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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: UNC-Charlotte sophomore Irina Yarmolenko -- murdered. Her body was found two weeks ago lying next to her car, the driver's door open. And tonight, we have stunning new developments. Here is what we know. Monday, May 5, Irina was spotted at 10:50 AM at the Jackson's Java coffee shop near campus. Two hours and 25 minutes later, Irina's body was found lying next to her blue Saturn by the Catawba River in Mount Holly, North Carolina.

Now, tonight there's a new development in the investigation. Irina's older brother, Pavel Yarmolenko, joins us in Raleigh, North Carolina. Pavel, you know, I always -- I never know what to say to siblings and parents. And you've been on before, and we can only say that, you know, we feel terrible. If we can at least put a spotlight on this murder and get some clues, that's what our goal is. So I understand tonight that you have some new information.

PAVEL YARMOLENKO, IRINA'S BROTHER: Yes. So the police have let us know that someone was with my sister when she came to Mount Holly, and that's just about the extent of the information that I know. I'm pretty sure that the police know much more than that.

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VAN SUSTEREN: Now, Mount Holly -- we've driven it. If she left Jackson's Java about 10:50 AM in the morning, she would have been there about, oh, 20 to 30 minutes later, right, to Mount Holly?

YARMOLENKO: That's about right, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: Which brings it up to about 11:20 in the morning. Her body was found about 1:15. Do you know why the police think that someone was with her in the car? Was she caught on some surveillance camera along the route?

YARMOLENKO: I actually don't know what the evidence is that they're using to establish that, but I'm very confident that they are not releasing that just not to complicate the investigation. They've been very cautious about releasing evidence, and we've just been -- we've trusted them and we will continue to trust them with the judgments they make.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it's pretty clear someone was with her at some point because someone murdered her. This is definitely not a suicide case. Do you know -- do you know if -- is there any information whether she drove directly -- that when she left Jackson's Java, that she went directly to Mount Holly?

YARMOLENKO: I don't know that. I think that in due time, the police will release that information. At the same -- you know, it's very hard for us as a family not to know these things, but we've just been -- we've trusted them with everything that they've been doing, and we just have to trust them more.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. We only have 30 seconds left. So that we can help pry information out of someone who might be watching, is there a reward?

YARMOLENKO: Yes. There's a reward of $10,000 for any information with regard to this case that would shed light on exactly what has happened. Anybody with such information, if you could please call Mount Holly police or your local police department, we really appreciate everything that everyone in the public has done for us. Thank you.

VAN SUSTEREN: And as a further note is that when her body was found, her car was there. The killer had to walk back to the street and had to get out of there somehow. So either there was another car or somebody was walking, so there's something. Pavel, thank you. And good luck, sir.

YARMOLENKO: Thank you.

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