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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing? Get on your feet! Get on your feet!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Eyes straight to the front!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right here, right now.

GENE SIMMONS, ROCK STAR: I think you got my hair, though. Ow, ow, sir. Ow, ow, sir.


SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: That was a clip from season two of Gene Simmons' "Family Jewels," airing Sundays on the A&E network. The legendary KISS rock star recently traveled to Camp Pendleton in California to tape a very special performance for the troops. And joining us now with his dark glasses — what's with the dark glasses? Very cool.

SIMMONS: Well, let me tell you. You guys have your shtick. I've got mine. You know, I've got some self-esteem issues, which is why I can't let you look into my pretty eyes.

HANNITY: All right. I've watched your show on two occasions.

SIMMONS: ... inspired to do it.

HANNITY: I watched the one where you were, you know, having KISS snowboards made up. And you were — by the way, you need skiing lessons. So I watched the show. And I say this as somebody who's interviewed you. Your ego cannot be that huge.

SIMMONS: Thank you.

HANNITY: Is everything about you…

SIMMONS: Is that true? Yes. I'm actually...

HANNITY: You are that egotistical?

SIMMONS: Of course. I want to be you when I grow up.

HANNITY: No, no. That's a cute line.

SIMMONS: Hannity — it's not America, it's "Hannity's America."

HANNITY: That's right.

SIMMONS: I want to be you when I grow up.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: That's not the America I live in.

SIMMONS: I thought I lived in the United States of America. I didn't realize I lived in "Hannity's America."

HANNITY: Well, Hannity's opinion in America. Look, I like what you're doing. I like the fact that you're stepping up for the troops. This is probably...

SIMMONS: Thank God!

HANNITY: No, no. I think it's important. Tell us about what happened at Camp Pendleton.

SIMMONS: Well, in all seriousness, my daughter wrote a term paper for the school. She's 14, by the way. And you know, I had some issues with books. Books take you so far. Camp Pendleton is just about an hour and a half, two hours outside of L.A.

So I took my daughter and we went to the V.A. hospital there. There are vets of Korea, Vietnam and the Iraqi conflict. We met real live living heroes. I was so moved. It's going to be a one-hour special on A&E Sunday nights. My daughter and I went through basic training, just two days' worth. Let me tell you something...

HANNITY: It's brutal.

SIMMONS: It is brutal. You have to respect — forget about the fact that our troops, men and women alike, aren't paid money. They don't get famous. I mean, this is something that really touched me personally. I don't care what side of the spectrum you're on. Everybody agrees these are the finest young people on the face of the planet.

HANNITY: I want to tell you, I had similar experiences, Gene, when I met these kids at Walter Reed, when I've seen these kids and met them in Bethesda. And these kids had their legs blown off. And their patriotism and their courage and their strength is inspiring. When I went to Iraq it was a similar story here.

I'm glad to hear you say it, because you and I have so much we disagree on. You know, the fact that you brag about sleeping with 5,000 women absolutely drives me insane, because I think that's highly selfish. So I was thinking maybe you're maturing in your older age, and maybe you're turning over a new leaf here.

SIMMONS: I told you, when I grow up I want to be you. But I have to say that there is room for hope. And you two guys are proof positive that on both sides of the aisle there can be unity and peace.

COLMES: Not really. You call this unity and peace here? Come on, Gene, what are you talking about?

SIMMONS: Hannity and Colmes, you guys actually like each other.

COLMES: You have no idea. You have no idea. You see this invisible wire between us, the electrifying wire. You can't see it on the camera. Look, Gene.

SIMMONS: What you have that's lacking in the American system is sane discourse. You can agree to disagree, and you go back and forth. What there isn't is personal tainting that goes on.

COLMES: It's not personal animosity here. Look, Gene, let me ask you this. First of all, I love your work. And I love what you're doing for the troops. I’m a big fan of KISS. When are they getting back together?

SIMMONS: Well, KISS has never gone away. This summer we're doing four shows, some outdoor shows for 50,000 people or so. But we're so happy — by the way, right now I'm in Toronto, launching our new NGTV.com site, which you should check out by simply logging on to NGTV.com.

COLMES: Here's the thing. Your TV show, which of course is a big hit, you make a big fact. You and Shannon are unmarried for 20 years. Why not tie the knot?

SIMMONS: It's actually 24 years. Here's the problem with marriage...

COLMES: Just kidding.

SIMMONS: I am. I believe in full disclosure before the fact, in business, in politics, especially in relationships. The problem with marriages, as I see it, is men and women never actually tell each other what they want and/or expect from each other were they to, God forbid, get divorced.

Full disclosure before the fact. Before I decided to spend a week, a year, or anything with Shannon Tweed, the mother of my children, I said, “These are my rules.” If we don't agree to it, let's agree to disagree and split. Sort of nobody gets hurt. Instead of lovers, we...

HANNITY: We've got to run, Gene. And I'm hoping you're turning over a new leaf. And you should be faithful to her and only her.

COLMES: You are, right?

HANNITY: It would be good for you.

SIMMONS: Yes, Mr. Hannity.

HANNITY: Yes, sir. That's "Hannity's America." Thank you for being with us.

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