter Page getting bribed by the Kremlin.  He lied about the dissemination about the dirty dossier.  Schiff lied when he claimed that the dirty dossier was not the bulk of information in the FISA application against Carter Page to spy in a candidate, a transition team and then the president.

And who can forget Schiff also lied repeatedly, alleging to have the damning evidence proving Trump-Russia collusion.  That didn't work out, did it?  As a matter of fact, for years, there he is, the cowardly Shifty Schiff, well, he's lied over and over and over again.  Frankly, not only censured, he should not be in charge of the intelligence community.

Really?  This guy?  Take a look.


REP. ADAM SCHIFF, D-CALIF.:  Yes, there is ample evidence of collusion in plain sight.

We've known for some time, at least been publicly reported that the dossier, or the hiring of Christopher Steele, was initially on the behalf of one the Republican candidates and later on behalf of Democratic candidates.

That application and those renewals have been vindicated in substantial part by Carter Page's own words.

Well, I certainly think he's acting like someone whose compromise and it may very well be that he is compromised or may very well be that he believes that he's compromised, that the Russians have information on him.

According to Christopher Steele, a British -- a former British intelligence officer who has reportedly been held in high regard by U.S. intelligence, Russian sources tell him that Page has also had a secret meeting with Igor Sechin, CEO of the Russia gas giant Rosneft.  According to Steele's Russian sources, Page is offered brokerage fees by Sechin on a deal involving a 19 percent share of the company.

I hear what you want.  I have a favor I want from you, though.  And I'm going to say this only seven times and so you better listen good.  I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent and understand lots of it, on this and on that.


HANNITY:  He is a liar.  He is a pathological -- frankly, congenital liar.

It's not just about the lies, though.  It's the complete and utter hypocrisy, his fellow Democrats, the media mob, they all do the same thing.  
Schiff alleged to have all the evidence, he's going to prove it.  Trump- Russia collusion, but he's the guy caught on tape trying to get dirt from somebody that sounds like a Russian that he thought was a Russian.

In fact, he took that direct call from two pranksters who claimed to have naked pictures of Trump, compromising materials on Trump.  He thought the Ukrainians with connections to Vladimir Putin.  And they -- does Vladimir know?  Yes, Vladimir know about compromising materials of naked Trump.

His colleague on the other side of the aisle, Mark Warner, he's not even better.  Remember, after four separate investigations, no evidence of any collusion, including his own bipartisan probe in the Senate.  Warner still claims that Trump might've colluded with Russia anyway.

But at the very same time, whoopsy-a-daisy, Senator Warner was busy texting a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch to get dirt on Trump.  Warner texting, wanting the oligarch to help set up a private meeting with none other than Christopher Steele without any of his Republican colleagues on the committee knowing what they're -- what they're doing or what they accused Trump of.  He actually texted the lobbyist for the oligarch, I would like to do a prelim call.  You, me, and no one else.

And Warner also texting that he would rather have, not have a paper trail for his messages colluding with the Russians.  Senator indicating that he would be willing to travel abroad, to meet with Steele in order to get the dirt on Trump and Manafort.  Oh, what they're blaming Trump of.

Now, this is not a good look for someone claiming to disavow all foreign election interference, is it?  And he's not the only Democratic senator guilty of doing that which they are accusing Trump of, that Trump is innocent of several months ago.  In letters from Senator Menendez, Durbin, Leahy, the three Democrats threaten to withhold aid if the government of Ukraine stopped investigating Trump on the Trump-Russia side.

And just this month, in a meeting with Ukraine's new President Zelensky, well, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy reportedly threatened to cut off U.S. 
aid if the country open an investigation into Biden.  And don't forget, "Politico's" report about a DNC operative, this was January 11th, 2017, they wrote this, an operative working for the DNC, a contractor, working with Ukrainian government to get compromising materials to smear then candidate Trump to bolster and help Hillary.  Oh, collusion.

