Scaramucci, Pierson on Trump's midterm campaign blitz

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JESSE WATTERS, HOST, WATTERS' WORLD: Welcome to "Watters' World," I'm Jesse Watters. Three days into Election Day and President Trump still on the campaign trail rallying the crowd right now in Pensacola, Florida. 
Let's listen in.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  ... he'd be 50 pounds lighter and the one thing they knew, it was going to be a painful, painful evening. Evander, the real deal, one of the greatest in history in my opinion. Thank you. Great Evander. Thank you very much Evander Holyfield.

And we are also thrilled to be joined by a Florida football legend who truly knows how to win. He won them all and he had a great place kicker. He could have even won a couple more, right? Bobby will be the first to tell you. Bobby Bowden is an incredible man and an incredible coach and a great leader. Bobby.

(Cheering and Applause)

TRUMP: He looks good. He looks good. A lot of teams would like to have him right now, right?

(Cheering and Applause)

TRUMP: Come on, say something. Come here Bobby.

BOBBY BOWDEN, RETIRED AMERICAN FOOTBALL COACH: Thank you, Don. Thank you all. Thank you all. God, so we have a great crowd. You know what I was thinking a while ago. The most of powerful man in the world. The most of powerful position in the world is the President of the United States.

(Cheering and Applause)

BOWDEN: Also like some of the other folks tonight. I want you to keep your eye on Ron DeSantis as you vote this year. I think he'll do you a great job, and then also, our former governor Rick Scott. Look at them good because I know he wants them, okay? I came to Florida State in 1963 as an assistant coach. You know where my recruiting area was? Right here, baby. Right here. And we've got some great ball players from Pensacola, Florida.

WATTERS: All right, that was President Trump and legendary Florida State college football coach, Bobby Bowden saying some things down there at the rally in the Sunshine State. The Commander in Chief in the middle of a huge campaign blitz making a major push for Republicans before voters head to the polls on Tuesday. Here with reaction, senior advisor to the Trump 2020 campaign, Katrina Pierson; and former White House Communications Director and the author of "Trump the Blue Collar President," Anthony Scaramucci who is wearing a white collar. I think that was a wardrobe malfunction.

SCARAMUCCI: No, it's the closest that the president ever got to a blue collar was a shirt like this, but it has a great tie to look.

WATTERS: Anyway, looking very sharp, so the president down there in Florida and I have to say, he has really left it all out on the field if we are going with the sports analogies and Bobby Bowden, rally after rally after rally and they have history against him, they have a special counsel. 
They have a media against him, if they do not win the House, it's not for a lack of trying and effort on the President's part, Anthony.

SCARAMUCCI: I agree with that and there is a former hedge fund manager named Robert Radano who had the polling right in 2016, is calling for the Republicans to keep the House. So we'll have to see what happens, but he thinks that the way these polls are done today, there is a little bit of the Bradley effect where people are not going to tell you that they are voting for the Republicans but in fact, they are; and then they are not administered right in terms of the anonymity of the polling. So let's see what happens.

But there are people out there that think that they are going to keep the House, and so that would be big.

WATTERS: So your hedge fund buddy, the guy who nailed it in 2016 is saying the same analytics hold true right now, is that there is a silent majority out there who don't necessarily talk to pollsters and they don't express their love for Donald Trump that vociferously, but when they get behind the ballot box - the secret ballot, they're going to crank that lever. 
Katrina, do you agree with that?


WATTERS: So you're saying they are keeping the House.

PIERSON: Anthony is right. I think there is a very good chance that they could keep the House. As you mentioned, the historical context, we have record number of retirements. Everything is against the party this time, but aside from the people who aren't possibly telling the pollsters exactly what they think, there are so many people all across this country. I've been out there, Jesse. They're telling me, "You know, I wasn't on board for President Trump at first, but man, he's doing a good job." There's going to be new supporters for Donald Trump out there and it's good.

WATTERS: So you are saying he's adding new voters from the last time around.

PIERSON: Absolutely. He's absolutely adding voters.

WATTERS: Is that because if you think of the economy? Is that because they've warmed personally to his style? What do you attribute that to? Because you have been out there. I'm holed up in the studio all day. I don't go out in the fields anymore - out on the streets.

