Scalise: Violence isn't the answer to political differences; Mike Rowe on what's great about America

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening and welcome to "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and CNN's New York office, all received what appeared to be pipe bombs in the mail this morning. That news spiked a massive investigation that news sparked a massive investigation to the obvious question, who sent these explosives, and why? None of the devices exploded or harmed anyone.

Details remain sparse but Fox's Trace Gallagher has been covering this story from the very beginning and joins us with the very latest. Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS: And Tucker, a law enforcement source tells us, the choice of pipe bombs and packages is unusual because there's no easy or obvious method of detonation but authorities also say that while these pipe bombs were rudimentary, they appear to be functional and at least one contained projectiles including shards of glass to inflict as much damage as possible.

The FBI says, the packages were mailed in manila envelopes with computer printed address labels and they all had six forever stamps on them, those are stamps that can be used any time regardless of price changes.

And all of the devices had a return address of Florida Congresswoman and former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Sources also tell us there is strong evidence that these attempted attacks are the work of one group or individual. Over the past two days there have been ten reports of suspicious packages, four have been ruled out, one is still being investigated and five have now been confirmed including to the Clintons, the Obamas, billionaire liberal donor George Soros, Former Attorney General Eric Holder and Former CIA Director John Brennan.

Brennan's envelope was delivered to CNN and New York City Police Commissioner James O'Neill says, investigators are reviewing security video to see if they can identify the courier who delivered the CNN package.

Today President Trump condemned what he called acts of political violence but Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said, "President Trump's words ring hollow until he reverses his statements that condone acts of violence."

Of course, the GOP has blamed Democrats for inciting numerous acts of violence against Republicans. The FBI, by the way, warns more packages could be out there, Tucker.

CARLSON: Trace Gallagher, thanks for that. Well, those pipe bombs of course are one of but many examples of attempted and actual political violence we've seen over the past few years. One of the most notable was an attempted massacre at a Congressional baseball practice in the summer of 2017.

Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana was gravely wounded in that shooting. In response to the pipe bomb mailings today he tweeted this quote, "These attempted attacks that have been made are beyond criminal, they are acts of pure terror. Violence and terror have no place in our politics or anywhere else in our society."

Congressman Steve Scalise joins us. Congressman, thanks very much for coming on so what was your first reaction when you saw this news today?

STEVE SCALISE, (R) U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, LOUISIANA: Well Tucker, it's anger you know, this isn't the way that we should expect America to be turning. I mean, you're seeing more and more of this and clearly, you've seen it on both sides. We all need to be calling it out.

Obviously we need to find out what happened and the FBI is in the process of doing it. I feel very confident that our law enforcement officials are ultimately going to find out who did this and if it's one or multiple people, to bring them to justice and do it as swiftly as possible.

CARLSON: So the President condemned these acts and was immediately rebuked by the Democratic Party for condemning the acts not quite enough, what do you make of that?

SCALISE: I thought that was a mistake on their part to criticize the President, you know, I think it was important that the President did come out with this statement the way did strongly.

I heard silence a lot of times when Republicans were under attack from Democrat leaders, we all should be calling this out. When a Republican or Democrat is under attack, first of all we don't even know who did it, we should be trying to find out who did it but we should be criticizing the act, whether it's a Republican or Democrat.

Some people only criticize when it's a Democrat under attack and the media by the way, was under attack too and there's no place for that either.

CARLSON: How do we deescalate this? Things seem to be moving in a direction that's ominous and so what do our leaders need to do in things they have control to pull us back?

SCALISE: I think the most important thing is to get back to what made this country great. Our founders didn't set up some kind of system where everybody had to think the same way. In fact they challenged their government and they wanted a system where individual people can speak their views and even speak out against their government and they put the First Amendment ultimately in the Constitution to ensure that right.

But the difference is, we all have you know our disagreements, you shouldn't ever make those personal and you should never think that violence is a way to settle our political differences. We settle them at the ballot box, we have an election in 13 days, that's where we settle our differences.

Violence is never an answer to somebody's political disagreement with somebody else.

CARLSON: And so why - it's an interesting point you make so you're saying that people feel less free to express their opinions now than they have in previous generations and that's part of the reason, things are so volatile?

SCALISE: Well, you know, when somebody tries to use threats or intimidation, it's like the schoolyard bully you know. If they don't want to confront their own demons, they try to threaten you and scare you away from just living your everyday life and that's not who we are as Americans.

