President Trump says coronavirus task force will stay on, evolve its focus

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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: And hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino, along with Juan Williams, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, and Katie Pavlich. It is 5:00 in New York City, and this is THE FIVE. All right, so we just finished up the press briefing at the White House. And we will move on and talk about all the news that was made there, because President Trump is facing this backlash over preliminary talks to wind down the coronavirus task force in the coming weeks.

And the president now saying the task force will be going away and will evolve to focus on safely reopening states and developing vaccines. Here is the president sounding off on the controversy during an Oval Office event, watch.


DONALD TRUMP, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: We will be leaving the task force indefinitely. You know, at a certain point, that'll end like things end. But we'll be heading some people to the task force. And they'll be more in a neighborhood probably of opening our country up. I thought we could wind it down sooner, but I had no idea how popular the task force is until actually yesterday when I started talking about winding it down.

I get calls from very respected people, saying I think it would be better to keep it going. It's done such a good job.


PERINO: And President Trump also hitting back at his critics.


TRUMP: There is nothing I can do to satisfy the media, the Democrats, or the fake news. And I understand that. We did the greatest job mobilization in history with the ventilators. And I don't think there was a story what a great job that we did.


PERINO: All right, Greg, the press conference just wrapped up, and Kayleigh McEnany, the new press secretary, she said that the task force, it's a go. it's going to stay. And there we have it. We might even see them once in a while.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Yeah. I mean, I have always been blown away by the childlike response that you see in the media. Task force winds down, oh, my god, you know, does that mean Fauci is going to hang up his stethoscope? No, they are not, like, retiring to open up a bed and breakfast in Vermont. They are still working, you morons.

By the way, I loved -- I thought she did a great job at the end there where she listed all the media mistakes. But I love the journalist who was arguing over the meaning of the word warriors. That's what they -- when they have this time to ask questions, this guy spent, like repeated questions asking her what did President Trump mean by warriors?

You know, just rent the movie. So right now, here's -- the big question is we have to figure out when it's right to go back before you create permanent damage. And the fact is, we don't know. Nothing -- none of the information we are getting is correct. But we do know one thing. It's better to return too early than it is to return too late, right?

Because if you return too late, it's too late, that means you can't turn the economy back on. It's screwed, so you have to begin maybe too early. You're never going to be too perfect. And then if you see there's problems, you make adjustments, especially since you're going to be doing targeted lockdowns, targeted phases of opening up.

Keep the vulnerable away from the -- you know away from people who might be carrying -- young people who go out to work. But if you live in these two prisons, you know, if you open up and people will die or we must open up now. You are not contributing at all to this conversation. If you -- I mean, if you -- you have to see the whole field, and the media and the Democrats, they are like the character in every disaster movie that screams at the pilot or the ship captain until, like, the doctor comes over and slaps him in the face.

Knock it off. That is what is happening right now. It's like you have these people that are screaming and yelling. But they can't tell you, you know, how an indefinite lockdown helps overall. They can't tell you that, because they can't tell you anything.

PERINO: No. Well, that's part of that -- we talked about it yesterday, right, the moving of the goalpost. There was we're going to flatten the curve, to not overwhelm the hospital system. And one thing I would point out is that you see today the stories about Bloomberg -- this is a Bloomberg article, Jesse. Of course, I have to sign (ph) an article. I can't remember the reporter's name, though, in which several of these temporary furloughs.

These temporary layoffs are now becoming permanent because they are not able to pay their rent. They are looking into the future and they're saying it's not there. And the president talked a little bit about this, about the need to reopen the economy. Well, let's play that and get your reaction.


TRUMP: We can't keep our country closed down for years. And we have to do something. Some people should stay if you are over a certain age. I mean, you've seen that, right, elderly people or especially elderly people with a problem, when they have a problem. It attacks these people viciously. We have to get our country open again. And you see it. You cover it. People want to go back.


PERINO: So Jesse, one of the things that I've been watching is that none of these states are just like reopening and nothing else. Like, reopening and it all goes back to normal. There are some pretty strict requirements and tailored sustainable attempts to get reopened.

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: I have lost my patience with the Democrats. And it took me a while, but I have now arrived. I think Greg put it perfectly. What is national Democrat strategy on the shutdown and reopening the economy? What is it? Is it to shelter in place until we have a vaccine, because that's not a strategy?

