Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Dog Daze

The first dog was billed as a big news story by other media outlets today. One of our competitors actually called it a "major event for this White House," and they weren't joking. Bo was officially unveiled this afternoon, and the build-up was just gripping.

On Monday Newsweek reporter Katie Connolly declared: "Only one more night to hold your (doggy) breath." The Washington Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia said: "Bo's a handsome little guy. Well suited for formal occasions at the White House, he's got tuxedo-black fur, with a white chest, white paws and a rakish white goatee." U.S. News and World Report even published its top 10 things to know about Bo.

In all of this Bo hysteria, some are unhappy that the president broke a campaign promise to adopt a dog from a shelter. That pledge the White House claims was complicated by the fact that the Obama girls needed a breed of dog that would not aggravate their allergies.

However, Antonia Kwalick, an official at the Infinite Hope rescue group easily found a Portuguese water dog, the same breed as BO, at a northern Virginia shelter – adding, "I am really disappointed."

Selective Memory?

President Obama's nominee for Health and Human Services secretary has greatly understated political donations she received from a controversial abortion doctor. Kansas Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius told the Senate Finance Committee she received about $12,500 from George Tiller, one of the nation's few late-term abortion providers.

But records indicate Tiller gave $23,000 more to Sebelius' Political Action Committee. The HHS department calls the omission an oversight.

It was the second time that Sebelius has had to explain her finances. She was forced to pay more than $7,000 in back taxes to fix improper deductions. Sebelius has yet to be confirmed by the full Senate.

Forgetting Someone?

Jay Leno asked Senator John McCain Monday who was leading the Republican Party. McCain said: "Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty, (Jim) Juntsman, (Mitt) Romney, Charlie Crist. There's a lot of governors out there who are young and dynamic." Adding, "I've left out somebody's name and I'm going to hear about it."

That somebody is McCain's former running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. And some of her supporters are not happy about the snub. One blogger on a Palin support Web site TeamSarah.org says: "Sarah saved his political career from total humiliation, and this is the thanks she gets from him?"

Lost in Translation

A State Department investigation has uncovered serious flaws at voice of America's Persian division which broadcasts to Iran. The Washington Times says the report found that none of the network's executive producers speaks Farsi, meaning content is aired without proper screening. So, no one in management can understand what's being broadcast. The report says that is, "the source of confusion and sometimes conflict," which results in, "a perception of cronyism... the operation of cliques, and the hiring and rewarding of unqualified people."

VOA's director says it will implement the investigation's recommendations.

— FOX News Channel's Zachary Kenworthy contributed to this report.