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JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Hello, everybody. I'm Jesse Watters along with Lisa Boothe, Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

Our tough on terror president refusing to be politically correct while our national security is at stake, you heard him refer to the Manhattan truck terror suspect as an animal yesterday, threatened to throw him in Gitmo. Now, he's calling for an even tougher punishment for the slaughter of 8 deaths. This morning tweeting, would love to send the NYC terrorist to Guantanamo, but statistically that process takes much longer than going through the federal system. There's also something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crime he committed. Should move fast. Death penalty. This afternoon, we heard more from President Trump on the flawed immigration program that allowed the jihadi suspect into our country.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I'm calling on Congress (TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY) diversity visa lottery program. It's a disaster for our country. The people put in that lottery are not that country's finest. We know that the program presents significant vulnerabilities to our national security. We want a system ultimately that's merit-based so we can bring in people that will help our country, grow our country and be safe for our country.


WATTERS: All right. So many people on the left, Greg, are saying that because the president is weighing in on these criminal proceedings, he's jeopardizing a conviction, do you agree?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I don't know about that because this has never happened before. This is a first. And this is a guy who's not a politician for 70 years of his life who speaks his mind and has got this little technology that allows him to do it. It shows you can put the citizen in the White House, but you can't take him out of the White House. He's still a citizen. As ill-advised as it might be, he's reflecting the frustration and the anger of his constituents. He's acting exactly like we would. And also the reason why he's saying this is because he views this person not as a typical criminal. He views this person as an enemy combatant.


GUTFELD: If somebody said, oh, you shouldn't be saying that about Nazi war criminals, you know, screw that, they're Nazi war criminals. That's how he sees these guys an enemy combatant. So the rules of comportment don't apply in this situation. He should not have to worry about what he says about an enemy combatant. It should not matter. The other thing too is this guy apparently, you know, he wants an ISIS flag in his room, and I think we should give it to him but we should dip it in bacon fat and then put it right up there.



WATTERS: Probably not going to do that.

GUTFELD: Why not? Again, who does that offend? It's an ISIS flag. I mean, I don't understand why we have these rules of comportment about certain people and things.

WATTERS: OK. Provocative, Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: It's not. It's not provocative. It's the ISIS flag.

WATTERS: That's right. That's right. I'm just -- maybe, who know? Dana, the Guantanamo issue, President Trump is bringing that back up. Do you think that he's just trying to kind of flip over everything President Obama did or didn't do with Iran or Gitmo?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I think he was speaking based on his instinct, which is to say like this guy should have to face really tough punishment. But the thing is that while that's an instinct for a citizen to believe, for a commander in chief that it's more difficult because you are the chief law enforcement officer, and the supreme court has already ruled many, many times, especially with the Hamdi decision in 2007, which was a disappointment to the administration that we couldn't try him as an enemy combatant because he has habeas corpus rights.


PERINO: The court is going to give -- he's a legal permanent resident, so it wasn't going to fly in the court, and that would have taken so long. I understand the instinct, but I think that also sending him to Gitmo would make him a martyr to ISIS. It's better to leave him here. New York City has a near-perfect prosecution record for terrorism cases, and the evidence against this guy is so overwhelming.

WATTERS: Is it a death penalty situation?

PERINO: Yes. In New York State.

WATTERS: New York State.

PERINO: New York State, I think. Do you have a death penalty? I don't think so.



PERINO: Again, I think that the president saying he should get the death penalty. That is reflecting what a lot of American citizens would feel about him. But legally, I don't necessarily think that that will fly because of how they try him. But I think it's better for him to be tried in America. Also, he's going to be tried in America. So talking about Gitmo is useless on this particular case. I would if he captures enemy combatants on the battlefield. Take them to Gitmo. I see no problem with that. I think it's a perfectly reasonable place to put terrorist.

WATTERS: Juan, do you have a problem with anyway that President Trump comported himself after the attack?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Well, I really had trouble with the idea that he said that our justice system is a laughingstock, a joke to the world. And I think our justice system is the envy of the world. So, you know I was listening to Greg, and I think just like Dana said, you know, Greg's right. You know, it's like one of us is in the White House and somebody says, oh, you know, there's a threat to the herd and we say go get them to the shepherd, go get them. We don't like that mean old wolf. And in this case, that's what Trump is behaving like. He's not behaving, as Dana said, like the commander in chief, like the leader of the flock who would in some way say here are our rules. Here is how we have survived as a nation. A constitutional based republic for so long is because we're a nation of laws. And we understand how despicable this character is, but guess what, we have a system that can handle it and put it in place. Instead, he derided our own justice system. It's unbelievable.

