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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: Welcome to "The Ingraham Angle." I'm Laura Ingraham. No more impressions, I messed up my hair. Some explosive developments to share with you tonight. The latest text from the FBI lovebirds is raising questions about President Obama's possible involvement in the FBI investigation into Russia's election meddling.

Nancy Pelosi, she promotes the DREAMers with a marathon eight-hour speech. Lent has come early.

Plus Sports Illustrated uses naked supermodels to push the "Me Too" agenda. Don't miss our analysis and where those hashtags go.

But we begin with "Sid Vicious" and the Clintons, that's the focus of tonight's Angle. Sidney Blumenthal, the old figured from the Clinton scandals of the 90s is back in the news. All signs are pointing to the conclusion that Hillary's political hit man with that page boy haircut was a likely source for the infamous Steele dossier.


REP. TREY GOWDY, R-S.C.: When you hear where one of the sources is you're going to think I've heard that name somewhere before. Where could it possibly have been and --

MARTHA MACCALLUM, HOST: A foreign source?

GOWDY: The domestic source, I'm trying to think of how Secretary Clinton to find him. I think she said he was an old friend who e-mailed her from time to time.

MACCALLUM: Sidney Blumenthal?

GOWDY: That'll be really warm, if you're warm, yes.


INGRAHAM: Now recall that Sidney Blumenthal once a lefty journalist for The Washington Post and The New Republic worked alongside his old pal, Paul Begala, in the Clinton White House. Hired in 1997, Blumenthal and Begala were the two-men bomb squad committed to smearing and slimming anyone who is making life difficult for the president and Mrs. Clinton.

Sid was a prime grand jury witness during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and is credited to licking nasty stories to the press to defile the reputation of the Special Prosecutor Ken Starr. Hold onto that thought.

Blumenthal affectionately known by his foes as "Sid Vicious" and not for his love of punk rock, was one of Hillary's most loyal enablers and fiercest attack dogs. As the ultimate Washington insider, he glommed onto the Clintons and his association with them became the meal ticket that never ran out.

Kind of think of it this way, like a maggot on a piece of rotting carrion except nastier. When it comes to the phony Steele dossier, I always knew something seemed odd that that the Clintons had more to do with it than just paying for it.

One of her old henchmen might even be behind a sum of its lurid details. Now Blumenthal managed to land the nifty role of advising Hillary when she was at the State Department and getting $10,000 a month as a consultant for the Clinton Foundation.

What did he do for that ten grand a month? He provided something called message guidance. In e-mails reported on by The New York Times, we learned that Blumenthal funneled advice to Secretary Clinton about things such as Libya.

Now not because he had unique experience on North-African affairs but because a friend of his wanted it to do business there. What a guy? Fast- forward to the present day. The Grassley-Graham criminal referral contains this.

One memorandum by Mr. Steele that was not published by BuzzFeed is dated October 19, 2016. It states that his company, quote, "received this report from the U.S. State Department that the report was second in a series and it was information that came from a foreign sub source, who, quote, "is in touch with (redacted), a contact of (redacted), a friend of the Clintons, who passed it to (redacted.)"

It is troubling enough that the Clinton campaign funded Mr. Steele's work. But that these associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steele allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility.

Now this is important because we have been led to believe that Steele's dossier sources in the infamous mess were Russian. Well, it turns out that they may have been Clinton black ops specialist laundering information to Steele through the Obama State Department. Wild.

Now who might of those Clinton associates be? Last month Senators Grassley and Graham sent letters out to the DNC asking them to produce any communications they had with Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer between March 2016 and January 2017.

This is where the plot thickens. Now assuming Grassley and Graham's allegations are true, Blumenthal and Cody Shearer may be responsible for the nasty, salacious claims against Trump in that dossier. It certainly would fit their profile.

Now Blumenthal is a smear artist extraordinaire and his sidekick, Cody Shearer is a long time Clinton ally known to them as Mr. Fixer. In the words of the "Weekly Standard," "Shearer is one of the most disreputable characters in Washington."

He last turned up in a "ProPublica" report in 2015 about Sidney Blumenthal's hacked e-mails. Now those e-mails revealed that Shearer, get this, was running a, quote, "secret spy network" that fed Hillary Clinton information on Libya and Benghazi when she was secretary of state.