You saw it after September 11th when our very way of life was under attack by people who had a totally different viewpoint of America and what it stands for and we came together as a country and we said, we're not going to back down.

We're not going to change who we are and we shouldn't do it here either but we should be equally vigilant, Republican and Democrat, no matter who is under attack, that it's wrong for whoever did the attack.

Let's find out the details, don't try to deflect blame and try to blame somebody else who had nothing to do with this, let's actually go after the people who did it, that's what we should do and coming together as Americans and again, I mean, it's not about philosophy.

I'm a conservative. I have liberal friends, I have disagreements with them but I don't make it personal and none of us should make it personal, we should want to find out who did it, let's get the facts.

Don't go trying to blame people that had nothing to do with this, let's all be focused on coming together and finding out who did it and bringing them to justice.

CARLSON: Coming from a man who was very close to being murdered for his political beliefs, your words carry weight on that for sure. Congressman, thank you.

SCALISE: Always great to be with you, Tucker.

CARLSON: The massive caravan of migrants moving northward toward our border is growing exponentially, tonight. Now it's more than 14,000 people strong. No nation other than ours is trying to stop them. Why is that? Kris Kobach joins us next.

And we're monitoring the Trump rally underway in Wisconsin, this evening. We'll take you there immediately live if news occurs and it may.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES: - but other people just march right in. It will not happen to us.



CARLSON: Well, the massive migrant Caravan headed for our southern border from Honduras is getting more massive by the day. Reportedly, it is 12,000 to 14,000 people. Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars that American taxpayers hand out to Central American countries and Mexico, no government in the region seems interested at all in stopping the migrants as they move toward Texas.

Once they arrived in Texas cross the Rio Grande River, the group will inevitably be met by Left-wing lawyers who specialized in manipulating our dysfunctional immigration system and they're all but ensured permanent residency in this country if history is any guide and that of course, is the main reason so many of them are coming now.

One of our major political parties strongly supports all of this, that's not speculation, they say it out loud often. Watch.


KAMALA HARRIS, SENATOR (D), CALIFORNIA: We are a country that our strength has always been that we are a tolerant country, that we are welcoming in particular of those people who have fled harm.

BEN CARDIN, SENATOR (D), MARYLAND: People of Central America, many are at risk. If they qualify for asylum, we believe there should be a process in which that case can be heard in a fair manner protecting the individuals.

FOX NEWS ANCHOR: What's the Democratic Party's message about the caravan?

TOM PEREZ, CHAIRMAN, DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE: We are a nation of laws and the laws that are on the books deal with issues of refugee and asylum status and our laws require that people be treated with dignity and given that process.


CARLSON: A nation of laws that must be ignored. Disagree with any of that, by the way? Do you think nations need borders in order to be nations? Did you imagine that as an American citizen, you should have some voice on who comes into our country?

The cable news geniuses have a message for you. Shut up, racist.


RICK WILSON, GOP STRATEGIST: It gets Trump's nativist base very, very excited every day and they look at these people as less than human. They believe that those folks are less than human and they believe that they don't deserve asylum. They believe that you know, the kids in cages was a net benefit for this country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump wants you to know that he hates the same people you hate, if you hate Muslims, if you hate black people, if you hate anyone who lives South of the Rio Grande.


CARLSON: Rick Wilson, for the record, maybe the dumbest person ever to appear on television. Kris Kobach meanwhile, is a Republican, he's running for Governor of Kansas, he does believe in borders and he joins us tonight.

So thanks very much for coming on. I think most people when thinking about immigration, have thought in terms of barriers. How do you strengthen the border? But this appears to be this caravan, a perfect example of what's actually happening, which is people who have no right to be here leveraging our legal system against us.

Something that border walls can't stop.

KRIS KOBACH, GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE, KANSAS: That's exactly right, Tucker. You know, what I think they're attempting to do is, they - you're right as you said in the intro, they're going to be met by all kinds of liberal lawyers and they're going to try to claim asylum and the thing is they have no basis whatsoever for claiming asylum.

They do not face persecution by the government in their home countries which is the essence of asylum but because they under our laws, at least get a hearing, a credible fear hearing and we don't have enough detention beds to detain 14,000 people while they get those hearings, many of them probably will be let go with a slip saying please come back on such-and- such a day.

And they won't come back or they may try to come back and try to fake it through the hearing but it is absurd how they are abusing our asylum system, abusing our laws and they are aided and abetted by the American Left.