GUTFELD: Speak to the wolves, they're not listening. You have to kill the wolves.

WILLIAMS: No, but you're speaking to us as the American people. We care about what he says.

GUTFELD: Explain to them rules that wouldn't apply to wolves.

LISA BOOTHE, CO-HOST: Isn't this President Trump point though. I think giving him the death penalty makes him a martyr. This is what he wants. He wanted to die. He wanted to die by suicide by cop, which is why he has those two bogus guns. He was hoping to die. He wanted to be a martyr. I'm actually with Senator Lindsey Graham on this, who's a military lawyer for 33 years and thinks we should tried him as an enemy combatant and send to some place like Gitmo. I guarantee if you polled detainees at Gitmo, they would rather die than be there. So I think we actually give this guy what he wants if he gets the death penalty. I think there's an argument to be made that we are at war with ISIS. This guy is a terrorist. He's with armed with ISIS against the United States, and he's an enemy combatant and should be treated as such.

WATTERS: Could be Rikers Island.


PERINO: But he's on legal permanent residence. There's a reason that we didn't bring all of those Gitmo people. Remember, President Obama wanted to bring all the Gitmo detainees to New York City for trial, and America said absolutely not, because as soon as they get here, they get habeas corpus rights. And they were not legal permanent residence and they didn't deserve it.

BOOTHE: We've also seen people like Senator Cruz, which I fully support, in stripping the rights of U.S. citizenship from individuals that choose to join ISIS. So I think that is something particularly in the wake of this that congress absolutely needs to revisit and something that we need to do as a country. These guys -- as soon as you join ISIS, you're no longer an American. You're no longer a permanent resident of the United States, and you deserve to rot in hell in Gitmo.

WILLIAMS: The question then, Lisa, is how do you prove it? Because you think back there was an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal editorial this morning defending the diversity program that President Trump is so critical of that diversity visa program. And in the piece the Journal editorial writers talked about how the Tsarnaev brothers, the ones who did the Boston bombing, the younger brother, they were really transitioned into ISIS followers as children. So they were here and then they radicalized while in the U.S. Or Omar Mateen, the Orlando club bomber, he was an American-born citizen. Syed Farooq, the San Bernardino guy, U.S. born. His wife was the immigrant. So the question is, you know, how do you revoke someone from being an American citizen?

BOOTHE: They all pledged their allegiance to ISIS. And I think when you do that with the legislation -- my understanding of the legislation that Senator Cruz put forward. I think if you go and physically join ISIS.

WILLIAMS: Oh, that's one thing.

BOOTHE: But I also think that it shade on. It should also apply to people here in the United States. If you pledge your allegiance to ISIS, if you take up arms against the United States in the name of ISIS, as evidenced by what this guy shouted when he got out of the car, we know by the note that he left, he is a member of ISIS. That is what drove him to do that. That in his radical extremist ideology that you should no longer be considered a United States citizen. I guarantee most Americans agree with me.

WATTERS: And I don't believe the president was saying the entire U.S. justice system is a laughingstock. I think he was referring to the lack of speed with which criminals can get prosecuted because they can drag everything out on appeal. Now let's listen to what Sessions said, the attorney general, about this. Go.


JEFF SESSIONS, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: Terrorist should know this. This administration will use all lawful tools at our disposal, including prosecution and article three courts, or at Guantanamo Bay. If anyone has any doubt about it, they can ask the more than 500 criminals whom the department of justice has convicted of terrorism-related offenses since 9/11. And they can ask the dozens of enemy combatants at Guantanamo.


WATTERS: So Gutfeld, what would you do with this guy?

GUTFELD: Well, first of all, just about the diversity visa -- Juan is correct that it's not going to stop people that are already here. But diversity without merit is Russian roulette. So we have to change it for the future. It may not work now in the past. What I would do is the piece of information here -- he's married with three kids. So here's a theme with a family. And I said this before yesterday, and Terry has brought this up and people -- he's not really a lone wolf if you've got family. So if the family -- if you say your family is going to suffer, we're sending your family back if you do this, that directly affects the community in which these suspects, the people that you have suspicion on, live. And it forces people -- forces family members to say, well, what he's doing is directly affecting our lives. So if people know -- maybe if a person knows that their families at risk, then they might not do it, or maybe the family might act on it.