And according to "The Wall Street Journal," the Clinton Foundation, wow, they've got more than $50,000 in donations from Ukrainian citizens than any other foreign country.  Imagine if Vice President Trump -- not Biden's son, let's say it was Hunter Trump, no evidence, no background in Ukraine or China, and did what Hunter did while his dad was vice president?

But not a word on any of this from your corrupt mob in the media.  The only thing they do, the do-nothing Democrats, they only care about three years now get rid of Trump, nothing else, nothing else.  Meanwhile, look at the president.  He's been tirelessly working day after day, keeping his promises, improving the lives of we the people.  And we are seeing results,
7 million new jobs.

Look at your screen.  That is what the president has been able to accomplish despite the constant, unyielding resistance from the deep state, media mob, and the Democratic Party that does nothing.  Two originalist Supreme Court from the list he gave us.  Wages hit a post-recession high, jobless claims, the lowest since 1969, record low unemployment for African- Americans, Hispanic Americans, women in the workplace, and youth unemployment.

We're energy dependent for the first time in 79 years and, you know, I can go on and on.  Promises made, promises kept.  This is what 2020 is really about.  You will have the final say, not them.  It's not a phony witch hunt, you know, center around a non-whistleblower whistleblower.

Here with the reaction to this and also big news from the second circuit court today, we have President Trump's counsel, Jay Sekulow.  Also, the chief counsel for that Center for American Law and Justice.

Sir, your reaction to this and on the court ruling?


I think, look, they are now talking about a second whistleblower and my statement on that is, so what?  We've already released the transcript.  So, does -- is it really relevant what some other person who may or may not have heard the conversation thought about it?

The transcript has been released.  It is out there in the public.  So, again, you know what?  They couldn't get Russia, they couldn't get obstruction, then it was a quid pro quo with Ukraine, and then there was a transcript that showed no quid pro quo, then it was a cover-up, except there was no cover-up because the transcript was released.

Then it was the whistleblower, and what did the whistle-blower do?  The whistleblower said, well, no firsthand knowledge for most of it and then didn't bother to tell the inspector general that the individual was in conversations with Adam Schiff because, of course, Adam Schiff said, nobody, none of us had any conversations with the whistle-blower which ended up of course not being true.

So, now that we have a second whistle-blower -- again, the transcript out, it speaks for itself.  It is not an impeachable offense, period.

Now, number two, U.S. Court of Appeals for the second circuit today recognized -- I want to read the -- I like reading the exact words of the order.  The case is, Donald J. Trump, plaintiff - appellant, versus Cyrus Vance, who is the district attorney for the county of New York.  We filed a motion seeking an order temporary staying the enforcement of a subpoena that was given to the president's accountants.

What do they want?  Tax returns.  What do they want in California?  Tax returns.  What did the California say?  No tax returns.  That's not part of the qualifications for office.

The House of Representatives basically extending their investigation through a local D.A.  The words of the subpoena verbatim, the words of the House subpoenas.  Verbatim.  Then what happens?

We go to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the issue this order.  It is hereby ordered that a temporary administrative stay is granted pending expedited review by a panel of the court, a scheduling order will issue in the ordinary course.  The court also said because of the unique issues raised by this appeal, those unique issues, Sean, are the -- is really, at the heart of it, is the Constitution of the United States.

And whether I'm wearing my hat as a president's lawyer or his chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, you have to protect the Constitution.  That doesn't just protect a president, that protects all of us.

HANNITY:  Hey, Jay, it's a post-constitutional America.  The great one Mark Levin said it.  I mean, they want to stack the courts, they want to get rid of the Electoral College, and for three years, no evidence of anything and same liars, same conspiracy theorists, the same thing we've had for three years in the country.

SEKULOW:  And I'll tell you what it is.  You know, Sean, what they've done is try to weaponize the execution of the Constitution.  The president is exercising his authority under Article Two.  They're trying to make that some kind of an inappropriate act.  They're weaponizing the Constitution.

Here's the good news, we're wining in court.  We won in California last week.


SEKULOW:  We got the stay today.  I'm confident we win in the end.  I think this impeachment inquiry, whatever they want to call it, goes nowhere.

