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STEVE HILTON, HOST: Breaking tonight, President Trump rules out moving his State of the Union speech until after Wednesday's impeachment vote. Here's the President earlier tonight with Sean Hannity.


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Any thought to delay the State of the Union?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: No. I'm going to have it. It's going to be done. We're going to talk about the achievements that we've made. Nobody's made achievements like we've made, so many different things.


HILTON: And another alert for you tonight. John Kerry overheard in Iowa discussing his potential late entry to the presidential race because of his "the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party down a hole."

Kerry addressed the issue on Twitter saying, "As I told the reporter, I am absolutely not running for President. Any report otherwise is bleeping or categorically false. I've been proud to campaign with my good friend Joe Biden, who's going to win the nomination, beat Trump and make an outstanding President."

Yes, we'll see about that.

Good evening, everyone. Welcome to "The Next Revolution." I'm Steve Hilton. And this is the home of positive populism: Pro-worker, pro-family, pro- community and always pro-America.

A very special show for you tonight. I'm live in Chicago. We've got an exclusive look ahead to President Trump's State of the Union with Brooke Rollins from the White House, Tezlyn Figaro is here to tell us who's going to win the Iowa caucuses. Congressman Jim Banks is joining us with a strong message on China.

And with me throughout the hour, our good friend Tammy Bruce, there she is. And for the first time tonight, Erin Perrine. Good to see them both.

Okay, let's start with impeachment. What we saw during the Senate trial confirmed what we've known for months. Impeachment wasn't about the Constitution. It wasn't about abuse of power. It was about the Democrats and the fact that they hate this President, are furious he won in 2016, and fear, he'll win again this year.

Now, finally, this impeachment farce looks like it's coming to an end. But it would be a massive injustice if we let things lie as they are.

For years, the alleged corruption and abuse of power by President Trump has been investigated over and over and over again.

But what about the alleged Biden corruption? Nothing. Not a single investigation. Why does he get a pass? Why does President Trump have his administration blocked, probed and hounded for three years but nothing on the other side?

That is not fair. That is not justice. That is not the rule of law, but the law of the swamp and the king of the swamp is Joe Biden.

So as impeachment comes to an end, let the investigation of Biden begin. And as John Kerry reveals tonight, that he too may run for President, he too must be investigated over cash for gas.

Are you listening, Senate Republicans? You and only you can do this.

We now need to hear from Joe Biden. How much U.S. taxpayer money went to Ukrainian gas company, Burisma while your son, Hunter was on the Board and you sent billions of dollars to Ukraine's energy industry?

You said you didn't know about your son's ties to Burisma, but last year, he said he told you, so who's lying? You or your son?

And yes, let's call him, too. Hunter Biden, please summarize your expertise in energy matters in 2014 when you were hired by Burisma. Please describe your business experience in Ukraine in 2014 when you were hired by Burisma.

Did you hire former John Kerry aide, David Leiter, as Burisma's Washington lobbyist? When you were wandering around a crack den in Los Angeles in late 2016 while on the Burisma Board, was that on behalf of Burisma?

Let's call Burisma founder, Mykola Zlochevsky. Why did you hire Hunter Biden? Was it his connections? Which connections? With strippers or crack dealers? As a corrupt oligarch, perhaps you thought Hunter Biden might bring you judicial immunity.

Not a bad assumption, considering that when Hunter Biden returned a rental car with a crack pipe inside along with a mysterious white residue, he got off with no charges being filed.

Let's call Burisma Board member, Devon Archer. When you met with Vice President Biden, the new head of Ukraine policy at the White House on the evening of April 16th, 2014, did you discuss Ukraine energy or Burisma?

Or was it just a total coincidence that two days after that meeting, Hunter Biden joined Burisma's Board, and that three days after that, the Vice President flew to Ukraine with promises of billions in aid for the Ukraine energy sector, which his son was now being paid by?

Let's call David Leiter, the former John Kerry aide hired by Burisma soon after Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, also a former Kerry aide joined the Burisma Board.

Were you paid $90,000.00 by Burisma? What was that contract for? And was it a foreign influence campaign to direct U.S. taxpayer dollars to Burisma?

Why did you donate thousands of dollars to Democratic senators Ed Markey, Jeanne Shaheen and Richard Blumenthal in the year leading up to your Burisma registration?

Let's get the senators to testify. Senator Markey, Senator Shaheen, was it a coincidence that shortly after Ukraine energy sector lobbyist, David Leiter gave you thousands of dollars in donations, you wrote to President Obama urging him to send more aid to the Ukraine energy sector?