WILLIAMS: Here's the thing though. In fact, from what I read was that the wife was taken away today from there Paterson, New Jersey home with the kids, with the luggage and everything. We don't know what happened. But she was interviewed first by the FBI. And apparently, according to the report, said that she knew nothing of this.

WATTERS: They never do.

WILLIAMS: Well, I don't know. But I'm just saying what the report was. So now, I'm listening to you and I'm thinking to myself, you know, in our tradition we don't say that the sins of the father should be visited on the child. And when you have a situation like that, I think it was Jason Chaffetz who said to us yesterday, in Israel, this is what happens. If you have this problem, you know, they raise the Palestinian house and the family, right? But we don't do that. We don't say to somebody committed a terrible crime here in the United States.

GUTFELD: This is different. This is war. This is not a crime anymore. This is actually war which is different than just a crime, where we take a criminal's family. That would be absurd. We would not do that to an armed robber take his family. But this is war. And in war, you have to change the rules. And the rules here is nothing really working in preventing these things, except like we don't know what's being prevented because it's behind the scenes. In this case, a tool which is the targeting family and say this family -- we're not hurting the family, but you're leaving. You're all going. That isn't -- that's something new.

PERINO: It is a deterrent.

GUTFELD: It's a deterrent and it could work, you know.

WATTERS: How much do this guy really care for his family? He was willing to die the other day when he came out with fake weapons. Who knows? Trump got into a lot of trouble when he said, you know, you have to go after the family members. You have to go after the wives. Now it looks like, you know, that might be in play, legally or otherwise.

PERINO: Well, I don't know how in play? I mean, is there legislation that's going to be introduced, or are there executive orders.

WATTERS: I mean, in play because at every moment, it turns out the wife had no idea. The brother had no idea. The father had no idea. He's a great guy.

PERINO: I do think when it comes to -- when it comes to especially the women and how they are treated by these men that it's possible she had no idea. She might not have no rights, the ability to do anything or know anything. The one thing that I think it's very curious, and we'll get to this in the B block is just how many people in the community had actually seen him practicing this for a couple weeks.


GUTFELD: That's the point. So if they know that there's some kind of consequence, maybe a community member would see something and say something.

WATTERS: Nobel idea.

PERINO: I've heard that before.

WATTERS: Ahead, Will update you on the investigation into the Manhattan truck terror suspect, what was found on his cell phone. Next.


WILLIAMS: Back now to the Manhattan truck terror suspect. Sayfullo Saipov appeared in court yesterday shackled to a wheelchair. A criminal complaint says he confessed to planning the bike path attack about a year ago. Then, on October 22nd, rented the truck he used for a dry run. Investigators have discovered several pieces of evidence linking Saipov to ISIS. Cell phones recovered at the scene contain mounds of ISIS propaganda, some showing awful things, beheadings and the use of trucks as weapons, also a note pledging allegiance to ISIS. Now authorities also say the married father of three had previous contact with terror suspects known to the FBI. So Jesse, you see this guy come in to court in a wheelchair, he's shackled there. He wants an ISIS flag in his room. But at this point, do we really know how the legal system is going to deal with him? Do you have any idea, you know, what's the next step?

WATTERS: It looks like they're going to prosecute him in federal court and not send him to Guantanamo Bay as we've just discussed. But he's obviously an evil Islamic zealot. And the amount of videos that he had from ISIS, and beheading on his cellphone, just underscore that these tech giants need to be much more aggressive in eliminating this type of radical propaganda. They can build algorithms. They can hire more people. They can make some sort of team effort to get over there and really do some better investigative stuff, because this stuff is just so prevalent. I don't know why you can continue to have that stuff online.

And I think political correctness potentially played a lot, a big role in this deadly attack if you think about the NYPD surveillance program that was going on. I believe the mosque that he was going to was under surveillance until de Blasio and the ACLU ripped that away. The neighbor, I think, Greg alluded to in the last segment, Batista had seen this guy in an empty U-Haul with some buddies making little dry runs with nothing in the back of the van, several times in the neighborhood, didn't say anything. Reminds me of the San Bernardino neighbor, also didn't say anything. Political correctness kills.

An Imam reportedly had been trying to get in touch with de Blasio for an entire year, saying he'd noticed an uptick of radicalism in certain areas in the Manhattan area. Had reached out to him on social media, actually had written hard letters, and had sent staff to de Blasio's staff to try to alert him. No response there. And just the lottery system just doesn't make sense to me. We shouldn't be running our immigration system based on a lottery system. You don't have parties based on a lottery system. You invite people who you want to come in.