HANNITY:  Call the vote.  Call the roll.  I want them all to vote.  I want
-- fixate on this.

SEKULOW:  They're not doing it now.  They're not doing it this week or next.  I don't believe it.  I don't think they're going to do it.

HANNITY:  I hope they do.  Do it.  I dare them.  Do it.

American people are fed up with what they've done to this country.  
Nothing.  They're sick of it.  They see this for what it is.

All right.  Jay Sekulow, thank you.

Joining us with more, the author of the brand-new book out tomorrow, "Witch
Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History," FOX News contributor, legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett, the author of another best seller, "Defending Israel," Alan Dershowitz, is with us.

Professor, we'll start with you.  You know what, do you see any bribery, any high crimes, any misdemeanors here, because nobody that I do -- you may not like -- you and I had our biggest fight ever over the Clinton impeachment.  It was pretty brutal.  And we made up since.

But when you -- when you go up, there are 11 specific felonies identified by the independent counsel at the time, the statute has changed.  That would be Kenneth Starr.  I don't see even a mention of a felony here.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, "DEFENDING ISRAEL" AUTHOR:  There are no impeachable offenses.  The constitution is very clear that you need bribery, treason, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.  The most interesting issue, the one that Jay has brilliantly litigated is whether a state can investigate and prosecute a sitting president.

I think the Second Circuit has just given us a clue as how it might decide that issue.  It said it was a very, very important issue.  The Constitution itself says that a president who has been impeached and removed can then be tried for a crime, but it strongly implies that he could not be tried for a crime and that would mean a state crime or a federal crime.

Let's remember at the time of the Constitution, a vast majority of crimes were state crimes.  So I think in the end, a president can't be investigated or charged with a state or federal crime, while he is sitting and I don't think he could be impeached for the conduct that's been alleged in this case.

HANNITY:  This is your party.  This is your party.  You're a Democrat.  
You're not --


HANNITY:  You're not a "Hannity" conservative here.


HANNITY:  But the one thing we share is a belief in civil liberties which are violated in many instances here.

We agree on Middle East and Israeli policy by and large.  But are you proud of your party?

DERSHOWITZ:  I'm trying to change my party.  I'm remaining a Democrat as long as I can have some influence to have them marginalize the squad and others that want to see the Democratic Party move away from being a centrist liberal party.

HANNITY:  Can you name one accomplishment in three years of your party?

DERSHOWITZ:  Look, I'm very disappointed with the party and I'm disappointed because I think they are shooting themselves in the foot by focusing so hard on impeachment and removal, which is just not going to happen instead of giving things done.

HANNITY:  Correct.

DERSHOWITZ:  They control the House.  They have an obligation to try to pass legislation and I'm really very concerned with the future of the Democratic Party.  I remain in it because I want to have influence to try to move them back to the center where they can accomplish something.

HANNITY:  Not going to happen with the squad in charge.

Gregg, your analysis?

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST:  Well, Democrats, as soon as the transcript was released, were saying, oh, this is a crime.  And then they realize the criminal division of the Department of Justice said, sorry, it's no crime.  So, they seamlessly reverted to the old trope, oh, it's an abuse of power -- this wonderfully amorphous phrase that has new fixed meaning or universal understanding.

And the problem of this abuse of power, it's a shifting sand of subjective interpretation.  That's exactly what the Framers did not want to.  They did not want a president to be removed for partisan reasons or personal animus.

And Nancy Pelosi knows this.  In January she said we cannot impeach --

HANNITY:  She has no power.

JARRETT:  -- for purely partisan political reasons.  And now she and Schiff are doing it.

HANNITY:  Gregg has -- you are doing a live signing tonight, right, with your book?

JARRETT:  It is.  People can go to, 10:00 Eastern Time, live, Sunday.

DERSHOWITZ:  Good luck.

JARRETT:  Thank you.

HANNITY:  When we come back, breaking news.  Congressman Ratcliffe says the IG report on FISA abuse report to be released, straight ahead.


HANNITY:  All right.  Big developments tonight on our quest for equal justice and applications of our laws.

