The latest from the Political Grapevine:

Rallying to Return

Riot police in the Philippines were called to the country's presidential palace today where more than 200 Filipinos protested the situation in Iraq. This after 3,000 Filipinos marched last week.

Th ing is, Filipinos weren't protesting to stay out of Iraq. They were protesting to go back in.

Last month, after one of its workers was taken hostage, the Filipino government withdrew its forces and banned citizens from going to Iraq.

But now Filipinos are demanding their government lift the ban, saying there are job opportunities in Iraq and, “Your concern for us is highly appreciated but we need cash."

Complaints Coming Re: County Prosecutor

The Oregon Bar Association is launching a "preliminary investigation" into 49 ethics complaints it received this week against Clackamas County prosecutor and Swift Boat Veteran for Truth Al French.

French swore in an affidavit that John Kerry received two of his three Purple Hearts "from negligently self-inflicted wounds in the absence of hostile fire." But he later told the Portland Oregonian he doesn't know that first-hand.

The Bar Association has mailed French a series of questions and says it hopes to hear back in the next 2 weeks.

Apparel An Ad for Drugs?

A student at Grayson High School outside Atlanta, who moved to the area from Long Island, New York, was pulled out of class by a school official for wearing a shirt the official thought promoted marijuana use.

The shirt had the student's former home town and area code: "Hempstead, New York, 5-1-6." Student Terrell Jones insisted he wasn't promoting illegal drugs, but school officials weren't buying it, until Jones persuaded them to look up "Hempstead, New York" on the Internet. They then let Jones return to class.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report