WATTERS: Yeah. That's why your parties get out of control, Gutfeld. There is many other components besides diversity. Diversity is a noble thing. We should take it into consideration when we let people in. But education, vocational things like that, ability to speak English, those are the things we should be focusing on.

WILLIAMS: So Dana, I wanted to highlight one thing that was found on the cell phone, which was he paid particular attention to a message from al- Baghdadi. In which, al-Baghdadi question, what Muslims in the United States are doing to respond to the killing of Muslims in Iraq.

PERINO: Well, al-Baghdadi is this guy -- repeatedly, it sounds like we got him and he just popped back up again. And if you look at some of the recent terrorist attacks like the one in Nice, I believe, also inspired by videos from this guy. So there's couple of things the need to happen, obviously, it's difficult to take all these videos down. So they exist. But could we have counter videos, right? Like I'm looking for the Imam who was going to come out and he's going to be really charismatic, and he's going to tell all of these young men that this is a ticket straight to hell if they do that. The problem with the guys that don't say anything is that they make it even worse for their community. If one of the complaints is that there's not -- an ability to assimilate. Well, if you get further and further isolated in your community that is going to continue to happen. It's not American's fault. It's not the citizen's fault. Is the fact that he wants to be like that. And so I think if we can find an Iman that is willing to come out and be different and really promote them that might make a difference.

BOOTHE: Well, that's a great point, and I think it really cuts to the heart of what we should all be paying attention to. And you can't counter this ideology unless we're willing to admit and be honest about what we're facing. And there's a former terrorist -- who we have all seen on TV. And he was on The Story the other night talking about the fact that we will never win as a society against ISIS unless we're willing to call Islamist ideology by name. We have to be able to name it.


BOOTHE: You have Senator Lindsey Graham the other night saying that this is a religious war. But there's a big portion of society who are unwilling to recognize these things. You mentioned al-Baghdadi. This is a guy who studied Islamic studies. He's a PHD and masters in Koranic studies. Where do you think his cheating comes from? And clearly, this is the, you know, radical version and the point that he derives from the Koran. But we've need to be honest about what we're facing because the reality is we're going to face al-Qaeda, Taliban or whatever iteration of terrorists that we're going to face throughout my lifetime, but they all share that radical agenda and ideology. And we have to be willing to focus on it to able to counter that propaganda and just be honest about the threat that we're facing.


GUTFELD: I get a chuckle when radical Islamists, or even reporters for The Guardian, or The Independent, talk about the responsibility of American foreign policy in the mass deaths or terrorist attacks. It's like you're only -- if you only stop doing X, they would stop doing Y. They've been doing Y for a long, long time. It fails to explain that the largest number of victims of radical Muslims are actually Muslims. So if we -- they're not killing the writers of commentary. They're going after Muslims. So if we didn't exist, if America didn't exist, this would still exist because the wrath of Islamism exists. It's a desire for supremacy no matter what. It's either obedience or death.

So the fact is we have to treat this like -- even if we domed America right now, we've already have it here, so we have to treat it like a disease. Just like I said before, I don't understand why people watch The Walking Dead when you already have it all around you. This is really something that is unheard of in civilization where you have creatures roaming your country who want to kill people. This is a brain disease. It's a mission that they have. And we've just have to accept it soberly and treat them like human termites. We have to go in there and get rid of them, that simple.

WILLIAMS: And let me just say.

GUTFELD: And then divorce it from religion.

WILLIAMS: You'd think that it was aimed at us as Americans, but in fact, five of the people killed were Australians.

PERINO: Argentinians.

WILLIAMS: Argentinians here on vacation. Ahead, Democrats in Virginia have pulled that ad that depicts Republicans as killers in the wake of this week's terror attack. A Greg monologue coming up next.


GUTFELD: From a real terror attack to a fake one. Behold the worst ad of all time, aimed at Virginia's Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie. Painting his supporters as homicidal predators bent on killing kids. It's called "American Nightmare":





NARRATOR: Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the American dream?

Latino Victory Fund paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertisement.


GUTFELD: Well, that's despicable. But that's not even the worst part. When the Latino Victory Fund saw that their ad might cost the Dems the election, they pulled the ad citing recent events -- those were their words. So they used the terror attack as an escape hatch for their heinous smear -- classy.

The fact is, they pulled the ad, not out of sensitivity, but because they looked idiotic for choosing the wrong villain in their advertisement, i.e., half of America. They must have been bombed [SIC] -- bummed that it wasn't a deplorable in a truck mowing down innocents in New York, but a jihadist.