PIERSON: I think it's a little bit of both to be honest with you. I think this whole Russia hoax, people see that there has been a huge injustice to this family, not just the president himself. They see innocent bystanders - people that just took a job that are publicly assassinated, their characters, their livelihoods and people at home are seeing this and they don't like it and they see the President is doing a great job with the economy.

His platform - keeping his promises, people aren't used to politicians keeping their promises and fighting back even against their own party when necessary, to accomplish those goals.

WATTERS: Well, I mean, he's been the victim of a huge injustice when you think about Spygate and all of the things like the media that they throw at him, and the Kavanaugh situation reinvigorated that injustice that was served upon that man. Let's listen again to the President who is back behind the lectern and hear what he has to say.

TRUMP: And by the way, you have a very good Attorney General right now, you know that, right? Pam. Is Pam - great. You like Pam, right? Okay, then I like you, Ashley. Good luck. I hear you are doing well. Good luck. Very important position. Your next Agriculture Commissioner Matt Caldwell, Matt? Matt, thank you. Great matt. Thank you. Florida CFO, Jimmy Petronas. Good luck, Jimmy. Good job. Good job, fellas.

And Congressmen that helped me so much. They are always with us. They are always fighting for us and they win, they know how to win, like Bobby. They know how to win. Neil Dunn and Matt Gaetz.

(Cheering and Applause)

TRUMP: Thank you, thanks, Neil, thanks, Matt. Great people. So if you don't want to be saying Speaker Pelosi ...


TRUMP:  ... for the next two years, vote for Neil and Matt. I hear they are doing pretty well, but never assume please go out and vote. They've heard that in this business, right? They are doing well. We don't have to go out and vote, you have that, and then you have suppression. Where they suppress the polls, you don't bother to go out and vote. But that didn't happen with us two years ago, did it. That didn't happen. One of the most of exciting days in political history, but honestly, one of the highest rated nights in the history of television.

A lot of good things happened, but most importantly, what we did is we won, and we won for incredible people in this country. Incredible people. They got what they wanted, and we are producing and we did it together. I didn't do it. We all did it together.

This Tuesday the people of Florida are going to head to the polls to elect an incredible new senator. As your governor, Rick Scott, cut your taxes massively by billions of dollars. Think of it.

WATTERS: Okay, there is President Trump touting Rick Scott, the governor right now who is running against - I think what's this guy? The Democrat Nelson that comes up every six years. He wants to be senator again and then you don't hear from him for another six years. And that's a tight race. That's steady, but Anthony, I wanted to ask you, the President's closing message seems to be beating the immigration drum. But he has the Kavanaugh bounce. He has - ISIS has been annihilated, but the economy - this economy is white hot right now. Wage growth is at record highs. 
There is great paying jobs out there, and we are going to see 3% GDP for the year.

Is the economy what's kind of keeping the blue wave at bay in your opinion?

SCARAMUCCI: Well, I think the economy does do that, but I think what the President is worried about is that there is a complacency with all of that good news and prosperity. One of the reasons why Presidents lose midterm elections is that complacent voters don't go out and vote, Jesse. It's angry voters that are not empowered that rush to vote and that's why he is pressing all of these hot buttons in the last five or six days because he wants to get that base back out there.

And if you look at the early voting total ...

WATTERS: Yes, it's big, right?

SCARAMUCCI: It's off the charts. So he's obviously doing something that's very, very effective and I don't remember President Obama barnstorming like this or George W. Bush barnstorming like this. And so it's a new strategy.

People 50 years from now are going to study what he's doing and politicians have to change their playbook because of Donald Trump.

WATTERS: Yes, I remember Barack Obama staying away from certain campaigns and places.

SCARAMUCCI: Kind of rose garden strategy more than this kind of a strategy.

WATTERS: Yes. Yes. This President is definitely out there in the mud. 
Speaking of Florida, we have this governor's race DeSantis and Gillum and some explosive sting video was released by James O'Keefe at Project Veritas.

One of Gillum - the Democrat candidate's staffers, I don't know how high level or not was caught on tape really saying some nasty things about the voters of Florida. Let's listen.


OMAR SMITH, GILLUM CAMPAIGN STAFFER: You have the extreme right wingers, those are the Trump and the crazy, crazy, crazy, Republicans and the progressives are the crazy, crazy, crazy Democrats.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Isn't Gillum a progressive?

SMITH: Gillum is a progressive.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So Gillum is part of the crazy crazies?

