Protecting the Kids - Liberal Versus Conservative

Protecting the kids, liberal versus conservative, that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Since I am very tired of ideologues on both sides smearing their opponents, I was hoping the protection of children in America would not become a liberal versus conservative issue, but it has. Virtually all opposition to Jessica's Law, which mandates strict prison terms for felony battery on a child is coming from the left.

For example the liberal San Francisco Chronicle today said this, "For parents, no issue is as great as their children's safety. It's time for elected officials to tone down the rhetoric and get to work on an effective alternative to the seriously flawed 'Jessica's Law'."

The Chronicle doesn't like the law because once a sexual predator is released from prison, that person's movements and living quarters would be monitored by the state.

Now reasonable people can sharpen any law, but left-wing opposition to drastic punishment for child molesters is misguided. As we're seeing in Vermont, the so-called rights of child rapists are overriding society's obligation to punish heinous crimes.

For a predator in prison for 25 years, society can worry about rehab 20 years down the road. Right? Predator's out.

Simply shocking that newspapers in Rutland, Bennington, Brattleboro and today, Montpelier have all sympathized with Vermont Judge Edward Cashman's decision to give the rapist of a six-year old 60 days in prison.

There's not one conservative that I know of who doesn't want to see that sentence thrown out and real justice implemented. But many on the left are fine, fine with what Cashman has done.

That is why, ladies and gentlemen, liberals will never come to power in the USA — at least in our lifetime. We are a nation that forms judgments, that knows right from wrong. Most Americans do not live in a world of theory or the gray area of excuse making for everyone.

But the far left does live there. And the far left is now dominating the liberal community.

To be fair, the Republican governor of Vermont, Jim Douglas, has shown weak leadership. And his sympathy for the little girl is almost nonexistent. A few Vermont Republicans like Curt Wright understand the damage Judge Cashman has caused the little girl, her family, and indeed the entire state of Vermont, but most Vermont Democrats continue to defend the judge.

Liberals who are comfortable with excuses will not want to hear this, but there is no excuse for that. And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

An item in The New York Times today written by Campbell Robertson mentioned this moment from my interview with Howard Stern.


O'REILLY: Now, you are a wealthy guy now, and you have a house in the Hamptons and you go to Nobu and all these swell places.


O'REILLY: I mean, what's that all about? I don't do that.

STERN: Sure, you do.

O'REILLY: No, I don't.


O'REILLY: The Times then went on to report that earlier this week I attended a reception for a guy named Bill McGowan at a swanky New York City restaurant. The reporter suggested I was a hypocrite for doing so.

What The New York Times did not print but certainly knew, because the reporter was told, is that Bill McGowan has been a friend of mine for nearly 20 years and asked me to attend his party. I'm loyal to my friends, and I did.

This is obviously a small matter, but it has a larger message, ladies and gentlemen. The New York Times is a partisan newspaper where you will often not find the truth. They knew what they did. It's not only ridiculous but sad, as well. Deterioration of that paper has been amazing.

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