So, he had been back channeling information to the Obama State Department for a long time. Now if these allegations that Blumenthal and Shearer were at least some of Steele sources for that dossier, if that proves true, the Clintons fingerprints, their closest associates, their hit men fixers are all over this thing.

They funded the creation of the fake dossier and then this is Clinton's parasitic proxies fed information to Christopher Steele with one objective, destroy Donald Trump by any means necessary. And that's the Angle.

Joining us now, former Hillary Clinton advisor, Philippe Reines and former Clinton advisor, Dick Morris, and the author of the new book "Rogue Spooks." Along with Wall Street Journal columnist, Kim Strassel.

All right. I brought a special prop. I'm not a prop person, but I have a gavel in case things get really nasty.

All right. Let's start with Morris here because Dick, first of all, I want to congratulate you, you are wearing the Brit Hume Boca Raton sweater tonight, you already win points. Tell me about this idea and we heard it from Trey Gowdy that at least part of this dossier, part of the information in it came from Sid Blumenthal then we'll talk about Cody Shearer.

DICK MORRIS, FORMER CLINTON ADVISOR: I said this on your show last week that they couldn't publish the negative research that Shearer and Blumenthal did under their names because they were so discredited on Trump. So, they laundered it through Steele.

They found Steele, who has an excellent record as a foreign service person, head of the Russia bureau (inaudible). He had a good relationship with the FBI and they felt that if they laundered it to Steele when it was presented as his work, there would be a better chance of taken seriously.

I believe that most of the dossier was written by Shearer and Blumenthal. First of all, knowing Hillary, they are the Class A dirty ops, black ops people she goes to. Hillary at one point called me in the '96 campaign and said I really want you to get to know Sidney Blumenthal.

Bill followed it up and said did Hillary talk to you about Sidney, and I said, yes, and then every time I met with Sidney every week, I would call Hillary. He was the dirty tricks operative. I remember I wanted (inaudible) position on something, it was her opponent and he wasn't saying.

So, I asked Blumenthal who was allegedly a journalist for the "New Yorker" to ask all the questions, and (inaudible) answered it and I used it in negative ad. Now --

INGRAHAM: It doesn't mean that he is necessarily the source of the dossier. I mean, the fact that he did all the stuff in the 90s, how do we jump to the conclusion that he necessarily did this. I want to get Philippe on this.

Philippe, you heard what Gowdy said, Sid obviously has a long history. He was so radioactive that even Rahm Emanuel banned him from the Obama White House because he believed that Blumenthal was behind all of the negative stuff that came out about Obama and the 2008 campaign which they were right about. So, what about this?

PHILIPPE REINES, FORMER HILLARY CLINTON ADVISOR: Well, let me say that I agree with something Dick said, which is that Chris Steele is a renowned MI-6 agent and a foreign service agent. As to why they funneled it and laundered it through him that you've got a problem because I think he just gave credence to the rest of the dossier. Trey Gowdy didn't say who it was, but let's stipulate --

INGRAHAM: Devin Nunes did the same thing.

REINES: I've never heard of Cody Shearer.

MORRIS: You haven't worked with the Clintons as long as I have.

REINES: I actually have, I wasn't fired by them.

INGRAHAM: That's a low blow.

REINES: Sid is a lot more of a character than you are portraying. I'm not defending him. But I think the most important thing is the notion that the dossier was written by Sid Blumenthal is crazy. That's not what happened. Chris Steele wrote the dossier and Devin Nunes has said that much in it is real.

INGRAHAM: Kimberley, go ahead.

KIMBERLEY STRASSEL, COLUMNIST, WALL STREET JOURNAL: Let's talk about Christopher Steele for a little bit because the importance of the Grassley memo today is that it provides proof and information that Mr. Steele went to the FBI and a supposedly he was so worried about the country and Donald Trump.

Yet, he broke FBI cardinal rules. He undermined at the FBI. The FBI had admonished him not to speak to anyone and yet he went running out to sit down with Glenn Simpson, an opposition research firm, and brief all of their bodies in the press in September in order to create negative headlines against Donald Trump.

He blew the FBI's operation, put it out there in public and then the Hillary Clinton campaign capitalized on it in the days following. So, tell me how we view this man as a stand-up MI6 agent that can be trusted.

If he understood the rules of the game, he would not have broken all of the FBI's rules. He strikes me as a political operator who is on the record as saying he was opposed to Donald Trump ever becoming president.