Congressman John Ratcliffe, he says he expects the Inspector General Horowitz's report on FISA abuse in the next week or two.  Meanwhile, Attorney General Bill Barr, John Durham, they are moving forward in their investigation to expose the origins of this Russia witch hunt so-called probe.

It should be sending the deep state into an all out panic.  It's why you see deep state actors trying to run interference ahead of what my sources are telling me will be the explosive findings on the weaponization of intelligence against this president and, yes, the American people.

Here with reaction, FOX News contributor Sara Carter, alongside the author of the new book "Power Grab", FOX News contributor Jason Chaffetz.

And, let me start, Sara, with you on the news side of this.  This is important, because we've been expecting this from Horowitz.  My sources are telling me that there is an explosive email chain with Comey and Brennan on it that says they didn't verify the dossier, which would mean premeditated fraud on the FISA court as we've been saying.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, that's the exculpatory evidence that Congress has been screaming about on the Republican side for more than a year now. Not only was there an email chain that I'm hearing as well, Sean, but there were the issues that were withheld in the foreign intelligence surveillance court regarding George Papadopoulos, also regarding Carter Page.

So this is going to be the moment when this report is released and hopefully the documents that are also over with the Department of Justice will be declassified as well so the American people can see everything print one more point here, Sean. What's so important here and why the American people need to understand this, the reason Attorney General William Barr as well as John Durham are going themselves overseas and interviewing our allies in Italy and in England and in other places is because they want to get to the truth.

They absolutely know that within the CIA and within the Intelligence Communities, people have been compromised. We see that right now with this whistleblower allegation. We see what was going on and this is why John Brennan is coming out and basically slashing and lashing out at the President saying that we are a corrupt country.

They have to go around that, they need to talk directly to the sources to collect the information. This is what makes me have faith in the Justice Department and that they are doing their job.

HANNITY: And Jason Chaffetz, look, you know a lot of the materials, you have a lot of good sources, you've been following this as closely as we have. There is no doubt about it it's an unverifiable dossier. McCabe said no dossier there will be no FISA warrant. They got the FISA warrant, and they didn't bother to even try to verify it when the FBI finally got around to it.

What do we know what happened? The FBI decided they could prove 90 plus percent was not true. But they had by law an obligation to go back to the court. They never did. They double down and did it again.

JASON CHAFFETZ, "POWER GRAB" AUTHOR: Multiple times they signed off on that document and as John Ratcliffe has said before at the very top it says verified. I think you need to look at the interactions between Mr. Comey and Brennan. Did they know ahead of time that it was unverified and go ahead and use it to spy on the Trump campaign? There's a reason why Mr. 
Brennan is in work with the in spin bound.

HANNITY: Jason, hang on. It's unverifiable because Steele never stood by it. It wasn't something they could have ever verified if they tried.

CARTER: It was Russian discrimination, Sean.

HANNITY: That's what "The New York Times" said.

CHAFFETZ: Yes, that is correct.


CHAFFETZ: Look, you have Horowitz who was appointed by Obama he was unanimously confirmed in the United States Senate. His report will bring us the closest to the truth. And I do believe and I do hope that the Department Of Justice under Barr will actually start to prosecute these people, it's the closest we've got to justice and it should happen the next ten days or so.

HANNITY: How many more referrals does Jim Comey get to have against them before they actually do something like indict the guy? Here is the interesting question, though. And Sara is right on this and I will start with you, Sara, they are spending a lot of time - I would always say, I don't know, countries like Italy, Great Britain or Australia we've had this story for a long time, and that is the issue of outsourcing spying, intelligence gathering against Americans and against the President to circumvent the laws of this country, what they did is they gave it to our allies to do that which was illegal themselves which would mean they are outsourcing, lawbreaking?

CARTER: Right. They are outsourcing lawbreaking and they're going against it. If we are talking about the CIA, the CIA cannot even touch anything national at all. Any time they hear about anything overseas that has anything to do with United States they need to pass it on when it has to do with internal politics, especially to the FBI.

