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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: You're just watching President Trump. He's heading to Minnesota, as he just said. He's going to board Marine One, head to Andrew Air Force Base, and then hightail it to Minneapolis because he has a big rally there tonight.

Took questions on a range of issues. We're going to take it on the table.

Jesse, let's start with Minnesota. The president's team has put a lot of resources on the ground. In fact, I read today, one of the state of Democratic chairs said they've never seen a Republican who has put this much resources on the ground at this point in the election. I understand that the Trump campaign is 20 full-time hires already, they're looking to do about a hundred. And the president wants to flip Minnesota to be a Republican state in the 2020 election. What do you think?

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: I think he'll flip it. It's 10 electoral vote deal, and he only lost by 45,000 votes last time. He barely touched down there or spent any money there.

PERINO: Right.

WATTERS: He would have won if the never-Trumper and Gary Johnson hadn't been in the race, so it's a very slim margin. He's spending a lot of money up there. They love him, but (INAUDIBLE). And Omar, I do believe, is hurting them in Minnesota. If you look at the numbers too, the Democrats really have to play defense in Minnesota. They're not used to playing defense in Minnesota. He's going to make them play there. He's going to make them play -- and again in Pennsylvania, and also in New Mexico.

Places where they're not used to having to spend money and time.

And they don't have a lot of time, and they definitely don't have a lot of money to spend defending these places. So, I think it will be a big rally tonight.

PERINO: It is -- huge rally. They actually have a sold out crowd. They have people line up around the block. And the campaign is very good about showing little grips and grabs all day long just so they can see people building with excitement. And as Jesse mentioned, Katie, president didn't spend a lot of time there on the campaign because it's sort of like why would we, but to only lose it by 45,000 votes and to have the results he has so far, he thinks he can win it this time.

KATIE PAVLICH, CO-HOST: Only lost it by 1.5 percent. And Donald Trump isn't afraid to go into states where Republicans haven't typically been winning in recent election cycles. And as Jesse said, this comes down to a resource problem, right? So Democrats in state have to not only be on defense but they're fighting incumbency, and they're having a really hard time with the feel that they have whether it's Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren taking back Democrats who voters for Trumps in those blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

And so they're looking at the math and saying where can we pick up some electoral seats if we were to lose a place like Michigan, for example, back to the Democrats, but that's something he's not afraid to do before, and they're looking at the map and they have a hundred million plus dollars --


PERINO: Juan, is this a state you think that the Democrats could lose in 2020?

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: I doubt it. It's possible. Anything's possible. As Katie and Jesse pointed out, it was 1.5 percent that he lost by last time. It's not a big margin. So you can see something changing.

I think what you don't account for here is there is no single Democrat in the field that can be identified both in terms of being attacked by Trump, but also in terms of voters getting behind and, of course, the Democratic machine we're promoting.

So what you have to look at then is polls. And right now in the polls, Trump loses to everybody. He loses to Biden. He loses to Sanders. He loses to Warren. And we also have polls that came out yesterday right here at Fox that indicate now you have a majority of Americans who think this guy should be impeached and removed.

PERINO: Interesting, though, that Senator Klobuchar who is a 2020 candidate and is from Minnesota, Minnesota, Nice, not even mentioned in all of this coverage, they hardly even visible. Greg, I want to play for you, if you don't mind, the back and forth because President Trump just talked about impeachment and Biden and all the rest. We have a little back and forth to show you --

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Back and forth?

PERINO: -- take on that. Can you play it for me --

GUTFELD: Yeah, sure, why not?



JOE BIDEN, FORMER U.S. VICE PRESIDENT: He's afraid about just how badly I will beat him next November.

TRUMP: I don't think he's going to make it.

BIDEN: He believes he can and will get away with anything he does.

TRUMP: I guess he's no longer the front runner.

BIDEN: President Trump has indicted himself.

TRUMP: He's been hit and he's been caught red-handed.

BIDEN: He's basically a coward.

TRUMP: His son, who is, at best, incompetent. He got thrown out of the navy.

BIDEN: Donald Trump has violated his oath of office.

TRUMP: We have him on tape with corruption.


PERINO: Here they go head-to-head already.

