And now some fresh pickings from the grapevine:

Poll Taken After Testimony

A new poll -- taken since Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld testified last week on Iraqi prison abuse shows that only 24 percent of Americans think he should resign. Nearly three times that many say he should keep his job.

The poll, conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, also shows that only 31 percent of Americans blame higher-ups for what soldiers were doing in the photos of prison abuse. However, a majority of those questioned believe the Pentagon tried to cover up the abuse.

Speech by Security Adviser

National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to speak during Vanderbilt University's graduation ceremonies later this week. But hundreds of students and faculty -- including the school chancellor's wife -- have signed a petition letter protesting the speech, insisting that honoring her is -- "inappropriate and incomprehensible" and that "we stand ashamed and angry."

Philosophy professor David Wood says it's -- "an embarrassment to have her come now" because she "betrayed the trust of the American people" in the run-up to the war in Iraq. School Chancellor Gordon Gee, quoted by the Tennessean, says he respects the dissent, but insists Rice deserves to be honored and the speech will go on as planned.

Danger Detected?

And from the wonderful world of Arab media, a columnist from Al-Watan -- one the Arab world's leading newspapers -- says he knows why the streets of Saudi Arabia are so dangerous: women drivers.

Columnist Moudy Al-Zahrani says even though women do not actually drive in Saudi Arabia, they make up the "great majority" of back-seat drivers, and play a -- "leading role ... in the chaos characteristic of our streets." Specifically, Al-Zahrani says -- "once a woman is seated in her car, she begins issuing contradictory orders which she demands the driver carry out. ... The woman's general mood ... determines whether things will be all right that day or whether all will end in disaster."

And so, he says, the government must educate women on how to drive safely while in the back seat.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report