MORRIS: I'm not defending Christopher Steele. I do want to point out that Steele said in the deposition on the civil lawsuit that he got a lot of his material from an outside source, unsolicited, he said.

Let's remember that this guy who was the bureau chief at MI6, who said prostitutes were peeing on the bed. That Steve Cohn is the guy who arrange the collusion and Cohn had never been to Prague where it took place --

INGRAHAM: He said Carter Page met with individuals that he never met with --

MORRIS: A guy who was serving a 40-year sentence for pedophilia (inaudible) was the one who hacked Hillary's DNC (inaudible) -- 80 percent of that dossier is so clearly a lie.

REINES: If 20 percent is real, President Trump has a big problem.

MORRIS: Forty percent of it is the story --

STRASSEL: Could we hear what the 20 percent is that's true?

REINES: Bob Mueller is going to tell us.

INGRAHAM: Is this the standard now you can spy on an American citizen with a document that its providence is unclear, whose agent behind the document has violated the norms of intelligence by sharing this information with the press before it's even been looks like submitted to the FISA court.

The FBI itself knew that the origin of this document was funded by political opposition, not just an opposition person but the opposition candidate. If you can spy on Americans on that basis I find it to be terrifying. I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat or somewhere --

REINES: But that's not the bases. The basis for the warrant as we've learned is that George Papadopoulos the coffee boy --

INGRAHAM: Yes. That's the real reason --

MORRIS: A 28-year-old kid goes into a bar. He boasts about how great he is and how wise he is --

REINES: Once the FISA warrant was granted, Carter Page was listened in on and every 90 days they renewed it for three times --

INGRAHAM: On the same phony basis.

REINES: No, you can't renew it unless it's based on what the 90 days have provided.

INGRAHAM: Kimberley, on this idea -- no, no, Kimberley -- go ahead, didn't they conclude that the dossier was a significant part if not the instrumental part of the FISA application without which the FISA application would not have been filed. McCabe did say that in the testimony on Capitol Hill, the closed door.

STRASSEL: He said that and the Grassley-Graham referral, which by the way, quotes from the FISA application. It's the first time we've seen texts from the FISA application said that the FISA applications relied, quote, "Heavily on two pieces of information. On the dossier and then on a Yahoo News article that was inspired by Christopher Steele as well.

And then to suggest that somehow there was corroboration, and by the way, the Grassley-Graham referral also and this is very important reveals to us that even Comey admitted in front of the Senate Judiciary that we have evidence that they weren't able to independently verify the dossier or this article.

When he was asked why -- Comey said that and so when he asked why they nonetheless ran with it. He said, well, because Christopher Steele is a reliable guy.


REINES: Ron Johnson swung and missed. Devin Nunes swung and missed. Grassley has taken the baton from them and he's trying the same thing to muddy the water --

STRASSEL: How was he swung and missed?


INGRAHAM: Let's go to Brett.

MORRIS: Sidney Blumenthal made up the story that Perot investigated his daughter's fiance.

INGRAHAM: We are not going to go to Ross Perot.

MORRIS: Because he's an anti-Semite and didn't want his daughter marrying --

INGRAHAM: I get all that. All right. Fantastic segment, the FBI lovebirds we just talk about it struck again, raised more questions about President Obama had any involvement or asked any and questions about the FBI's Russia meddling investigation.

Up next, Jim Jordan is our expert panel analyzing that potential bombshell. Police is now getting hit with the gavel. Stay with us.


INGRAHAM: A newly released text between FBI agents is raising questions about what to former President Obama said about his lack of involvement in federal investigations. On September 2nd, 2016, Lisa Page texted her friend, Peter Strzok, about the need to create talking points for FBI Director Jim Comay.

That was because she texted, quote, "POTUS wants to know everything we are doing." Now that would appear to contradict what then President Obama told Fox's Chris Wallace five months earlier.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: I've talked to the attorney general about pending investigations, I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations. We have strict lines and always have maintained it.


INGRAHAM: Joining us now is James Freeman of "The Wall Street Journal," who joins from us New York. Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is here in the studio as is Democratic strategist, Scott Bolden.

Congressman, your sense on this. The Democrats are saying this isn't a big deal. This is the president being engaged on the subject of Russian collusion and interference in the election, which a president of the United States should be informed about.

REP. JIM JORDAN, R-OHIO: You have to take it in context. Remember, July 5th is the day they say we are not going to charge Clinton, Comey does his now famous press conference and saying no charges will be brought.

