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JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Juan Williams along with Katie Pavlich, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, and Greg Gutfeld. Yes, him. It's 5 o'clock in New York City, this is “The Five.”

The first impeachment witness appearing on Capitol Hill today, it comes as President Trump and Joe Biden continued to attack each other over Ukraine. Here's the latest. Former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker testifying behind closed doors. Meanwhile, House intelligence chair, Adam Schiff, saying he's facing new scrutiny after it was revealed that whistleblower -- the whistleblower had contact with the House Intelligence Committee before filing the complaint. Now, here's the president's latest attack on Schiff and Biden.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Schiff has now been proven to be a liar. We've known it for three years because they've been trying to impeach for three years. He's a stone-cold liar. If they were honest about it they've start a major investigations into the Biden's. By the way, likewise, China should start an investigation into the Biden's, because what happened to China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine.


WILLIAMS: Biden is fighting back against Trump's attacks, but raising new questions by admitting he talked to his son about Ukraine.


JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: Mr. Trump (INAUDIBLE), this special interest funding his attacks against me. I'm not going anywhere. They're not going to destroy me. They're not going to destroy my family.

I talked to my son. We've communicated. He lives out in California. We communicated a couple times. But, look, there's zero, zero, zero, zero evidence of any assertion being made.


WILLIAMS: And other Democrats are going after Trump as well, claiming the president is scared of impeachment.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think the president knows the argument that can be made against him and he's scared.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He also -- is actually, obviously, motivated by fear.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Clearly, he's afraid for the public to see either one of those things.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He's afraid of just how badly he may be beaten in November.


WILLIAMS: Dana, I was, you know, struck that the president, you know, people saying, oh, you shouldn't have called and talked to the Ukrainian president about getting dirt on Joe Biden. Today, he says just out loud, yeah, China, I'd like you to go get some dirt.

DANA PERINO, HOST: Yeah, he's saying the quiet part out loud and it's different. Basically, he's saying, OK, American people, you decide if this is wrong. Now, some Democrats will say, well, there's a law and the law says you can't do this. But then, President Trump is saying, well, there's laws against corruption as well. So, he's just basically putting it out there. I don't think he's afraid. I think that's a talking point. You can always tell when the bat phone, the bat signal has gone out with the -- everybody say the word afraid today and you'll get a gold star in your chart at the end of the day.

The thing about Schiff having the whistleblower complaint before, it does - - I think for Nancy Pelosi, her deputizing him to be basically the spokesperson on this is not a clear-cut win for her, because he want made up -- the parity of the phone call that he led the serious hearing with is -- just keeps coming up over and over again. And then there's this question of why weren't you completely forthcoming?

Now, I think they have a good point that they can say, well, the White House had the heads-up about the whistleblower account because the CIA had gone to the White House lawyers first of all before they went to the Justice Department.

So that gets a little bit more complicated. But I think Schiff as the spokesperson for this is not necessarily great for Nancy Pelosi, but I don't think she has any other good options. She's probably going to have to drive this train herself.

WILLIAMS: All right. So, Jesse, the question that Dana raise is, I think, is one on a lot of people's minds. So, is this wrong or is it illegal? We know today that the chairman -- chairwoman, I should say, of the federal election commission, Ellen Weintraub, said -- re-tweeted that you can't do this, that it's illegal to ask another country for help, anything of value in terms of getting dirt on a political opponent.

Our senior judicial analyst, Judge Napolitano, he wrote -- he said, you know, just the summary of the phone call with the President Zelensky of Ukraine shows, and I'm quoting here, criminal and impeachable behavior.

JESSE WATTERS, HOST: I respectfully disagree with Judge Napolitano. And I would like to hold up another treaty.


WATTERS: This is a treaty we have signed in 2000 with China for corruption and criminal things that we can ask them about, and we can pull documents from. And just because Joe Biden happens to be running against the president doesn't make him above the law, OK? He could drop out tomorrow and then Trump could ask China? Get out of here. You're saying the U.S. government and the Chinese government and the Ukrainian government can't ask questions about the Biden family because he's a politician? It's crazy.

