I think most people are agreeable people -- even kind and patient people. Most people here -- and I think most people everywhere.

But there are some people who are not agreeable. They are not kind. They are not patient. They're demanding and pushy and some are evil.

Agreeable, kind, and patient people don't quite know how to handle people who aren't agreeable, or kind, or patient. They hope those evil people go away, so they can go back to being agreeable, kind and patient.

But those evil people don't go away. They keep festering, ignoring and agitating, believing that agreeable, kind and patient people won't bother with them. Because agreeable, kind and patient people aren't in-your-face confronting people. They are not nasty, even though the evil guy is.

So the evil guy figures, "Hey, I have nothing to worry from these guys. Let them do their agreeable thing. Let me do my evil thing."

But even agreeable people can become disagreeable people. Not because they want to, but because they have to.

Wars start because agreeable people finally wake up to a disagreeable situation.

And all because they were so agreeable for so long.

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