GUTFELD: I don't think that's the conflict. I think the conflict right now is Biden and his side. When you have the New York Times publishing a piece by Peter Schweizer who wrote Clinton Cash, that's basically saying would you please go now Joe? You're kind of a liability for us. I mean that's like publishing Peter Schweizer in the New York Times, it's like Trump putting Rosie O'Donnell in his cabinet. You know, this is -- it's basically saying, you know, we're done here, get out.

I do have to comment -- Juan brought up this poll and I've been seeing this poll everywhere, and I know it's a Fox News poll, but we've got to point out that it's weighted toward Democrats. From what I've seen, it's 48 percent Democrats, 40 percent Republicans, 12 percent others, so it's weighted for that. Also, it is being taken at the fever pitch of media coverage about a single topic, so what do you expect? You've got all the Democrats plus or minus 3 percent saying they want him out, OK? That's not a big finding. That's not a surprise.

In a month from now when all this stuff fades, let's see where it is now.

But we have to remind ourselves how many Democrats, how many Republicans in that poll, and these polls have been known to be wrong. Sorry for bringing it up. But if you're going to put it on the table of THE FIVE, we get to respond.

WILLIAMS: But I'll respond to you.


WILLIAMS: Which is to say that, you know, there're more people who self identifies Democrats than Republicans, and that's why the poll --

PAVLICH: But they don't live in the necessary states --


GUTFELD: Can I also talk about how --


GUTFELD: What really upsets me is I'm not going to see the rally tonight because I'm going to see the Melvin's in Brooklyn, and I asked Jesse to go with me because I have an extra ticket and he said no.

WATTERS: Because I know what kind of music you like and I hate it.

GUTFELD: Give it a chance. It's the greatest metal band ever.

WATTERS: Exactly, I hate metal. I like you, not metal.

PAVLICH: Can I say something else about Joe Biden? So Donald Trump keeps going after him in the back and forth. But really it's not just President Trump who has some thoughts about him making it to the finish line. David Axelrod since the first debate has brought up a lot of questions about whether Joe Biden can make it, and this last quarter with his anemic fund- raising numbers, a lot of donors are saying, look, man, like, you can't just come in below all of your other opponents and think you're going to win.

And on top of this, his campaign keep saying doesn't have to win Iowa or the earlier states to get over the finish line, and he absolutely does. So it's not just the president --


PERINO: -- we need to see other states.

PAVLICH: Right, indeed.

PERINO: All right. Greg tackles the media's reaction over Ukraine and Syria next on THE FIVE.


GUTFELD: The media loves repetition. Repeat the same story again and again, and like Beetlejuice the story appears. Right now, there's the Ukraine refrain where opinions about a phone call actually drown out its actual words.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Another day, another smoking gun.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is definitely a smoking gun.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ukraine was a smoking gun.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The bombshell text messages.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What they reveal.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Came out to defend the initial bombshell.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is shaping, obviously, of yet another political bombshell.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An impeachable offense.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is the standard of an impeachable offense?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is an impeachable offense.


GUTFELD: It's like they have the same script. It's sad. The same media that made Benghazi a punchline shake with rage over a phone call that came with a transcript, and then there's Syria.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The president is abandoning the Kurds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And selling out the Kurds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are now abandoning the Kurds.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Abandoning the Kurds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Abandoning our allies.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And this president just abandons them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's abandonment of Kurdish allies.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If we're backing away from our commitment to the Kurds, where do they turn?


GUTFELD: Well, that was alarmingly identical. So those who fear this president would lead us into war are now upset he's moving 5,200 troops.

Just like the people who hated hawkish John Bolton, but then were outraged when he bolted because Trump wasn't hawkish enough. Of course, we know Trump's a dove. He favors trade wars over real ones, and delighted in removing North Korea's reasons for paranoia. It's almost like Trump has a consistent if not always artful point of view.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: We're getting out of the endless wars. It's like quagmire. We're up to close to $8 trillion and we're bringing our folks back home. We're now acting as police. We're policing areas. We're doing jobs that other countries should be doing.

The hardest thing I have to do, by far, much harder than the witch hunt, is signing letters to parents of soldiers that have been killed. They went Walter Reed and I gave out five purple hearts to incredible young men. For me, it's very hard when I see that. It's very hard.