So, I believe that Trump's -- any sort of FEC violation. Also, it boils down to this, Trump is draining the swamp and that's what the Democrats want him impeach him for. And they care more about him fingering their corruption than the actual corrupt acts themselves. And he's going to swing for the fences like you've said. He's going to double down and do this right out in the sunlight, and he's going to say why are you trying to impeach me? Let the Americans vote on this.

Now, the Chinese thing also uncovered some interesting facts about Hunter, because Hunter is in business with John Kerry's son-in-law, a Heinz, and what did they do in 2017? They cut a deal with a Chinese communist backed company for $600 million for an automobile firm. And you know what the Chinese-backed company had done a few years before? Stolen American technology and used it on their stealth fighter jets. And you know who let the deal go through? John Kerry when he was secretary of state, also, while Joe Biden was vice president.

To say that that is zero evidence of corruption, you put that to the American people and you think they're going to say, oh, yeah, nothing to see here? That's crazy. And there's a long laundry list of Biden family members for sale. If you look at Hunter, if you look at his brother. His $1.5 billion deal in Iraq, while Joe was the point man for Iraq. So the whole thing is crazy. And if you look at what Hillary Clinton was, when she was running for Senate in 2000 in New York, Bill Clinton pardoned all of those Puerto Rican terrorists so she could get the Puerto Rican vote.

Or in 1999 when Rudy was mayor here, and he was considering running for Senate against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton sent the feds to go investigate Rudy and the NYPD. So, there's no corruption there? Or how about Hillary when she's secretary of state or running for president, her foundation is getting tens of millions of dollars from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, that's not foreign interference in the election? Come on.

WILLIAMS: Well, OK. Those Democrats --

PERINO: And now to commercial break.


WILLIAMS: Hey, Katie, the news of the day that we can also point to is Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to the Ukraine, who is mentioned in the whistleblower complaint going up to Capitol Hill. And what we have heard is that he testified that he warned Rudy Giuliani not to believe what he was hearing from various people in the Ukraine who had involvement with corruption, prosecution. He said these people aren't trustworthy. What do you make of that?

KATIE PAVLICH, HOST: I think it's hard to make a decision about testimony that is done behind closed doors because it's going to be politicized, especially by Democrats who are running the show on this impeachment inquiry, which is like impeachment but not impeachment because it doesn't have the legal backing of impeachment, but they can go to their left face and say that they're calling people in front of Congress to get information, and then they can leak out selectively what they want to because it's not in front of the public. They can make their own decision.

So I'm going to hold off on my judgment of that. I do want to say that, Jesse, you should do a one more thing that is treaties with Watters, all around the world. Tell us about new treaties --

WATTERS: I've got a big thick one right here.

PAVLICH: But this is bad for Joe Biden for two reasons. The first reason is that it is bringing attention to these accusations that have been written up in mainstream media for over a year, the New Yorker, the New York Times, about Hunter Biden's dealings. It brings up the issue of corruption. And Joe Biden now has been inconsistent in his account of his talks with his son.

So, just now in that clip he says zero, zero, zero evidence of any corruption or wrongdoing. But when you say zero, zero, zero, you better be correct because when something comes up in the future, especially in a campaign, you're going to get nailed on it either by Trump or all the other Democrats running in the party. And Elizabeth Warren is now -- I think going to be the front runner pretty soon when it comes to leaping over Joe Biden.

She hasn't really jump on to this because she's allowing Joe Biden to get over this with Trump. But, you know, Joe Biden might not even be the nominee, so what's the question then? Do the investigations continue forward if Warren wins? We have to see. Or --

WILLIAMS: What do you think about what Dana said was the talking point of the day for the Democrats, scared, afraid. Mr. Trump afraid --

GUTFELD: They should be scared. Look, I hate complaining about this job. We have a great job. We get paid to talk about stuff. But this story just bugs the crap out of me because I know it's so fake. This is a political story masquerading as a moral, social story, right? It's an attempt to turn hearsay into heresy. It's just a congenial phone call. But it becomes something so big and we have to pretend every day when we come here. We have to pretend as we report this stuff that to you we believe that it's really, really important, when for us it's just a carousel that we've got to hop on and then hop off at the end of the day.