Right now, the only thing they have actually contributed to the conversation is, we either lock it down and live, or we open it up and die, seriously? That is what you guys have? And then if you ask a follow-up question, they just scream things like testing, science, like, no, what are we in kindergarten here? We have flattened the curve.

But the Democrats want to stick around and flatten the entire U.S. economy. They are not even looking at the data. Things are on the downtrend. You know, they are for closing beaches, but then you look at the data, and the data says it's like 20 times more transmissible when you are inside as opposed to outside. They were against the travel ban.

They weren't pushing people who had the infection into nursing homes. The Democrats have really become science deniers. And the president -- every decision he has made has been driven by science. It's been driven by Fauci and Birx. They are in cahoots with the Democrat governors, 23 Democrat governors are following Birx and Fauci's scientific guidelines to reopening.

Does do they want to kill Americans, too? Of course not, the Democrats have seemed to position themselves as against an economic recovery, as fining people for going to church and the beach. Is that really what they want to do before an election, because this election is going to about the economy? Maybe a little China, maybe a little Biden's brain (ph), but primarily the economy, and if you are going to be rooting against the economy, I just don't see how they can win.

PERINO: Let me ask Juan about that, because President Trump -- I can't remember which poll it was, but a reputable one. The question of who do you trust better on the economy and reopening after the coronavirus is passed us or at least the crisis, President Trump still besting Biden there. And to Jesse's point, have you seen the Democrats lay out some sort of post virus economic plan?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Sure. I think Governor Cuomo is in New York State, I think it might be the richest, you know, behind California State in the country. And he's got Manhattan with the center, you know, Wall Street, and all the rest there. And he says clearly that what he wants to do was follow the facts. And he's trying to open regions of New York State that have less infection rates, less death rates. But he's going to follow the science and the facts.

And that what he is looking to do is mitigate where possible, but clearly, everybody, he said, wants to reopen. So I don't get this attack on Democrats as not wanting to reopen. I think it's a matter of people who want to reopen sensibly. Just like the president, the president wants to get to what he calls the next stage, Dana.

And the next stage for him is moving away from something like the task force that's focused on the fact that we still have a rising number of cases and deaths in the country, even as we flattened some of the curve in New York. And now, he's acknowledging, no, guess what, people want to hear the facts. People want to hear from the scientists on the task force.

But he says it's not really about that. He says he didn't know they were popular. I think that's pretty revealing of his perspective. He thinks this is about popularity?

PERINO: Katie, let me give you a chance to wrap it up here.

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS HOST: The media needs to make up their minds about whether they want these coronavirus task force briefings or not. For weeks, we have heard from a number of journalists who have said that we shouldn't be showing these briefings because they are propaganda. And then the second they get rid of them, they are screaming about how the president is being irresponsible and non-transparent, because he's somehow not giving more information.

This whole thing was completely overblown because a number -- the vast majority of the people on this coronavirus task force run these government agencies anyway. And there is a high chance that Dr. Birx will be in charge of HHS soon. So this idea that they would not continue their work in some kind of capacity is false.

And look, I'm waiting to the headline that says as Trump reopens the country, car accidents and fatalities increase. I mean, he's going to get blamed --


PERINO: You can guarantee that is coming.


PAVLICH: -- result of people going back to work. And there are consequences on both sides. Like yes, people will contract this virus moving forward, unfortunately. But yes, if we keep the country closed down, more people will lose their livelihoods and their jobs that can impact families for generations. And so there are negative consequences for both.

And the president and the task force are trying to make the best decisions knowing those -- those results.

PERINO: They have tough decisions ahead of them indeed. All right, good talk everybody. Coming up, pandemic punishment, why one salon owner -- she is facing jail time after defying her states shutdown orders.


WILLIAMS: Welcome back. Government overreach or did she go too far, a Dallas salon owner spending a week in jail because she refused to apologize for reopening her business before restrictions are lifted. Shelley Luther repeatedly ignored court orders to close. And the judge, the judge gave the business owner a choice.

He said she could say sorry. Pay a fine. Shut down until Friday, or spend time behind bars. Luther not backing down, take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: -- when you say that I'm selfish, because feeding my kids is not selfish. I have kids that are going hungry, because they'd rather feed their kids. So sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, please go ahead with your decision. But I'm not going to shut the salon.


