Philadelphia residents taunt police officers during standoff

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. President Trump wrapping up a massive rally in New Hampshire, a state he wants to flip in 2020. We have pilots coming up throughout this hour.

First tonight, thanks to the bravery and skill -- yes, you can keep the music, that's fine -- of the Philadelphia Police Department, last night's violence hours long standoff ended with no fatalities. All six officers who were shot, thank God, have been released from the hospital and just after midnight, the perpetrator finally surrendered and how did some of the residents of North Philly, how did they think they're police department?

All right. We'll put the music down. Now look at your screen. They taunted them. They shoved them, again, only a few. They pelted them with objects. KYW said only 2 percent of the hundred percent there, 90 percent did not involve themselves.

These brave men and women in uniform ready to take a bullet. Six Philly police officers took bullets yesterday to make this neighborhood a safer place. That's the thanks cops get in the middle of an ongoing crisis like this? A day care center across the street? These officers saving countless lives, putting themselves in harm's way, and there are people that are taunting them, pelting them with objects, treating them this way is beyond repulsive.

Frankly, just like the ongoing felony assault against police officers in New York City with water and other objects now. And today, here we are, less than 24 hours after the standoff, police were forced to respond to yet another shooting in the exact same neighborhood. Five people were shot today.

And these brave Philly police officers back again at work in some of the most dangerous conditions in America. They deserve better.

You know, I suspect did when I was on my radio show yesterday that something wasn't right. The fact that it was about 9:40 last night, in the middle of this program, our coverage on this program, we found out all that time, police officers with people they had apprehended were on the second floor the entire time and thankfully, they got out safely because of the good work, the diligence of the commissioner and everybody else in all law enforcement there.

But at the very same time that this standoff is going on, Democrats, the media mob, they were exploiting what was an ongoing crisis for political gain, instead of actually covering what is serious breaking news on the ground that lives at stake here.

For example, fake news CNN, before -- less than an hour into their breaking news coverage, dedicating an entire segment, pushing strict gun control, and less than an hour into the shooting, police officers still ducking for cover and returning fire, there was 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris in front of the camera saying this. Take a look.


WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: What's your reaction to these initial reports? And I would stress the word, initial reports.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, it's just -- when will it stop, right? I mean, part of my focus on what we need to do around smart gun safety laws is recognize that we have to have more enforcement around gun dealers.

Wolf, 90 percent of the guns that are associated with crime are sold by just 5 percent of the gun dealers in the United States. And so, among the many plans that I have, both in the form of executive action and also in the form of legislation, one of them is to put more resources into the ATF to take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law.


HANNITY: OK. Senator Harris, it was less than an hour, remember. This was that about 5:26 in the afternoon she is saying that. And we had police officers and people apprehended in the building. Oh, they were there, let's say, at 9:40 at night.

She didn't know any of the facts on the ground. She didn't know that -- who the shooter was. She didn't know anything at all about the ongoing standoff. She didn't know people were at risk in that same building where there was a live shooter in there.

All these people risking their lives, serving and protecting the people of Philadelphia, Kamala Harris is in the comfort of the fake news CNN studio hawking a political agenda about something she knows nothing about. Beyond sick, ugly, twisted, shameful, and as a former prosecutor, frankly, you would think she would know better.

And several other 2020 Democratic hopefuls also, yes, shamelessly weighing in during the ongoing standoff. They didn't even wait for it to end now.

Kirsten Gillibrand, who doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever being a president, blaming the NRA, while bullets are still flying.

Cory Booker, on Roswell Rachel Maddow's conspiracy TV hour, calling for federal background checks.

It still wasn't resolved. Pretty disgusting. Sadly, not shocking, not surprising. All too predictable.

And we can't forget, last week, it was Warren -- Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, they were literally advancing those old lies, 5-year-old lies and conspiracy theories that have been debunked about Michael Brown, hands off, don't shoot, and Officer Darren Wilson. Lies debunked by one eyewitness after another that saw the incident.

Even Obama's Justice Department didn't agree with the analysis of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Their Justice Department pointed out all the eyewitness testimony on the ground.

And even now, after, you know, another shooting, Democrats, the media mob, they're almost too giddy at a chance once again to politicize a strategy. Very predictable, very sad. But think about this, every weekend, there are dozens of shootings in some of America's biggest cities.