GUTFELD: Strong words which is why the media didn't touch it. Whether you hate it or not, Trump's decision wasn't impulsive, but actually a campaign promise, and reflects opinions going back decades. He's a miser with blood and treasure. You can call it misguided, but at least admit it exists, but the media won't. It's repetition 24/7 to avoid real truth about a new era.

When, in which, we've seen the highest household median income in history, punishment of China for oppressing Muslims, continued prison reform, record employment for women and minorities, and now attempts to draw down foreign wars, that the media find such things trivial says it all about the media.

It's not hawks versus doves, it's them versus you. They can't stand you, and I bet the feeling is mutual.

I'm not going to admit to being an expert on Syria, but I'm just very suspicious of how the line was drawn so immediately, Dana, that everybody had the exact same thing before the dust settled.

PERINO: I think, partly, that's because they were hearing that directly from people who are there on the ground, who are in our intelligence and military forces.

GUTFELD: But why -- but nobody mentions the number of troops. You have to like pull that out of people.

PERINO: You just mentioned it, and --

GUTFELD: Three days later.

PERINO: I'm pretty clear -- I was pretty clear that we had 100 to 150 people there, and they were there to help deter the situation. Commanders- in-chief had to make really tough decisions, and nothing is black-and- white. These are always shades of gray and it's very complex. And the Kurds should have known that we were there, it was transactional, it was tactical, and it was temporary.

However, any president knows that -- not all decisions are going to be agreed by with everybody else, but the decision-making process should be one that can be respected. In this case, it was very hard to understand how it happened all of a sudden, and now he's talking about mediation. He just said in a press conference as I'm walking out, now we're maybe going to mediate, but they lost -- the Kurds lost 100 people last night in the fighting.

So, I think that the critic of the president on the right, they have his best interest in mind. They don't want him to have -- to be criticized.

They want him to be able to do what he needs to do to fulfill campaign promises, and to do what he -- like, we defeated ISIS. But the, we, is very interesting. We had very few people there. We've had the Kurds were actually on the ground doing the work for us and they lost 11,000 people.

And the Kurdish leaders, they also had to send letters to their people.

GUTFELD: So when do you pull out? Do you ever pull out Jesse? I mean, the fact is, this is a marriage of convenience between America and the Kurds. The Kurds have a long-standing feud with the Turks. Do we just stay there and do we end up, perhaps, fighting the Turks?

WATTERS: Listen, I think when Barack Obama pulled out of Iraq, he'd abandon our allies in Iraq, but the media has said, oh, that was a strategic redeployment and then they cheered him. And then Trump had to come in and clean it up and bombed everybody and promised the American people he wasn't going to stay. He's trying to keep a campaign promise. I agree with Dana, alliances don't last forever. I mean, we're allied with Saddam Hussein, or shaking his hand, and next thing you know we're invading his country and hanging him.

I mean, come on -- and then we pulled out and left his people to die, and went back in and save the people again. So this happens all the time.

Right now to say that we abandon the Kurds, I think it's not really saying what actually happened. We let the Kurds have a third of Syria. They had the entire northeast of Syria where 90 percent of the oil reserves are, and all of the great agricultural land. We're talking about a very small section right now and it's right in between the pipeline that runs north of Turkey to sell oil to the Europeans.

Turkish people, they just want to make sure they have that pipeline lock down. All I care about is we have the ISIS fighters guarded in the prisons, and that's all I care about. And if I was the president, I'd just ship them all to Antarctica, but that's why I'm not president.

PAVLICH: You know who's guarding the prisons right now? The Kurds who are being bombed by Turkey. So the question is, how are they going to get in and make sure that the thousands -- the tens of thousands of ISIS fighters aren't just going to walk right out, and as the president said go to Europe. I mean, that is a concern. And ISIS fighters going to Europe is a direct threat to the American people. P

We just indicted the nicest guy a month ago who went to Syria, trained as a sniper, and came back and was living in Brooklyn planning additional attacks in the United States. So you say alliances don't last forever.

That is true. The alliance with Turkey as a member of NATO has to be looked at because Turkey told the president that they wouldn't be bombing civilians, and as they went into this they've already killed civilians in the last day.

