Scott Brown on possibility of Ben Carson as HUD secretary

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  All right, we have got Scott Brown joining us, a former Massachusetts senator also under Cabinet consideration right now.

Senator, very good to have you.

SCOTT BROWN, R-FORMER U.S. SENATOR:  Good to be on, Neil.  How are you?

CAVUTO:  What do you make -- I'm fine, sir.  What do you make of what looks like Ben Carson going over to HUD?

BROWN:  Listen, I'm personally very invested in housing issues.  I'm on two housing boards.

And there's no better way to help improve the inner cities, not only with great houses and homes, but obviously good jobs.  And that's what -- one of the cornerstones of Dr. Carson's campaign is to help create jobs and opportunity in the inner cities.  So I think it's a great, great choice.

CAVUTO:  Now, what about you?  You have come up and your name has come up repeatedly for a number of positions, veteran affairs most lately.  What do you think?

BROWN:  I was told after we had our good meeting that I would hear sometime after Thanksgiving.  Now, I'm not sure if he eats at like 12:00 and I hear at 1:00, hear on Friday, or Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

But, as you know, you can see he's still working.  I thought Nikki Haley's choice was fantastic and the potential of Mitt Romney's choice I think is brilliant.  It really unites the party and it reestablishes, I think, credibility with our allies, fear with our foes, and bridges that gap.

And just to comment, I know maybe I'm going a little ahead on what Governor Huckabee said, who I love, they probably did talk about what happened during the campaign.  I'm almost sure of it.  And they probably said, you know what?  We're two type-A billionaires and we battled pretty heavily.

And that's what I like about what Donald Trump is doing.  He's actually bringing people together, going for the best person regardless.  And that's what our country needs right now.

CAVUTO:  Well, what do you think?  Huckabee was also saying that Romney should apologize.  Of course, you could make the argument Donald Trump should apologize to him for saying he choked like a dog and a lot worse.

BROWN:  Yes.

CAVUTO:  They both said awful things about each other.  Bygones be bygones?  
Let it go?

BROWN:  I think it is evidenced, Neil, by what you're seeing right now with Donald Trump and Mitt meeting and having a great conversation and the potential of him being offered -- I think that is an apology accepted and offered.

Otherwise, they wouldn't be even talking.  The fact that Mitt Romney could be the secretary of state would be just so much better than John Kerry.  It really just makes me very, very excited.

CAVUTO:  It is interesting that it continues a tradition of former rivals or those who run for president before going for secretary of state, Hillary Clinton or John Kerry, and on we go.

BROWN:  Yes.  Yes.

CAVUTO:  But, having said that, the makeup of his Cabinet -- still early, Senator -- as you have some who are supporting the president-elect during the campaign and others who were noticeably silent or quite the opposite.

So, some have likened it to a potential team of rivals.  What do you make of that?

BROWN:  I think he's going to get the best people for the job, period.  And it's good to have a little tension and some different points of view and disagreements.

You don't want everyone -- one of the reasons Donald Trump, the president- elect, likes me is, I'm pretty direct.  I will tell him exactly what I think is going right and wrong.  And he doesn't want yes-people up there. He wants people to tell him, sir, with all due respect, you're wrong or you're right and the ability to kind of work it through.

And I think that is critical, because, in this present administration, there's no one that tells the president that he's wrong.  If that was the case, we wouldn't have done what we did in Syria.  We wouldn't have done what we did with Russia and this whole -- this reset and the like.  So I think it's a good thing.

CAVUTO:  Scott Brown, great seeing you.  Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

BROWN:  Hey, Neil.  Neil, I have one thing -- one bit of advice for you, my man.


BROWN:  Lay off the gravy, OK?

CAVUTO:  I knew you were going to say that.

BROWN:  Lay off the gravy and potatoes.

CAVUTO:  You're worse than my cardiologist.

BROWN:  Joe Piscopo and I are keeping an eye on you, buddy.

CAVUTO:  I know.  I know.


CAVUTO:  Thank you for making your final appearance on this show, by the way.  It was a pleasure having you all these times we did.


CAVUTO:  Man, oh, man.  Is he tough or what?  All right.  He won't see me when I'm eating.

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