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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Now before we leave tonight, I want to examine the latest job numbers -- 382,000 Americans filed jobless claims last week. This is much higher than was expected.

I don't know about you, but I have lost track of just how many awful jobs reports in a row this is. But what I do know is that taxing and spending, that doesn't work. Redistributing wealth is not working. Yet the president, his sidekicks and hack friends in the media, they don't see the reality.

Let's look back at the tale that they keep spinning for you, the American people.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, FEB. 3: The economy is growing stronger. The recovery is speeding up.

OBAMA, MAY 26, 2010: The economy is growing and they started adding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month.

JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY, JULY 21, 2011: The economy is vastly improved from what it was when Barack Obama was sworn into office as president.

PRESIDENT OBAMA, JULY 23: Just like we tried their plan, we've tried our plan and it worked.

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN, SEPT. 5: Because of the decisions he has made and the incredible strength of the American people, America has turned the corner!

REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, D-FLA., JUNE 12, 2011: We were able to, under president Obama's leadership, turn this economy around.

PRESIDENT OBAMA, JUNE 8: The private sector is doing fine.


HANNITY: And of course, he's going to cut the deficit in half in his first turn and shovel ready jobs aren't so shovel ready. And didn't we have the 2010 recovery summer?

Joining us now, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is with us. How do you plan to counter this?

REINCE PRIEBUS, CHAIRMAN, REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE: Well, for one thing, we have to make this election about a choice of two futures for this country. So, there's a lot of ways we can counter it, but most importantly, Sean, I think we have to just like in any case in court, there's nothing better than going into the closing argument and having the facts on your side. No lawyer, no Perry Mason is better than having the facts on your side.

I think two things, number one, getting to the American people with people and advertisements of the man on the street, the people who many of which may have supported Barack Obama, but are talking straight to the camera, talking about the things that didn't work under Barack Obama. And then using Barack Obama's words, I mean, take the words of Barack Obama just like you just did in that compilation and showing the American people this is what Barack Obama promised this is what he delivered. Today, Sean --

HANNITY: Go ahead.

PRIEBUS: Today the president, he finally did an interview with a legitimate news outlet called Univision down in Miami, and he finally sat down, he wasn't with a pimp with a limp or some of these other interviews he's been doing lately. And they asked the president, and the president said, the president said that one of the things that he learned as president is he can't fix it, you can't fix Washington from the inside. He undermined the entire basis of his presidency.

The next thing he said -- and talk about pandering. He said that his biggest failure as president was that he didn't pass immigration reform. We will put that issue aside, but put that aside, but just think about it. You got 23 million Americans out of work. You got $5.5 trillion of debt. You haven't passed a budget in over three years. There's nothing that you can show here in this country that's improved.

And then take a look what's happening over the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Africa and the Middle East. We just have to be diligent. We have to keep pressing the case. Our ground game, Sean, is going to be second to none and we are going to win it on the ground.

HANNITY: Look, now we know that they have told lies about Libya. Lied. We have people dead, they lied. Their lie to protect the world from knowing there was a real terror attack.

Lied about Republicans and grandma and lied about Republicans and kids with autism and Down syndrome, lied about cutting the deficit in half, a lot of broken promises, a lot of lies. He got called out on one.

You mentioned immigration. He said when he ran his campaign, I can't guarantee it will be the first hundred days, but I can guarantee you we will have the first year an immigration bill that I support and I'm promoting. And he had both hosues of Congress. He got called out on that tonight. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You promised that and a promise is a promise. With all due respect, you didn't keep that promise.

OBAMA: There's the thinking that the president is somebody who is all-powerful and can get everything done. In our branch of -- in our system of government, I am the head of the executive branch. I'm not the head of the legislature. I'm not the head of the judiciary. We have to have cooperation from all these sources in order to get something done.

So I am happy to take responsibility for the fact that we didn't get it done, but I did not make a promise that I would get everything done 100 percent when I was elected as president.


HANNITY: Guarantee we will have in the first year an immigration bill I strongly support. He had both houses of Congress. He could have pass it had.

PRIEBUS: Right. And that's a fundamental issue and that's something all of our folks need to keep in mind. Number one, every fantasy he's ever had he could have gotten done. He had a super majority in the Senate, 60 votes the first year, 59 the second year.The entire super majority of Congress was in his hands for two years.

Here's other fundamental that we need to keep in mind when arguing our case on Barack Obama.

HANNITY: We have 10 seconds.

PRIEBUS: OK. He knew the economy he was running in, in 2008. He won based on the economy. So he can't come now and say things were bad. You won because of it and you said you'd fix it and you didn't.

HANNITY: All right, Reince, thanks for being with us. Appreciate your time.

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