Let's look at the city of Chicago. Two weekends, last two weekends alone, nearly 100 people were shot, nearly 100 people.

These violent cities have been run for decades by liberal Democrats. These cities all have one thing in common. Very strict gun laws.

So, guess what? We don't hear a peep from Democrats. The ones that are getting all upset, raising money off the events in El Paso and the events in Dayton, you don't hear a peep out of them about Chicago. It doesn't fit their political agenda.

Ultimately, the left's hysteria over gun control has very little to do with the people that are being shot. In Pennsylvania, for example, violent felons, they are not allowed to purchase guns. It's illegal.

Last night shooter was a convicted violent felon with at least a dozen arrests, including the illegal possession of firearms and aggravated assault and yet, he was in possession of multiple guns. No new law was going to stop him. He had belonged in jail.

And meanwhile, the shooters in El Paso, Dayton, they are no felonies on their records, there is no background check that would likely have ever stopped them from purchasing any weapon. So, this is all feel good-ism in the name of the stricter and stricter gun control, for innocent people, law-abiding Americans that have the right to defend their homes and families.

Murder is illegal in every state of this country, shooting people is illegal, except in self-defense. Criminals don't seem to care. They don't follow the law or the very nature of what they do like the rest of us. And in a country with open borders, guns will always be available. Maybe they should help control the borders.

But if Democrats and weak, feckless Republicans now get their way, those of us who follow the law, are responsible gun owners, we would be left totally unarmed and defenseless. Once you give away your rights, you're never going to get them back.

On this program, for example, we had, well, a 2020 hopeful comrade de Blasio, the mayor of New York City. He wouldn't answer any question I asked again and again and again.

He had his armed security guards with him. I asked whether people in the city of New York have the right to have a gun in their house if God forbid something happens. He kept saying, they have a right to be safe. I said I didn't ask you that.

Do they have a right to a gun? They have a right to be safe. Do they have a right to a gun? They have a right to be safe. That means no. He was saying no in his own way.

So for them, your rights are not important, as long as they are protected. Hollywood stars, they can afford armed security guards. We'll have a lot more coming up on all of this.

But first, we do have other breaking news to report in the disturbing case of Jeffrey Epstein. His autopsy report revealed Epstein suffered multiple broken bones in his neck. What is that all mean?

Joining us now with the full report, from our West Coast newsroom, he's following the story, our own Trace Gallagher -- Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, CORRESPONDENT: Sean, the broken bones include the hyoid, which is near the Adam's apple. These types of breaks can certainly happen to those who hang themselves but are much more common in victims of strangulation. That's not to say Epstein was strangled, but it does boost the level of intrigue, especially about the circumstances.

Our corporate cousin, "The New York Post," says Epstein hung himself with the bed sheet tied to the top bunk in his cell but there is no information about how he did it. Meaning, did he jump? Roll? Or fall off the bunk?

Standard prison bunks are five and a half feet high and forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht, is skeptical about the generation of force. Listen to him.


DR. CYRIL WECHT, FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST: The nature of the hanging, no jumping and no falling through a floor like an execution and no jumping from the top of the step ladder, there's no velocity. Where does the force come from?


GALLAGHER: Yes, how did he generate the force?

Epstein's autopsy was completed on Sunday but the cause of death is still pending and we should note that the guards ignored Epstein for hours, so it's very possible he could have been a hanging there for a while -- Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Trace Gallagher, thank you.

And tonight, we also have two big brand-new discoveries from our friends at Judicial Watch. First, 330 pages of DOJ documents showing that, in fact, Bruce Ohr's wife, Nellie Ohr, was providing Bruce Ohr with a constant stream of anti-Trump material throughout 2016 and even into 2017.

Now, keep in mind, Nellie Ohr was paid -- was getting paid for ultimately by the Clintons. She worked with Fusion GPS. Remember, Clinton followed the money to the law firm Perkins Coie. Coie hired Fusion GPS, they hired Christopher Steele. But ultimately, it was the Clinton and the DNC paying, all to dig up dirt on all things Donald Trump.

By the way, eventually, the FBI even debunked it in their own spreadsheet - - 90-some-odd percent of it.

Now, meanwhile, Bruce Ohr was the associate deputy attorney general for the Department of Justice in the Obama administrator, and even more shocking in some cases, Nellie Ohr didn't even need her husband to proliferate her seedy information. Other newly discovered documents show that Nellie Ohr was communicating with another top DOJ official while she was working with Fusion GPS.