CARLSON: Well, so it's a little disingenuous because they can't be held because then it would be you're holding human beings in pens like animals, you racist. They can't be returned to New Mexico because they're not Mexican nationals, they're from Central America and so we don't have a choice under the rules written by the people complaining, that we're inhumane to do anything but let them free.

And so basically they're subverting our law with the assistance of people who solemn-faced are telling us, we just want to obey the law. I mean, it's like Orwellian.

KOBACH: Yes, it is Orwellian and you know, you mentioned earlier the Democrats, how they're talking about this. Let's just think about this, in the ninetieth - this is like the third stage of open border psychosis. In the 90s the Democrats wanted to enforce the law.

Bill Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform Act which is all about enforcement. Then in the 2000s, they were like OK, now we want amnesty, we're not for enforcing the law, we want amnesty.

But now in 2018 they're going beyond that and they're saying we want to bring in more illegal aliens, we're not content with the millions here already. We're for bringing people in from outside of the country who have no basis for coming to the United States.

CARLSON: At some point doesn't this raise questions about what democracy is. I mean, if every poll for 50 years demonstrates that most Americans of both parties want real borders. They want to have a say in who comes and lives here and benefits from our society and consistently, they have no voice at all, then what do you start to wonder about democracy? Maybe it's fake.

KOBACH: You know, the it's quite clear that the political Left in America is not listening to what the people are saying and you're absolutely right, the polls constantly show that Americans don't want to be giving tax payer benefits to illegal aliens.

They don't want Sanctuary cities. We have been rewarding illegal immigration against the will of the American people for too long. This is a problem, we can solve. If you want to stop illegal immigration, stop rewarding illegal immigration, that's one of the most important reasons why I'm running for Governor in Kansas. But the political Left doesn't want to do that.

CARLSON: And if you want to keep people tolerant and pro-immigrant, then let them decide who gets to come here and what they're doing is making people who are basically for immigration, anti-immigration because it's so unreasonable that reasonable people are getting disgusted.

I mean that's - it's - Kris Kobach, thank you for being a consistent and clear voice on this issue, I appreciate it.

KOBACH: My pleasure, thank you.

CARLSON: Immigration of course, was one of the decisive issues and maybe the decisive issue in the last Presidential election. What does the caravan mean if anything for the 2018 midterms, thirteen days from now?

Dana Perino hosts the Daily Briefing, she served as press Secretary for President George W. Bush. She's seen this topic emerge and evolve and she thinks deeply about all this stuff, all the time and she joins us now.

So does this Dana, I mean, I can't exactly tell where this is going or maybe Republicans are overstating its effect or understating, I mean, what effect is this going to have, do you think?

DANA PERINO, HOST, THE DAILY BRIEFING: Well, it's possible that Republicans are overstating this issue and understating health care but the truth, that could also be said for Democrats. That they're overstating healthcare and under reporting on immigration.

Look, I think for - if you just look at the Senate, the red state Democrats that are running for a re-election, this is not good news for them. Claire McCaskill and Joe Donnelly in particular, Missouri in Indiana, these are states that President Trump won by over 20 points.

Immigration was one of their number one issues for those voters so this issue being talked about in the last two weeks before the midterm election, which is very close anyway, that's probably not good news for them. Conventional wisdom in Washington DC would say that it's not good for Republicans to talk about immigration in the way that you and Kris Kobach were just talking about.

However, look at some of the purple states, Dean Heller in Nevada, the incumbent there, the most vulnerable Senate Republican running for re- election, he has opened up a six-point lead in Nevada. Martha McSally in Arizona now has a lead over her opponent there.

So the Democrats really want to focus on and talk about health care and they could be right. On election night, I think that could be the main reason that people come out to vote but this immigration issue with all of these visuals, it's not like it isn't happening.

Getting the word out, Republicans getting the word out could have a difference in these - some of these coin-flip districts as well.

CARLSON: I've always thought that Republicans lied to themselves with the popularity of universal healthcare, people actually want their healthcare taken care of, whether they should or not. But if you're taking that position which is the Democratic position, how do you square that with your immigration views?

Letting in tens of millions or more people who also get that healthcare, doesn't that dilute the promise of the government, I mean how could you make that?

PERINO: Well, they don't - that's not of their concern, that is something that Republicans ought to worry about later on and then they try to fix it and then they're the mean ones that have to deal with it.