WILLIAMS: Dana, as you can just see, the judge offered Ms. Luther, the salon owner, an out, admit that, you know, she was in the wrong. He said, you know, selfish behavior to put the community at risk. But she refused. What do you think should happen?

PERINO: Well, I just checked in the commercial break. This just broke, Dan Patrick, who is the Lieutenant General -- Lieutenant Governor, excuse me, of Texas. He says in a tweet that he is going to cover the $7,000 fine for her. He is also offering to be under house arrest so that she can work. But I think the fact that the government, in a private capacity, the Lieutenant Governor offering to pay the fine.

I think it is a gesture of goodwill. I think when the judge said that she was disrespectful to law enforcement. It just lacked a sense of grace and understanding. I believe that she is a woman of great integrity and dignity. And she's a principled person who stood her ground. And she did so in a way that was not threatening to anybody else.

I think we established that -- like for example, in Michigan when you had some of the protesters bring guns into the capital and were, like, seeming to intimidate law enforcement. That doesn't help the cause in terms of reopening. And what she did is -- she's going to have to pay a consequence for it. But I think she is also showing women business owners that you can stand strong and stick up for yourself.

And even if there are negative consequences, you can live with those if you feel like you've really strongly need to make your point. She didn't hurt anybody. There is no proof of that. So I think that is unfair. And I think that the Lieutenant Governor made the right choice here.

WILLIAMS: Jesse, Texas is a red state. And the Governor, Greg Abbott is a Republican. This was an executive order. You didn't see any action by the Republican legislature. So exactly what is going on here? This is a Republican state. And she is fighting against an executive order from a Republican governor.

WATTERS: It's about discretion. So just because there is a law in the books, doesn't mean you have to slap someone with the max, Juan. I mean, they don't have to prosecute her. They don't have to throw this woman in jail. They are doing it because they want to. You don't -- like, let's just say this woman was running across the street through traffic to save her baby from a burning vehicle, and afterwards they ticketed her for jaywalking.

Like, you don't have to do that. You don't have to charge people like this. They can just let this fly. But they are choosing not to because they are insane. This is insanity. Do you know what is happening in this country? There is like hotlines for narking. There are SWAT teams pulling in. They are throwing salon owners in jail.

I mean, a lot of this is unconstitutional and it will get thrown out in court in a few years. I just found this study from Stanford University right here. They've revised the mortality rate for this disease to like point one percent. You know, in New York City, in the epicenter, if you're under 45, the fatality rate is point zero one percent.

Like, an overwhelming majority of the American people are not at fatal risk with this disease. This specifically preys on older people with pre- existing conditions. We just have to target those vulnerable populations. And everybody else can go safely and hygienically back to work. Even you can clip my mullet because this thing is growing.

WILLIAMS: We are all for that. We are all about that mullet. Greg, I wanted to ask you about some history here, because I think this country has a strong history of civil disobedience. But people who engage in civil disobedience typically know that they're going to have to -- one, if they're trying to persuade people not put other people at risk.

And two, deal with the consequences, which means in some cases being willing to go to jail, why is this any different?

GUTFELD: Well, I'm sure the media would have loved this person more if she was running Planned Parenthood. I would -- that is an essential business. So if you had diminished any opportunities for abortions, I think she would have been the -- she would have been one of the women of the year. She would have been the folk hero. People would write songs about her.

But, you know, she is just a person running a hair salon in Texas who has been listening to the experts being wrong on everything, from the severity of the disease, to the efficacy of masks. They told us they weren't effective, changes in the death estimates. Now, you are seeing some really interesting stuff out of New York.

Governor Cuomo says that recent -- of the recent coronavirus patients, 66 percent were home and social distancing, which means the disease came and got them. So we were told at the beginning that this was probably an indoor virus. And staying home -- staying home doesn't help anymore after we flattened this curve. Maybe she knows something we don't.

But I would be -- if I were in the media right now, I would be super, super careful about criticizing her, because you've got a job. And it's so easy to criticize these people when you got a job. So I would, like, give a tip to everybody, the people who call them fools, that you are getting a nice paycheck. And they have got to feed their families. So I think that she did all right in my book.


WILLIAMS: Katie, I think the big question here is, again, you know, the penalty. But what we also see are the protesters and the question about how you protest an unjust law. We saw a law enforcement officer get pushed into a lake recently. We see people, as Dana said, showing up with guns. And I think put law enforcement at risk.