Later that same month, Peter Strzok, the same guy who ran the Clinton investigation opens the Russia-Trump investigation. Two weeks later, August 14th, we have the text message from Strzok and Page, where Peter Strzok says we need an insurance policy in case the American people actually make Donald Trump president.

And then two weeks after that, September 2nd, they say POTUS need to know everything we are doing. So, taken in context, I think it raises lots of concerns and suspicions, that's why we need to look into it, and find out exactly what is going on.


SCOTT BOLDEN, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, listen, Barack Obama is not walking through that White House door. He's a private citizen. The mere fact that you have dates and these details. It all amounts to conjecture. It doesn't amount to anything definite.

You can look into it if you want, but we have a Russia investigation as to whether Russia meddled in our elections, whether Donald Trump is connected to that, had any collusion or anything to do with that investigation, we are to be focused on that.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican that ought to be the focus. These dates and these possibilities and conjecture are a waste of time, Laura.

JORDAN: Here's the broader context. The broader context is you have all these text messages, which say, Trump is awful. Trump shouldn't win. He should lose 100 million to zero.


BOLDEN: It means that they have a political view, but it doesn't mean it's tainted and even the FISA warrant and the memo, it doesn't mean anything --

JORDAN: It's not just by us, they took action.

INGRAHAM: Let's get James Freeman in here. James, you heard the discussion. The spin today from the Democrats is this is easily explained because the president should be aware of any effort to investigate as the chief executive officer of the government investigates a Russian effort to meddle in the election regardless of what political party is involved, your response.

JAMES FREEMAN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: It does sound like progress if Democrats are acknowledging that the FBI and justice department to report to the president, they are not an authority unto themselves.

It gets to this question of who did authorize going to a judge and getting a warrant to spy on the political opposition with an amount of evidence that would not pass muster at our newspaper or any professional newsroom.

So, now the question is, you mentioned the Obama statement on your program a few years ago, it's quite a distance from I never talk to the FBI director about impending investigations, to not only did he talk, but he wanted to know everything they were doing.

I think now the question for Mr. Obama is did you realize this evidence was so thin? Did he know what they were doing going to the judge and the FISA court with this politically generated material?

INGRAHAM: I think it is wild to think that in the middle of a heated presidential election cycle, the Justice Department, the FBI ready to spy on an American, not to go to the president. I think that would be weird not to say we are about to do this. We thought we should give you a heads up and go to the president and say this is what we are putting together. We think you should be apprised of this. Do you think this is OK?

JORDAN: Your previous segment, that they hired Steele to produce the dossier and they also told him what to put in it. Did they tell him the whole story -- put in at?

INGRAHAM: Who paid for the dossier probably not.

BOLDEN: One time I would love to come on this show and it debated the GOP about facts, not conjecture, not guessing. We don't even know whether Barack Obama asked for that information you're relying on the texts of Lisa --

INGRAHAM: You know, Scott, you are a lawyer as I am, contemporaneous recordings whether it's text messages or vocal recordings are quite reliable in court. There is no reason for him to lie about -- no reason for him or her to say, either of them to say, he wants to know everything. Why would they say if the president didn't want to know everything? That's an odd thing --

BOLDEN: That's how they are processing it.

INGRAHAM: Obama's proxy, Eric Holder was on another network tonight with Rachel Maddow and I want the congressman to respond, let's watch.


ERIC HOLDER, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL: The real problem here is the president. The president going after named career people, saying things about the integrity of those two institutions, the justice department, the FBI. No other president has ever said to those kinds of things, conducted himself in that way. He is doing long term. I think any one of my kids would make a better president than Donald Trump.


INGRAHAM: Hilarious.

JORDAN: No other FBI has taken a campaign opposition research document to spy on a fellow American citizen. That is unbelievable. Think about this, Comey is gone, McCabe is leaving, Jim Baker, the general counsel has been demoted and reassigned. Lisa Page has been demoted and reassigned. Peter Strzok has been demoted and reassigned.

(Inaudible), chief of staff for James Comey is leaving the FBI. That's who we are talking -- when have you ever seen the top people, the seventh floor people in the FBI, that many leave this organization -- that's the problem.

If that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of and look -- the text messages give context to the whole mindset of these people who ran to the Clinton investigation, and then lost and ran the Trump-Russia investigation.