They said they wouldn't go after the Kurds, they're doing that. They're bombing hospitals. And they're not holding up their end of the deal. So I'm just a little bit confused about the president's statement that he wants to take troops out, which is fine, that something he said he would do, consistent --


PAVLICH: -- but it's inconsistent with what he just tweeted which is, well, if the Kurds are getting slaughtered by the Turks, then we can use military option and send thousands of troops in. And if you're of the idea that you do not want American forces to be deployed on the ground, you have to have alliances on the ground. And if the Turks did something but the Kurds did more when it came to fighting ISIS. And I think 11,000 dead Kurdish fighters in terms of how small their population is -- and giving them the land that they were occupying is a pretty good deal considering what they did for us and limiting the attacks that happened on American soil --


WILLIAMS: Let me jump in real quick and say that I just disagree with the premise because I don't think this is the media versus Trump on this issue.

I think we're hearing right here at this table people who are not members of the mainstream media -- no, mainstream media, saying things that are very smart and in opposition to the president's policy. And I also think, therefore, it's much more the case that you see people -- even Pat Robertson, and I only use the member of the mainstream --

GUTFELD: Now you believe Pat Robertson.

WILLIAMS: No, I'm just citing Pat Robertson for saying that Trump is in danger of losing his mandate of heaven if he permits the slaughter of the Kurds. And so what you see is that Republicans, including Lindsey Graham, right, on Capitol Hill, a friend to the president, saying this is wrong, this is not good --

GUTFELD: Is that surprising?

WILLIAMS: -- and using the word that you say is so bad, abandonment.

They're using the same word. To my mind, what you're seeing is not a matter, again, of some kind of partisanship, this is about a policy decision that people find objectionable. You said, oh, well, it's only a few people being moved. But, Greg, the reason that it's a big deal is if they -- if Turkey had attacked an American or killed an American, we'd go to war. So we move our people --

GUTFELD: So that's why they're there?

WILLIAMS: Allow me to finish. We move our forces out of the way, which essentially, gives the Turkish the opportunity to go after the Kurds.

That's the problem.

PAVLICH: I just think the question about Turkey is whether they belong in NATO, there should be serious consideration about kicking them out when they're detaining Americans and slaughtering the allies of Americans.

There's a big question about whether they should be in that alliance.

GUTFELD: All right. Up next, NBC reportedly terrified over a new book, and allegations against ex-host Matt Lauer.


WILLIAMS: Major new fallout over the stunning rape allegations against Matt Lauer. NBC executives now reportedly, quote, quivering in their suits. It's because the book that broke the Lauer's story also reportedly contains more damaging information on NBC execs like how network executives knew about the former NBC host behavior before he was fired but didn't stop it. The book also claiming that NBC caved to pressure from Harvey Weinstein. He reportedly had the network spike a story about alleged sexual assault.

Katie, what you hear from this Ronan Farrow book is that NBC, you know, is on the way now to saying that they're -- that Farrow didn't have the facts, he didn't have the sources, he didn't have people on the record when he left NBA. And he's now making it out that somehow they didn't back him up, but, in fact, they're saying he didn't have the story. Should they just come clean? How are we to make sense of this?

PAVLICH: Well, I haven't read the book, so I don't know exactly what all the allegations are. There've been stories about what's in the book. This has not has played out in the court of law yet with the new allegations that we've heard about, so sometimes the details get a little muddled. But in terms of the accountability at NBC is well documented now that they did spiked that story that Ronan Farrow was writing about what was going on with Weinstein, and now he's had people following him around, intimidating him, and trying to squash what was in the book, so he deserves credit for moving forward with it despite those threats. But I think being skeptical of this kind of reporting is good. Until you've actually read what's in the book.

WILLIAMS: Jesse, Noah Oppenheim who's the NBC News president has been visiting news organizations to say that Farrow's reporting wasn't ready, although, as Katie points out, in seven weeks it was in the New Yorker.

But part of what Farrow is arguing is that there was an exchange going on between NBC and the parent company of the National Enquirer that they were saying, we have stuff on Matt Lauer and NBC is saying, well, we'll keep that quiet and we won't do Weinstein. Do you think that's possible?

WATTERS: Catch and Kill, that's the name of the book and that's the way they play it. A lot of people do it. It's an old tactic. And I don't know if this is true or not. I mean the narrative is, is that NBC covered up for Lauer, covered up for Weinstein, then leaked the Access Hollywood tape against Trump and then pushed Billy Bush out, because he was a threat to Lauer.