SMITH: He is part of the crazy, crazy, crazy. This is a [bleep] ass state.


SMITH: It's a cracker state.


SMITH: Okay. Ask anybody outside of here, you go across St. Louis and Orlando, man, them crackers are ain't going to let us do that [bleep]. They're crazy.


WATTERS: All right, so this Democratic campaign staffer, he got canned pretty fast because that's unacceptable to be disparaging your own citizens in your own state like that. There's a kind of a pattern, Katrina of Democrats pretending like they are moderate, pretending like they are open minded and then behind the scenes trashing people in a very vitriolic way. 
Are they going to be able to get away with that?

PIERSON: Well, I think we are going to find out, Jesse. But this is exactly the pattern and how socialists and progressives have taken over your parents and grandparents' Democratic Party. You had staffers from multiple campaigns empowered by this group who were talking about how they have to lie to the electorate to get their voters, and in the case of Florida, this wasn't just a paid campaign staffer. This is a man who went to college with Gillum and knew him prior to joining the campaign who calls the white people in this state crackers and admits that they have to lie to them, they have to cover up their support for gun control in order to get people on board, admitted to capitalizing on white guilt to get this support.

So my question as a biracial American, half my family is white, my question to white Democrats is have you even thought what this looks like for you 10 to 20 years down the line?

WATTERS: Right. It's also - you have Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. 
You have Jon Tester in Montana and then Sinema in Arizona. It's these red state senate Democratic candidates that are trying to move to the middle but they are really not like that deep down because they get back to Washington and they vote for crying Chuck.

SCARAMUCCI: But they are also responding to the President. They can't deal with him and so they are lurching back and forth between identity politics, race baiting. Calling other people racists. One of the points in my book is that he stole their blue collar base and he moved it over to the Republican Party. How did he do that? They would be way smarter, Jesse, if they said, "Whoa, whoa. He did that, let's fix that." But they are not willing to admit the mistake that they made over the last 30 years of abandoning what was their core constituency and now that core constituency is showing up at those rallies and they all call them xenophobic, they'll call them nationalistic. They call them deplorable. 
It's not helping them. And so I don't know why they are doing it, but they are getting caught on tape more than once.

WATTERS: So the blue collar base as you write about, and as you were just mentioning, are they going to come out again like they did in 2016 for this President? I know he's not necessarily on the ballot. But these are the people that were inspired by the trade commentary. These are the people that were inspired by immigration. Are those people in the rust belt? Or even in Florida, are they going to come out and vote Republican?

PIERSON: I do think they are going to vote Republican, Jesse because as we mentioned earlier, the President is now talking about immigration out there in all of these rallies because he unlike previous candidates have had a bold agenda, a wide variety of things that he promised to the people. The economy is doing great. He's making progress on trade and now, we have to fix immigration in this country and that's why he's out there campaigning on it. That was the number one issue during the 2016 campaign, he needs to hold the Senate and keep the House to move forward.

WATTERS: So you think he attracted these people in 2016 and he has now successfully held them? And they are now his base and he's not going to let them go?

PIERSON: Absolutely. Absolutely.

WATTERS: Do you agree with it?

SCARAMUCCI: Not only agree with it, I had been at ...

WATTERS: They're not up for grabs.

SCARAMUCCI: I have been doing a lot of campaigning. I was out in Suffolk County with John Lavelle two nights ago. You have union leaders that are sitting there with Republican Party officials voting for Donald J. Trump.

WATTERS: All right. All right, well, blue collar President, we've got blue collar millionaire over here.

SCARAMUCCI: Is it a good inscription or what?

WATTERS: Yes, I like the inscription. Let me - I'm going to read the inscription here. Let's see what it says.

SCARAMUCCI: It's very important.

WATTERS: And I'm not making this up.

SCARAMUCCI: It's "Watters' World" and it's your world, I'm just living in it, so go ahead.

WATTERS: It says, "Jesse, my hero and the American dream. My love, Anthony Scaramucci." Anthony, come on, that's better ...

PIERSON: I love it.

SCARAMUCCI: Come on, that's better than the Christmas ...

WATTERS: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

SCARAMUCCI: That's better than Christmas for you, Jesse. Come on.

WATTERS: All right, how's that. Thank you, guys. Katrina, thank you.

PIERSON: Thanks, Jesse.