But we also see people in those protests with confederate flags and swastikas. I just don't think it's persuasive. What do you think?

PAVLICH: I think I want to focus on the story of the woman in Texas, because it's infuriating when you -- and I know Texas has done things differently when it comes to releasing criminals in that state. But when you look around the country and see that violent criminals who have gone on to commit additional crimes against innocent people who have been released as a result of coronavirus.

But then you see this woman who was on her own property, in her private business, and self employed. The people working for her are there voluntarily. The people who are getting the services in the salon are there voluntarily. And you see her being punished, both financially and with jail time? That is an injustice.

And it proves, again, that a number of these local officials who continue to overreach are going to face consequences when it comes to the constitutionality of this. And it also proves that this needs to end. The data has shown that it's time to move on. It's time for people to get back to their lives. And as she said, she is essential because she is there to feed her kids and the people who are working for also have bills and kids to feed.


WILLIAMS: Thanks, Katie. The Cuomo brothers are getting criticized for their latest head-to-head interview. Gregory, he's going to tell you why they are being criticized next on THE FIVE.


GUTFELD: As Governor Cuomo's New York State barred people from visiting their loved ones in nursing homes, his state simultaneously forced infected patients into the same places. And now we hear of an extra 1700 deaths at these homes. The death count nearly 5,000. So unlike other parts of the world where people try to slow the spread, this action accelerated it. Thank god Chris Cuomo pressed his brother on it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think that you are an attractive person now, because you are single and ready to mingle? Do you really think you are some desirable single person, and that this is not just people paying you coming out at them?

GOV. ANDREW CUOMO (D-NY): I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


GUTFELD: Well, it helps to have a brother in the news business and have a brother in government, then scandals have a way of disappearing in a big shrug. Plus, it means more time to bash Trump.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The president acknowledging that reopening our country will likely kill more of us. But we have to get our country back. How can he accept that when he hasn't even come close to doing what he can to avoid more pain and death?


GUTFELD: Oh, really? What do you think this shut down is? You think evil, selfish Trump would crater the greater economy ever for poops and giggles? Wait, you probably do. And in case you missed it, we are already spending trillions, why is that? Well, actually, the president has mentioned that more than you.


TRUMP: There has been so much unnecessary death in this country. After all this death, death that we've suffered, the whole world is suffering, the possible number of death, countries now are suffering.

It's been a horrible time to see such death, tremendous death and economic devastation.

The virus inflicted immense physical suffering on many people but also mental and emotional suffering.


GUTFELD: Of course, Cuomo ignored that, like he also ignores the severe steps Trump's taken to fight the virus, which didn't include issuing death sentences for the helpless elderly in nursing homes. You just know the media wishes this is something else they could have pinned on Trump, which reminds me of another ignored story involving an anchor who scolds you for violating shutdowns.


CHRIS CUOMO, ANCHOR, CNN: Look at these fools, fools. I know they want to be out there, fools. It's not about you. What about the other people? And look, I'm not going to castigate you. That's not my job. I'm not your daddy.


GUTFELD: He just called them flaws. But you must remember that incident with a bicyclist, right? How did Cuomo fight with this guy while he was in quarantine?


CUOMO: I don't want some jack (BLEEP), loser, fat, tire biker to be able to pull over and get in my face and in my space and talk (BLEEP) to me. I don't want to hear it.


GUTFELD: That happened before he staged that miraculous emergence from his basement. So Chris saves his moral outrage, not for friends and family, but for you, even though he's no angel. But hey, for CNN, nothing's better than brotherly love, including the truth.

So, Katie, who came -- who came up with this idea to shuttle infected patients with -- into the most vulnerable population? It doesn't make sense. I mean, you could have -- you had this giant ship on West Side Highway right, that was underused. You had Javits Center, and you send -- anyway, that's my question.

PAVLICH: Yes. I thought you're going to ask me who came up with the idea of the Cuomo brother interviewing the other Cuomo brother and thinking it would be a good thing. It seems like the people at the nursing homes and the government decided it was a good idea to put elderly people who were infected back into the nursing homes despite evidence prior to this, that this disease spread like wildfire inside these nursing homes, because as you remember, some of the first cases that we had were in Washington state in the nursing home where we had the first mass amounts of deaths from this disease.