I was also thinking about in another way because you talked about reasonable people on immigration, I'd like to say that you know, I would - most people will say, she's probably one of them. I have a real soft spot for refugees, the refugees who are being persecuted by their governments, hounded by their governments.

Basically treated terribly, sometimes kidnapped, sometimes targeted for murder, for their political beliefs, that is not what's happening here.


PERINO: The best way to deal with economic migrants is actually practice capitalism in those countries. That is what's made this country strong. I'm for helping them in way but I feel like Democrats are missing the picture.

I would like to have more refugees, actual refugees be allowed into this country but if you allow economic migrants into the country and they take up those spaces, you're actually hurting the very ideals that we're country was founded on.

CARLSON: This level of lying is making us all cynical, including me. I'm trying to fight it but it's having--

PERINO: You're never cynical.

CARLSON: Yes, I'm trying. Dana, it's great to see you and thank you for your measured and thoughtful analysis as always.

PERINO: See you soon.

CARLSON: Several Russia investigations have failed so far to prove that Trump got elected because of Putin but the Democrats are promising to launch another investigation if they retake Congress.

Alan Dershowitz does not think that's a particularly good plan, he's here next to explain why.

We're also monitoring the President's rally in Wisconsin for news, there may be some. If there is, we'll bring it to you immediately. Here's what the President just said about today's bomb scares across the country. Watch.


TRUMP: Any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on our democracy itself. No nation can succeed that tolerates violence or the threat of violence as a method of political intimidation, coercion or control. We all know that.

Such conduct must be fiercely opposed and firmly prosecuted. We want all sides to come together in peace and harmony. We can do it. We can do it.


CARLSON: After two full years and several separate investigations have so far failed to prove that Russia 'hacked our election.' Democrats are pledging still another Russia probe if they retake the House of Representatives. But that's not their only goal. The vast majority of Democratic voters according to opinion polling say, they want the Democrats to impeach the President, if they retake the Congress.

Alan Dershowitz is an emeritus professor at Harvard Law School and the author of the case against impeaching Trump and he joins us tonight. Professor, do you think that we need another Russia probe?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, EMERITUS LAW PROFESSOR, HARVARD LAW SCHOOL: No, I don't think we do. I think, we'll learn a lot from the report that Mueller will release. If we did need a probe, it should be a nonpartisan 9/11 type of objective probe. The last thing we need is a partisan probe that's - whose purpose it is to demonize the other party and to try to gain partisan advantage.

That's not what the American public needs and I think the Democrats will shoot themselves in the foot if they fritter away their power as a check- and-balance if they do regain the house by looking to the past instead of looking to the future.

CARLSON: So that kind of is the question actually, do you get partisan advantage even by talking about Russia? Well, presumably if you're a Democrat, there's lots of things you disagree with that Trump believes, why not argue about those, why still Russia?

DERSHOWITZ: It's ridiculous I think and I do think that in the end, they would get short term partisan advantage but in the end, I think, the long term disadvantages would be obvious. We saw that happen when Clinton, Bill Clinton was impeached, it turned a very negative on the Republicans.

And I think, even those who participated in the impeachment now regret that and I think that the Democrats should learn the lesson. If they are fortunate enough to regain the House, they should use that as a way of checking and balancing and exercising their constitutional authority.

Trying to work with the Republicans and come up with some compromise programs that won't satisfy anybody 100% but that's the nature of a divided government. You come up with compromises. Think back to the days you know, when Ted Kennedy would work so closely with McCain and others.

I think we need to see that happening again and if the Democrats regain control and they're smart, they will try to reach out to moderate Republicans and try to come up with some programs that help the American public rather than just achieve short-term partisan results.

CARLSON: The impeachment talk strikes me as strange. I mean, you're the constitutional scholar here, obviously. But my understanding is you need three quarters of the Senate to vote for conviction in order to remove a President with impeachment.

That's not going to happen so given that it's not going to happen why are they considering it?

DERSHOWITZ: Well, for the same reason that they consider it with Bill Clinton, the House could conceivably get a majority to impeach, it's very easy to impeach. It's not easy to impeach constitutionally but the House can act unconstitutionally.

Maxine Waters has already said the criteria for impeachment is anything the House wants, she wants to impeach not only President Trump but Vice President Pence as well. It would just be a show trial and they might get enough votes, I don't think they will.

I think there'd be enough sensible Democrats to understand that this would not be a positive thing for the Democratic Party. Certainly the leading up to 2020 and as soon as the midterms are over, 2020 begins and I think it would be a way of frittering away the advantage the Democrats have gotten by taking over the House.