Here on this breaking and developing story from Judicial Watch, its president Tom Fitton.

Tom, I'm reading this and it's pretty amazing. She's feeding lie after lie. They basically looked at every unsavory character in every unsavory sector in all of Russia.

You know, the biggest ones, the biggest mob people, the biggest whatever people. And they just found a way to tie Trump when there was zero connection and the FBI eventually even figured out in their spreadsheet, none of this is true.

TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH PRESIDENT: And Bruce Ohr is dutifully printing out the material and sharing it or actually stripping Fusion GPS headers from the material and giving it to his colleagues at the FBI.

And Nellie Ohr is in constant communication not only with Bruce but with his underlings at the Justice Department on a whole host of matters, sending news reports in the original Russian to her friends at the Justice Department, of course trying to smear Donald Trump along the way.

You know, it turns out Nellie Ohr may have been the most significant hire by the Clinton campaign at Fusion GPS because of her connections to Bruce Ohr. You have her ability to talk to the Justice Department independent of her husband and obviously use her husband to not only launder the information and to get connections to Steele and Simpson to the Justice Department during the campaign but after he was elected.

It's -- when you look at these documents, this outlines how the coup happened after the election. They used Nellie Ohr to get the job Fusion GPS material repeatedly to the FBI who then used it for the FISA warrants to target Trump.

HANNITY: All right. Tom Fitton, great work again.

Freedom of Information Act request for bringing us right into this. And again, we are unpeeling layers of the onion.

FITTON: You're welcome. Thank you.

HANNITY: We expect full reports. We are going to get to more of that in a second.

We also have major breaking news from an investigative reporter, the executive vice president at "The Hill", our friend, John Solomon. According to his report, just out, well, the 2020 FBI report obtained by Solomon -- well, the bureau had, quote, medium confidence that the dossier author Christopher Steele was a useful source and that is intelligence could only be minimally verified, which is huge since his intelligence was a very basis for the FISA warrants and three renewals, the bulk of information to spy on Carter Page, and through Carter Page, the Trump campaign transition and then the Trump presidency.

And, by the way, only the tip of the iceberg. Now with more, "The Hill's" John Solomon.

OK, when we add that to the FBI spreadsheet which came up with over 90 percent of information and the dossiers was total B.S., that means the warnings Bruce Ohr gave one in 2016 in August, before the first FISA application.


HANNITY: You broke the story about Kathleen Kavalec about ten or 12 days before the first report was signed by, I believe, Comey and Yates.

SOLOMON: That's right.

HANNITY: They were warned that this is tainted, unverified. Steele hated Trump and Hillary paid for it. They still use it as the bulk of information. They withhold -- withheld from the FISA judges the big fact that Hillary paid for it but they all knew it, which means that lying by omission.

So I would say, premeditated fraud against the FISA court on four separate occasions to spy on a president. Well, first this campaign and then the transition under the presidency and even use to undo a president or attempted to.

SOLOMON: Yes, listen, there is a clearer and clearer picture being formed from the new evidence that's coming out, Sean, that the Justice Department had a problem managing, vetting, and relying on human sources. Those are people we typically call informants.

And there are many dynamics. We know all about Steele now. He's been exposed for what he is, a really bad informant. He did not provide reliable information and that took us down a three-year journey called the Russian collusion narrative.

But here are some other important things. You are seeing increasing evidence by government officials and government jobs were acting in a second capacity as informants, as sources, as workarounds. Bruce Ohr is bringing in stuff from Christopher Steele, even after Christopher Steele is fired. He's bringing in stuff from his wife even though he is a conflict of interest with his wife being employed by Fusion GPS. A real significant portrait of the Justice Department sort of in disarray and allowing all these human sources to be blown away.

I'm going to give you an example that come outside the Russia case, but it goes right to heart of this. Today, I learned from the Inspector General Michael Horowitz that the DEA was paying TSA workers, the people that screen is at the airports, to be snitches at airports. They were getting informant pay, just like Christopher Steele, to spy on us while they were checking us for security.

The I.G. concluded that violated all the policies. There is a problem at the Justice Department. They were relying on government officials with fiduciary responsibility to do things right at the Justice Department, and turn them into their own informant. It was very unreliable. It gave us the facade -- the joke that became the Russian investigation.