Thank God for Hunter Biden because this is just so much easier to understand when he becomes the focus. The American viewer in their home, they don't care about the phone call. They can look at the transcript and see what it is. But everybody understands nepotism. Everybody understands the pampered jack-ass offspring who did nothing productive with his life and just fed off his daddy's name. Everybody knows that guy. Everybody can't stand him. And he's a hood ornament of the swamp jalopy.

Right then and there, he is. He is everything that is bad. And then the best part is the media complaining -- not complaining but concerned about Trump's anger yesterday. Oh, he seems so upset. That's like lighting firecrackers and complaining about the noise. That's like going to a fish restaurant and going, you know this taste fishy. Dude, you created this mess. You've been spending three years trying to get the bear to snap. You've got him to snap.

I also noticed how happy the media is that Rachel Maddow finally, you know, has a story, right? Because for the last six months, it's been really sad on her show, the numbers are down, but now she's gone -- she's on The View, there's articles about her. It's like her homecoming. It's just like a homecoming dance and a bat mitzvah put together. Is that what it's called?

WATTERS: Bat mitzvah.

GUTFELD: Bat mitzvah. I'm a catholic. But I've never seen -- I've never seen the media work so hard with so little. The same media that chuckled over Benghazi in which four people died are now screaming about a phone call. They're screaming about a phone call. How did they do that with a straight face? Anyway, I hate talking about it, but for some reason I was able to do it for 2 minutes.


WILLIAMS: By the way, what about, like, Ivanka and her shoe deal with the Chinese?

GUTFELD: You know, it's an interesting question, because all of Hunter's - - all of Trump's kids actually work. They actually work.

WATTERS: Ivanka knows about shoes. What does Hunter Biden know about finance?

WILLIAMS: All right, up next, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, she's doubling down on her call for President Trump to be thrown in prison. That's next on THE FIVE.


PAVLICH: Did not pick the song, Greg. Maxine Waters is unhinged, yet again. The anti-Trump Dem is doubling down on her calls for the president to be thrown in prison over Ukraine. When asked about it, Waters defended her comments.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: Well, I think that most people who've watch me over the past two years know that I am a responsible person who's talked about the constitution. They know that I've been serious about this. I've had the courage to stand up when nobody else would stand with me. So, people know that I am responsible and that I'm serious, and like I said that impeachment is the imperative.


PAVLICH: And try to figure this out. After saying the president should be behind bars, Waters is claiming it's Trump who is putting her in danger.


WATERS: He's the President of the United States of America. He's setting some of us up to be killed. I have death threats constantly. There're a number of people who've been convicted for threatening to kill me. I mean, I can't go to the grocery store anymore by myself. I have to pay for security all the time. I can't move around the country without security.


PAVLICH: So, Jesse, this is the same woman who said that Trump cabinet members should be harassed in public while they're eating out, or at the grocery store, so it's a little bit ironic to hear her complaining.

WATTERS: Yeah. First of all, no one wants a civil war.


WATTERS: And I think the Republicans are undefeated in civil wars, just a little refresher for those of you guys who forgot. You know, Maxine Waters, no relation. I know her pretty well. And I used to be a booker for many, many years. And I understand Maxine. I understand why people book her. She's crazy. And occasionally you need to book a crazy people on cable to keep the audience interested because you never know what she's going to say. And that's the delightful part about people like her.

GUTFELD: It runs through and everybody named Waters.


WATTERS: Very unpredictable. And so this is what they do. They put her on MSNBC and then they just let her go. And who knows what's going to happen, right? You had like Alan Grayson, people like that. You know, it's just crazy people, right? So this is what they do. So the crazy people have three cards they play. They play the race card, they play the gender card, and they play the death card. So now the death card used to be Republican policies killed people, right?


WATTERS: Repealing Obamacare is going to kill you, all that stuff. Now, Republican rhetoric will kill you now. Build the wall will get people killed. You know, whatever gets everybody killed. So this is why they do that, though, OK? They try to tee it up so the next time there is violence in the country, they can blame Trump.

They also do this to make themselves feel better about themselves, like they're so important that they might actually get killed. I get death threats all the time, and I'm a wonderful person.