The commercial turned out to be a child's dream in the end, but it was really a left-winger's fantasy, which viewed Republicans as evil racists. But the left has pushed this narrative for decades. It's not that you're wrong but that you're evil, which allows them to destroy you. It's the inevitable conclusion of identity politics: you divide, then you ruin. It's grotesque, but it's what they do best.

So keep at it, Dems. I think you just elected Gillespie and perhaps Trump in 2020, then Pence. Then Nikki, then Rubio. Then Ivanka. Then Donald Jr. Then Eric.

In 2052, it will be my turn.

BOOTHE: Yay, Greg.

GUTFELD: All right, Dana. This could be the first political ad that's elected -- elected its opponent.

PERINO: That's interesting, because Jesse said in the commercial break, imagine if a third-party group group sank your chances of winning. Like Ralph Northam. Even though -- they embraced the ad from the Northam side.


PERINO: And they didn't -- they disavowed it later.

During the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton said she knew she had really stepped in it when it was reported that she had called Trump's voters "the deplorables." But this is taking, like, the deplorables and making it so much worse.

GUTFELD: Jesse, declared -- basically declared war on half of America. If you don't vote Democrat, you drive around in a pickup truck killing minority children.

WATTERS: I know. This was a hate crime of a political ad. And they lied about their excuse for pulling it.


WATTERS: They were for the ad before they were against it.

Dirty ads work most of the time, but if it's too dirty, it's going to backfire. And this has backfired, and it's galvanizing Gillespie's supporters.

This all started when Gillespie came out with a tough MS-13 ad. And -- because MS-13 has been feasting on Virginians. And they said -- his opponent, Northam, was OK with sanctuary cities.

So this Latino group comes out, and this is a return volley. And to use minority child actors as prey for a racist, truck-driving white male Gillespie supporter is so unprofessional, so inappropriate.

And to have the aerial shot like it's a crime scene in progress. And you notice the decal of the "Don't Tread on Me" Tea Party thing and the Confederate flag, and then to sting out with the racist torch-holding Confederate supporters. The whole thing is just sickening.

What I think's happening is -- would you imagine if Romney in 2012 came out within an ad of black gang member bicycle riding men menacing little white children in the neighborhood, with some rap music underneath and then maybe a Reverend Wright sound bite and then stinging out with "Romney for president." That ad would be so denounced by every American in the country.

This is the exact same thing but reversed. And it's sad, because big picture, Democrats would rather fight Trump than fight MS-13 or fight (AUDIO GAP). They show more blood lust for impeaching the president then they do for cleaning up their own streets of gang members or trying to do whatever they can to eradicate ISIS.

GUTFELD: Could I -- OK, go ahead.

BOOTHE: And I -- I was going to say, I've worked on races where you've seen an opponent just run a smear ad like this, and it actually backfires. I mean, they tried in 2014 to basically pin something on the candidate I was working for that he had nothing to do with. And it was so despicable that even the mainstream media, both nationally and locally, had turned against our opponent. And that was really the change in tide of polling for our candidate, as well, because voters realize that that candidate went way too far.

And so I agree with you, Jesse, where I actually think this will hurt Ralph Northam. And apparently, this was in response to the fact that he is not connecting with Hispanics to the degree -- I think he's even doing worse than Hillary Clinton was. So he's having some real problems connecting to minority voters. And so this was a clear and desperate way to try to generate that support.

GUTFELD: Juan, could I just -- the thing that -- the ad is bad enough, but isn't kind of gross that they used a terror attack to sneak away from it? I mean, that is -- they saw -- when the attack happened, they go, "This is it. This is how we get out of this." That's what grossed me out.

WILLIAMS: No, I think, look, this is hardball. And so you do what you have to do to get out, if your perspective is right. And from what we've heard from Ed Gillespie, is that his fund-raising tripled behind the ad, because all of his supporters came out.

But here's the thing that concerns me. And Ed Gillespie is someone I've known for a very long time. He helped my son when my son was running as a Republican in the District of Columbia. They raised an amazing amount of money. So I know Ed and feel good about him.

But let me just say that, when I go home on the weekends, I'm in that Virginia area, so I see the ads from this campaign. And Ed has run ads that suggest that MS-13 is all over Virginia. And it's like, "Whoa, wait a second. We have problems with gangs, but it's not so pervasive."