HANNITY: All right. Let's give our audience a preview. We thought we might get today. We were expecting a following from the I.G. And you and I might have a slight disagreement on what we would expect, and I want to air this out so our audience understands.

We will expect the I.G. report on Comey alone. We thought we might get that today. That's on the classified materials that he shouldn't have in his home. A month after he is fired, the FBI went and they got them back.

They also interrogated him. They found him to be lacking candor, another way of saying he lied to. But there are bigger issues for Comey. We agree on that coming separately. We agree then a full inspector general report on premeditated FISA fraud and abuse, that is going to be a big deal impacting everybody to sign it, correct?

SOLOMON: Yes, absolutely. That will be one of the seminal reports that really examine what the FBI did right and wrong in the Russian investigation, and I'm hearing there is a lot more wrong than right in it. It's going to be a difficult report on the FBI.

James Comey, Andrew McCabe's leadership, Peter Strzok, a lot of issues about bias, a lot of issues about not keeping the FISA court improperly formed.


HANNITY: Well, I want to know was going to be held responsible, because if I lie to a court and I premeditated a fraud in the court, I have a funny feeling there's not a lawyer in the country that's going to save my sorry ass from being sent to jail. I'm just guessing, but maybe -- I'm Irish, I'm pessimistic.

Let me ask you this.


HANNITY: So, we both agree on those.


HANNITY: Do you think there might be an I.G. report alone on leaking? I'm expecting, from what my sources are telling me, Durham, Barr, and everybody else, to get to the origins of what is a counterintelligence investigation, which Andy McCarthy rightly points out in his new book would meet Obama knew, because the president --


HANNITY: -- has to sign off on it, but that origins of this counterintelligence investigation, what did Obama know, when did he know it. But more importantly, what will Barr, Durham come out with in terms of, let's say the Barr-Durham report, or the Durham report, or the Barr report? Whatever that ends up being, because I hear that is where the single most explosive bit of information, outsourcing of illegal intelligence gathering for the sake of circumventing American laws took place and a lot of people would be found in violation of spying on Americans against the law.

SOLOMON: Let's just remember that important phrase that Attorney General Barr use just a few short weeks ago. He said political surveillance occurred and there's no room for it in the Justice Department. That is a very serious term.

I think the difference between the I.G. report and what Barr and Durham are doing, is that Barr and Durham have the ability to go beyond the Justice Department, to the CIA, to the DIA, to the NSA, to foreign allies you might have been enlisted in some form.

The Justice Department --

HANNITY: Let me make some educated guesses.

SOLOMON: Yes, sure.

HANNITY: Would that be Italy? Would that be -- I'm just guessing -- Australia?


HANNITY: Would that be Great Britain?


SOLOMON: We heard a lot about Five Eyes, right? So, two of those are Five Eyes countries, Canada being another one.


SOLOMON: Italy. Italy is where Mifsud operated on, right? There are still a lot of unanswered questions. I don't want to get to a head of the facts.

I think we have to let Barr and Durham do their job, but I think the Attorney General Barr is going to give us a much broader view of all of the spy tactics that might have been the part (ph) against Trump campaign, the transition, the administration, whereas Horowitz and I.G. are limited to what went on in the Justice Department, with FISA, Comey and things like that.

There are natural evolution but Barr will be I think the most comprehensive and final say of what is right and wrong in this investigation.

HANNITY: All right. John Solomon, as usual, great reporting from the get- go.

Also, tonight, we are tracking several other breaking news stories, including a shocking development about Hillary Clinton's illicit server. Listen to this, according to reports out today, Clinton's secret server filled with, yes, top secret, classified, national secrets. Oh, yes, it might have been hacked by China, but high-ranking FBI officials didn't care one bit.

At the same time, Comey's FBI was spying on the Trump campaign all over the world and recently one of Comey's alleged informants living abroad, Stefan Halper, just admitted that he was a government agent. In fact, he asked the judge to dismiss defamation lawsuit against him saying, quote, government agents have immunity from litigation.

OK. The onion gets more smaller as we peel the layers.

Here with reaction, author of the brand-new book, "Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History", out soon, FOX News legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett, FOX News investigative reporter, Sara Carter.