Were you aware of the original source of the Leiter donations? Were you aware they came from a lobbyist for a corrupt foreign company, a company you went on to support?

And Senator Blumenthal, was your decision to sponsor legislation alongside Senator Markey that pushed more money towards Ukraine's gas sector influenced by Ukraine gas lobbyist, David Leiter's donations to your campaign committee?

Let's call John Kerry. As you pushed for taxpayer cash to support the Ukrainian gas industry, your former Chief of Staff lobbied for a Ukrainian gas company, and your stepson's friend and business partner joined its Board. Is that not a blatant and corrupt conflict of interest?

Why did you not recuse yourself from anything to do with Ukraine energy? Are you aware that David Leiter used his connection to you to get foreign clients for his lobbying firm while you were Secretary of State? Can you explain why that is not totally corrupt?

Talking of corruption, let's call the whistleblower who started this all. How many times have you met Joe Biden? Would you describe yourself as non- partisan? Why did you hire a lawyer who said right after President Trump's inauguration that a coup had started against him? Please describe all contact you've had with Representative Adam Schiff and anyone on his staff.

Let's call D.N.C. operative, Alexandra Chalupa. You were paid over $400,000.00 by the D.N.C. between 2004 and 2016. Please describe the work you carried out for them? Did you seek information about Donald Trump from Ukraine, as asserted by the Ukrainian government?

And let's end for now with this one. If it's wrong for Republicans to solicit foreign dirt on Democrats, why is it okay for Democrats to solicit foreign dirt on Republicans?

Yes. There's a lot of questions, and the biggest one of all, the one we started with, why does every allegation against Donald Trump get endlessly investigated while Joe Biden's corruption, John Kerry's corruption, Ed Markey's corruption, Jeanne Shaheen's corruption, Richard Blumenthal's corruption -- all of that outrageous and obvious Democratic corruption in the Ukraine cash for gas scandal is completely ignored?

You know why. Because the swamp looks after its own.

All right, let's all push these investigations. We will post this on social media. Please follow us now @SteveHiltonX and @NextRevFNC and help us spread the word.

Joining me now, Fox News contributor, Tammy Bruce; and Deputy Communications Director for the Trump 2020 campaign, Erin Perrine.

All right, Tammy, I just really want to focus on this investigation thing. What do we have to do and who needs to do it to get Joe Biden investigated?

TAMMY BRUCE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, you know, the President, of course, is doing what he can. He is keeping it in the news. This was of course, all started because corruption mattered to him, that it was an issue -- the nature of the impact of how --

You know, corruption in the United States is bad enough, right, when you're dealing with the parties. But what was exactly happening when it comes to the international scene? How is it that all of these civil servants are getting filthy rich in the midst of this?

And somehow it was almost like it was coming down from the leprechaun somewhere. Where does this money come from? What are these special deals? What is it that so many of these individuals involved at high levels of both parties, certainly, because Donald Trump is a disrupter for the system in general -- what is it that has made these individuals so ferociously wanting to stop the nature of any change as though something might be found?

You know, the President Donald Trump is now the keeper of the secrets in a way. He has been very busy trying to get the nation back on her feet. But the major threat remains, the longer an outsider remains in the White House, the more the corruption, those individuals that you've named, that you've gone through, just even I think just the surface are at risk.

And I think a program like this in all honesty, your format is different. The details are very specific. You look at a framework that is somewhat out of the box, and you know, you've got the flexibility to be able to do that. And this makes a difference and you're doing a great job, frankly.

HILTON: Well, thank you Tammy, great to see us always. Erin, great to see you for the first time on the show. Welcome. What's your take?

ERIN PERRINE, DEPUTY COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR FOR THE TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN:  Thanks for having me. Well, it's clear that President Trump is a disrupter like Tammy said. It's important to remember that because he is there to drain the swamp and fight against it.

You hear him say it in rally speech after speech just the other day in Des Moines. He said, man, I came to fight the swamp, and I didn't think it would fight back so hard.

The President will continue to push back against the D.C. liberal elites and talking heads who want to try and control this country without hearing the voice of the American people.

Let's remember, President Trump is a voice for the American people, for those who felt forgotten by the D.C. elite in the swamp. He will continue to fight. That's what four more years of President Trump means.

It means you have that voice. You have someone fighting back to make sure that the facts are out there, that the truth and honesty prevails at the end of the day.