WATTERS: All right, coming up next, Eric Carter back from Guatemala and the migrant caravan - a "Watters' World" weekend exclusive with the truth from the ground down there.


TRUMP: And did you see where Homeland Security - you know, they're saying how do you know? How do you know? There's some bad hombres in that group. 
So they came out with a list of 300 really bad ones - really bad ones. 
They're in there and now, they have worse caravans actually, worse caravans being formed and started.

The Democrats only believe in defending the borders of foreign countries.


WATTERS: Bad hombres, that's how President Trump described some members of the migrant caravan, but if you listen to the mainstream media they are all angels fleeing cartel violence, so what is the truth. Joining me now, Fox News contributor and fellow at the Independent Women's Forum, Sara Carter who was recently in Guatemala covering the caravan.

All right, Sara, so you've heard the media describe these people as, you know, good people, women and children. Was that your understanding when you were seeing them face to face?

SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: Unfortunately, no. I mean, there were women and children at the front end. I was in Guatemala. I was there for the second wave that was coming across the Honduran border. So I was right there in a town called Chiquimula, right on the Honduran border as they were moving across and they put the women and children's lives actually in danger.

What these organizers of the caravan would do would put maybe 100 to 200 women and children, and some disabled, some elderly at the front of the group. And then the rest of the group, and this is what I saw with my own eyes were men. I mean, there were roughly 1,400 to 1,500 men behind them. 
They would start pushing against the women and children. The Guatemalan government was telling them, "Please turn around and go back. You will not be allowed into the United States," but as in Europe, Central America has a process by which if you have papers, you can cross through the border system. So they didn't want the women and children to be harmed, so they processed the women and children through.

WATTERS: So it's literally women and children first, but not in a good way.

CARTER: Not in a good way at all.

WATTERS: And so the men are really taking advantage and using the women and children as kind of the tip of the spear.

CARTER: That's absolutely right, Jesse. That's absolutely right.

WATTERS: You talked about the organizers of the caravan, did you get any information on that?

CARTER: Well, according to the intelligence officers that I spoke to on the ground now, I was with Guatemalan intelligence as well as other intelligence officials on the ground. They were informed that a lot of the leftist groups in Honduras, in El Salvador were organizing these caravans. And it appeared to me to be very highly organized because one, I speak Spanish, I know what's going on. There were people within the group that were kind of guiding the other men in the group. Now, imagine...

WATTERS: Right, but what was the purpose of the left wing groups in Central America for organizing the caravan north?

CARTER: Well, they have multiple reasons. One, they want to divide the governments -- conservative governments of Guatemala or Honduras from the United States.

WATTERS: That makes sense.

CARTER: They want to cause a ruckus.

WATTERS: So it is about domestic politics and causing mass mayhem down there internally in order to maybe overturn some current government.

CARTER: Exactly. Exactly.

WATTERS: Is the President speaking about the caravan? Let's listen to the President of the United States who is down in Florida talking about this issue.

TRUMP: You've got to come in legally, folks. You can't come in that way. And by the way, caravan after caravan; and we pay these countries where they are formed -- Honduras and all of them -- we pay them hundreds of millions of dollars and they do nothing for us. They do nothing. They do nothing for us. They had a new one just formed in El Salvador. We pay them a lot - we pay them all, hundreds of millions of dollars, they do nothing.

And did you see Mexico is trying, they are trying and their military and their police stood guard, and the level of viciousness with the rocks being thrown in their face. Their military was hurt. Their police, their law enforcement, they were hurt. We don't put up with that. We don't put up with that. We don't want - we don't want that in our country. We are not going to have it in our country.

They broke through - they give it - they broke through the Mexican military and the Mexican police. They broke through.

WATTERS: Okay, so the President, Sara talking about, we have all seen the images of this, of these young men throwing rocks and bloodying up Mexican law enforcement officials. It seems like kind of a rowdy crew down there. 
It doesn't look like the kind of people that you want to say, "Oh, yes, come on into the country," as they are throwing elbows and rocks at Mexican law enforcement. When you were talking to people down there, what was the criminal element like? Approximately.

CARTER: Well, I did. I did see visibly MS-13 members within the group that I was with. A lot of them were very demanding. They said, "We're going there. We're going to get jobs." They were also talking badly about President Trump. They were saying, "If he doesn't give us jobs, we are coming into the country and demand our rights." And I said, "Well, what would it take for you to return home?" I mean, "You're coming to the United States ..."