But they didn't. I think what people discover, and by the way, I think they should get Andrew McCabe's text messages as well and all of his emails and I know Judicial Watch is fighting for that. Those are going to be explosive too we don't want to leave him out. But I think, what we are seeing right now, Sean, is the fact is that people in the CIA, specifically John Brennan coerced with James Clapper were working with our allies, certain allies trying to retrieve information on the President of the United States.

Look, it's just the facts on their face, Sean. This was an apparent soft crew on the duly elected President all you have to do is keep looking at the facts in order to understand that. I think the American people can see the evidence lay before them and I think the American people would agree that what we are seeing here is an illegal move to remove the President.

HANNITY: All right, exit question. I don't know if they do or don't my guess is this is so stupid, they probably well because this has been an obsession, compulsive for theirs now for three years. They will follow through on impeachment. The Senate is never going to convict. I know what the outcome is going to be. I do not know all the pieces in the middle but the ending in the book, is going to be Jason in my view, Donald Trump gets reelected.

A good chance Kevin McCarthy is the Speaker and the majority in the Senate increases. That is what I think they are going to get for their do-nothing, you know, obsession to take down a President because they did not like the American people voting for him.

CHAFFETZ: They didn't trust the American people. They really thought that Nancy Pelosi - just not, we're going to have to engage in this power grab we cannot allow - they thought all of these people would be in their power positions if not for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was going to rule the roost and these were going to be her puppeteers that were going to direct traffic and they're going to - pulled that off.

HANNITY: Where do you think it ends, Sara? Do you agree with me? This is the greatest donation that Donald Trump will receive in 2020. The Democrats' overreach doing nothing for the American people.

CARTER: Sean, we know independence and many Democrats that I've talked to now believe that the Democrats are just shooting themselves in the foot. 
They are frustrated, they're angry the American people are frustrated and angry. We can't even focus on national issues because of the Democrats are focused on any House and even with the Senate, Democratic Senators are focusing on President Trump, they have no platform.

So look, the American people see a platform, they see a way forward with Donald Trump. They know that the unemployment rate is down - I see a reelection in 2020.

HANNITY: Thank you both. All right, now the left is getting over the impeachment inquiry into the President this time, same players, same liars, same conspiracy theorists, just a different country by the way, never going to let facts get in the way of their dream of unseating the President that they never wanted to win. Anyway, on the view, comedians, surprised Joyless Behar with an impeachment Christmas Carol for her first day, how crazy and nuts they are? Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Joy, I'd like to sing this premature Christmas song of hope for you. Joy to the world the time has come in choir, indict, impeach.


HANNITY: Imagine these words on election night 2020. Donald Trump has been reelected as America's 45th President. What's going to happen to be snowflakes then? Meanwhile, this weekend, Chuck Todd went ballistic on Senator Ron Johnson when the Senator merely presented a few inconvenient facts on the impeachment circus, the new impeachment circus. It started on day two. Take a look.


SEN. RON JOHNSON, (R-WI): He has this false narrative that results him being set up by James Comey on January 16th. Then he has a council appointed that has hampered the entire investigation, his entire administration, and now once he needs - that was proven false, he would like to know and I would like to know and I know his supporters would like to know where did all this come from, who planted that false story.


JOHNSON: That's a set up. He does entire relevant to this point.

TODD: Why Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff is popping up on here? I have no idea. I have no idea why we are going here. Senator, I'm asking

JOHNSON: That's exactly - this is underlying exactly why President Trump is upset and why his supporters are upset at the news media.

TODD: This is not about the media. Senator Johnson, please--


HANNITY: By the way, Chuckie, you'll never be Tim Russert. Here with reaction, Radio Talk Show Host Larry Elder and for the American Conservative Union their Chairman Matt Schlapp. All right, Larry you laugh at the hardest. You get the ball. Here's what I'm throwing at you.

Well, it is what it is. I think this backfires on them. Here's what's missing though. We've got to be careful. We've never had what President will ever be able to confidently talk to a foreign leader when you have deep state operatives that are undermining his foreign policy and his ability to be Commander in Chief by leaking information like Australia Prime Minister or the Mexico President or Ukrainian President - this is not good for the country ever is it.