HILTON: Well, I certainly hope that someone can do something about this -- all of this Biden evidence we've presented as Tammy pointed out regularly.

Tammy, I just want you to talk about the kind of the sequence we're going to be looking at over the next few days as impeachment winds down. You've got the State of the Union.

BRUCE: Sure.

HILTON: A lot of people have been saying to President Trump, look, why don't you just move the State of the Union so that you can make it as someone who has been acquitted as we all expect to happen on Wednesday.

Tonight, with Sean Hannity, he said, no, I'm not going to do that. I'm going to do it on Tuesday. How do you think it's all going to play out?

BRUCE: Well, look, the corruption of the system has forced people to react to it. It's about time and the President -- this is what I think the President has shocked so many people on the left and the Democrats, people who are invested in the establishment is he hasn't allowed them to change - - to force him to change his agenda, to force him to change his approach, his program.

He's got a State of the Union to deliver and he is going to deliver it. Recall that with the previous States of the Union that his numbers go up.

I mean, he reaches over the top of the media, people love hearing him for an extended period of time talking about the issues. That's what the State of the Union will be about, reminding people what's been accomplished in the midst of all of this other garbage.

And of course, I think part of his strength is saying, I'm not going to let this nonsense and this kind of corruption push me off of the mark of what's important for the American people.

And keeping that date right there, keeping his eye on the prize is a signal that he is still not going to be distracted by this kind of garbage.

HILTON: All right, Tammy. Thank you both. Stay right there. We've got a lot more to get to tonight.

Coming up, with just two days away from that State of the Union address. One of the President's top advisers joins me with inside information on what to expect. That's next.


HILTON: Welcome back, everyone. We're only two days away from President Trump's State of the Union Address.

And earlier I had the chance to talk to Brooke Rollins, Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives about what we can expect. Take a look.


HILTON: So hello, Brooke. I think of you as probably the world's most positive person. So let's think about the positive things that we're likely to see in the State of the Union.

It's a big day next week on Tuesday, what have you got in store for us?

BROOKE ROLLINS, ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT FOR STRATEGIC INITIATIVES:  Well, Steve Hilton, it's so great to be with you again and all of your amazing viewers out in America.

The State of the Union, of course, is Tuesday, and I would never get in front of my boss, the President of the United States.

But I think that your viewers can expect a very positive, very optimistic, very hope-filled speech from Washington, all of the extraordinary things that this President has done for this country over the last three years, you know, we'll get to talk about that.

And the State of the Union is an awesome opportunity to reach Americans that may not be going to the rallies, and that may not, God forbid watch Fox News, but because everyone, of course, should watch Fox News Channel.

HILTON: Quite right.

ROLLINS: But for the rest of America that may tune in just to hear what the President has to say -- exactly -- I think they're going to walk away and put their kids to bed and finish their dinners with a renewed sense of optimism for what is in store for the future of this country.

HILTON: So I know you can't get into the details, but what are the kind of areas we should be looking out for both in terms of what's going on until now that people may not be that tuned into in terms of the achievements today?

I mean, obviously with impeachment going on and all this kind of circus in Washington, it kind of blots out some of the positive policy work that you've been leading. What are the areas that you think we should be paying attention to?

ROLLINS: Well, I think that this President -- and you know, it's interesting the impeachment is unfortunate. What a sham and truly what a disappointment for the entire country.

But at the same time, during the impeachment process, the President this week signed the USMCA trade agreement, the largest agreement that this country and this world, I believe, has ever seen. A China deal two weeks ago.

Before that, he took out one of the world's worst terrorist, Soleimani, and in the midst of all that, the economic boom that this country is experiencing, the roaring back of the American dream for all Americans.

But especially those who were forgotten, or who've never had a shot at the American dream, whether it's our lowest unemployment rates ever on record in history ever for our African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian- American, disabled Americans, our veterans, our Americans with no high school diploma, the lowest unemployment on record.

And looking at the energy production in this country and how we've become a net exporter. We're literally exporting freedom to the rest of the world.

And you look at the trade deals. You look at the regulatory reform, the deregulation. You look at what this President is focusing on -- healthcare and making sure that Americans have healthcare they can afford and a quality that they can deserve.

It's probably a good guess that this President will hit on all of those buckets as we as we move into Tuesday's State of the Union and beyond.

HILTON: So one of the areas I know you've been specifically really focused on is opportunity zones. That's one of the, I think, lesser known policy innovations of this administration.