GUTFELD: From me, especially.

WATTERS: Yeah, it's from you. It also creates fear in the electorate that Trump's rhetoric is so dangerous he can't afford a second term. And it also insulates themselves from criticism because, hey, you can't criticize me because people are trying to kill me.

PAVLICH: So, Greg, how do you feel about Abraham Lincoln?


GUTFELD: That's interesting question.

PAVLICH: He's the Republican who won the civil war.

GUTFELD: Ah, he was a good guy. A little too tall for my tastes. Some interesting back story I won't get into him. But anyway, Maxine kind of symbolizes the hypocrisy of the entire left and the media in general. Only we, them, the media can be hostile, right? They don't want to share the ball. And then -- they own -- I've always said this before that's why I'm tired of saying it. They own the field. They own the refs. They own the equipment. How dare Trump show up and beat them at their own game.

You know, they've never had this -- it reminds me a lot of when Fox News showed up and everybody was going, oh, my God, there's this polarization. No, you only liked it when there was one pole, and then you've got another poll and now you've got to deal with that, and it's just not fair. You have to work harder to defend your beliefs. And I think that's what the problem is.

As for the, you know, the death threats, we all get the death threats, and that's just part of the game. There's a lot of crazy people out there. And there's a lot of new avenues to go after people. It's very simple. The bar is low for people to do that. But I think it's healthy that for both sides that there are now two sides. And she can't be complaining about it.

PAVLICH: So, Dana, what are your thoughts on --

PERINO: Well, I mentioned at the top that Pelosi deputizing Adam Schiff might not be the best solution, but it might be better than having Maxine Waters out talking about it, because Nancy Pelosi is trying to be very measured. If you listen to any of her commentary, she peppers it with things like we need to be thoughtful about the constitution. We need to pray for the president. We need to be working on the important -- work -- that people want us to deal with. We have to work on the trade deal, infrastructure, gun control, and lowering drug prices. And she wants to do all these things.

Well, she's going to be very measured. And then you had Maxine Waters says, actually, he should be killed, or he should be in solitary confinement. The thing you have to wonder about is -- imagine being a member of Congress for that many years and no one taking you seriously at all.

PAVLICH: Yeah. Juan, do you take Maxine Waters seriously as a very responsible person?

WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah. And let me just say, wow, she was ahead of the curve on impeachment and you don't hear people say that. They say, oh, it's the moderates --


WILLIAMS: She was ahead of the curve. She was saying all along these were impeachable offenses. Here's my point --


WILLIAMS: You said, Jesse, oh, we, like, bookers like to get, I think what you said was crazy which I think is offensive. I don't think that lady is crazy.

WATTERS: Maybe she's not officially mentally ill.


WILLIAMS: She is an elected member of Congress. Her constituents -- unless you're saying her voters, no, I don't think that's nice. But anyway, I think that, in fact, your description --


WATTERS: The entire media did, but I can't call her crazy?


WILLIAMS: Am I allowed to speak on this show? You say they would like to invite people like her. The last few days I've heard from one person talk about civil war, spies, treason, suggestions that you're going to have someone executed, profanity, and attacks. It seems Trump is performing. He's energized. And this is going to be an epic brawl.


WATTERS: His numbers are through the roof right now.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, through the floor.

PAVLICH: Coming up, an epic brawl --


PAVLICH: All right. Democrats forget about Trump and are now fighting with each other. The war of words is up next.


PERINO: The battle for 2020 is getting more heated with the Democrats now finally clashing with each other. First up, it's Beto versus Mayor Pete, with Buttigieg setting off O'Rourke after questioning his mandatory gun buyback plan.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What Pete has been saying is that a mandatory buyback is a shiny object that is distracting us. How in the world can you say that? I was really offended by those comments. And I think he represents the kind of politics that is focused on poll testing, and focus group driving, and triangulating, and listening to consultants before you arrive at a position. I think our politics has to be about doing the right thing.


PERINO: And then, there's Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren mixing it up. Check out Harris appearing to swipe at Warren's numerous campaign proposals.


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF.: And by the way, another part of my intention, I'm not going to say plan. Everybody has a plan for something, right? No, I'm talking about what I fully intend to do.