And you're absolutely right. The federal government gave them the USNS Comfort. They had the Javits Center that went wildly unused. And yet instead, they took people who were sick and put them back into a vulnerable population inside, and then there were consequences for those people and dying. I mean, it's just horrible. Someone to be responsible for it.

GUTFELD: Yes, you know, Juan, even though the democrats love to blame Trump for everything, I'm not going to blame Andrew Cuomo for this. Should we just blame it on Trump anyway, just to get it out of the way?

WILLIAMS: I think that would make you happy. I think that'd make your day, man. That's like Clint Eastwood. But I think one of the realities is, you know, you look at Cuomo -- and let me tell you, I don't think Cuomo is all that popular, at least prior to this in New York State. But now, his popularity is way up there nationally, which is an amazement to me politically, because -- but I think it's as a result of those afternoon briefings.

And I think he filled a void because he really was going hard with the PowerPoints and the facts and all that. And I think a lot of people just tuned in and said, you know, this is interesting and started to appreciate the fact that he was science-based. So I guess that opened the door. It's why all the sudden he gets all this T.V. time way beyond his brother. But yes, including from his brother and those silly questions about, he's single and ready to mingle.

GUTFELD: Yes. You know, Dana to Juan's point, he is definitely popular among the media. So the media keeps talking that he's science-based or fact-based and isn't he awesome, but they choose not to actually look at the nursing home scandal, or that he was egging on the population to actually live a normal life as the outbreak continued, restarted.

PERINO: So I was, in fact -- so I was watching his briefing yesterday, and he was going on and he -- and look, I understand why people think it's entertaining. He's got all these PowerPoints and he's like up there like a professor and you tune in to class every day.

But when he goes to take questions, and the first question is about these nursing homes and these deaths, and he says, yes, I don't really -- I don't know anything about -- yes, no. You want to answer that? And he turns it over to somebody else. And so these questions are going to keep coming up especially because Bill de Blasio, the mayor, has also already been asked about this and he immediately said, oh, it has to be private equity's problem, right, any of these private equity companies that had invested into nursing homes. But somebody had to make the guidance and the ruling to send the COVID patients back to the nursing homes and not to the places you suggested.

Also, Greg, I'm not the best at what about-ism though I'm going to try it. The camera caught me touching my face, so I'm probably going to get, you know, some sort of like violation because you're not supposed to touch your face, and Jesse told us that. But I have to believe that if Jesse Watters had been diagnosed with coronavirus, and he had been in his basement and he had been doing all of these things, and then he was the one who went and got in a fight with the loser flat tire bicycle guy, do you think that Jesse Watters ever would have heard the end of that? And instead, CNN actually did a mock reemergence, like a fake reemergence for the cameras. Like imagine if we did that.

PAVLICH: We didn't do it.

GUTFELD: You know what's -- you know what's funny? You have made a very astute comparison between Jesse and Chris Cuomo. I never thought of it before. You are our Chris Cuomo, Jesse. No, I'm kidding. I kidding. By the way, did you know --

WILLIAMS: Don't do that to Jesse, man. Come on. Don't do that.

WATTERS: Yes. That's the kind of what about-ism, Dana, I definitely approve of. So if you -- if you think about this, you have the governor of the state with the highest death count who told everybody not to worry about this thing, and who shuttled infected people in the nursing homes being interviewed by his brother who got infected by who knows how, maybe not washing his hands, broke quarantine, and is now shilling for China. And the media thinks that's great, because that's all the sticks CNN has.

This would be like Don Jr. interviewing Eric, and the rest of the (INAUDIBLE) like oh, that was great. That was great interview, guys. Like no, that's not how it is.

GUTFELD: You know, that actually isn't a bad idea. I could see that as a special. All right, Nancy Pelosi snaps when pressed on Joe Biden's sexual assault allegations. See that next.


WATTERS: Democrats are getting testy over having to defend Joe Biden against a sexual assault allegation. For example, here's Nancy Pelosi.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you view this as a closed issue or what is your response?

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): Well, it is for me. I have said I am proud to support Joe Biden for President. I believe him when he says it didn't happen. But I also believe him when he said let them look into the records. And that's what they should do. But I'm not going to answer this question again.


WATTERS: All right, Juan, is that good enough?