INGRAHAM: Can you do that backwards?

BOLDEN: He's got it down pat. The FISA warrant -- the dossier was not the basis of that --


INGRAHAM: James, we got to get the last word to Freeman. He's stuck out there in New York.

FREEMAN: I think we would like to hear from the judge, whether that judge would have wanted the full story. These do not look like middle management decisions. These look like high-level decisions to spy on your political adversary, let's find out who made them.

INGRAHAM: I want to know who these FISA judge is. I want to know who the judges are, and I want to know why there is no sanctions being levied against lawyers who are omitting material facts from these secret applications. I think it needs a sanction, if I were the judge, where's my gavel? Sanctions and then there is this.

You want to the FISA judges to be exposed? You guys were all against it, you're now forth. An eight-hour speech from Nancy Pelosi today on behalf of you, the American citizens, no, the DREAMers. She wasn't the only Democrat using illegal immigrants as pawns, you've got to see this stuff to believe it -- up next.


INGRAHAM: A pair of stunts by Democrats today seemed to answer the question, do they really care about the so-called Dreamers? First Congressman Luis Gutierrez used a Dreamer, in my view as a prop, on CNN to attack the president.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's really a sad situation because he was supposed to be the adult in the room.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I heard a bully, someone that's picking on people that were afraid, that are scared, that are younger than him and smaller than him.


INGRAHAM: Then Nancy Pelosi used DACA as an excuse for an eight-hour pseudo-filibuster to stall a budget deal today. Some things we didn't hear her address, let me think, MS-13, rapes, robberies, heroin rings, child abuse stabbing, drunk driving fatalities. But she did find time today to preach.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: The minister to the needs of all God's creation over all God's creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.


INGRAHAM: Thank you, pastor Nancy. Let's discuss this with Monica Crowley in New York. She's a senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. And here in Washington is Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum.

All right, Ali, I have to give Nancy Pelosi credit. She's up there for eight hours. She's not 40. And she's up there for eight hours on four- inch heels, and she's going for it. And to get all the women behind her, Sheila Jackson Lee, no one nodded off, which was amazing. But she is up there and she's doing her thing. My question is, has Nancy Pelosi ever done something remotely like this for any victims of illegal immigrant crime? I don't believe she has ever mentioned Kate Steinle's name in her district who was murdered by an illegal immigrant. And I don't believe she has ever addressed the issue of gangs in Oakland or any part of California, L.A., her state. And yet eight hours for the so-called Dreamers.

ALI NOORANI, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, INTERVIEW IMMIGRATION FORUM: The amazing part about today was not only Nancy Pelosi standing up for seven hours making the case for Dreamers, but also on the Senate side you had Senator James Lankford joining an independent senator from Maine Angus King calling for a bipartisan solution.

The thing here, Laura, is that President Trump has an opportunity to make the deal for a lifetime. He can get a win. He can be the one standing up and giving that victory speech. He can even have a parade where Dreamers are walking by and saying Mr. President, thank you for protecting us and thank you for protecting our border.

INGRAHAM: If he put the Dreamers in the military parade, that would be fun. They could actually ride on top of the missiles down Pennsylvania Avenue. I'd come to that parade and fly every flag known to humanity.

NOORANI: An amazing part about that is that 900 DACA recipients have enlisted or have applied to enlist in the army. That's an amazing number.

INGRAHAM: Guess what, in my view they would all get a path right into citizenship.

Monica, let's go to you on this, because Nancy Pelosi does have stamina, you've got to handle it to her. She wants that gavel back in her hand in November, or January of next year. They want to take back the House. The Dreamers, the Latino coalition, they are a key part for the Democrats to take back the House of Representatives. I think it was as much about that as anything else today.

MONICA CROWLEY, LONDON CENTER FOR POLICY RESEARCH: Absolutely, although the Democrats are constantly putting noncitizens ahead of American citizens which is not exactly a political winner. Laura, you either have a country that is based on the rule of law or you don't. And the Democrats don't much care about the rule of law because their goal is to legalize as many of these people as possible not because they care about them but because their primary objective is to create a permanent Democratic voting majority.

So while the left is very effective as Nancy Pelosi was today in casting their views and their policies and their approaches in emotional three hankie kind of ways and then using the echo chamber of the leftwing media to portray them that way, the American people understand here what this is all about. And they know.