And also even the talk of it now hurts their chances of winning the House. I don't think Americans want to vote for an impeachment, I don't think they want to vote for more investigations of Russia. I think they want to vote for candidates who will move the country forward.

CARLSON: And you see it in the polling even, the Democrats who are doing unexpectedly well are talking about health insurance you know, healthcare questions you know, actual economic matters. This is an obvious nonpartisan point that you're making, I'm agreeing with you.

Why is it not obvious to Democratic leaders?

DERSHOWITZ: Well, I think it is obvious to some Democratic leaders, the problem is the leaders today don't have control over the party because the successes have come from young radicals who are winning small elections in obscure places that don't represent what Americans really think.

I think most Americans are centrists and the movement to the Left of the Democratic Party does not represent the mainstream of the Democratic Party and I would hope the leaders would recognize that.

The same thing is true of Republicans. The extreme, extreme Right wing which is winning in a few places doesn't represent the core of the Republican Party. I think the Americans benefit when both parties move to the middle, when there are great debates between conservatives and liberals, that's the where the debate should happen, instead of screaming matches between the radicals on the Left and the radicals on the Right.

That's not the America that made us great.

CARLSON: Professor Alan Dershowitz, great to see you tonight, thank you for that.

DERSHOWITZ: Thank you.

CARLSON: Well, before the recent re-emergence of identity politics in this country, candidates were typically held to account if they were say, caught taking bribes or burning flags not so much anymore. Two prominent Democrats, both accused of those things that are still polling at the same level or better than they were previously.

That's because identity politics has shifted the burden for politicians rather than campaigning on results and substance and issues and ideas, they seem to make appeals to what you look like, who your ancestors were.

That's a topic that's addressed in great detail in a new book called Ship of fools available for purchase on


CARLSON: Well, the creepy porn lawyer certainly has lived a glamorous life it turns out. During the few waking moments, he hasn't spent on cable television, he has raced cars with a Saudi prince, he's flown private to visit 5-star hotels in the French Riviera.

He once owned a seven-million-dollar home in Southern California. It's good being the creepy porn lawyer but with a first name like Creepy, it's no surprise that Mr. Porn lawyer financed that lifestyle in part by simply refusing to pay the money he owed other people.

According to an extensive and fascinating report in The Daily Beast, CPL and his businesses have millions of dollars in unpaid state and federal taxes. Earlier this year creepy porn lawyer's law firm was ordered to pay $10 million dollars to a former partner whom he apparently stiffed on profits from the firm.

The firm did not pay up so today the creepy porn lawyer was hit with the personal judgment of $4.8 million dollars. Not even the creepy porn lawyer's landlords are getting a cut of that though. In a court in Santa Ana California convicted his law firm, evicted rather the law firm from its offices for simply skipping four months of rent.

Nobody from the firm even bothered to show up at the hearing, maybe that would have been different if the hearing had been held inside a CNN news studio.

Well, rising stars of the Democratic Party have been the subject of seemingly endless fawning media coverage. When we say fawning we mean fawning treacly. Now two candidates running in competitive races in Florida and in Georgia are consumed with pretty serious scandals, that's something you probably didn't read about in the latest gushing magazine profile of them. We'll bring you up to date anyway.

Consider first, the case of Andrew Gilliam, he's the socialist Democrat running for Governor of Florida. He was the mayor of Tallahassee. He was confronted about free gifts he received while he was Mayor during a debate, last night in Florida. Watch this.


RON DESANTIS, (R) U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, FLORIDA: You went to a Broadway show with an undercover FBI agent, you went to Costa Rica with the same lobbyist and guess what happened?

The lobbyists that wined and dined Andrew, they got a $2 million grant.

ANDREW GILLUM, (D) U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, FLORIDA: My wife and I take vacations and we pay for our own vacations. I didn't get anything in life for free.

DESANTIS: Did you pay for Hamilton?

GILLUM: Then he ought to check himself.

DESANTIS: Well, Andrew, did you pay for the trip?

GILLUM: You took your time, I will take mine.

DESANTIS: Because you won't answer the question.

GILLUM: I will take mine.

DESANTIS: The question is did you pay for the Hamilton ticket or did the undercover FBI agent pay for the Hamilton ticket? Did you pay to stay in the villa in Costa Rica, where are the receipts. You have not proven that you paid for anything and that's the problem.