WATTERS: Where have I heard that before? It sounds like I've heard that here in the United States.

CARTER: Well, it's our loopholes, Jesse. I mean, look, we have so many loopholes in our system and they know it and they play these loopholes whether it's family units, which we have seen a 40% increase this year in family units.

They know how to play this game, and they are also being taught. So once they get into Mexico and once they start moving through Mexico. Believe me, the drug cartels are watching this as well as the smugglers. Yes, they know it's escape.

WATTERS: Of course, they wouldn't get there without safe passage from the drug cartels. And then they get lawyers down there coaching them on what to say. What the left doesn't understand though is, once if you are a Central American and you come in with a family member, who knows if they are actually a family member, they are minors ...

CARTER: That's right.

WATTERS: You have to stay. They have to let them here in America until their asylum case is heard. And I'm thinking to myself, "You guys want to take that risk?" We don't know who these people are? You've got to vet them in a port of entry like every other person that comes, but for some reason they don't want to get vetted when they are in the Texas border. 
I've got to go, Sara.

CARTER: Well, that's right, that's under the 9th Circuit and this is the reason why.

WATTERS: I know. Another loophole.

CARTER: Yes, another loophole.

WATTERS: We've got to close. We've got to close the border and the loophole, Sara. Great reporting down there, I really appreciate it.

CARTER: Thank you.

WATTERS: All right, next, Maxine Waters in charge of Wall Street? That and other nightmare scenarios if the Democrats take over the House, up next.

EBONI WILLIAMS, CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Live from "America's News Headquarters," I'm Eboni K. Williams. Tallahassee police are saying that this man, 40-year-old Scott Paul Beierle, posed as a customer at a yoga studio and then started shooting people without warning. Two women were killed and at least, five others were injured. Beirle then he turned the gun on himself. Now police are still investigating a possible motive for the deadly attack.

About 100 people gathering in what they are calling a healing service outside of the Pittsburgh synagogue where 11 people were killed a week ago. The 45-minute event featured prayers, songs and poetry. Six other people were injured in the October 27th rampage. It is considered one of the deadliest attacks on Jewish people in US history. Suspect Robert Bowers pleaded not guilty on Thursday to Federal hate crime charges.

WATTERS: With the midterm right around the corner, a blue wave may be creeping up and there is a possibility the Democrats might take control of the House. Here to react, Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, Sean Duffy. All right, Congressman, I heard some sound from your friend Maxine Waters, no relation to myself, and it terrified everybody, especially some people in the business community. Let's listen to what she had to say.


MAXINE WATERS, US CONGRESSWOMAN, CALIFORNIA, DEMOCRAT: I will be the first African-American, the first woman to chair the powerful Financial Services Committee. That's all of Wall Street. That's all the insurance companies. 
That's all the banks.


WATTERS:  Maxine Waters is going to be in charge of policing Wall Street and you say what?

SEAN DUFFY, US CONGRESSMAN, WISCONSIN, REPUBLICAN: She is no Jesse Watters, Jesse. She is - I don't care about her race. I care that she is a socialist. I mean, with the financial services committee, we are the plummet of free enterprise. I mean, we are what makes the economy. Look, this is capital markets, banks and insurance and she is a radical leftist, so she'll be the first socialist to actually chair this committee and they want more rules, they want more regulations.

Some even, Elizabeth Warren said we shouldn't have banks do banking, we should have the post office and the government do it.

WATTERS: Oh boy. Yes because the post office does such a great job delivering mail. The Wall Street fat cats are going to have to grease her big time. They are going to have to send that socialist Maxine so much money to stay out of their business. I don't know. She's just going to be overflowing.

Also, what they want to do, if they take the House, they're going to reinvestigate Kavanaugh and possibly impeach Kavanaugh? What would that look like?

DUFFY: So Jesse, now, though they had - who would-be new chair of the Judiciary Committee, he says, I wants to impeach Judge Kavanaugh. They all want to impeach Donald Trump and the House Republicans, we fought to give more power to the American people, giving them power and control over their money and their lives and their jobs and their business.

Democrats see this winning and because they are socialists, they go, "No, no. We've got to stop the winning. We want to re-empower Washington, and so to do that, they have to distract Donald Trump, to try to destroy Donald Trump and if they do that, and can stop the winning for the American people, they hope that they can win in 2020. This is what this is all about.