PERINO: And here's Warren laughing off Harris' calls to shut down Trump's twitter account.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Should Donald Trump be banned from twitter?




PERINO: I mean, that was a pretty answer.


PERINO: I've been waiting for this, Jesse, because there's 20 of them. They spent all of this time only going after President Trump, and at some point they're going to have to go after each other so that they can find a winner.

WATTERS: Yeah, we've been waiting and I'm still waiting. You call that tough? It's a start. It's a slow start. I mean, starting with Beto, Beto tanked his campaign with the gun grab. He knows it. And now he's scrambling and trying to point fingers at other people. Bottomline is Buttigieg just has better instincts. He's not stupid. He's not going to run on a national campaign to take away Americans' second amendment rights. But the funny thing was that Beto said he was offended. He was offended. Try that on Donald Trump in the general. Donald Trump, you're offending to me. Please. Now the Warren thing that she laughed, I guess that was a big counterpunch, whatever.

And Harris seems really sassy, but she's in free fall. So I really know where she's going. And while all these Democrats are squabbling over nonissues, the Trump campaign just dropped a million dollars in local ad buys in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. Now, that's going to move the needle.

PERINO: Juan, you're making a little bit of a face that that won't move the needle.

WILLIAMS: I don't know -- I mean, obviously, at this point --


WILLIAMS: No. I think what the President is doing, what the R&C is doing right now is trying to eliminate any kind of Republican opposition to the President in the primaries. They want to stop having primaries. They want to have different rules for delegates.

PERINO: These are ads.

WATTERS: These are ads against Democrats.

WILLIAMS: No, no. These are ads that are intended to stop opposition within the - because right now, he's not - I mean he thinks Biden is the most dangerous opponent for him and that's why he keeps going after Biden. But the reality is look even if there's some arguments and I agree with Jesse, he's not much of an argument among the Democrats. Remember 2016, that was divisive.

GUTFELD: Lying Ted.

WILLIAMS: Little Marco, come on.

PERINO: You could work on some insults for them.

GUTFELD: I know, but you know I'm really trying to become more like a lover, not a fighter. It's hilarious watching Beto accuse anybody of being inauthentic. This is a guy who is using presidential run to find himself. He can't even find his own car keys. I think Buttigieg is a better version of Beto. Maybe what you call a Beto Max. Anyway. OK.

So, those are all stupid comments. Let's go. I just want to bring up Ukraine real quickly. I think this is becoming a lose-lose for the Democrats, because if Trump weathers this, he'll be stronger than ever. And Biden's going to be gone, he's gone after this.

PERINO: That's why--

GUTFELD: That's going to leave a big hole for Liz Warren.

PERINO: And don't forget Bernie Sanders is going through--

GUTFELD: A rough period.

PERINO: He says that his camp - Bernie Sanders' campaign said today that they will be there October 16th.

GUTFELD: So, there's going to be a big hole for Liz to go through and I don't think Liz is going to be able to beat Donald. So, I mean I think this was a huge terrible gamble.

PAVLICH: Yes, for sure, it's backfiring. Trump's numbers on the polling are either going up or staying the same in terms of reelectability and Joe Biden, people are interested in hearing more about what's going on with his son and Ukraine. So that could be something that they bring into the general election if Joe Biden wins.

But let's not forget that Elizabeth Warren last week was asked about her plan, Kamala Harris about ethics violations and whether it would be ethical for a son of a sitting Vice President to sit on a foreign--

PERINO: And she said I'd have to--

PAVLICH: Oil company - of course she said no. It wouldn't be OK.


PERINO: All right. We've got to go.

WILLIAMS: I must say, you guys must be looking at a different poll. Wow.

PERINO: Up next, power of forgiveness, the emotional courtroom moment when a former cop convicted of murder actually gets a hug from the victim's brother.


GUTFELD: Former police officer Amber Guyger was sentenced yesterday for killing Botham Jean, the innocent man she thought had entered her apartment. Turns out she was in his apartment. She got 10 years. Botham's brother Brandt however believes she should serve none of it at all.