GILLUM: So here's the direct answer. I don't take free trips from anybody. I'm a hardworking person I know that may not fit your description of what you think people like me do but I worked hard for everything that I've gotten.


CARLSON: Your description of what people like me do. OK, but what about the undercover FBI agent and did he give you free tickets to Hamilton or didn't he? Well, Gilliam explained that asking questions about FBI bribery investigations is needless to say you know, the answer racism.

Many Florida voters seem to agree with that, they're at least unbothered by the corruption allegations. Gilliam leads tonight by nearly six points in the Real Clear Politics polling averages.

Meanwhile in Georgia and the governor's race there, another Democratic all- star Stacey Abrams admits to burning the U.S. flag - the flag of the state of Georgia. Watch.


STACEY ABRAMS, (D) U.S. REPRESENTATIVE, GEORGIA: 26 years ago as a college freshman, I along with many other Georgians including the Governor of Georgia were deeply disturbed by the racial divisiveness that was embedded in the state flag with that Confederate symbol. I took an action of peaceful protest.


CARLSON: So you didn't like the flag, just burn it. Well in the current era of political harassment, it should be no surprise that Democrats like Abrams are unashamed of their radical past. She openly admits she once opposed among other things free markets. Here she is.


ABRAMS: We can educate bold and ambitious children but our fundamental responsibility is to take care of the least of these. Especially the least of these are working families who only want a little bit of access to healthcare. And I'm sick and tired of hearing about the free market being the solution to this problem.


CARLSON: Well, there was a time like about 25 minutes ago, that burning flags and attacking markets would be enough to sink a candidate in Georgia but not this year. Two years of anti-Trump fever on the Left has encouraged increasing radicalism in the candidates and that's why Abrams seems OK even with illegal immigrant voters. Watch.


ABRAMS: Blue wave is African-American. It's White, it's Latino, it's Asian- Pacific islander, it is law enforcement, it is veteran, it is made up of those who have been told that they are not worthy of being here. It comprises of those who are documented and undocumented.


CARLSON: So the undocumented are now participating in our elections. Federal crime, whatever. Lisa Boothe is a senior fellow at Independent Women's Voice and she joins us tonight.


CARLSON: Thanks Lisa for coming on so the Gilliam race seems interesting, especially interesting because there's this addition of apparently an FBI corruption investigation in the middle of it. Is that - what is that, exactly?

BOOTHE: Well, there's actually two investigations so there's a State investigation into some trips that Andrew Gilliam took and then there's also this FBI investigation.

But the reason why all this has come into the fold in the media as of late, is there's this document dump of about a hundred and fifty pages basically showing that Andrew Gilliam has been lying about accepting these a Broadway tickets to Hamilton which he had accepted from an undercover FBI agent.

And that's what these documents demonstrate is that he did knowingly take this ticket from a guy named Mike Miller who was the undercover agent, who he thought was you know, a business guy who was looking to do a deal with his city, when he was Mayor.

So that's what we know now and then we also--

CARLSON: OK but wait, I just want to point out just to warn our viewers that Andrew Gillum has explained it's racist to bring that up.

BOOTHE: Well, right and if you would look at our very you know storied history in the country of people of all different races coming under fire and investigations for corruption you know, it knows - corruption knows no race here.

So I think this is sort of an excuse he's trying to use and look he's - with the big problem with the FBI investigation if he's saying that he's not a target but we honestly don't really know that and if you look at one of his close friends, this long-time lobbyist Corey Adam.

He is at the centre of the FBI investigation and so is one of his businesses or a couple of his businesses and one of them which at our - Gilliam was on the City Commission that you know voted to approve the deal.

CARLSON: So one of the reasons that we're all so upset here in Washington about Russia hacking our election is that foreign nationals aren't supposed to be influencing our political process. Period.

It's actually against the law at a federal level. Stacey Abrams is saying she wants undocumented as part of this process. Has she explained what she meant? Does anyone care?

BOOTHE: Well, the problem is, I mean, look Democrats keep trying to say that they're not the party of open borders but all you have to do is go back to you know, a speech that was released with WikiLeaks with Hillary Clinton in 2013, talking about her desire for open borders.

You have people like Keith Ellison walking around with shirts saying that he supports open borders so it would not be a surprise that this is sort of the you know - would not be a surprise that Stacey Abrams would be trying to say something like this.

CARLSON: Yes, it's just there's a difference between saying open the borders and then saying that people here illegally should be playing a role in our political process, that's reserved for citizens, I thought.

