Remembering the life of Andrew Breitbart

Always the tease. Always the agitator. Always in your face.

Say what you will of Andrew Breitbart, always interesting.

Never dull.

And now, gone.

The fiery 43-year-old conservative internet publisher, whose words shocked the world, shockingly leaving this world, by of all things…natural causes.

It doesn't make sense.

Then again, Breitbart's rapid rise to media stardom didn't make sense either.

Disheveled, disorganized, always seemingly distracted, Breitbart didn't look the part of the angry conservative, but man, no one was quicker to come to the defense "of" conservatives…

Andrew Breitbart didn't' fight liberal fire with fire.

He went nuclear on 'em...

And when it came to a certain democratic congressman once blaming the media for making up what he called "outrageous" stories on him…the bomb thrower proved he knew how to throw back too.

I didn't know Andrew like my friend Tucker Carlson.

Hadn't followed his every missive like my buddy Sean Hannity.

But what I gleaned from my own chats is that Andrew didn't chat…he erupted.

But with an articulation and edge and even humor, that few on the right "or" left could match.

He was, as they say, good TV.

And a good man, driven by what he forever called a good cause, and a right cause.

And one Andrew repeatedly said was worth the fight, even if it meant getting right in occupiers' face…

Let them try and attack me, Breitbart once told me.

I'd be disappointed if they didn't.

Then I’d know I was failing.

Now I know…I’m not.


Not even close.

Andrew Breitbart…dead, at age 43