Let me start with the question I was just asking John Solomon about, OK, I think we all agree that we are going to get an I.G. report on Comey. A top secret information that they received from his house a month after he was fired. The second one is going to be the I.G. on FISA abuse, premeditated fraud on the court. He thinks there will be a third report and a separate on leaking alone. That would be McCabe, Comey, perhaps and others.

I believe the work that they are doing abroad, and he's right, the attorney general has signaled very clearly, and my sources have confirmed to me that there are -- there's been a lot of activity across the pond in terms of interviews, including Christopher Steele 16 hours, and that we might have had high-ranking intelligence officials circumventing American law, spying on an American presidential campaign, transition and presidency, and the counterintelligence investigation might go into the office of Barack Obama.


SARA CARTER, CONTRIBUTOR: You pretty much said it, Sean. This is a very expensive investigation on the part of John Durham. And Attorney General Barr has made that very clear. They want to know what happened at the very beginning of the FBI's probe into President Trump and you brought up another very important point.

Let's think about this. Stefan Halper, I spoke with Svetlana Lokhova. Now, she is the British Russian-born national who was basically tarnished in a number of news reports coming out of London that put her right in the middle of the whole Russia scandal and she is accusing Stefan Halper of being the point man in that. And what's so fascinating is that he comes out in his attorney to say, look, if he was looking for the U.S. government, they don't exactly say that he was spy, but they say, if he was, he would be granted immunity.

And then they go on to say in the lawsuit, basically, to Svetlana, look, he was paid over half a million dollars by the U.S. government -- and remember, that was the story about the Office of Net Assessment at the Department of Defense. So, the Department of Defense was basically paying Stefan Halper in contracting while he was apparently working for the FBI, spying on everybody over there, from George Papadopoulos to Carter Page, and God only knows what else. And now, Svetlana Lokhova is accusing him of being the person who planted all of these false stories.

HANNITY: Unbelievable.

CARTER: And he -- yes, he even goes as far as saying even if we planted false stories, that's all right because we would have been working for U.S. intelligence.

So just think about that and how that plays into this coup -- really, it was a soft coup against President Trump and how they're all trying to protect themselves.

HANNITY: OK. Do you see the five investigations, including John Solomon's belief that there will be a separate leak investigation and my belief that, what, the work that the Durham interviewing Steele and Barr are doing will be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the intelligence community? And you agree with Andy McCartney, Gregg Jarrett, that if it was a counterintelligence investigation, that goes right into Barack Obama's Oval Office with him sitting there and approving it because it would have to be his?

GREGG JARRETT, LEGAL ANALYST: Oh, absolutely. We already know that from a text message from Strzok to Page saying the White House wants to know everything we are doing on this, and that was in the late summer of 2016. When you run a counterintelligence ops, it's for the benefit of the existing president, Barack Obama. He has to be informed of it, he receives information on it.

But it's more malevolent than that. After President Trump takes office, Comey continues a secret and corrupt counterintelligence investigation against the sitting president of the United States while he is lying to President Trump about it, assuring him that he is not the target of his investigation, all along --

HANNITY: But the counterintelligence aspect of this investigation had to come from Obama. Yes or no?

JARRETT: Oh, absolute -- absolutely it did and it came through the CIA Director John Brennan and the DNI James Clapper.

So, all of this was quite devious on the part of Comey's FBI and the Barack Obama administration, including the Department of Justice.

HANNITY: All right. Let me ask you this --

JARRETT: I think you can see Nellie Ohr receiving an indictment in her near future because she lied at once, but twice to Congress in her testimony and there's already a criminal referral against her.

HANNITY: I like to see what happens to James Comey at the end of all of this based on everything that you said. And yes, he knew the whole time and he lied in October and lied in January and then he signed a three FISA warrants altogether.

Now, I understand their argument, probably legally, Gregg Jarrett, is going to be, well, maybe on the first warrant, they trusted Christopher Steele because he was a good source in the past but then they fired him, before the renewal warrant.


HANNITY: So I'm not buying --

JARRETT: And they had an obligation under the law --

HANNITY: But they had an obligation to verify it.


HANNITY: And they never did.

JARRETT: You must run to the FISA court and notify the judges signed off on it that circumstances have changed, and we have fired the source upon whom we were relying. And by the way, FISA judge, he's not really a source, he was a purveyor of information from other sources and we haven't even identified their names, much less the reliability of their information -- which it turns out to have been phony disinformation.

CARTER: Right.