BOOTHE: It is Tucker, but also remember the fact that Hillary Clinton gave a voice to undocumented illegal immigrants during the DNC convention so does it really surprise you that much?

CARLSON: No, it doesn't at all and that's where this has always been going, of course. You're absolutely right but it's still surprising. Anyway. Lisa Boothe, thank you for those updates, we appreciate them every time.

BOOTHE: Thanks Tucker.

CARLSON: Well most of the news is bad news as you know, it's the first thing we thought we saw in the newspaper this morning. That's why we're so grateful that Mike Rowe here because he says we are overlooking a lot of good news and he's here to talk about what that news is and that's next.

Plus, we're monitoring the Trump rally in the state of Wisconsin, we'll take you there live. If news occurs, good or bad, stay tuned.


CARLSON: Well, if you spent the day marinating in news as we do, you probably concluded that it's over. The economy is tanking, the country's disintegrating, the sky is falling but we know that's not true and so there's one man we could think of to remind us of the upside of America.

Man who knows his country very well. Former Dirty Jobs hoes Mike Rowe and he joins us tonight. Mike, we sent out a distress call to you this morning, we broke the glass in case of emergency literally on our call. We got to get Mike Rowe to remind us what's so great about this country we share.

MIKE ROWE, TV AND PODCAST HOST: Dogs and cats living together. What's going to become of this? Your producer's hysterical. Kelly sent me the email. She was like, we're just - do you have any good news going on in your life?

I'm like, what are you talking about? She said, anything.

CARLSON: Yes, I knew you would.

ROWE: Like what do you got?

CARLSON: Exactly.

ROWE: I'm like, well, you know, I got this show called 'Returning the Favor' that has absolutely steeped me in bloody do-gooderism for the last year and a half. I spend my weeks, now I'm not kidding you, I know you know this but I'm literally - I fly all around the country, meeting people who are slightly better than you and me, figuring out what makes them tick, giving them a surprise to allow them to continue doing whatever altruistic thing they've been doing, that makes me feel small and then look huge.

And they cry and we laugh and then I go to the next place and it's the feel-good hit of the summer. It's got 300 million views and it's so - it's warped me so badly and turned me into such an absurd Pollyanna that I literally have to come home and put on cable news in order to feel regular again.

It's completely backwards for me.

CARLSON: So it just sounds like the greatest job ever and the greatest show ever so what have you learned about Americans in doing it?

ROWE: Same thing I learned on Dirty Jobs, we - look, fundamentally we're still united more than we're divided, you're not going to find it in your newsfeed and you're not going to find it on cable unfortunately.

But work you know, the work that we do, the stuff we do for money, you know Dirty Jobs is still on it's been out 15 years, never once do you hear the words Republican, Democrat, ISIS, riot.

You might hear hurricane if we're down doing a clean-up or something but nobody talks about any of that stuff in real life and on 'Returning the Favor,' it's the same thing. Oh my God, that's my baby picture, that's so weird.

We essentially highlight decency the same way we used to highlight work. It was really just an experiment. We wanted to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the country still was full of people who woke up and went out to make their community a better place.

And now my newsfeed, I'm not kidding it is literally overrun with people saying you got to meet my brother, my uncle, my cousin, my sister, my mom, you got to meet my neighbor, wait till you see what they do.

So look, for what it's worth, we're going to be OK and if we had social media back in the day, I mean pick your favorite century. If we were reporting on the state of things today, the way they existed once upon a time, it'd be enough to depress a hyena.

Are you kidding me? We're living - this is the absolute best time to be alive ever. Any food you want can be delivered to your door, you can fly across the country in a steel tube, any song you want, all the information in the world is right here, it's accessible.

It's not as bad as you think.

CARLSON: So the one question I have and the one worry that I have is related to it. I've always loved about America that Americans are kind to strangers. Are they still?

ROWE: Yes, yes, they are but it's not news, it's not headline news you know, man holds door for women weighed down with bags. That - no. Look, manners is maybe back on its heels a little bit.

I mean, I don't know why people don't stand anymore when women walk in the room but these are little things. Fundamentally, fundamentally, I don't think - I think we're the same basic species, we've always been.

Look, just 20 minutes ago, I narrated the foreword to my mom's book, my mom at 80 years of age has written a book about optimism and it's literally flying off the shelves. I'm so proud of her because two weeks ago on Barnes & Noble, 'Fear,' Bob Woodward's book was number one.