BRANDT JEAN, BOTHAM'S BROTHER: Each and every one of us may have done something that we're not supposed to do. If you truly are sorry, I know I can speak for myself. I forgive you. I'm not going to say I hope you rot and die. Just like my brother did. But I personally want the best for you. And I wasn't going to ever say this in front of my family or anyone, but I don't even want you to go to jail. I want the best for you.


GUTFELD: Pretty moving. But it didn't end there. Take a look at what happened next.


JEAN: Again, I love you as a person. And I don't wish anything bad. I don't know if it's possible, but can I give her a hug please.



GUTFELD: Now in that courtroom he was speaking for himself, not his family. And there are people who think the last thing, the killer deserves is forgiveness. But it does make you think if this young man could forgive the killer of his brother then perhaps forgiveness is possible for just about anything else, including all the petty bullcrap that passes for offense these days.

We witnessed daily destruction of people's lives based on past mistakes that mean nothing compared to something as horrifying and permanent as the murder of a loved one. People today are getting fired over Halloween costumes and pronouns. It's a lesson not just on forgiveness, but the pettiness of our recent and rampant scalp hunting.

This courtroom moment should be played every morning in schools and workplaces. Imagine in HR department that showed that to a workforce or a social media company that would hire that young man for its board.

It might be one solution for our grievance culture. A diversity of forgiveness. There are all kinds, some more intense than others including Brandt Jean who revealed the selflessness you might never forget or perhaps ever see again. Dana, I saw this, I was really moved by it. I talked to a close friend of mine. He was like exactly opposite. Basically, like who are you to forgive that - like you cannot speak for that. I was like - I was just amazed by it.

PERINO: It was his brother.


PERINO: And so, if this is his view and his faith and his opinion then I think that he probably has the most right in order to decide how he's going to deal with it. She is being punished. She will spend 10 years behind bars. There was a beautiful expression I think that everybody who saw this stopped for a moment. And if you watch him and the poise and dignity of this - he's 18 years old which I didn't realize until I read a little bit more about it. One thing I noticed he keeps reaching into his collar. He's uncomfortable, right.


PERINO: He knows that this is going to be something that gets a lot of attention or that he was saying in front of his family. So, I never intended to say this in front of my family, but it was obviously on his heart and the bravery it takes to speak about your faith is something really interesting because you can be made fun of for saying well, I forgive or I do this. Like trying to basically proselytize in a way.


PERINO: Right. But I think this was for some people, it could be quite transformational. You had - there was a report today, it was on Cummings radio show where a woman who said I have not ever been able to forgive my brother's killer until today. So, he may have changed other people's lives so that they can go on and be happier too.


PAVLICH: I just think that redemption is a really powerful thing and for him to say that he forgives her if she's truly sorry and to take her intention of apologizing and taking what she said was on her heart at face value instead of throwing any kind of opinion on her and taking what she said and you know not fit face value, I think shows a ton of strength and is the lesson to a lot of people. I don't know if I could forgive someone who shot and killed my brother regardless of the circumstances, it was a horrible awful situation.

And I think for him to talk about his faith and to say you know the ultimatum here is that I want the best for you, but I wish that you would give your life to Christ because that's what he believes in. It's a lesson for everybody in forgiveness whether you believe in God or not.

GUTFELD: Juan, what are your thoughts?

WILLIAMS: Well, I mean I think Christian forgiveness is pretty strong stuff and the whole idea of you know forgiving those who trespass against you. I mean that's written down. I mean I'm struck by the power of it as you were Greg. I also think 10 years, I was amazed at what a limited sentence she got, there were protest about that.

And of course, when you stop and think about it, you just hope that this is reciprocal because I think in this country, we have a lot of, especially in the court system institutionalized racial issues. And we have to deal with it and the ability of that young man to see beyond that, to go way beyond any kind of racial thing and say you know what, I just in my Christian faith, I want to forgive you. And I want the best for you. And that's why I say, go give your life to Christ. That was pretty amazing.

GUTFELD: I think you're right. I think you raised a good point about the color blindness of that and I believe in the best for last, Jesse, Joy Behar, would you like to listen to what she had to say.


GUTFELD: Let's roll that.