Can you talk to us a little bit about what we've seen on that so far and what we might look forward to going forward?

ROLLINS: Well, thank you for bringing that up. You know, I believe so strongly that this President's legacy is going to be so incredible and impressive and one of the most successful presidencies this country has ever seen, if not maybe the most successful.

And I believe that will be judged, and this is somewhat biblical out of Matthew, but I believe that will be judged based on what we have done for the least fortunate and what we have done for those who have the least among us.

And opportunity zones is right in the middle of that work. It's the idea that creating through the tax cuts that came through a couple of years ago, 9,000 opportunity zones around this country that the states themselves designated with the idea that you bring in investments into these long forgotten areas where they haven't had an investments in in years, if not decades, or generations.

And you create new homes and new jobs and new buildings and new grocery stores based on some work within the Tax Code.

He will probably talk a little bit more about opportunity zones moving forward, because we've already seen such an amazing, incredible amount of investment go into these poor communities.

But you know, Steve, you tie that, you marry it to what we've done a criminal justice reform in the First Step Act and what our workforce efforts, you know, Ivanka Trump has been a warrior on creating more opportunity for Americans through workforce.

Whether you compare that with this President's fight for school choice, and real education freedom for children in these communities, in these cities where because they don't live in a nice zip code or because their parents can't write a big check, they're going to schools where they really will never have a shot at the American dream.

So when you put all of that together -- opportunities zones, of course, being a key part of that -- when you put all of that together, this President's legacy on what he's done for all Americans, but especially what he's done for the forgotten Americans, which is what he promised as a candidate.

And in his very first speech, they will be forgotten no more, and no one will have a bigger champion in the White House before or after than he will be and he's proven that out.

HILTON: Well, Brooke, there you are. I'm very excited to hear you talk like that. I think that's what -- you know, we love to focus on policy on this show, because in the end ...

ROLLINS: That's why I love your show, Steve.

HILTON:  ... it's often overlooked. And yet, that's what makes the real difference to the real people out there in the country, people watching us tonight, and I really appreciate you being with us. Thank you so much.

ROLLINS: Well, I love every minute of it. I'll be back soon whenever you invite me.


HILTON: All right, Tammy and Erin are back with us.

Erin, I don't think anyone expects the forward looking policy agenda that President Trump will lay out on Tuesday will be implemented anytime soon when you've got Nancy Pelosi in charge of one half of Congress, but I imagine it will be a useful component for you in the campaign in terms of laying out for people what they can hope for and expect from a second Trump term.

PERRINE: That's right. I think Brooke touched on it a little bit. She mentioned that when we take the media lens off their filter, and the President gets the opportunity to speak directly to the public, without the talking heads and their jargon over the top, the message is so well received by the American people.

So the President is going to have an open mic and be able to share the success of this administration, unfettered and not holding back.

I mean, when we look at the success of the Trump administration, this is a blue collar boom in this country because of his policies, not only the tax cuts, but the booming economic growth.

The jobs numbers are huge in this country. Seventy three percent of people who got jobs last year in America came from groups that were either marginalized or came from outside of the workforce. That's a huge statistic. That's a huge number. And those are people getting an opportunity because of the work of President Trump.

The tax cuts, they are helping lift this economy and give families the support that they need, doubling the child tax credit to make sure that families are better able to afford.

The message of this Union is strong, and it will be wonderful to have President Trump give the opportunity to give that without the media noise and their filter on top of it.

HILTON: So Tammy, I mean, we just sort of reminded of it there. It is incredible to think what this administration has accomplished in the face of this relentless obstruction and investigation. It's kind of amazing, isn't it?

BRUCE: It is and this is one of those reactions that you're supposed to not expect, right? The Democrats are thinking they were going to obstruct and slow him down.

What that managed to allow Donald Trump to do, whether you liked him or not, was you saw his dogged determination to get his agenda through.

Without that kind of resistance, I mean, we would have gotten even more through, but my goodness, this is what people are imagining. What if the Democrats actually were helping to work with the President to get this country back on our feet? What we could have become?

In the meantime, yes, and it has been difficult, but the fact is we're energy independent. Right? We've got that done. You've got justice reform. Yes, the opportunity zones, et cetera.

The immigration issues. We've got -- we have a new -- I guess, for the first time in years, the deaths by drug overdoses and fentanyl has gone down. I mean, we will be reminded of the expansive nature of the President's agenda that he's been able to move forward by fighting against lawsuits. Yes, executive orders. You know, the USMCA and all of those things.