And stunts like this, like Gutierrez and Pelosi, this is the same old routine. And you know what, Laura, it doesn't have the same traction as it used to because popular sentiment is actually with President Trump on this including many in the Democratic base who want better jobs and better wages without the drag on those things from illegal immigration.

INGRAHAM: But 1.8 million Dreamers -- DACA recipients were going to get amnesty, that was on the table. Trump said, OK, we have to end this chain migration because that's exploding immigration. We've got to end the visa lottery. The Democrats did not want to give him a win on that. He did have a win on that. The Democrats had an opportunity. They cared about the dreamers, 1.8 million would have gotten amnesty. Now they're going to get nothing.

NOORANI: And the amazing part about it is President Trump also had a great deal in his hands in that Senator Schumer was willing to give $25 billion for a wall. That's the deal that the president wanted.

INGRAHAM: But then he gave them more. He gave them a million more amnesty, he upped to 1.8.

NOORANI: How many more billions of dollars do we want on the border?

INGRAHAM: I think in the end we'll see how this works out in November, but this is a political power play for Pelosi and she is pretty smart at how she does it. Thank you, both, great segment.

And by the way, nothing says the Me Too moment like naked supermodels. Yes, I just said that. Up next we're going to show you what happens when Sports Illustrated tries to put a feminist spin on its annual swimsuit edition.


INGRAHAM: time now for our Seen and Unseen segment where we expose what is really going on behind the big culture stories of the day. We kick it off with a doozy. What happens when the Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition hits the Me Too era. Forge swimsuits. The models are wearing nothing but buzzwords. I kid you not. To make some sense of this and share another sweet story coming up as well, FOX News contributor Raymond Arroyo. Raymond, swimsuit edition, no swimsuits but a hashtag on the models, what's going on?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: They call it "In Her Words." And these are empowering words on these supermodels. Here's the problem, they are saying this is empowering. You're objectifying these women. You're using them as literal billboards. And I'm sorry, this is no way.

INGRAHAM: Is this what our daughters are supposed to aspire to?

ARROYO: This is supposed to raise awareness of respect for women, sexual abuse awareness. This is an odd way to do it by putting the first time in history "Sports Illustrated" does a nude spread.

INGRAHAM: An all women edited this addition, an all-female cast editing this edition. I don't know what they're editing. They didn't edit much.


INGRAHAM: Here's what the editor MJ Day said of this experience. She said it's about allowing women to exist in the world without being harassed or judged regardless of how they like to present themselves.

ARROYO: Women may read the words, men are reading the curves, I can promise you. And when I saw this, I thought this is a photo spread of Me Too protest that Harvey Weinstein could have produced. It's an outrage.

INGRAHAM: Ladies, you're embarrassing yourselves. A father-daughter dance canceled in New York, Staten Island, public school 65. My daughter has gone to a father-daughter dance, she goes with a friend or a surrogate grandfather and she has a great time.

ARROYO: The public schools have a code that you don't want to violate anyone's gender identification and by calling it a father-daughter dance they say you're excluding people. I don't quite understand this. If you're a mother who identifies as a father, go to the father-daughter dance. If you're a father who identifies as a mother, go to the mother-son dance.

INGRAHAM: I'm staying home. I find this whole thing -- this is a different type of dance, it's not the dances I'm used to.

ARROYO: But no one should stay home. These are beautiful events for a mother and a son and a father and daughter, they leave lasting memories. Why should it be ruined for everybody?

INGRAHAM: They want to ruin the Boy Scouts, they want to ruin the Girl Scouts, the want to ruin fraternities, all-male clubs, all-female clubs, you can't have any fun with a particular group because everybody has to be in. Then there is no special place. Everyone is everything.

ARROYO: Down at PS 30 they have something called a fudge dance which is fun with uncles, dads, grandfathers, et cetera. So look for the et cetera daughter dance or the et cetera son dance. Everyone will be happy then.

INGRAHAM: All right, Raymond, what's the feel good story?

ARROYO: The most uplifting story of the week, Gerber baby has chosen its spokes baby for the year. It is a little boy named Lucas Warren. He's the first child in 90 years to have Down syndrome, a special needs child chosen as the Gerber. It's such a lesson and a witness. Remember 67 to 90 percent of children with Downs are aborted. This is a really important lesson for the beauty and the need for every life, and these people are valued and loved and should be.