LARRY ELDER, SALEM RADIO NATIONALLY SYNDICATED HOST: It is not. But Sean, I'll never forgive you for making me watch that clip of Joy Behar to prepare for this interview. You're actually right. I rarely agree with Phil Mud the CNN Intel Analyst, but on the date the whistleblower story broke, Sean, he told a stunned Chris Cuomo, I am about to blow my gasket not at Trump but at the whistleblower.

He said the President should be able to have conversations with his counterpart and heads of other states without somebody "Stitching on him," 
and Cuomo was gob smacked. He said I used to work in the White House, I used to be on these phone calls, the President can say what he wants, and if somebody doesn't like it, that person can quit, write a book, complain, but not file some sort of whistleblower complaints.

And Trump has been a target from day one. It wasn't just after he got in the White House, from when he got elected, the Chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign John Podesta writes an Op-Ed piece in "The Washington Post" and says Obama should advise the electors to first brief them on Russian interference before they certify the election for Trump.

For crying out loud! The attempt to invoke the 25th amendment, AOC says he ought to be impeached for emoluments clause, and Representative Green says he ought to be impeached for his anti-squad tweets. So the country might be taking this whistleblower a tad more seriously that went for all of that.

HANNITY: They can't beat him. This is the problem.

ELDER: They can't beat him.

HANNITY: And but for the political question, you Matt Schlapp?

MATT SCHLAPP, CHAIRMAN OF AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION: This is exactly right, Sean. I think you have this correct which is if you look at the last election, you could say the Democrats picked up a lot of seats and a majority in the House of Representatives and that they did connect on a couple of issues like health care and stuff where we had stumbled a bit on trying to repeal all of Obamacare.

And they had their opportunity to show the American people what their agenda was. Do you know what their agenda is Sean; it is to do nothing but to try to have a fishing expedition to find any scandal they can on Donald Trump. They are transfixed with this idea that they don't bring Trump down with fake and pony scandals that they won't win.

And if they know if they don't win, Donald Trump can transform the country. 
Why? Because we will have 8 years of him being a wreck-it Ralph to the deep state and to the swamp and to the way we've done things for 30 years which has ossified and caused so much pain to people around the country. We need this change and we need four more years of it.

HANNITY: All right, guys, thank you both. Good to see you both. When we come back, by the way we have a big announcement tonight. I think you'll be entertained by this. I think you don't like this, also Elizabeth Warren says she was fired from a teaching job because she got pregnant. But a video actually contradicts that story. Trace Gallagher, Dan Bongino, and our big announcement straight ahead.


HANNITY: Elizabeth Warren, the front runner for the Democrats under fire yet again for lying yet again. This time, it's not about her so-called Native American Heritage. Trace Gallagher, he's in our West Coast Newsroom with much more. This seems to be a whopper and seem to be provably false.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Not only is Elizabeth Warren, Sean, contradicted by her own words, "The Washington Free Beacon" now has the uncovered documents. Let's begin with her words. This week, the Senator in 2020 Potential Candidate told a Town Hall in Carson City, Nevada, that in the early '70s she loved working as a special needs teacher but was a victim of discrimination when she became visibly pregnant. Watch.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: And the principal did what principals did in those days. Wished me luck and hired someone else for the job.


GALLAGHER: In fact all summer long, Warren repeated the whole principals did with a deadline line, but 11 years ago she told a very different story, saying she left the job on her own because she didn't have the proper credentials. Watch again.


WARREN: I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education. And I don't think this is going to work out for me.


GALLAGHER: And documents from a Riverdale New Jersey School Board Meeting in April of 1971 show the board actually offered Elizabeth Warren a second year contract. And when she turned it down and resigned, it was accepted "With regret." All in all, another hit to Warren's credibility. Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Trace Gallagher, as the front runner for the Democrats here with the latest reaction to this controversy along with the state of
2020 race, his brand-new book is out. It's called "Exonerated, the failed takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp," Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino. I mean, her lies go deep and they're profound and they go on for decades in the case of claiming Native American Heritage.