It's been a combination of working with Congress, not holding grudges, right, focusing on what was best for the American people. So he has been seen and I think rightfully so, as someone who has been more committed to the issues, more committed to the future than anyone else and determined to get something done.

And I think this next election is going to be a chance for the American people to say we want this President to have cooperation for the next term.

HILTON: Totally. I totally agree. And one quick thing, I want to add there, we haven't touched on it, but it's huge, very close to the top of the list for me, which is the total turnaround on policy towards China, not just on trade. This country's whole attitude towards China.

He's almost done that, as I've said before, single handedly. The whole establishment was against it, and I just think we always need to include that on any kind of survey of the accomplishments.

All right, coming up. On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, former Bernie Sanders staffer, our friend, Tezlyn Figaro joins me to break down what a win would mean for the Vermont senator. That is next.


JACKIE IBANEZ, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Live from "America's News Headquarters," I'm Jackie Ibanez in New York.

President Trump en route back to Washington after a weekend retreat at his golf resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Back in D.C., he faces a busy week ahead. Closing arguments in the President's impeachment trial are set to start tomorrow morning.

On Tuesday, the President will deliver his State of the Union Address. He is expected to be acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, health officials reporting a ninth case of coronavirus right here in the USA. Latest patient is a woman in the San Francisco area. She recently returned from Wuhan, China the epicenter of this outbreak.

Earlier today the first virus related death outside of China was reported in the Philippines. The death toll in China has now surpassed 360 with more than 17,000 cases reported worldwide.

I'm Jackie Ibanez, now back to "The Next Revolution." For all of your headlines, log on

HILTON: All right, welcome back. Tomorrow is the first real test for the 2020 Democratic hopefuls, the Iowa caucuses.

I was there this weekend. I was at a Pete Buttigieg event. Last night, the big Bernie rally and I'll be joining Shannon Bream there tomorrow night for coverage as the results come in.

But joining me now to tell us what's going to happen former Bernie Sanders national staffer, Tezlyn Figaro. Tezlyn, where have you been? We haven't seen you for ages.


HILTON: We missed you.

FIGARO: I missed you too, Steve. Thank you.

HILTON: All right. So what are you expecting? Let's just start with that.

FIGARO: Well, what I'm expecting is Bernie Sanders to continue the motivation and the momentum that they've built up four years ago.

You know, people forget that they were organizing on the ground, the last four or five years. This has been something, a moment in a lifetime that they've been waiting for. Much like a lot of my 49er fans out there, like Spud Johnson. He has been waiting on the 49ers to finally make it to the Super Bowl, and that is pretty much the same way Bernie Sanders supporters feel.

You know, a lot of the candidates are saying, oh, well, you know, it's not a big deal. We can make up lost ground when we get to Super Tuesday. But Bernie Sanders campaign is not looking at it that way.

They are looking at it as go big or go home and putting everything on the field tomorrow. And I think things will work in their favor.

HILTON: And do you think Biden is -- you know, how important is it for Biden to get a really kind of clear result here like to win or to come a strong second? Do you think if he doesn't do that, he's going to be really damaged?

FIGARO: I think he's already damaged. You know, when you look at all of the issues that Joe Biden has had, the Sanders campaign has pointed out most recently, just last weekend, Shaun King listed on Twitter of 30 years' worth of lies.

So he has been hurting himself all along, and I think he underestimated Senator Sanders, you know, with this attitude of I'm ahead of the game, I'm ahead of all the polls, and really just thought he had it in the bag, and he is learning today that he does not.

He's no longer leading in Iowa. Today, a poll came out as well in South Carolina that shows that he is down five points. So he's on a lot of trouble. And I think the establishment knows it.

They have once again, misread the people, the American people, and have once again, pushed a candidate on folks that people just really are not that into.

HILTON: Yes, I totally agree with that. So what -- do you buy this analysis that basically what this race is shaping into is actually a very clear choice between a progressive, more leftwing socialist candidate, that's Bernie or Elizabeth Warren, and then someone to be the standard bearer for the more establishment type?

I don't like using the term moderate because as far as I'm concerned, they've all gone so far to the left. None of them are moderate. But you know, more establishment types. Do you buy that its establishment versus socialist progressive? And that's going to be the choice.

FIGARO: Yes, I mean, I don't think that all of them have been very moderate as well, because most of them has stolen Senator Sanders' policies. You know, I tell you all the time, but you know, I'm not a socialist, I lean more moderate as well.