But guess what? It plays into this idea that immigration is somehow associated with the horrors of this gang. He runs an ad that says, "Kill, rape, control," which is the MS-13 motto. He talks about "our families, our heritage" being threatened. And talk about identity politics. Sort of sounds like he's not talking to people who look like me, Greg.

GUTFELD: But the only time that's...

WILLIAMS: Let me finish.

GUTFELD: All right.

WILLIAMS: What happens is then you get the Latino Victory Fund, which is this guy, Cristobal J. Alex, who's the head of it, saying basically that the ad held up a mirror to Republicans, and they don't like what they see. Which reminds me of what I saw earlier this week from the chief of staff when he was on FOX and he says, "Oh, I don't know about the Civil War. Gee, I don't know what it was about." Imagine slavery?

GUTFELD: That's called -- that's called deflection. The fact is, if you conflate MS-13 with Hispanics, that's on you. That's not on the person making the ad. He's saying gangs; he's not saying Hispanics.

WILLIAMS: That's the intent of the ad.

GUTFELD: No, you're seeing it that way. You are actually mind reading, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I'm not mind reading.

GUTFELD: And you know what's in people's minds.

WILLIAMS: I'm just telling you...

GUTFELD: I don't know if you know what's in your mind.

WILLIAMS: That's a good point. But I must say, if you watch the ad, that's what it's about.

GUTFELD: All right. Did Hillary Clinton rig the election against poor Bernie Sanders?


GUTFELD: A top Democrat says she has proof. That's coming up next.


PERINO: Could a Democratic civil war be heating up? Well, it sure seems like it. In a new book by the former intern [SIC] DNC chairwoman, Donna Brazile, she alleges that Hillary Clinton rigged the party's nomination process against Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primaries. Brazile wrote that she called Senator Sanders this past September with concern. Here's an excerpt.

"'Hello, Senator. I've completed my review of the DNC, and I did find the cancer.' I explained that the cancer was that she had exerted this control of the party long before she became its nominee. When I hung up the cult of Bernie, I started to cry."

So this is Donna Brazile, full disclosure, a good friend of mine. Obviously, she's been in the news a lot, and she had her own problems during the 2016 election. But this is explosive.

And Greg, Elizabeth Warren on CNN today said she does agree that the election at the DNC was rigged in favor of the Clintons. So she is -- they're actually now, they're doing something that even President Trump and the Republican Party could not do, which is put a stake in the Clintons. That's it.

GUTFELD: This is payback. It's like you can't sell a house until you clean the house. And Donna Brazile just came in with the broom, and is just sweeping the remains of the Clintons out the door. They're saying, "We're getting new tenants. We've got to get these -- these crazy people out."

You could argue that the election was perhaps supposed to be Trump versus Sanders. They were two, in a weird way, identically fresh voices from the outside, even though Sanders has been in politics for a long time.

But then Hillary, she stole the baton in a relay race and ran in the wrong direction. I mean, how -- this is what I don't understand. How come the Dems -- I would be -- I would hate her guts, because she elected Trump. They could -- they might have had a President Sanders. They might have had a president anybody other than Hillary. But Hillary was so arrogant and entitled she took the baton and then went home and sat down and just waited for the election to be over.

PERINO: And you really haven't seen, Jesse, the Democrats -- any Democrats coming out and saying that this was fine. And actually, everybody is, like, "That was not very good." They change things going forward.

WATTERS: That's right. They're livid about it. And I remember being at the DNC in Philadelphia, and Bernie supporters were freaking out on the streets. There was, like, fistfights. People were shouting inside the convention halls at each other. And this is how she did it.

So after Obama left and Debbie Wasserman Schultz's poor leadership left the DNC millions in debt and corrupted, Hillary swoops in as a loan shark. And she goes, "We're going to help you with all this debt, you know. We'll give you some money, but then we're going to put you on an allowance, and we're going to control the state, local and national fund-raising apparatus."

And then and then all of a sudden...

PERINO: But they also had say over the personnel.

WATTERS: Exactly. So they controlled personnel and the finances. And this is all before...


WATTERS: ... she's even won the nomination. So Bernie and Hillary are still fighting for votes; yet she's pulling all the purse strings. That's how it's rigged.

PERINO: Juan, was it rigged. And what are the Democrats going to say?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think that it was, but I don't think this is news. I mean, we knew, and we've known from various reports, that in fact, what happened under Debbie Wasserman Schultz was you had a -- basically a Clinton surrogate in there.

But the thing that always strikes me is Clinton is a Democrat. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. And so there was a disadvantage in that, in terms of everything from state organization all the way to the top.