The whole thing is really sloppy and ugly coming from the supposed, you know this peacock network that's supposed to be pristine and perfect. But if you look at it the last couple of years, you know Lester Holt's in a dogfight with David Muir, he's losing to him now.

Megan Kelly, they lost a ton of money on her. And it's not like Seinfeld and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are running the world anymore. I mean they're in second place. CBS is number one now. So, they have to take a look at the leadership. I think Andy Lack, if he can't control this and Comcast might say, you know hit the road.

I mean there's some bright spots, they've got the Olympics coming up. They have football and it's an election year, so they're going to make a lot of money next year and that's what it's all about, it's all about profit.

WILLIAMS: Dana, what do you think about the idea that NBC is on the offensive here going to other news organizations to say ignore this book.

PERINO: Well, I was just going to - the only thing I was going to say is just haven't been involved in a lot of book rollouts and helping others and doing my own like, Ronan Farrow and Little Brown as his publisher, they've done an incredible job of getting an amazing amount of buzz about this book before anyone has had a chance to read it. It has been litigated all week long. The book doesn't even come out until next Tuesday. So, I'm assuming that it will probably debut pretty high on the New York Times bestseller list.


GUTFELD: I think we should talk about those two men that were arrested that are affiliated with Rudy Giuliani.

WILLIAMS: Why is that?

GUTFELD: Because I don't know. The flaw of the MeToo movement is due process is now in the court of public opinion. So, we don't know right now what is real and what's not. You know, as a guy I feel that like I can't comment on what I think or the confusing elements of the story. But I'm always interested in what women have to say about these elements of the story, because there are people that will say things about this story to you to your face and say that there's problems with it, but then they won't say it in front of other people.

And I think that in this kind of story it would be really good to hear from the women about what they think about this story provided actually they read the book.

WILLIAMS: You know what I was thinking was that the rich and powerful may get some preferential treatment, the question is - and then you come into hashtag MeToo. Lot of people become aware of that kind of preferential--

GUTFELD: And how far did this go back by the way.

WILLIAMS: I don't know.

GUTFELD: Because there are people that aren't working at NBC now that are working at other places that worked with Matt.

WILLIAMS: All right, Hollywood attacks Ellen DeGeneres for defending her friendship with President George W. Bush. That's next on THE FIVE. Stay Tuned.


PAVLICH: Ellen DeGeneres guilty of a cardinal sin in Hollywood saying something nice about a Republican. Liberal stars now shaming her for sitting next to President Bush at a football game and calling him a friend. Worse.

Mark Ruffalo and Susan Sarandon have been leading the charge while Reese Witherspoon is being accused of privilege for defending Ellen. And of course, Joy Behar jumping on the bandwagon to go after the daytime TV star.


JOY BEHAR, TV HOST: I always said I didn't want to get to know George W. Bush because I knew I would like him. And then I knew he would. Because that you know he seems like a likable kind of guy, but then if you lost a child in Iraq, then you don't like him so much. And I don't see myself hanging out with Donald Trump any time in this lifetime. So, it's not about - it's not only about disagreeing with somebody.


PAVLICH: All right, Dana. So, your former boss--

PERINO: I apologize from sneezing in during your read.

GUTFELD: We need to clean up this table.

PAVLICH: It's OK. No worries.

PERINO: I've never sneezed on air before. That was the first.

PAVLICH: First time for everything.

WILLIAMS: Well, we give the opportunity to say, bless you.

PAVLICH: What do you think about your former boss being accused of all these--

PERINO: Well, he's like he's in the news. He doesn't even try to be in the news.


PERINO: All he did was go to the Dallas Cowboys football game, which he loves to do and he's there with his wife and he gets to sit next to Ellen. He's been on her show. His daughter has been on her show and they're friendly and then Ellen is very nice and she responds, I think a very small group of progressive leftist and she says you know what, I have a platform, I'm going to talk about this on my show and she does. And then these guys come up and they're like until he is convicted as a war criminal no one can talk to him. It's preposterous.

Actually, I think about Hollywood the way Greg thinks about the media.

PAVLICH: All right. Well--

GUTFELD: Not bad.

PAVLICH: Juan. So, Ellen has come under a lot of fire, not just President George W. Bush. I mean she has been accused of hanging out with a war criminal. Some people are coming to her defense, but she's saying look, I told people to be kind. And that means to everybody.