INGRAHAM: Every life has worth and merit, and that made my night.

ARROYO: Me, too. We need to clean the pallet.

INGRAHAM: That is awesome, Raymond. You're not going to believe, by the way, that it was an immigrant trained by Al Qaeda who got a chain migration visa who now is in the eight hairs of our counterterrorism authorities. You're not going to believe what he was up to. We'll come back and we'll bring you that story.


INGRAHAM: A case you probably haven't heard much about -- the FBI has arrested a Saudi immigrant who reportedly attended Al Qaeda's most notorious training camp, the very one used by the 9/11 hijackers. What alerted the feds? They say Naif Alfallaj used a fraudulent visa to, get this, take flying lessons, just like the 9/11 gang.

So how did he get the bogus visa? According to prosecutors he simply lied about his background including whether he had supported terrorist or had contacts with a terrorist group. Alfallaj entered the country in 2011 on a nonimmigrant visa using his wife's status as a foreign student. He's been living near Oklahoma City.

How did our system allow this guy in, and how many others like him are out there? Remember, poorly vetted immigrants were suspects in the botched attack on New York subways in December, the truck attack on a bike path in New York that killed eight and injured 11 last October, and the 2015 at mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, that killed 14 and wounded 22.

Here with analysis is former FBI counterterror official Terry Turchie in San Francisco. Terry this seems all too familiar, the pattern of the jihadis who managed to get their way into the United States lying about their background, and then in this case, the Saudi immigrant, the guy was signing up for flying lessons. How does this happen?

TERRY TURCHIE, FORMER FBI COUNTERTERRORISM OFFICIAL: It's totally too familiar, Laura, and here's what happened. Going back to 2000, he was in the cam over in Afghanistan. By 2001 we had 9/11 hit us. Of course he was long gone. But after 9/11 the army went in there and found a bunch of documents, and on those documents were about 15 fingerprints.

And in a way this is kind of a success story, but it's also a very frightening story as to what we face in the future, because they went ahead and they sent those documents in here to the bureau, and the fingerprints were then recorded in the bureau's file. So about 2011 Naif actually comes to United States because his wife was here and he comes on a non-immigrant visa. That was a big problem during the 9/11 situation.

So he stays till about 2016, and by October of 2016 he's got himself a private pilot's license, so he's pretty pleased with that. Five months later because of the requirement that you have to have your major case prints taken and sent in to the government, to the FBI, he's done that. He's got his license. And then several months after that, they get these compared and they do the matches and they find out, wait a minute, we've already got these prints here.

These are 15 prints from documents taken out of the training camp. And so all of that is a great way to start this story towards its next chapter. That's a great story of terrorism prevention, and that's the way everything is supposed to work. And it's almost the community in its entirety. It's the U.S. Army doing the raid and making sure they collected everything right.

INGRAHAM: I get it, it's a good story. But the fact that we allow ourselves to be in this position of having to prevent these attacks by these people coming into the United States -- the extreme vetting that we are supposed to be doing, extreme vetting, Trump said we were going to do extreme vetting -- you're not going to catch everyone through extreme vetting. Look at what happened in San Bernardino. Tashfeen Malik, she just lied on her application when she came in on the fiance visa. She lied and she gave a fake home address. The home address didn't even exist. Tashfeen Malik, look at that lovely. So she lied and then they end up shooting up that place, people dead.

I don't know why we continue to have such a liberal policy with allowing people in from these hot spots, and I say thank God for Trump's -- the temporary ban on these hot spot countries.

TURCHIE: His travel bands plus what he wants to do with his overall immigration plan is exactly the way to go. Look at it like this, look at it by the numbers. Just taking the last two years since 9/11, over 1 million people almost have come in through various means of visas. And we can't even determine from a fraction of those, anything from these visa applications. Most of this falls through the cracks. And we still don't have biometrics. And that's the real sad part. When you look at the 9/11 commission and you look at what they were saying not too long after 9/11, we've got to deal with this whole immigration, these vulnerabilities, and we still haven't addressed the vast majority of them. And remember, 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis. Six of the 19 -- go ahead.

INGRAHAM: They are not on the watch list. They're not on the barred from travel to the United States list. That's another problem. I think this is way too much for us to handle, keeping the right people in and out of this country.

Great segment. We'll be right back.


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And Shannon Bream is like a Broadway star now. She's doing two a day, two shows a day.

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