She actually eclipsed it for a couple of hours. For a couple of hours hope trumped fear.

CARLSON: I know that feeling. Mike Rowe, you have cheered us up as always as we knew you would and we're grateful for it.

ROWE: I'm here to help Tucker.

CARLSON: Whenever you get bored, please come back on because we need it, thank you.

ROWE: I'm going to bring my mother, next time and you're going to love her, I promise.

CARLSON: Done. I can't wait, thanks man, see you and now back to the rest of the news. Breaking news on those pipe bombs mailed across the country, we'll bring you the latest when we return.


CARLSON: Packages that apparently contained pipe bombs were delivered to the Clintons and the Obamas this morning; a separate package was sent to CNN. The Federalist Mollie Hemingway has been following the story since the beginning and she joins us tonight.

So, Mollie, we've been keeping coverage of the story, and a lot of us are losing track of what we know and what we don't know. So please bring us up to speed on it.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, SENIOR EDITOR, THE FEDERALIST: Well, I sure think most of us don't really have any information at all. We know that there were packages that were sent to people and we know that they had devices that appeared to look like bombs, and that's about all we know.


HEMINGWAY: And so, it's been interesting that there's been so much discussion of what this means and the significance and the motivation.


HEMINGWAY: And we actually don't have any information about that at all except knowing who they were sent to thus far.

CARLSON: So the application was, on the other channels I was watching this afternoon, that the President sent these.


CARLSON: We don't know that is what you're saying.

HEMINGWAY: Yes, there has been a lot of blame being placed literally on President Trump and with no reason, literally no reason. We do not know who did this, if it was an individual or group of individuals. We don't know their political motivations other than that their targets were these Democrats, but we don't know what the meaning was behind the targeting of these people.

We don't even know if it was an American citizen--


HEMINGWAY: --or a rogue actor from a different country. So we need to find out who was involved and if it was an individual or it was group of individuals and what they were trying to accomplish, and that would be good to do before we place blame.

CARLSON: It would seem that way, because - here's what we know, the packages were threatening, whether they posed actual threat or not we are not sure.

HEMINGWAY: Right. They were made to appear as bombs, but they were not.

CARLSON: They were sent to Democrats exclusively, as at this point it seems that way. But to assign blame when we don't know who's to blame is corrosive, is it not?

HEMINGWAY: I think it's wrong always to assign blame for -- people are responsible for their own actions. And even if other people have done things that they find insightful, people are responsible for their own actions. There's no consistency on this though.

A couple of weeks ago, when ricin was sent to the Pentagon and The White House, I don't think CNN said we did it, you know, we did it because we attack Trump all day every day, and they shouldn't have because they weren't responsible.

CARLSON: So they didn't do it.

HEMINGWAY: The individual who did it was responsible.

CARLSON: Thank you for -- Steve Scalise said that (inaudible). Mollie, thank you.

We have got Fox News alert for you, a postal facility in south Los Angeles has been evacuated tonight. Workers discovered suspicious package addressed to Congressman Maxine Waters. KTTV Fox Los Angeles Bill Melugin joins us from outside that complex. Bill, what do you know?

BILL MELUGIN, REPORTER, FOX 11 LOS ANGELES: Yes, Tucker, good evening. What we know is very limited so far, but what I can tell you is that earlier this afternoon, our newsroom got some phone calls from employees here at this postal facility telling us they were being evacuated because of a suspicious package that was found here that was addressed to Maxine Waters.

Now, let me give you a live look at the scene right here. LAPD's bomb squad is on scene right here. We understand they have the robot out, and from people watching our chopper cam, I understand some of the bomb technicians have gone inside to take X-rays of this device, which is still inside of the building.

Now, we've been talking to some of these employees leaving the facility. Some of them are very confused about what's going on here. Some of them are telling us they weren't evacuated. Others telling us they were.

But they all know that this package did in fact have Maxine Waters name on it. One telling us that she believes that the package had very similar markings and ID stuff on it, just like the other packages that were found throughout the day.

Now, this would be the second package found today addressed to Maxine Waters. This would be, if it's confirmed that it is some sort of explosive device, this would be I believe the seventh bomb.

So right now, LAPD's bomb tech's on scene here investigating. Again, a second package addressed to Maxine Waters here in South LA. We will send it back to you guys.

CARLSON: Bill, appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Our hour is over. We'll be back tomorrow at 8:00, we are the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. Good night from Washington. Sean Hannity is next live from New York City.

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