And now the most riveting two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

Poll-itical Coverage

Positive news for President Bush from two new polls, a rare thing these days, has received scant media play. A Pew Research Poll, widely reported as reflecting growing anti-Americanism in Europe, also shows declining anti-Americanism in Muslim countries. Significantly more Muslims now say they think of the U.S. more favorably than they did in May -- when President Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq.

And from a New York Times poll -- under the headline "Nation's Direction Prompts Voters' Concern, Poll Finds" -- the Times reports that, with Ralph Nader in the race, President Bush now beats John Kerry by a 46 to 38 percent margin.

Neither, Nor? Are You Sure?

Moveon.org has its lawyers telling news organizations that it neither -- "advocates the election of [nor] financially supports" any candidate for elected office, including John Kerry.

Meanwhile, moveon.org members have received solicitation letters, saying -- "We've reached one of the most important points in the race to defeat George Bush... We have a Democratic nominee, and he needs our support today. Please join us in contributing $5, $50, or $500 today to the Kerry campaign." The letters are from the -- "Moveon PAC."

Foreign Leaders for Sale?

Speaking of Kerry, while administration officials demand he name the -- "foreign leaders" that allegedly told him they endorse his candidacy, at least two -- "foreign leader endorsements" have now been put up for sale on Ebay... as parodies.

One insists -- "If you want to make a current president jealous ... or if you are just a liar who got called out on your bogus campaign lies, this is the auction for you. ... [But] we only ship to Massachusetts." Bids for this endorsement reached more than $15,000, but Ebay has since taken it down.

An endorsement from the -- "duly elected supreme leader of ... Bogusonia" is still up for grabs, with the highest bid standing at $2.75.

Oops, That Wasn't Usama?

An artist in France has been ordered to pay $615 to a man he mistook for Usama bin Laden and tried to run over with his car after last week's terror attacks in Madrid. A lawyer for the French artist insists his client was the -- "victim of a hallucination," adding -- "If it were [bin Laden], we would have won $5 million."

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report