And the fact is, as you know, that there wasn't a great deal of fund- raising done with Obama in the White House for the DNC. So they were vulnerable to this.

So I can understand why Bernie supporters, anybody is upset. But I think, well, wait a second. Bernie, hey, you're a socialist. You say -- you still don't say you're a Democrat. Where did you expect the Democrat National Committee to...

BOOTHE: But that's the direction your party is going. And look, if you work in politics, these party committees are not supposed to be on board with primary candidates unless it's in an incumbent. So if I'm a future presidential contender or even a candidate for -- in any of these races, whether it's House, Senate, gubernatorial, I am concerned that my party has gone in on a primary challenger for Hillary Clinton, because that is against everything that they're supposed to stand for.

But we have seen -- Stanley Greenberg in The New Yorker basically said that the Democrat Party is divided today, because they can't decide if they want to focus on the economy or identity politics. And I think that, in a nutshell, is the biggest problem the Democratic Party is facing right now.

PERINO: Last word?

GUTFELD: Yes. We have -- Brazile gave Hillary the debate questions. So this is convenient sanctimony.

PERINO: She's going to -- well, I know that her...

GUTFELD: I know she's your friend. She's a good friend.

WATTERS: Full disclosure.

PERINO: I haven't read the book. But I haven't read the book. Her book comes out next week. And as I understand it, she does address that in there.

GUTFELD: Very good.

PERINO: All right. Coming up...

GUTFELD: You can go now.

PERINO: Thank you. History made for a little Houston Astros team that could -- next. What? That was the weirdest tease. We're coming right back.

BOOTHE: We're doing it.


BOOTHE: The Houston Astros finally did it. They've won their first World Series title. Sorry, Dodgers fans. It took more than half a decade [SIC], but the glory came last night in game seven, in a 5-1 victory against the Dodgers.

Shortstop Carlos Correa was so excited by his team's victory that he popped the question to his girlfriend on the field. Fortunate for him, she said yes.

PERINO: Can you imagine.


CARLOS CORREA, HOUSTON ASTROS SHORTSTOP: It's one of the biggest steps of my life. One of the biggest I've accomplished my whole life.


BOOTHE: So Juan, you had said that you watched the game. So what's your takeaway from this series?

WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, it was a lot of fun. I thought it was a great World Series. Let me say, I just enjoyed it. I thought it was terrific. Terrific drama, both very good teams. Both 100-win teams.

And the thing that got me, Lisa, was, do you know Sports Illustrated predicted this, like, two or three years ago on the cover? They said, "Here are your 2017 champs." And here they are.

And I think they're going to be champs for a while to come. I mean, they've got a core of players who are just terrific.

And goodbye to Carlos Beltran, who was a great player. Here's the cover. Carlos Beltran was a great player for many years. Now he's 40, the end of his career. And to get a championship finally, terrific.

BOOTHE: Jesse, top that.

WATTERS: I will. I mean, it's nice to see the city of Houston...


WATTERS: ... win a championship after suffering so much devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

I remember, after 9/11, the Yankees were in the World Series, and everyone was pulling for them, but they lost to the Diamondbacks. This time, the Houston Astros, they did it for the city of Houston.

It's just an amazing feat. It was a great series. Seven games. Too bad game 7 wasn't as close or dramatic as the other games. But you know, my hat's off to them.

I want to talk about the Eagles, though. Can we just switch? The Eagles are 7-1.

WILLIAMS: What's going on?

WATTERS: We're going to the Super Bowl. So as long as we are making predictions here...

PERINO: The Denver Broncos?

WATTERS: You heard it here first.

BOOTHE: Those are fighting words, I think, for Dana.

WATTERS: Not the Broncos, Dana. I'm sorry.

BOOTHE: Dana, what's your take on this series? Obviously, a big moment for Houston.

PERINO: I agree Houston needed a win, deserved a win, because it had been through so much. And it's a great city. I don't really watch a lot of baseball, but I like watching the aftermath. And also, you guys will know, what's the name of the guy that has -- overcame all of his anxiety in order to play? And.

WATTERS: Gutfeld.

PERINO: I did think about it. It was actually a big success story. I read about that today, too. I should have had his name.

BOOTHE: And Greg, I know that the proposal was the lasting memory for you, right?

GUTFELD: It's just another example of toxic masculinity. The World Series is nothing more than patriarchy. You have these -- they're circling a diamond, which is a symbol of economic inequality. They're swinging a bat, which is the symbol of oppression. They're hitting a ball, which is a round orb, which is basically symbolic of what we do to the planet Earth every day. Every day we hit planet Earth with our evil carbon bat.