I think it was important that Senator Sanders shook up the establishment in 2016, which he obviously has done. He has made everyone move all the way to the left.

There's not a clear choice which explains why Mike Bloomberg is now in the race. He thinks that it's important to have a clear moderate who is clearly moderate, who has actually put people to work before.

Again, I'm not a Bloomberg surrogate, I'm just speaking facts, you know that I think that's the reason why he has gotten into the race because the other candidates have simply just mimicked Senator Sanders and they've been all over the place.

HILTON: All right. Well, there you are. We are going to follow it closely. We will be there on Monday night. I think, again, I just want to challenge the idea that Bloomberg is a moderate. He may have been in the past, but his policy agenda now, way to the left of what we've seen from any previous candidate.

All right, Tezlyn, great to see you. Hope to see you soon for a whole show.

FIGARO: Good to see you, too. Thank you. Bye-bye.

HILTON: All right. Coming up, the latest on the U.K.'s disgraceful deal with Chinese telecom giant, Huawei and how that puts America's security at risk. Congressman Jim Banks is here to weigh in.


HILTON: Welcome back. Time now for a follow up on the U.K.'s controversial deal with telecom giant, Huawei long believed to be a Trojan horse for the Chinese government.

Despite warnings from the U.S., Britain went ahead last week and invited Huawei in to help build its new 5G telecom network.

Here now to explain why that's dangerous for America and the world is Indiana Congressman, Jim Banks, who introduced a bill that would stop the U.S. from sharing intelligence with any country that allows Huawei to operate their 5G networks. A very strong stance there.

Congressman, really great to see you weighing in so strongly on this. First of all, tell us again, why this is such an important issue.

REP. JIM BANKS, R-IND.: Well, Steve, this has really -- it been a confusing week coming from the U.K. On one hand, reclaiming its sovereignty by going through Brexit, reclaiming sovereignty from Brussels.

And then on the other hand, giving its sovereignty away to Beijing by implementing Huawei into pieces and parts of its 5G system.

The way I put this, this would be like Margaret Thatcher deciding at the height of the Cold War to invite the KGB to come in and to install the phone system for MI-6.

If that would have happened, Ronald Reagan would have cut the phone cord. It would have crippled that strategic relationship between Reagan and Thatcher, that relationship that led to winning the Cold War.

In this case, Boris Johnson and other leaders in the U.K. who have decided to let Huawei come directly through the front door into the 5G system and implement their technologies, this opens up the door to compromising our valuable national security intelligence, and it's the reason that the United States of America needs to be more careful in who we share our Intelligence with. That's why I introduced the bill that I did.

HILTON: Well, I'll get to that in a second. I just want you to respond, if you like to the argument from the British side, which is that, oh, it's fine because we're not letting Huawei into the core technology. They make this distinction between the core and the periphery. And there's some kind of cap I think, is it 30 percent or 35 percent -- and so what do you make of that?

BANKS: Well, you're going to hear a lot of excuses. You're going to hear that it's the cheapest option. You're going to hear that is an option that they're only using it in some small parts of the 5G infrastructure.

You might hear that this is the only option that the U.K. or other countries have to implementing a 5G system, and all of that just isn't the case.

The United States of America, companies like Verizon and others are building the very best 5G network that they possibly can.

What's even more important than that, it will be a 5G network that doesn't have the Made in China label on it that will protect our valuable Intelligence. That's what we need to wait for. It might mean waiting for a matter of time to get there. But in the end, we'll all be better off by having a system that protects our Intelligence.

HILTON: So let's just quickly come to your bill, if that passes, can -- is that an actual block on what the government can do, what the Federal government can do in terms of intelligence cooperation? Can you in Congress stop the executive branch from doing that?

BANKS: Well, first of all, let's step back and recognize that President Trump is the first President in my lifetime who has chosen not to hug the panda bear and appease China and rather be very tough on them both economically and militarily.

HILTON: Quite right. I so strongly agree with you.

BANKS: My piece of legislation that I introduced would give the President another tool in his toolbox, as he goes abroad and speaks with other country leaders to remind them, this would be a dangerous step forward to allow Huawei to have any part of their 5G system.

So my piece of legislation is very much aligned with this President who has had very good instincts about the dangers of Huawei from day one, and give him another tool to fight back against Huawei infiltrating 5G networks abroad.