WILLIAMS: Well, I think that's good advice. I mean I just don't have any problem with it. I just don't - I mean I understand--

PAVLICH: You think the Lefts could be more tolerant?

WILLIAMS: I think everybody. Look, I don't know whether it's Left or Right. I think everybody can be more tolerant. But I do think that people here are arguing about war crimes and all the rest and I think you know if you met the guy, I think the idea is you would love the guy. I think he's a very nice guy and he's a big baseball guy. So, we have that in common.

GUTFELD: So, you're saying if Stalin liked baseball that would be OK. Now, this is a remind.

WILLIAMS: That's Joy Behar.

GUTFELD: I'm kidding, but this is a reminder. I don't think it's Lefts. I think the Left really made it an art form to use words like war criminal. I mean they chip in these words by using it on people and like obviously he's not a war criminal, but it's a reminder that if Trump wasn't President, they would have demonized the Mitt, they would have demonized the McCain or any congenial middle of the road Republican because look what they're doing. Look, it reminds you what they were saying about Bush.

And we forget that it's not just Trump that they hated. They hated everybody. I think Ellen though should apologize to Hollywood for sitting with GW Bush because they deserve an apology, because their morality is unimpeachable after all they've given standing ovations to child rapists and they've been defending the casting couch for like a century. So, they deserve.

PAVLICH: Yes, they have. All right, Jesse. Final thought from you.

WATTERS: Final thought. Normal people think of things like this, life and politics are down here. Liberals think its politics and life and I think I would say if I saw a Cowboys fan, they're down here for me, they're worse than the liberal.

WILLIAMS: Holly smokes.

PAVLICH: You should invite Ellen on your show to talk about this. All right. Don't go anywhere, NFL legend Terry Bradshaw is here. Up next.


WATTERS: The NFL on Fox is taking over our studio once again. Thursday night football host and NFL legend Terry Bradshaw joining us at the table. Terry in a few minutes. We're going to put your knowledge to the test for the football edition of the supermarket showdown.

But first, what's it like sharing the Green Room on Thursdays with all these knuckleheads like Greg.

TERRY BRADSHAW, NFL PLAYER: This is awesome. I mean especially when I watch you on television of course Juan here. He's kind of - poor Juan. Dana, yes, it's great because people say, you really know those people, so yes. They're not friends, but you could say--

PERINO: I think we can say friends.

BRADSHAW: Yes, friends.

PERINO: It's been three years now.

BRADSHAW: We all get along with it. We all go to dinner or anything yet.

GUTFELD: I take your boots off for you, remember.

BRADSHAW: You did. I do appreciate that.

GUTFELD: Yes, and you do medical diagnosis.

BRADSHAW: I do medical diagnosis.

GUTFELD: He says, I have a deformed--

BRADSHAW: He says, America.

GUTFELD: Shoulder blade or whatever. Collar bone.

BRADSHAW: That's not a good sign. You need to go to see your doctor.


GUTFELD: How much time do I have left.

PERINO: He's a little of a hypochondriac.



GUTFELD: Anyway, to get drugs. I'm going.

WATTERS: You used to get some of those when you used to get knocked around a little bit right. They used to pump you full of pills.

BRADSHAW: Yes, they did, Jesse I didn't know you were that tall man.

WATTERS: When I sit up straight--


BRADSHAW: Wait a minute, I did my seats a little short.

WATTERS: It's mostly the hair.

BRADSHAW: Is this an Eagle thing.

WATTERS: Just an Eagle thing.


BRADSHAW: And this is my new look. I like this.

WATTERS: That looks good.

BRADSHAW: And I found that New York, they have a store. So, I'm going there next week.

GUTFELD: They have a hat store in New York. You're killing me.

BRADSHAW: With a goatee now, which my wife loves.

GUTFELD: You're not a hipster.

WILLIAMS: By the way, when you play, did you have the goatee?

BRADSHAW: No. I had never a goatee, but like most athletes, you watch baseball, you watch NFL, everybody's got a beard.

GUTFELD: 70s every athlete had a giant bushy beard.

BRADSHAW: Yes, I had a beard and it's all about superstition. First year, we went to the Super Bowl was my first beard. So, I started growing it and what we start winning. So, you put your stock on left foot first, you've got to always put it on the left foot and then you have to talk yourself out of and say to yourself, I'm not superstitious This is stupid.