JOY BEHAR, COMEDIAN: I'd like to know are there any examples of white people hugging black guys who have murdered somebody. Have we seen that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. I mean all of the survivors from the church in North Carolina.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Great many of them forgave whatever that kid's name.


BEHAR: But those are black people forgiving a white guy. I am talking about the opposite. A white person forgiving black people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, we talked about somebody whose child was killed, I think. And the mother--

BEHAR It happens.


GUTFELD: About this, Jesse is that we've talked about Joy Behar screwing up a lot and we always forgive her for the dumb things she says, and she took a beautiful moment and just crapped all over it.

WATTERS: Yes, she did. And Juan hasn't killed anybody, but I hug it out with Juan, constantly. That we know of. but Juan and I always hug it out.

WILLIAMS: No, no. Believe me, I never even come close. I have trouble with roaches. But I like hugging it out with Jesse.

WATTERS: That's right. And that's important.

GUTFELD: All right. Well, that's it. Let's talk about this guy.


ROBERT DE NIRO, ACTOR: How dare you disrespect me. You've got to be kidding me, you spoiled brat.



GUTFELD: Robert De Niro acting like Alec Baldwin in a new unhinged video - voicemail.


WATTERS: After ranting about President Trump's behavior, actor Robert De Niro is now in big legal trouble over his own conduct. A former assistant slapping the actor with a $12 million lawsuit for abusive and sexist comments. This expletive filled voicemail is at the center of the dispute.


DE NIRO: You don't answer my calls? How dare you! You're about to be fired. You're history. How dare you disrespect me? Don't get angry with me because I'm pissed off because I didn't get a simple thing that I need right now here out in California while I'm here for less than 24 hours.

You've got to be kidding me you spoiled brat. F you. God, how can you say, you don't answer, you're upset. You're living in Spain. You spoiled brat.


WATTERS: Was that Goodfellas, Juan. What was that? A real voicemail. You can't even tell the difference.

WILLIAMS: I think its offensive behavior and certainly not offensive. They reminded me of that call between Alec Baldwin and his daughter which was even worse, right. But I think - look, I suspect that you guys are doing this because he's anti-Trump. I think that's what's going on.

GUTFELD: How dare you, Juan?

WILLIAMS: Because I think--

GUTFELD: I feel very - I'm outraged by De Niro.

WILLIAMS: Here's what you should be outraged by. Imagine somebody suing because they have a rude offensive boss.

GUTFELD: I agree.

WILLIAMS: Oh! My Gosh.

WATTERS: There was some other things in the lawsuit, which were a little more serious and being written offensive, but he sued her I guess before she could sue him.

GUTFELD: Well, here's the outrageous thing. She binged watched 50 episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S while at work. I'm sorry, but you deserve to be sued for that. But I do think that like she worked with them for 10 years.


GUTFELD: And it just seems like a cashing in kind of thing as much as I would like to crap all over De Niro, because he's been - he's a hypocrite. He used his terrible language and he's yelling at Trump. He never has a reason for Trump anymore, he just yells about it, but I don't know.


PERINO: Well, it's shocking to hear it. I go back to - I've been working for a long time. I've never been in this situation where you had a boss that was saying things like that. It was like never happened to me.

GUTFELD: I've heard your assistant talk about you. Oh my God. Holy--

WATTERS: Unleash on people like that.

PERINO: There was no yelling.

WATTERS: No. All right. Not even during the Iraq war. Not a peep. OK.

PAVLICH: No yelling. I'm with Greg. You know 10 years later these lawsuits always bring out a little more information that's in the news reporting that's being pushed by the lawyers from both sides. So, I'm just going to take a step back and be the bigger person. And although Robert De Niro has some thoughts about us at Fox News.

GUTFELD: That's true.

PAVLICH: I'm not going to repay the favor and I'll say good luck and good luck to both sides. Not going to take a side and you can fight it out in court. And good luck.

WILLIAMS: Katie, you know what I think that hug must have had an impact.

PAVLICH: We're all saying that Juan.

GUTFELD: Jesse, you've got to be nice, because he does a Nobu.

WATTERS: I went there twice, Greg.

PERINO: Table.

WATTERS: Dumplings are delicious.

PERINO: You've had a good table?