Then we circle the diamond, which is mined in third-world countries. Thank you very much. Perhaps to steel home, the same way we stole home from indigenous populations.

BOOTHE: Well, people just have fun watching. Please stay with us. "One More Thing" is next.


WATTERS: It's time now for "One More Thing" -- Gutfeld.

GUTFELD: You know, Snoop Dogg has, I guess, a new album out. I don't know. I've kind of lost track of him. I think he's in his early 70s.

But if you look at the cover, what it is -- why don't you show it? It's -- there you've got a corpse, and the toe tag says "Trump." And it says, "Make America Crip Again." Because we love our Crips.

What I find interesting about this is obviously this is not very nice. But who cares? It's art. In his world, it's art, even though it's evil.

What's interesting is he just started hosting a new game show on TBS. So he's got a game show on TBS, "The Jokers Wild." It's a reboot of the classic show. And I'm just curious, like, what goes on in the TBS board meeting the next day when your game show host is advocating the assassination of a president. When your host is advocating the assassination of a president. Your host of a game show. How are you going to deal with that tomorrow morning? I want to know.

WATTERS: OK, not technically calling for a boycott, just raising questions.

GUTFELD: No, I just want to know! How is TBS going to deal with that B.S.!

BOOTHE: Ooh, good one.


WILLIAMS: All right. Well, as you can tell from the previous one, we've had a lot of news and upset. So I just thought, you know what? Let's not forget the joys of life.

Just a couple of days ago, your neighborhood was filled with goblins, princesses and superheroes. Here are some photos of the coolest kids at FOX, the children of "The Five." Here's executive producer Megan Albano's daughter J.J., the cat.


WILLIAMS: Senior producer Rob Monaco's twins as a mummy and dapper devil.



WILLIAMS: Producer Queenette Karikari's daughter, dressed as a little queen.

BOOTHE: Oh, yes.

WILLIAMS: And Kimberly's son, Ronan, as Chrome Skeletor.

BOOTHE: Awesome.

WILLIAMS: And here are three of my favorite people. Eli, the LEGO Ninjago, and twins Pepper and Wesley, they were both Disney's Elena of Avalor.

GUTFELD: Cultural appropriation, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I'm telling you, you can't stop it, man.

WATTERS: Still No. 1 (ph).

PERINO: Can't stop. Won't stop.

WATTERS: All right, Dana. What do you have?

PERINO: I have something I wanted to highlight, because I sat down with Babak Nawazi (ph). He's an Iranian American whose father and brother are being held hostage in Iran. His brother was arrested in Tehran in October of 2015, charged with espionage and collusion.

One month later, his father, Bakir (ph), a former United Nations official, he was arrested. So he's 81, and he's in very poor health there.

President Trump is helping them try to get him back so that we don't have another situation like we did with Otto Warmbier. I talked to them for FOXNews.com. Take a look.


PERINO: When you saw Otto Warmbier came back, and he was in such a desperate situation after being tortured by the North Koreans, what went through your mind?

BABAK NAWAZI (PH), FATHER AND BROTHER BEING HELD HOSTAGE: I just need my loved ones home before it's too late. We need them to come back to us, to the grandchildren. And they're missed terribly. It's -- two years is a long time. It's a lifetime of having a -- really, like a knife twisting in your hearts.


PERINO: So we should keep them in mind, for sure.

WATTERS: All right. Well, I woke up this morning, and everybody is wishing me happy birthday on Twitter. I'm thinking, what's going on? My birthday is in July.

PERINO: Happy birthday.

WATTERS: And it turns out it's David Schwimmer's birthday. All right? That's not me. That's David Schwimmer. It's his birthday. He turns 51. I actually think he looks fantastic for 51. So looking good, David.

And I actually ran into him one time, years ago. That's us together.

GUTFELD: With beard.

WATTERS: Yes. There we go.

GUTFELD: I don't know what that means.

WATTERS: Happy birthday.

BOOTHE: Happy birthday, Jesse.

WATTERS: Thank you.

BOOTHE: Mattress Mack, who was long a local celebrity in Houston. But he began a celebrity in America when he turned his showroom into evacuation shelters during Hurricane Harvey. He flew 40 Hurricane Harvey first responders, military veterans and die-hard Astros fans to Los Angeles for game six of the World Series.


BOOTHE: Awesome guy. You rock.

WATTERS: All right. Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of "The Five." "Special Report" is up next.

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