And then you go out and you do it the other way and have a bad game--


WATTERS: You wear the same stinking undershirt for three weeks.

BRADSHAW: I never did that.

WILLIAMS: The guy who is now the quarterback in Jacksonville.


WILLIAMS: Has this amazing mustache that people--

BRADSHAW: (Inaudible) his name. From Washington State.

WILLIAMS: What do you think about that mustache?

BRADSHAW: I like it. It's a good look.

GUTFELD: It tickles.

BRADSHAW: Have you ever seen him dress. He dresses Italian. He's got a silk shirt. Done button here with chain. OK. Mustache in that little--

GUTFELD: 70s athletes, athletes in the 70s cared about what they dress - they were so fashion conscious. Remember he wore the tight slacks with the bell bottoms and the satchel shirts.


WATTERS: Terry, don't show up with tight slacks.


BRADSHAW: I'm. 71. I can't wear a tight slack. I've got a little bit of a stomach, if you haven't noticed. But I perform at the Luxor in Vegas. I saw pictures of me and one of my costumes the other day. And I went, this is unacceptable.


BRADSHAW: It was not good.

WATTERS: Speaking of Vegas, we're going to do our famous supermarket showdown. You're ready for this.

BRADSHAW: I just looked at the market. You're like eight inches taller than me.

WATTERS: Three inches of hair. All right. Don't worry.

PERINO: Next time, you can ask for a pillow.

WATTERS: Don't worry about. All right, here we go. Now this is easy. Giants jersey, we have it right here. An official NFL Giants jersey. How much do we think that costs?

BRADSHAW: Whose Jersey is it?

WATTERS: Barkley (ph), I don't know.


WATTERS: Giants jersey.

BRADSHAW: Has he worn the jersey.


BRADSHAW: He has not.


BRADSHAW: All right.

WATTERS: If he had, I'm going to take it. So, how much do we think this is.

PERINO: Write it kind of big.

WATTERS: Everybody write it and show it up.

GUTFELD: Me and Jesse same thing.

WATTERS: OK. And the answer is a $100.


WILLIAMS: Way to go Katie. Now.

WATTERS: All right.

BRADSHAW: I'm glad that wasn't my jersey, I had my feelings hurt. I mean no being a legend and all.

WILLIAMS: Wait a second, how much--

WATTERS: I heard that about you.

BRADSHAW: My jersey sells at - I actually called the Steelers years ago because I wanted one to frame for my kids.


BRADSHAW: And they charged me $500--


BRADSHAW: I had to buy my own jersey, $500.

WATTERS: We have to pay for our own Fox News swag. You should see what that left us. All right. Next up, we have a Patriots hat. OK. And they're playing tonight.


WATTERS: All right. Against the Giants. NFL Saturday--


WATTERS: It is 47. It's like that little off brand. So, Patriots hat. Write it and show it. Everybody up with the score. Here we go. Prices up. 60. Wow, 80. 89 cents, Greg. This isn't like the lowest one guessing. How much is it. $28. I had 25. Juan and I get that one.

BRADSHAW: You go anywhere in America and go to one of their shops and I promise your butt right now, you're not getting no 25 bucks.

PERINO: Are you competitive.


WATTERS: Next up, we have the buffalo wings. Times Square buffalo. Wild wings. It looks like there is 14 of them, it's going to be a little bit less after the commercial breaks. Here we go. Let's go.


WATTERS: Everybody up with the wings. Terry, we're waiting on you.


WATTERS: That's a good guess. OK. And the price is what, 23.79.

BRADSHAW: Stop it. It cost more than the half.


GUTFELD: That's not American prices, that's commie liberal prices.

PAVLICH: We changed the rules on that.

GUTFELD: All right. And we've got the autographed football here. Who autographed it? Did you autograph it?


GUTFELD: Oh! That's going to send it way down.

WILLIAMS: It's not autographed.

PERINO: It's not autographed.


WATTERS: You'll autograph it.

BRADSHAW: America, TB here. I'm going to sign this autograph for whoever can guess the right price. And I've been telling you right now, I have not been feeling well. And if this thing goes to you, it's worth at least five grands.