WATTERS: Yes, it's true, I mean, you just said the 4.2 GDP growth and you had 3.5 percent GDP grown and the Democrats are saying, "Whoa, whoa. Let's slow this thing down here. This economy is getting too good. We have got to pump the brakes." All right, you mentioned - I think they want to go after the President's taxes. Now, as you know, the President has not released his taxes. I don't think he is going to release his taxes. If the Democrats do take the House back, can they subpoena President Donald Trump's taxes?

DUFFY: They can try, and I think the IRS can try to stop them. But no doubt, they will go down on this road, but just for your viewers, the President doesn't have to release his taxes. Now, many Presidents in the past have released their taxes, but Donald Trump didn't and he's not required to.


DUFFY: So this is again an attack that could distract, but...

WATTERS: And it's going to take so much attention. They are going to throw subpoenas everywhere. And they are not going to be able to get anything done and the media is going to cover it. Taxes, Trump taxes. He is fighting releasing his taxes. It's just gamesmanship. Do you think if they do retake the House that the American people are just going to get sick of all the games? Because if you look at the Democratic platform, it looks like all games.

DUFFY: And they will stop us from giving additional tax cuts to middle class Americans. They will stop us from securing the border and by the way, we had a vote in the House, Jesse. You're talking about the caravan coming north in the last couple of segments, we had a vote in the House that said, you have to be an American citizen to vote in an American election.

All Republicans voted for that, virtually all Democrats voted against, actually having only Americans vote in the American elections...

WATTERS: Wait, slow down for a second. Democrats in the House voted against a bill that said only Americans can vote in an American election?

DUFFY: An American election.

WATTERS: There were no Democrats that voted with you guys.

DUFFY: They voted - no, there was a handful of Democrats that voted yes. But a majority of them voted no or voted present...


DUFFY: Because they are fundamentally opposed to Americans voting in American elections because they've sold out to the open borders radical left, Jesse.

WATTERS: I thought they don't like foreign interference in elections?

DUFFY: Yes, so did I, but...

WATTERS: I mean, isn't that what that's about?

DUFFY: If you have foreign interference that helps them, Jesse, they love it.


WATTERS: I know, you mentioned immigration, wall funding. Is that just completely off the table if the Democrats take the House back?

DUFFY: So what's happened is Republicans in the House, we passed border funding bills. It is going to the Senate because of the funky rules over there. You need Democrats to vote for it so we've been a few votes shy. But if we pick up seats in the Senate and we keep the House, we're going to get the border wall built. But if Democrats take control, that's absolutely off the table and I think you'll have mass chaos at the border.

WATTERS: Last question, I only have 30 seconds, Congressman, if the Democrats do take the House, can you in a lame duck session jam through wall funding while you have about a month and a half in between the new Congress?

DUFFY: Well, we can try, but again, we have to get that through the Senate. There are still nine Senate Democrats that would stop us there, but if we pick up seats and keep the House, that's a real possibility. We can actually get this done. This is not a foregone conclusion, Jesse. We can still win this in the hands of the American people to say no to the radical left.

WATTERS: No, I agree. I agree. Everyone is saying no wave. I agree, we are not going to know until Tuesday night. It's all still...

DUFFY: Let's keep winning, Jesse.

WATTERS: That's right. That's right. We're not sick of it yet. Thank you, Congressman.

DUFFY: We're not sick. Thank you.

WATTERS: All right, coming up, two political analysts on whether the blue wave is actually real. Right back with that.


STEPHEN COLBERT, TALK SHOW HOST: There has been a lot of talk lately about lowering the temperature of political discourse. Have you seen evidence of that?

NANCY PELOSI, HOUSE MINORITY LEADER, DEMOCRAT: I think when we win you will see evidence of that, because when we do win, we will have as we open a new Congress, we will honor the vows of our founders -- E Pluribus Unum -- from many one. It's okay to disagree in the marketplace of ideas, that's exciting, but it is also important to find solutions that unify and not divide. And that's what makes a big difference between Democrats ...


WATTERS: All right, Nancy Pelosi, a little cocky predicting - guaranteeing in fact a Democratic win in the House. This election cycle, the balance of power in Congress could swing either way though. Thirty five Senate seats are up for grabs. Democrats need to win two to retake the Senate and pick up 23 additional seats in the House to get control there.