HANNITY: And Sara add to that, it's unverifiable, because not even Steele stands by. And then the next part is when the FBI finally in the spring of 2017. This is after three Comey warrants are signed. Then they decided to look into, what was it true? And then they found over well 90 plus percent probably likely 100, none of it was true.

JARRETT: Well, they knew all along when they launched the investigation and they did so without specific articulable facts which are required under FBI regulations.

SARA CARTER, INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S FORUM VISITING FELLOW: Well, I was just going to say what Gregg's saying. But look, they never cared whether it was true or not. I mean the whole point appears to be based on every bit of evidence that we've seen from the text messages, to the e-mails, to the documents produced by Judicial Watch that from the very beginning it didn't matter whether it was the truth or not.

What they were doing was targeting Trump. And after he won the presidential election, after he became President Trump, they were moving into their insurance policy and that insurance policy was to remove the President of the United States. And that's what it appears to be.

HANNITY: Sara, Gregg, thank you both. We are getting so close now, it's all coming. All right. Now just like we told you, we have other news tonight on the 2020 front, where we have Sleepy Creepy Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, his nonstop blunders, it now has the Democratic Party all across the country in an all-out panic and it's getting so bad that the new plan that has emerged - let's just hide him from the public.

He will do fewer events, don't let him talk because not only is Joe making gaffe after gaffe and flip flop after flip flop and apologizing all over the place, everything he's ever said and done is also clearly running out of steam if he ever had a fastball, he doesn't even have a medium fastball. This point this is months before the first primary. President Trump weighed in on this earlier tonight. Let's take a look


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Is there anything better than a Trump rally. What about a Sleepy Joe Biden rally? But whoever it is different. Different people. But I don't know, I think Sleepy Joe may be able to limp across the finish line. But today they announce that they're going to cut way back on his appearances because he is such a disaster. They're going to have fewer appearances, you've heard that, right.

This is soon. They're going to cut way back on his appearances. Can you believe it? If I ever did that, it would be over. The fake news would get us, but we don't let him get us and it is fake.


HANNITY: Even smart prominent Democrats like him or not, David Axelrod, he took notice of this and tweeted "this is really bad advice. You can't cloister to the candidate and win. Either he can cut it, or he can't." And he also said previously this is probably the best Biden has got. So, you see what's going on. Sleepy Creepy Crazy Uncle Joe has no fastball. Doesn't have a medium ball. Doesn't have a curve ball. He can't run on the Obama-Biden failed agenda with 30 million more Americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty and foreign policy, the bribes, mullahs in Iran with $150 billion in cash. He knows the new extreme Democratic agenda has no chance of beating Trump in 2020 and will drive the country into poverty probably instantaneously.

So, the new radical Democrats, they're not moving on from Creepy Crazy Uncle Joe and in comes Elizabeth Warren and now in a newly released Fox News poll Warren, well she has now surged into second place within striking distance of the former Vice President. And a national poll has and the two are a statistical tie.

She's surging in places like New Hampshire and Iowa. Why? Because while she's embracing the ultra-radical extremism of her party, open borders, trillion into new entitlements, abolishing private health care, reparations and yes, the crazy insane New Green Deal. And that means by the way includes lawmakers. Let's see. Like yes, The Squad.

And today by the way Omar to leave, they were banned thankfully from entering Israel by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over a planned visit over their history of anti-Semitic controversies and their support of boycotting Israel.

Remember Omar's tweet. Israel has hypnotized the world using the phrase all about the Benjamin's when discussing Israeli lobbying groups and so much more to leave pushing for a one state solution. No Israel backing. Yes, the boycott of Israel even writing for Louis Farrakhan. The anti-Semite himself in his magazine.

Hatred of the state of Israel could not be any more clear. The President was right to support Bibi Netanyahu and his decision, the decision was right by the Prime Minister. Their bigotry deserves to be exposed. Here with reaction, the co-host of The Five, the host of Watters World, the fill-in host of every other hour, the one and only, It's his world Jesse Watters.

What he hasn't taken yet is my hour.

JESSE WATTERS, CORRESPONDENT: I haven't been offered, Sean.

HANNITY: I don't know. I think the hair might eventually push me out. And, you win. it's a lot hipper than what I've got. Salem Nationally Syndicated Radio Host Sebastian Gorka. He wrote the book "Why We Fight." Good to see you both.