WATTERS: OK. For autograph, price up.

BRADSHAW: Not signed.

WATTERS: Not signed.

BRADSHAW: OK. All right.

GUTFELD: I have no idea.

WATTERS: If you don't get this one, that's embarrassing.

PERINO: Really? That's that much.


WATTERS: I have 60 too.

GUTFELD: I had 200.

PERINO: I have 17.

WATTERS: Wait, it's not autographed, Greg. 39.99.

BRADSHAW: Who got it?

PAVLICH: Katie wins.

WATTERS: Katie. Last one, it's chips and salsa. This is kind of a ridiculous item to bid on. Chips and salsa, everybody.

GUTFELD: I just bought some chips and salsa.

WATTERS: And the salsa. OK.

BRADSHAW: How big a bag. Big bag.

GUTFELD: Are you combining the price?


WATTERS: Combining.


WATTERS: Chips and salsa, and this is Tostitos chips and salsa furnished by Tostitos.

BRADSHAW: All right.

WATTERS: All right again, here we go.


WATTERS: All right. And the price, 7.78. That's me baby.

BRADSHAW: What you get.

WATTERS: I had 7.

BRADSHAW: No. That's under.

PAVLICH: We tied.

WATTERS: We tied. Did Katie and I tie.


WATTERS: Yes, now sign that for us.

PERINO: You want a sharpie.

BRADSHAW: Hold it, let's have a vote.

PAVLICH: You need a real marker, not that marker.

BRADSHAW: OK. We'll have America - we'll give this ball--

WATTERS: Who are we going to give it to?

BRADSHAW: Whoever bids highest.


WATTERS: What are we going to do?

BRADSHAW: We'll have open it up for bid then tomorrow, take the high bid and ship it to him.

WATTERS: All right, you heard it America. Bid on Twitter.


GUTFELD: Who gets the money?

WATTERS: I don't know. Terry is running this. He's in poor health. All right. One More Thing is up next.



PERINO: Math's teacher in Fort Worth and his school before he joined it. They were getting a failing grade in all thing's math. His name is Thomas Mayfield, he incorporated music, video production and rap and now they - all the kids are getting the math and they're doing so much better, now they are a B grade from the state. Take a look at math rap.


PERINO: Love creative teachers. Congratulations to Mr. Mayfield.

GUTFELD: All right, let's do this. Animals Are Great. All right. You ever see a bird at a strip club. No, I guess not.


GUTFELD: Yes. It was Dr. Drew. He was an eagle and the masked singer and was eliminated from the show after his first performance. He can do everything. Amazing. All right. Who is next, Jesse?

WATTERS: All right, remember the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS. Well, this guy has got a new challenge. He's diagnosed two years ago with ALS. He walks down Chicago's Magnificent Mile in a kilt. Brian Wallach raised 20 grands for ALS research, he just celebrated his 39th birthday. He's going to find that cure and this is him right here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right down the street, every smile, I'm the man you realize that we are one step closer to cure. Every day. That is an amazing thing to be able to say.


WATTERS: So, go to for more.

GUTFELD: All right. Go, Juan.

WILLIAMS: I was up late last night. I was having a dream come true. Take a look at this video. The dream starts in the eighth inning with my Nats trailing the Dodgers 3 to 1. There are home runs then back-to-back by Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto tied the game at three. Then I got worried about holding down the Dodgers so the game could go to extra innings, but in the top of the 10th, Howie Kendrick came to the plate and this happened. It was no dream. The Nationals won. They beat the Dodgers now on their way to the National League Championship for the first time since moving to DC.

Katie and I say, Go Nats.

PAVLICH: It was an amazing, amazing game.

WILLIAMS: Yes, it was.

PAVLICH: All right. So quickly this fish. His name is Bubbles and he had a tumor on his back and his owner took a man to get a tumor removed. The fish cost $30 and the lifesaving surgery was $300.

So, they took him out put him in an anesthetic bath and then put him on a sponge. Did the surgery. And now he's happily swimming back. So, his owner in Australia is happy that he had the surgery.

PERINO: That's so amazing that people will do for their pets.

GUTFELD: Yes, and for a pet fish, no less.

PAVLICH: Hey, don't judge.

GUTFELD: Never miss an episode of "The Five." "Special Report" is up next. Hello, Bret.

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