HILTON: Well, good for you. I really, really appreciate your work on this and I hope you can keep us in touch and come back soon to talk about it. Good to see you, Congressman.

BANKS: You've got it. Thank you.

HILTON: All right. Coming up, why the Deep State is such a threat to democracy in America's founding principles? This is an incredibly important conversation. I think you'll really enjoy it. That's next.


HILTON: Welcome back, everyone. Earlier, I had the chance to talk to Ned Ryun. He's CEO of American Majority and the author of the new book, "Restoring Our Republic," about the oppressive administrative state and what we can do to break it up. Take a look.


HILTON: Joining me now, author of "Restoring Our Republic" and founder and CEO of American Majority, Ned Ryun.

Ned, I'm so excited to talk to you about this book because I think it goes to the heart.


HILTON: So many issues that that we've been talking about on this show for really since the beginning of the show, in terms of what I described as positive populism. Just set out for us really, would you first of all the, kind of the historical background to this book?

RYUN: Yes. So the whole idea of this book was again having to deal with this very aggressive socialism we're seeing today and understanding that's antithetical to the founding. It's deeply un-American, but do we even know where we've come from.

And so I really wanted to lay out really the genesis for the American Republic. Where did the founders find the vision? Where did they get the ideas? How did they construct the machinery of the Republic, which is an important idea I'd love to discuss more about.

And then it really kind of does lay the groundwork and the first chapter kind of explains, it really helps us understand what we're experiencing today, and the seeds of that were a hundred years ago, when progressives dropped an administrative state inside of our Constitution Republic.

And I lay on the first chapter, how --

HILTON: Slow down. That such an important step in the argument.

RYUN: It is.

HILTON: So who do you mean by the progressives?

RYUN: So progressives, it was a movement that began late 1900s, early 20th Century.


RYUN: And their whole governing philosophy was to build a massive bureaucracy and administrative state to advance human progress and I juxtaposed against the founders, what I call optimistic realists.

HILTON: Right.

RYUN: They're very realistic about human nature -- imperfect human nature -- it should never be trusted with consolidated power, but they were optimistic that they could create a government that was powerful enough to be a steward of our natural rights, but not too powerful to take them away.

HILTON: Whereas the progressives put their faith in kind of experts and managers --

RYUN: In government and alleged educated. You can actually draw a line between Woodrow Wilson and Lieutenant Colonel Vindman in this whole philosophy that it's an educated elite.

HILTON: That's what -- I'm not sure anyone's done that.

RYUN: Right, but it's an educated elite that makes the decisions, and that's not what the founders intended.

And so I call the progressives utopian status. They were incorrect on the imperfect nature -- human nature -- and they believe that you should consolidate power to advance human progress. That really is what we're experiencing today. And I lay this --

HILTON: Can I just ask you a question about that? Because it seems to me that that is -- I mean, that's something really close to my heart, and that is very fundamentally anti-democratic, because it means the decisions are made by these experts who are appointed rather than people who are elected and accountable to the people.

RYUN: Absolutely. Two very different governing philosophies administrative state and Constitutional Republic.

HILTON: Can I just ask why the judicial branch and the guardians of the Constitution allowed this to happen. How did that happen?

RYUN: Well, it was kind of a whole process in which I believe the legislative, the executive and even the judicial is actually part of advancing the progressive idea of an administrative state.

If you look at the history of judicial activism, but it was really the executive and legislative ceding power to this administrative state. And this is where I explain to people, when you give this administrative state this massive bureaucracy so much power, all of what we're seeing today makes sense.

In fact, the last three years makes complete sense when you understand a powerful administrative state filled with powerful bureaucrats think they decide.

And I tell people Donald Trump, when he showed up, he said, all power flows from the people. I'm the duly elected representative of the people by the means laid out by the Constitution, and the administrative actors said we don't think so. We think, we're the ones to decide.

HILTON: But the reason that I'm so excited to hear you speak like this, because it captures that feeling that people had which is why they elected Donald Trump, which is up until then, it felt like -- it doesn't matter who we vote for, you get the same policies.

RYUN: So I lay this out in the opening chapter of the book in which I say for these administrative actors and many in D.C. who I think find democracy wildly inconvenient, the elections are dates on a calendar that come and go, quaint notions of a republic gone away, but they remain and they stay.

And I've had them tell political appointees, buddies that were political appointees, you'll come and go, but we will still be here making decisions after you go.