All right, Jesse, start with you. He seems - they're now pushing him out. They realize he can't cut it. WATTERS: Yes. I mean, he needs to call them my pillow guy and nap off some of these gaffes.

HANNITY: Pillow guy is my friend, Mike Lindell.

WATTERS: I know. You should send him some product because I mean, I don't think he's going to make it. I literally do, I honestly think he's about as confused as Robert Mueller.

HANNITY: But hang on a second.


HANNITY: What if they did his hair like you do yours, that really kind of cool hip way.

WATTERS: Plugs. No, I think that's the best we can get with Joe. But the hair isn't his problem. He's mixing up cities. He's forgetting when he was Vice President. He's getting knocked around by Kamala, by family corruption, by inappropriate touching, the flip flopping and the apologizing. It's insane.

And when you think about what he said about China, about giving health insurance to illegal aliens, raising middle class taxes--

HANNITY: Well said.

WATTERS: And eliminating oil and natural gas, he flamed out the last two primaries. History is repeating himself because he can't pull away or put anybody else away. He's down 10 since he lost. Harris is up 10. She's up in New Hampshire. And he could actually lose the nomination to a fake Indian socialist senator from Massachusetts.

HANNITY: Sebastian Gorka, now we know why we call Watters World. That was pretty good. That's going to be hard to top. That was a great a little monologue.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, SALEM RADIO's AMERICA FIRST HOST: What can you add. He has the hair.

HANNITY: He has it all.

WATTERS: For now.

GORKA: He doesn't have the accent. I'm sorry. He has to work on the accent.


GORKA: Look, this man probably doesn't know what day of the week is. I think his latest gaffe is he thought Cory Booker is the Vice President. He thought he was the twice - how can you think that you were Vice President during the Parkland shooting and not say it once but say it twice.

This is a man who recently manhandled a female student because she had the audacity to ask him how many genders are there, Vice President Biden. And she said, don't you play games with me. I mean, this is the guy who is going to last another 430 days in the campaign. It is a dumpster fire careening down a mountain in a fireball. That is the Biden campaign.

HANNITY: Wow. That was pretty good. I have to say a tie. Come on. The accent helps a lot.

WATTERS: That accent is good.

HANNITY: It compensates for the hair. But the commentary about both to you. Superb. Great job. Thank you both.

WATTERS: Thank you.

HANNITY: All right. When we come back, Dan Bongino, Geraldo weigh in on this and so much more, straight ahead.


HANNITY: We have more intrigue surrounding the Epstein case. It continues to mount following his death suicide, a mysterious new development unfolds. The U.S. flags on Epstein's private island have been lowered to half-staff, but it is unclear by who. We know somebody picked up the body, but we don't know who.

And then of course, we have the broken neck and we need an explanation about that. Here with reaction, Fox News Correspondent at large Geraldo Rivera, former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino.

Look, I'm not getting into the conspiracy crazy land of the rest of the media and the Democrats and the Hollywood crowd accusing Trump of doing this. Trump is the only guy that threw this jackass out of Mar-a-Lago 16 years ago for his behavior, Geraldo.

GERALDO RIVERA, CORRESPONDENT: You know Sean, I think, first of all, in terms of lowering the flag to half-staff, all it takes is one loyal employee, some guy that mows the lawn, you know, who everybody involved in Epstein's life wasn't involved in the dirty aspects of it.

In terms of the deepening of the mystery. The reason is there are so many rich and powerful people, Sean, who have their secrets in Epstein's hands. I mean, he could have opened his mouth, he had records on everybody. He told The New York Times reporter he had spent time with that he had dirt on everybody from the royals to presidents.

You know, this is a guy that was totally connected, Mohammad bin Salman, others, you know, the ruler of Saudi Arabia. This Epstein fellow used his money. He used his connection. And he used the lure of these underage or, you know, barely of age young women to create an aura around himself that was impenetrable and exotic. But I think that the fact that he is now dead, a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief. It smells so rotten--

HANNITY: But maybe not. I mean, you know, Dan, when you're hanging out with Woody Allen and Bill Clinton and Lolita Express and when there's all these young girls in every location and Orgy Island, it's creepy.

DAN BONGINO, CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, Sean. His black book is definitely going to be damning. And I know that there are people out there who know things. Let's just leave it at that. And the Epstein story hasn't ended.

