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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, it looks like there's more trouble on the horizon for the Democratic Party. The New York Times, yes, even The New York Times is reporting that Democrats are scrambling in Massachusetts thanks to the emergence of a dynamic Republican candidate in that state and the man responsible for the GOP's high hopes is State Senator Scott Brown. He joins me now from the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

Senator, welcome aboard. Thanks for being here.

STATE SENATOR SCOTT BROWN, R-MASS.: I'm happy to be here. Thank you very much.

HANNITY: All right. So just a few facts on the ground. This election is January 19th. So a week from this Tuesday, correct?

BROWN: That's correct.

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HANNITY: All right. And you were down by 30 points and I read that you're now within single digits and closing, correct?

BROWN: Yes, that's what we hear. We're hearing that throughout the state that everybody is basically dissatisfied with the way things are going not only in Massachusetts, but in Washington. And we can do better.

HANNITY: All right. And Republicans, by the way, for those who might think, yes, Republicans could win in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney was the governor there. So it is not that unusual.

You apparently have even gotten the attention of Moveon.org. And I want to get your reaction to this. That they even recognize that this match is within the margin of error. The "Cook Report" it's very competitive. And this is what Moveon.org says.

"A Republican victory there would be a catastrophe. Democrats would lose their 60th vote in the Senate."

What does that mean for you?

BROWN: Well, you know, to have outside groups try and influence or buy this election, I think, is bad for not only Massachusetts but for the country. We've asked all outside groups to just stay away and let Martha Coakley and I debate about the differences between us because they're very real.

She wants to basically promote $2.1 trillion of extra taxation. She's in favor of providing constitutional rights to enemy combatants and have us pay for the representation of them. So instead of — you know, instead of being a patriot, she's being a lawyer. And it's wrong for the country. It's certainly wrong for the safety of our kids, our families.

So there's just so many differences. And when Moveon.org calls me a right-wing extremist — I've been called a lot of things but my wife and two daughters, I think, will kind of chuckle at that one.

HANNITY: All right, well, glad you have a sense of humor. All right, but your election would have a profound impact on the country, because it would end the filibuster-proof Senate that the Democrats have.

Where do you stand on health care?

BROWN: Well, it's not good for Massachusetts. We already have 98 percent of the people insured and we're going to cut half a trillion for Medicare and then cut tri-care for military people and then have higher taxation about $1 trillion plus to pay for it. And then we are going to subsidize what other states have failed to do.

It's not good. I would be the 41st vote. I would actually stop it. And I would ask for them to go back to the drawing board. Because everyone is entitled to some form of insurance. But why do we need a one-size, fits all? I don't understand.

HANNITY: All right. Now what is the latest? Because as I understand it, everything I'm reading about your race, is you have challenged your opponent Martha Coakley to a one-on-one debate. She has continued to duck and dodge. What is the latest? Is she willing to debate you?

BROWN: Well, I did kind of a small debate today. We have one Monday. You know she'll meet with President Ahmadinejad one-on-one and she wants to. And said she would. But she won't meet with me one-on-one.

And the people are kind of fed up with the way things are going. They can go to BrownforUSSenate.com and they can make a difference. And they can stop the business as usual, not only in Massachusetts but more importantly nationally.

Then give me a chance to go down there and bring some common sense back to Washington, solve problems. Be an independent voice and vote for the things that are not only affecting our state but affecting the country.

HANNITY: Now there's a huge controversy surrounding her and I wanted to know if you were going to get involved in this story. Boston Globe reported — they have criticized Coakley for her lax treatment — it was the 2005 case involving a police officer and a 23-month-old niece of his, who had been raped with a hot object, most likely of all things a curling iron, and her handling of that case.

Are you critical of her for that?

BROWN: You know this race is about differences between us. We're both public figures. We both have records. I've taken over 6,000 votes as being an assessor, (INAUDIBLE), state rep, state senator. Thirty years in the military and still serving as a lieutenant colonel. So we both have things that people can praise and criticize.

I think those things speak for themselves and people will make their own decisions. But this race is about taxes, terrorism and health care. And she's a nice woman but she's wrong on all the issues.

HANNITY: Yes, so you don't think that should be brought up or even.


BROWN: But you just brought it up. So I don't need to now, thank you.

HANNITY: OK. So I brought it. It's my job, all right. I thought you were the candidate. I'm just the host.

BROWN: Well, it's everybody's job. There's a lot of things happening on the periphery here. But the things that people are most concerned right now are the fact that we have a $12 trillion national debt and counting, out of control spending, no balance, no fairness, no good government in Washington.

HANNITY: All right.

BROWN: And by sending me down there the Democrats are going to have to ask me for my vote to stop debate. Republicans are going to have to earn my vote to continue on with debate. And I'm not going to be a rubber stamp and almost be robotic like she will, answering to Governor Patrick, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the president, you name it.

They will do whatever they are told. I won't. I haven't. I've been an independent voter and thinker forever. And that's why people respect me. And in the last race, the Obama wave, won by almost 20 points and had more votes than Kerry and Obama in almost all of my towns.

HANNITY: How do you.

BROWN: So I'm ready to get down there and work and start to look out for the interest of Massachusetts and the country.

HANNITY: If somebody asked me how I identify myself politically, I would say I'm a Reagan conservative. How would you answer that question? How do you identify yourself politically?

BROWN: As a Scott Brown Republican. I've always been my own person and that's why I have gotten to where I am. And I believe in fiscal responsibility and making sure we live within our means.

HANNITY: Are you socially liberal?

BROWN: Tax people back to the Stone Age and we basically get our fiscal house in order to make sure we don't become economically dependent on China and Russia and put us at a strategic disadvantage.

It just makes no sense so I'm going to go down there and be the same person I've always been and look at each and every vote, each and every bill and make a good logical decision and then represent the people of my state and make sure that the interests of the United States are taken care of, especially in terrorism, in foreign policy and our fiscal mess that we're in right now.

HANNITY: All right.

BROWN: And I'm very excited to do that. If people want to, you know, send a thunder clap around the country, they can go to BrownforUSSenate.com. Learn more about me, get involved and let's have some fun.

HANNITY: If you win this race it will be a political earthquake. Last question. If you were to grade Barack Obama up to this point, one year into his presidency, what grade would you give him?

BROWN: He needs some work to do. He was too slow in reacting in the recent terrorist bombing. But I'm glad he's finally talking about it. But we need to solve that problem right away for the safety of our kids and all of our families.


BROWN: I'm not going to give him a grade. I just want to make sure he solves the problems and keep us safe because we're in some serious trouble. Al Qaeda is trying to hurt us and also our kids. And I'm ready to go down and work to help.

HANNITY: Well, good luck. We're going to follow this race very closely. We appreciate it. Scott Brown, all the best. It's a very tight race.

BROWN: Thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: This could change the entire dynamic of the U.S. Senate. We'll continue to follow it.

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