WILLIAMS: For Nancy Pelosi, she just said it's good enough. But you know, I'm going to, you know, say something to you, Jesse, that I think most Democrats wouldn't say. I'll just say this as a political analyst. I think lots of Democrats, including I think it's Martin Tolchin who wrote a letter, he's the founder of Politico. He wrote a letter in the New York Times. He's just being very honest when he says, for lots of Democrats, they just would rather focus on defeating Trump. That's where their energy is, and you know that this issue about the charge, the lady has been heard, the stories been reported, and now you have Biden denying it. So where do we go?

I think this is similar to a lot of people on the right, especially the evangelicals, who in the case of Trump say, you know what, we have other fish to fry, we're moving on. I think they have to do it with a lot more charges than what faces Biden.

WATTERS: OK, so Katie, is that the new standard now, if there's ever an allegation in the middle of a political run, one party just says I believe them and let's move on, and that's pretty much it?

PAVLICH: Well, Juan says that the woman has been heard, but that's not the standard. The standard is the woman must be believed. And that has been Joe Biden's standard for people like Brett Kavanaugh and for college campuses, for young men who are simply accused without any evidence of some kind of sexual abuse.

So that's the issue at hand here is the own standard that Democrats have issued for everybody else so they don't want to hold themselves to. And it's interesting to watch Nancy Pelosi try to navigate this because you do have a revolt happening in parts of the party who are saying we want a full investigation of Joe Biden. And she's used to all the Democrats lining up behind and pushing and brushing this kind of bad behavior aside, whether it's from Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton or other people.

And so now she's in a political position where she has to worry about on Capitol Hill, what she's going to do moving forward and whether they're going to launch some kind of investigation into Joe Biden.

WATTERS: Yes, Dana, it does look like the momentum clearly is that this needs to be fully investigated before they move on.

PERINO: No. They're just going to move on. And they're going to be -- they're going to point to Joe Biden's interview and say, that's all they need, and they are going to be quite comfortable with that. And kind of as a result, the bigger picture is that the MeToo Movement has collapsed under the weight of the Democrats' hypocrisy, but that will be the consequence that they face.

GUTFELD: Well, yes.

WATTERS: Oh, good line. All right, Greg, take us home. Well, when they're saying case closed, we must move on, what they're saying is, we believe the woman, we don't care. Because the fact is Joe has the reputation. And people -- I actually admire a lot of these Democrats who are saying I believe that woman, but I'm still voting for Joe Biden.

That just shows it's -- you know, but the thing is, I want to commend Joe and rewarding his old dear drunken pals, Chris Dodd, with the plum job of helping to seek the V.P., the female VP. I want everybody in America watching this show to go to Google and insert the words Chris Dodd and waitress, which will detail with witnesses in respectable places assorted assault with witnesses of a young waitress in a restaurant.

So how effing clueless does Joe have to be to drag Chris Dodd, some old white letch back into the news which will keep this story alive? I mean, I guess Harvey Weinstein was busy making license plates, so he had to pick Chris Dodd? Chris Dodd, why are you rewarding your old friend who has a reputation, and now that's just going to keep this story going. How stupid is Joe Biden? That's --

WATTERS: Well, at least Chris Dodd --

PAVLICH: He thinks he's going to get away with it.

WATTERS: -- is going to spend a lot of money on drinks and tips at restaurants. We definitely know that. All right, don't go anywhere, more of THE FIVE coming up.


PAVLICH: Welcome back. Scenes of packed planes during the outbreak causing panic for some fliers, but Frontier Airlines rolling out a solution to let you social distance for an extra fee. The airline will leave the middle seat empty if you want to fork over $39.00 So Greg, we just gave the airlines a bailout.


PAVLICH: They want to charges us a fee.

GUTFELD: And for every answer, it's always going to be a fee. Check a bag, a fee. Have no bag check, a fee. Be overweight, a fee. Pretty soon they're going to charge a fee for taking off on time. And then there's going to be a fee for actually landing. It's called the you live fee.

PAVLICH: Yes, you want to land? Swipe your credit card first.

GUTFELD: They're just being flying around. They'll fly around until you give them the credit card.

PAVLICH: Yes, you got to swipe to get the -- to get the wheels down. Jesse, I mean, I've seen this meme going around about yes, we want to bail out the airlines, but we're worried when bag was 51.2 pounds, man.

