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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Who is Dannielynn's real father?

The bitter paternity fight took a surprise twist last month, that's when Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Prince Frederick von Anhalt jumped into the mix. He says that he and Anna Nicole had a long-time love affair and he could be Dannielynn's father. So where does the prince now stand in the paternity battle?

Joining us from his Bel-Air home, Prince Frederick von Anhalt and his lawyer, Edward Lee.

Welcome to both of you, gentlemen.



VAN SUSTEREN: Prince — Prince Frederick, you have filed a paternity action, is that right, sir?

VON ANHALT: Yes, did I, a couple of weeks ago, because I think, you know, I mean, there are three guys who claim to be the father, I think I'm one of them. And as Howard Stern didn't file a complaint in court and only Larry Birkhead did, so I filed it, too, and hopefully the court is make a decision in my favor.

VAN SUSTEREN: Frederick, I suppose — (INAUDIBLE) ask a question, are you a public figure?

VON ANHALT: I don't know if I'm a public figure. You have to decide that. I don't know. But, this thing would have never come out, you know, if Nicole wouldn't have died. She died and I have to fight for it, you know, because, look, Howard Stern, when I talked to Nicole last time, she said, "Howard Stern is a monster. I want to get away from him." But she couldn't get away from him because he always (INAUDIBLE). So, she didn't like him at all.

You know, and now there is a baby. And he wants to grab the baby and I think that baby is in danger and if I, you know, if I could be the father, I have to fight for the girl. Why doesn't Howard Stern get the DNA test and get everything over? It doesn't he do it for god sake? It doesn't hurt, it takes only a few minutes. Do the DNA test and find out. No, if he does the DNA test, we will know he isn't the father and he is out.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ed, is there any authority or force in the California court, that you see, where you see where you can provoke or get a judge to order a DNA swab of that child?

LEE: Well, I think so. I think that mainly it's going to be the court of public opinion that's going to pressure Howard Stern to submit to a DNA test. I'm not sure, quite honestly, whether the California courts can actually compel Mr. Stern to come to California and take the DNA test. But, I think that it's quite transparent that if he's in the Bahamas and he's not willing to submit to what Frederick referred to, it's a non-intrusive procedure, giving a DNA sample. So, I think it would be pretty obvious as to whether he really feels that he's the father of Dannielynn.

VAN SUSTEREN: Frederick, did you love Anna Nicole, No. 1, and No. 2, when was the last time you spoke to her?

VON ANHALT: I didn't love her. You know, I mean, it was an affair.

When you have an affair with a woman, you know, it's not about love, it about affair, you know, it's a fast affair. I'm married, I love my wife. I made a mistake, you know, I had an affair, and that's it. But it was no love. But I liked her, she was a very good friend, I liked her.

And I talked to her five months before she died. I talked to her and she wasn't doped up at all, she was clear, she talked about Dannielynn, she wanted to have some — it was just small talk. You know, she talked about Howard Stern, you know, the way he behaves and, you know — yeah?

VAN SUSTEREN: Let me ask you a quick question, before we run out of time. Frederick, you have sued FOX News Channel, Bill O'Reilly because Bill O'Reilly has an opinion of you that you didn't like, is that right?

VON ANHALT: It's not an opinion. He didn't say, "In my opinion he is a fraud," he said "he is a fraud," and he said, "this man is finished."

Now, who is he to tell me if I'm finished or not? He cannot finish off my life.

VAN SUSTEREN: Let me ask you this? The upset between you and Bill O'Reilly was because you told Bill O'Reilly you would take a polygraph on this issue of paternity and then you backed out.

VON ANHALT: Yeah, because I took a lie detector test two days before.

Why should I take another one? I five tests and it took me two hours and I passed the five tests a hundred percent. So, why should I do it again for Bill O'Reilly? I did it already. You do it once. No?

VAN SUSTEREN: Did Bill O'Reilly have it set up? Did you show up and then did you leave?

VON ANHALT: No, he told me, this guy told me, we are going to do it at 12:00 and it goes fast. So, I went there and he said, "Oh, it takes between two and three hours." I said, wait a minute, I said, "I have to have luncheon at 1:30 — at 1:00 with my wife, I have to be home at 1:00."

"Oh," he said, "Then we can't do it." I said, "Well, I try to do it later," but then I said, "I can't do it, it's too much time" you know, I mean, to take three hours of my time and furthermore I did a lie detector before already, so why should I do it again? I did five lie detectors and I passed it. I passed all five.


VON ANHALT: So, why do I have to do it again? But this not...

LEE: Yes, Greta?

VAN SUSTEREN: The — your client says that he's been damaged $10 million because of Bill O'Reilly — 10 million, how did you come up with that number?

VON ANHALT: Well, really, that's just the outer limit that we set for ourselves. I don't think that his actual damages would reach that, but when you want to set yourself, impose limits, you don't want to undercut yourself, I should say.

VON ANHALT: Well, the thing is if he says his reputation is finished, it's finished for good. So, if my reputation is finished for good, then he has to pay for the rest of my life because he ruined my reputation. And if it's the rest of my life, $10 million is peanuts.

VAN SUSTEREN: How do you balance that against, you know, not coming, I mean, not going to Anna Nicole about the pregnancy until after, you know, I mean when she was pregnant or even trying to support the child?

VON ANHALT: Well, Anna Nicole was a very good mother to the child.

She had everything, she had money, everything was there to do it. I mean look, it was a secret affair. There are lots of — Clinton had a secret affair, you know, I mean, there are lots people — Newt Gingrich had an affair, all of a sudden we find out, you know, it was a secret thing, we didn't want to talk about it...

VAN SUSTEREN: I'm just trying to figure how your reputation, I mean, you got to have a good reputation in order to sort of have your reputation damaged a little bit. I guess you set yourself up by going out public saying that "I'm happily married but I'm cheating on my wife and my reputation's worth $10 million." I guess that's what I'm getting at.

VON ANHALT: Well, I did it once. No, this is not such a bad reputation like calling somebody on national TV, he is a fraud. Look, I'm a businessman. And people don't want to do business with me anymore because they say he's a fraud, we can't do business with him. So, the rest of my life I can't do business because Bill O'Reilly bad mouths me.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you think it's worse that Bill O'Reilly says you're you a fraud, it that that's worse than coming public saying you're cheating on your wife — in terms of your honor and integrity?

VON ANHALT: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. If you have an affair, people still do business with you because you can be a good businessman, but if people call you on national television, you are a fraud, then business people don't want to deal with you anymore because they say if we do business with him, he is a fraud, he is going to cheat us, we are not going to do business with him. That's the thing. Cheating is a complete different thing.

VAN SUSTEREN: Cheating — different kinds of cheating, right?

VON ANHALT: Cheating is a complete different thing.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Well I hope you don't do business with a lot of women because they may not be too impressed with it. But anyway…

VON ANHALT: But, there are so many famous people outside, don't worry about it. You know, it just came out, that's all. And I'm sorry about it and my wife was furious and we made up and that's it.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Fredrick, thank you, sir. Ed, thank you as well.

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