Here with the key two the races, the Editor at Large for Ballot PD, and pollster at, Scott Rasmussen and senior elections analyst of Real Clear Politics, Sean Trende, which is a great name for a political analyst.

All right, Sean, we've seen wave elections in the past, 1994, 2006 - do you historically - are you getting those signals that you're seeing, a 40, a 50, a 60-seat Democratic wave in the House?

SEAN TRENDE, ELECTIONS ANALYST, REALCLEARPOLITICS: Like they say, there is a reason we hold the elections. So we'll only have to wait about 48 more hours now, but look. You look at the generic ballot, it has Democrats up seven and a half points, and Republicans traditionally do not always over perform it.

You look at enthusiasm. Republicans and Democrats are about equally even enthused right now. You look at party registration. There hasn't been a drop off in Republican Party registration like you usually see in wave years. You just look at the number of factors that you expect to see in a wave year and they don't really line up. Again, I don't know exactly what's going to happen, but something just seems off.

WATTERS: Right, it does seem off because when you have everybody on the left, the media, the Democrats and even Colbert saying, it's a lock, and then that's what they did in 2016, so you're thinking if they were wrong in 2016, could they be wrong again, Scott?

SCOTT RASMUSSEN, EDITOR AT LARGE FOR BALLOT PD: Well, first of all, the 2016 challenge was the analysis. It wasn't really the polling data, just everybody looked at it and said, "This can't be right. There is no way Donald Trump will end up close." Right now, people have been expecting a blue wave for a very long time, and as Sean mentioned, there are some indications that maybe things are a little tighter. What is missing from this entire discussion is a one or two-point swing in the turnout and either direction could have a profound impact. If it swings one or two points towards the Republicans, they could keep the House. If it swings one or two points further into the Democrats favor, we could be looking at a 40-seat win.

WATTERS: That's right. This thing is not guaranteed and as you said, there is a few days left. All right, let's look at these some of these Senate races, Scott. We have Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada - all of these seem very, very tight and a lot of people are predicting the Republicans to do very well in the Senate. How do you see it?

RASMUSSEN: All five of the toss up races in the Senate, it wouldn't shock me if either candidate won any of the races. But when I look at it collectively, Republicans are more likely to pick up seats than to lose. I guess my best guess would be that net a couple, the Republican that I'm - I guess, I would say has the best chance of winning right now is Martha McSally in Arizona, followed by Hawley in Missouri and Braun in Indiana. 
Those last two just because the states are so heavily Republican.

Rick Scott in Florida in a very competitive race, but Florida is always close and it's not a great year to be a Republican campaigning there. Dean Heller in Nevada, he has the toughest fight he has all year. He's the only Republican running in a state - only Republican incumbent running in a state won by Hillary Clinton.

WATTERS: Sean, what do you think? Real quick.

TRENDE: Yes, I see it about the same as Scott. I think the interesting thing is that you have all of these races that are on a knife's edge. They tend to fall altogether in these elections, because of what Scott said. If the polls are just a little bit off, it's make a big difference. It's very possible we could wake up on Wednesday and Republicans haven't moved, but I think it's important to emphasize, we could wake up Wednesday morning and the Republicans have picked up four or five seats in the Senate.  It's that close.

WATTERS: But they can't get to 60, is that right? There is no chance that Republicans are getting to 60 in the Senate because that would change a lot of things? Or am I dreaming?

TRENDE: If they get to 60, I should hang up my spurs and go back to practicing law.

WATTERS: All right, guys, thanks a lot.

RASMUSSEN: Thank you.

WATTERS: One of Judge Kavanaugh's accusers backtracking on her rape claim, said she made the whole thing up. Where is the media coverage on that? 


CHRIS CUOMO, ANCHOR, CNN: This is a very big night for the President of the United States. He is all in on fear and loathing.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, ANCHOR, CNN: President Trump is ratcheting up his anti- immigration rhetoric and using the White House podium to stoke fears and rally Republican voters.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, ANCHOR, CNN: Stoking fear anger and anxiety, President is going to new extremes to rile up white voters in red state America.


WATTERS: Just a few days to go and the liberal media switching into high gear with its verbal attacks against President trump. Joining me now to debate, conservative commentator Rob Smith and liberal commentator, Cathy Areu.