WATTERS: I'm going back this weekend. All right. One More Thing is up next.


WILLIAMS: It's time now for One More Thing. I'm going to go first. Something on the LAPD Twitter account caught my attention recently. The message said 4 million people call L.A. home sometimes you just have to stop and listen to hear something beautiful.


WILLIAMS: The video caught the attention of the whole city including record producer Joe Diamond. He's offering her a record contract. The singer Emily Zamourka and she's been homeless for three years. She was born in Russia moved to the U.S. 30 years ago. Now her story has taken a new turn. She's homeless because of an illness. Yesterday, she was united with the officer who shot the video and put it on the Twitter account. I'm telling you that's a story to make your heart sing.

All right, Jesse.

GUTFELD: One Russian story you can get behind.

WILLIAMS: There you go.

WATTERS: All right. So, over in London today, a bunch of global warming maniacs tried to spray British treasury building with 500 gallons of fake blood. But usual, things did not go as planned with the climate protesters don't drop those hoes, because it just sprayed fake blood all over the protesters and all over the streets. Not a well-executed plan.

PAVLICH: Is that paint?

WATTERS: Good job guys.

PAVLICH: You know what paints usually made out of?


PAVLICH: Petroleum.

WATTERS: Oil and they polluted.


PAVLICH: They did.

PERINO: OK. So down in Siesta Key Oyster Bar in Sarasota, Florida. Sarasota is a great place. You've been there? Jesse, you've been there. So, they have a tradition where patrons come, and they write messages on dollar bills and stick them to the ceilings on the walls. Well now the establishment is donating thousands to hurricane Dorian relief.

The bar's manager said that after they saw what happened to the Bahamas, they couldn't think of a better way to put their decorations to work, bars have been opened for 16 years, these dollars become well-known aesthetic. You know you put it up there. They've got $14,000 off the walls


PERINO: Pretty good, right.

WATTERS: Good story.

PERINO: Thank you.

WILLIAMS: That's another feel good story.

WATTERS: Feel good story.

GUTFELD: I don't know, do you see she was watching in the bar.



WILLIAMS: Your favorite.


GUTFELD: I'd help on that one. All right let's do this. Animals Are Great. You know being the youngest in a family of four meant that oftentimes my sisters had to take me to the mall because my mom said you've got to go bring your little bratty brother. They take me to the wall and hang out in front of the chess king and cry.

PERINO: Spencer gifts.

GUTFELD: Spencer Gifts. Yes. We used to have - much like this poor dog who always doesn't seem too happy because he always has to take his little buddy with him. A little backpack there. There he is taking out. He's probably has to go for a walk and this guy all he does is talk and annoy you and want to play video games. And that is why, Animals Are Great.

WILLIAMS: That is the least happy animal I've ever seen in Animals Are Great. I'm not messing with that guy. Katie.

PAVLICH: Angry dad dog. OK. There is a moose on the loose for real. There is a moose that was spotted in Purdue, Hampshire in a swimming pool earlier this week because the moose accidentally found his way into the pool and was unable to get himself out, because the pool didn't have proper stairs.

GUTFELD: He's going to--

PAVLICH: There you go. Wildlife biologist with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department helped the moose out by putting wooden chairs into the pool and directing the animal toward them. Now the question is how did the moose get in the pool. Well, it's mating season and moose apparently go very long distances to find their mates and including into this pool.

PERINO: They think that the mate was going to be skinny dipping or something?

PAVLICH: I don't know. They wander trying to find their one and only love for the season and that guy just had to take a bath first because he wanted to be fresh.

WILLIAMS: Yes, well that's a different definition of watering hole like a lot of people go to the bar to meet a mate you know.

PAVLICH: Yes. There you go. Moose on the loose.

GUTFELD: You know he's on Facebook, Bullwinkle Voss.

PAVLICH: He's on Tinder. Among all the apps.

PERINO: That's the funny part.

GUTFELD: What's the plural of moose.


WILLIAMS: No, it's not.

PAVLICH: Yes, it is.

WILLIAMS: All right.


WILLIAMS: Stop. Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of “The Five.” "Special Report" up next. John Roberts. Hey, John.

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