HILTON: All right, so I hope we'll have lots more time to dig into all of this. But we are short of time now. So I just want you to tell the audience quickly, what's the recommendation? What's your simple solution to dealing with the administrative state?

RYUN: So, Donald Trump, he wants to drain the swamp. The foundation of the swamp is the administrative state. I think that the only way you can restore the American Republic is to break apart the administrative state and in the last chapter, I make recommendations.

We've got to shut down departments. You've got to break up the Leviathan planted around various parts of the country.

HILTON: To move it out of Washington.

RYUN: You've got to move it out of D.C. and you've got to take these 800,000 non-essential Federal government employees and you've got to migrate them into the private sector.

We now have six million or seven million job openings, thanks to Donald Trump's policy. So there are some reform steps in this last chapter.

But I encourage people, if you want to know where we came from, how far we've drifted, how we get back to re-restoring our republic.

HILTON: I'm so excited to hear this. I really, really cannot wait to get into the detail of all that especially that assault on the administrative state and how we try and advance that cause particularly thinking about what could well be a second term --

RYUN: Second term. Second term that Trump has to be all about that.

HILTON: Fantastic. Thank you so much.

RYUN: Thank you, Steve. Appreciate it.


HILTON: All right, coming up. It was CNN's deplorable the moment. The video and my response, next.


HILTON: All right, so you've probably seen the video by now a CNN panel mocking Trump supporters, laughing at them. But it's a really important moment, highly revealing, and I don't want to let it go.

I want to play the clip for you and then we're going to discuss it with Tammy and Erin afterwards. So let's have a look.


RICK WILSON, POLITICAL CONSULTANT: Donald Trump couldn't find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter U and a picture of an actual physical crane next to it.

He knows that this is, you know, an administration defined by ignorance of the world. And so that's partly him playing to their base and playing to their audience. You know, the credulous boomer rube demo that backs Donald Trump.

WAHAJAT ALI, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: You elitist with your geography and your maps and your spelling, even though --

WILSON:  ... are you reading?

ALI: Yes, you're reading.


HILTON: I just really -- I find that offensive and disgusting. This is a tweet that I put out when it happened. I mean, "Smug. Hateful. Condescending. Divisive. Bigoted. Arrogant. Elitist. Ignorant. Prejudiced."

Tammy, any words to add to my list there?

BRUCE: Well, you're absolutely right. Look, I mean, this was bigotry at its most vile, and what I have been noting about this is that this wasn't like just a bad night for some talking heads. This is the belief system that underlies the Democratic Party.

It was the same of course with Hillary's deplorable remark that also was not a one-off. These are -- the moment the curtain is swung back and then gets right back overthinking you won't notice.

At the end of a GOP ad using this, they say they think you're a joke. Prove them wrong in November. But I can't reinforce enough that this is why the country has been in such trouble because of the ridicule and the contempt people like this feel for the American people.

HILTON: Exactly. You put it so well, Tammy. I knew you'd get the importance of this. Erin, what do you make of it?

PERRINE: Well, I think that Don Lemon owes about 63 million Americans, including myself an actual apology for spreading such bigotry on CNN.

CNN should also be issuing an apology. It's absolutely disgusting and heinous that a major news network would go out there and let that stand and let the American people be ridiculed and laughed at and made fun of by people who think that they're stupid. It's unacceptable.

And this is the kind of thing that the liberal elite truly believe of Donald Trump supporters. They would do themselves a big favor to actually come to one of President Trump's rallies and see these people who come.

These are hardworking Americans. They are the kindest people. They will give you the shirt off their back and the last sandwich in their box if they think that it'll help you out.

They have no idea what they're talking about, and they owe everyone an apology immediately.

HILTON: I totally agree. And by the way, Don, he knew he had messed up with that because he did issues some sort of non-apology apology.

But Tammy, just quick last word to you on this. I just think that it was revealing because we know that this is what they've always felt. And finally, with President Trump, you've got someone that stands up for those people that were mocked and insulted there. That's why he's so powerful.

BRUCE: Well, but see, that's it, and at the same time, the hatred they feel for Trump, don't forget, is not really about Donald Trump. They've known him for years. He is a proxy for us.


BRUCE: That is made clear with this framework here is that Donald Trump, he is a proxy. His family is dealing with it.

HILTON: Yes, all right, I am sorry, Tammy.

BRUCE: Yes, it's all right.

HILTON: We are out of time. Great, great talking to you. Do please come and join us next Sunday when "The Next Revolution" will be televised.

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