All right, guys, so this is just breaking. One of the women who accused Kavanaugh of rape, her name, Judy Munroe-Leighton. She was just investigated, and it turns out she made the whole thing up and admitted to making the whole thing up and wasted everybody's time. Grassley sent investigators to talk to her and she said, "I did it because I just wanted to draw attention to the issue, and I lied." I don't see the media making any noise about it, Cathy, why do you think that is?

CATHY AREU, LIBERAL COMMENTATOR: Well, I am glad the media is not making any noise because Kavanaugh doesn't need the media to make more noise about these things. So, no let's push it aside, it's over.

WATTERS: Don't you think to be fair, they should go back and they should say, "You know what, this is a woman that came forward with a false rape claim and put it in the context of the entire hearing." Because there were also a lot of other false rape claims, too, remember?
AREU: Some people don't want to hear that, so ...

WATTERS:  ... remember with Avenatti's people.

AREU: But we don't need to hear that.

ROB SMITH, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: But you do need to hear that. They spent so much time on all of these other claims that were out there. Just an onslaught ...

AREU: Which was a waste of time as well.

SMITH:  ... of story after story.  It was a waste of everybody's time.

AREU: It was.


SMITH: But they need to give this accuser backtracking the same amount of time that they gave to all the other accusers.

AREU: Kavanaugh does not need that. No, no. I don't think so. Let it go.

WATTERS: Let it go?

AREU: Absolutely.

WATTERS: Okay, now want to let it go afterwards.

AREU: No, I said Dr. Ford should not have been given so much attention. I thought Kavanaugh should have been just - no, no ...

SMITH: But I think that a lot of people that were unsure ...

AREU: No investigation.

SMITH:  ... a lot of people that were unsure about that in the first place 
that were made to be feel because they weren't sure need this to be out there so that they can feel a little bit more confident and hey, maybe people need to be innocent until proven guilty.

AREU: No, we don't need to divide the country more.

WATTERS: Well, okay, Cathy, speaking of divide in the country ...

AREU: The country doesn't need that. Right, right.

WATTERS: A poll just came out.  Has the national news media done more to divide or unite the country since Trump took office? 64 percent said they are dividers and the same question with Donald Trump and it turns out, the media is viewed as more divisive than Donald Trump by the American people.

SMITH: Absolutelyl.

WATTERS: Isn't that amazing - can you believe that?

SMITH: I can't ...

WATTERS: That's not what the media has been saying.

SMITH: Well, the thing about it is that, the media is drunk on the President. They are drunk on Donald Trump. Anything that they can possibly say to make this administration appear negative or racist or anything like that, they go for it and so often, a lot of the social media platforms, they are used to put together like put forth information that is just not true or that's misreported.

AREU: Trump is drunk off the media and social media. He gets drunk off of them. He gets drunk off everything. Everyone is drunk ...

WATTERS: The whole country is drunk.

SMITH: Everybody is drunk apparently, Jesse.

AREU: And Trump is the one at the very top. Yes, he is leading it.

WATTERS: But what do you make of the fact that the American people after two years of this nonsense and after the media is saying that Trump is the divider-in-chief, they are the ones viewed as the divisive ones.

AREU: Trump is controlling the media.

WATTERS: This is a political poll.

AREU: I know, it's political.

WATTERS: Tis is no a fake news poll.

AREU: I've read that, I know. I know, but Trump is like their puppet and he's pulling the strings. I think Trump is wonderful at controlling the media. He is the President.

SMITH: He doesn't control - the media ...

AREU: The President controls the media.

SMITH: The media has Trump derangement syndrome and I think it is terminal. I think that they want to push out anything that's negative about this person because they know he gets clicks.

AREU: No, he is amazing at driving the message. He is amazing at putting that fear up and then the confidence.

SMITH: Absolutely right.

AREU: He is a master at it.

WATTERS: In just the last week, the media lectured everybody on divisive rhetoric and violence and racism, and then literally a week later, Jane Fonda called Trump Hitler. Alec Baldwin punched someone in the face and then CNN says white men are the biggest threat to America. I mean, do they look in the mirror?

SMITH: Yes, from ...

WATTERS: They don't look in the mirror ...

SMITH: Yes, from an anchor that's partnered with the white men but that's neither here nor there.

AREU: Again, Trump has never said anything that's divisive or negative about minorities.

WATTERS: Well, you know what Cathy, we have got to go. Thank you very much. Coming up, "Last Call." Don't want to miss it.

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