DAN BONGINO, FOX NEW CONTRIBUTOR: Sean, its one thing to make up stories about yourself. Political figures and liberal media types do it all the time - remember the Brian Williams. Brian Williams put himself in the middle of every major media moment of the 20th Century and unfortunately he wasn't there.

We had Blumenthal about his time in Vietnam or he wasn't actually in Vietnam, it was kind of a problem. Think about how spineless you have to be, how much of an awful human being you have to be to not only make up stories about yourself but make up stories about yourself that impugn the integrity of other people.

Sean, let's not forget this angle on the Elizabeth Warren story. First, she's an American Indian story which she wasn't, of course. Remember, she started impugning the integrity of her family. They were such bigots my mom and paw had to - everyone in her family were like, what are you talking about? With this story, I was fired, I was let go, wasn't rehired because I was pregnant and the principal did what every principal did?

The problem, Sean, the principal didn't do it and eventually people are going to find out who the principal is. If I were this guy, she's slandering people. How much of a character free person do you have to be to engage - unfortunately, that's an angle on this whole story that's gotten lost.

HANNITY: Let me ask the question. We now have our intelligence gathering, these powerful tools weaponized, the President spied on regular even a candidate and transition team. We live in this post-constitution America, Democrats, no Electoral College they want to stack the court. Now the do nothing Democrats, they've done nothing for three years except hates Donald Trump.

They want to impeach him, same players, same lies, some conspiracy theorist different country. Personally, I don't care what they do. As far as I'm concerned, the average American sees this as a never ending continuation of psychotic rage against Trump. What is the result in the end? How does this story end? I say it ends with his reelection.

BONGINO: I think it does and I hope it does because I'm worried because there is a continuing. The Democrats can't get these things done nationally, their socialist agenda, so they try to push it through the courts. Donald Trump put a stop to that. So then they tried it through corporate activism and boycotts. Although that's had a mild effect, hasn't had the effect they wanted.

They have just gone, Sean, to stray tyranny. Let's just weaponized the IC and Law Enforcement Community, use him as political operatives. Hijack the justice system and weaponized it to take down a prison some of our political enemies. I hope he's reelected because I'm genuinely concerned if he is not. What's going to happen with these people in charge?

HANNITY: This is blind ambition. If they ever win, Green New Deal, Medicare for all, we're dead. Dan, good to see you. Congratulations on the book. Not only do we have an announcement next, we have a tape that's going to be very painful to me personally, next.


HANNITY: All right, our announcement it's painful for me, in one sense you will understand. Today marks the beginning of our 24th straight year here on the Fox News Channel. It's been a wild fun ride, you made it possible. 
Thank you, I hate showing this tape.


HANNITY: And welcome to "Hannity," it comes on the Fox News Channel. I'm Sean Hannity.

Welcome to HANNITY, so America we're glad you're with us.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All right, you're going to roll out better than I am.

HANNITY: Tonight, we are in "Telavi" reporting to you from ground in Israel.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm going inside one of the many cavernous mass tunnels under Israel.

HANNITY: Look at the level of sophistication here.

This man, one of the greatest ultimate fighters of all time is here to kick my - today. Chuck is known for this overhead killing knockout punch.

HANNITY: We're live in Vietnam, for the historic summit. Just as Kim Jong- Un arrived, traffic was insane. It was standstill for over 45 minutes, okay, we go plan b and then we hop on the scooter with somebody and I just went on the sidewalk and we got here on time definitely interesting.


HANNITY: You have made this all possible, our loyal reviewers, I never imagined I would be starting my 24th year. My announcement, my message to all of you is thank you. You make this happen. I think the times called for at least one same voice, you make this one voice possible.

You've made the show number one on all of cable now three years in a row. 
We can't do it without you. Thank you from my heart. We will never be the media mob. We will always pursue to truth and justice. Let not your heart be troubled. I'm about to be made fun of Ingraham is in the New York - in the swamp in D.C.

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