WATTERS: Well, to Greg's point, if there's a fee, I need to pay to take off on time. I mean, who do I pay? I'm there every day of the week. And then like -- but the possibilities are endless here. So if you can pay not to sit next to someone or -- I mean, can I pay not to sit next to a baby? Can I pay not to sit next to an elderly woman who has to use the bathroom and climb over me three times?

Can I pay not to sit next to someone from San Francisco that probably hates me, and is probably going to yell at me the whole flight? I mean, let's do this. I'm in.

PAVLICH: All right, Dana, could you just buy two seats so nobody has to sit next to you? I guess that's more expensive.

PERINO: No, I can't. I think it was on the daily briefing I heard someone had this idea that what if I have the middle seat, and the guy -- and I've paid to have the -- I'm sorry, the window seat, and I've paid to have the middle seat empty, does the guy who has the aisle seat get to freeload off of me?

GUTFELD: No, you split it. You split it.

PAVLICH: Yes, what's up with that? Juan, would you pay a fee for social distance on a plane?

WILLIAMS: I'm with Jessie. I think it's not a bad idea. But I think it should.


WILLIAMS: Yes. Hi. Can you hear me? I think it's a good idea. I'm with Jesse.

PAVLICH: Yes, I can hear you.

WILLIAMS: But I do think at the moment, nobody is flying anyway. So it's kind of like a moot point. I think. 95 percent you know, down right now, airlines are hungry. I don't think this is going to help them with public relations.

PAVLICH: No, not at all. Definitely no help with public relations. That's for sure. All right, "ONE MORE THING." Up next.


PERINO: It is time for "ONE MORE THING." I'm going to go first and tell you about an amazing nurse. She's an emergency room nurse, and she works in Michigan. And she got her first hole in one on the golf course last week.

Now, this was only Kelly Spitz's third time ever playing golf, and she couldn't believe it. Now, her boyfriend was on the course, but he wasn't paying attention at the time. But thankfully, they were playing with another couple. And that couple witnessed it. So she got a hole in one.

And we also want to thank her and all of the nurses out there on National Nurses Day, really, truly inspiring people all across the country. Thank you for all you do. Jesse?

WATTERS: All right, well, this was news to me, but lion tamers are not essential workers. So this lion tamer has to tame his lion inside his house. Yes, so they're doing -- I mean, I think the lion is pretty tame if it could remain in quarantine, but there they go, jumping over the girlfriend, over the boyfriend, whoever that is. And I think this thing is ready to go. I think free the lion, let's get the circus back, people.

PERINO: That's a pretty -- that's a pretty good cat, right? That's better than the cat that Greg had yesterday. Greg, you're next.

GUTFELD: Wait until you see this.

WATTERS: Nothing is better than that.


GUTFELD: Animals are great. Animals are great. Animals are great.


GUTFELD: I bet most of you have never seen a bushbaby before because they're pretty much in Australia, I think. I don't know where they are. What do I know? But you've probably never seen one happy. Look at that this. These are bush babies. And these are bush babies that are happy that their owner is coming home. So they jump around it. This is like me trying to get some potato chips off of the top of the fridge until my wife puts them. It's not fair really when you're this short. All right. I hope you're happy.

PERINO: They're cute. They are cute. Juan, you're next. Hey Jasper just walked in. Go ahead, Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right, lifting spirits -- OK, lifting spirits up, up, and away with balloons. Take a look at balloons honoring America's heroes on the front lines of the coronavirus fight. The balloons are the creation of 22-year-old Eddie Lane who's autistic.

He usually sells balloons for celebrations like weddings and graduations. This year. He's honoring grocery store folks, nurses, bus drivers, special word he has for postal workers. Thank you for delivering from snow, sleet, and now pandemic. Go Eddie, go.

PERINO: All right, Katie.

PAVLICH: Very cool. OK, so the Utah Highway Patrol got the shock of their lives. Take a look at this little boy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're five years old. Wow. OK.


PAVLICH: So this little boy stole his parent's car to drive to California to buy a Lamborghini after his mom said she couldn't buy him one. He had $3.00 in his pocket and then eventually got a ride from a neighbor who has a Lamborghini.

PERINO: Amazing. I cannot believe that story. Love THE FIVE tonight. "SPECIAL REPORT" is up next. Hey, Bret.

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