But having said that, I agree with you. There's no need to theorize about it. Bill Barr's Justice Department is going to conduct a thorough investigation and then we'll figure out what happen.

But keep in mind, Sean, when you talk to - I know, you know, corrections officers, you have in your family. But when you talk to corrections officers, this guy had every motivation to end this life. He'd been accused of horrendous crimes. I mean, unspeakable crimes. It wasn't looking good for him. He was living on a yacht. A billionaire's lifestyle. Now he's eaten the low fin in MCC.

I mean, the guy it most likely was probably a suicide. But we'll see what happens. This thing that came out today that with the bone being crushed in the neck. You know, it's worth asking questions about though.

HANNITY: It did say several breaks. I understood, I read several breaks.

BONGINO: Yes. The hyoid bone. I mean, I'm not a medical pathologist.

HANNITY: I don't know. I want to be clear. I'm asking questions.

BONGINO: No, me either.

HANNITY: I have no idea.

BONGINO: No, I have said. I think - listen, just as a former investigator, there's nothing wrong with asking question. But I agree with you. Let's wait for the facts to come out. There'll be an investigation and we'll see what happens. We'll all get an answer soon.

GORKA: The key is whether the first suicide attempt on the 23rd of July, was that a suicide attempt or was that an attack by his cellmate, who is accused of a quadruple homicide. If that muscular accused mass murderer did Epstein tried to strangle Epstein, then you know that that's the course this probably took. If that was a legit attempted suicide, the first time, then I I'll agree that, you know, it could be a suicide again.

HANNITY: OK, guys. Thank you both. Lot to get to in this great mystery. And by the way, the Attorney General Barr said, they're going to get to the bottom of it. The people that deserve justice are the victims. Coming up, President Trump weighing in on the recent attacks against police officers.

This time last night in Philadelphia, of course, on top of all the ones that happened in New York City, felonious attacks, assault against police officers. What is happening and why? And is liberal rhetoric contributing? Because that's what they claim all the time. Conservatives cause all these things. Straight ahead.



TRUMP: They vilify anyone who doesn't share their extreme views. They slander our law enforcement heroes; you see what they're doing with our police that we love. Has anyone ever seen anything like the water being thrown on New York's finest? Have you ever seen that? For that to be allowed to happen is a disgrace.


HANNITY: President is right. A disgrace, slamming the Democrats earlier tonight over their anti-law enforcement rhetoric. There has been plenty of it. Earlier in the program, we showed you this new disturbing video footage. Some Philly residents harassing cops, pelting the cops with objects. While the situation was still unfolding, and shots being fired last night and that harrowing standoff and the attacks on law enforcement don't stop there.

Disturbing new video shows the recent attack on a Washington ICE facility, highlighting what appears to be a pattern of violence now that we have highlighted against our brave men and women, again in uniform. And the San Antonio incident and the Arizona incident and the Washington state incident.

I wonder if any of this has anything to do recently with these detention centers, with soccer fields, rec facilities, TVs, phones. Let's see beds, blankets, pillows and baby formula and diapers and medical facilities and medicine and food and water called concentration camps. Wow.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, along with Former Acting ICE Director, Fox News Contributor, Tom Homan is with us. Bernie, I see what they did to those cops last night. I see what's happening in New York. We just talked about this latest incident and I'm thinking this has got to stop. There's not going to end well. Cops aren't going to want to do their job anymore.

BERNIE KERIK, FORMER NYPD POLICE COMMISSIONER: It's already happening. I mean, this goes back to Ferguson and forward, where you have anti-cop rhetoric in communities. But most importantly, we had it coming out of the White House. We had it by governors. We have it by mayors. Our own mayor, New York City mayor is an anti-cop mayor, somebody--

HANNITY: I asked him, Bernie. I said, see this video. We have evidence. These are people involved in felony assault officers. Will you promise that you're going to use this evidence to arrest and charge every one of them?

KERIK: Sean, listen--

HANNITY: He wouldn't answer.

KERIK: This guy told his own son, his own son, prior to becoming the mayor of New York City. You've got to watch out for the New York City Police Department. You've got to watch out for cops and anti-cop rhetoric mayor to the hilt, the cops can't stand him. They're not being supported. They're not being indemnified; they are afraid to do their job.

HANNITY: They can't do it. I wouldn't - I can't blame them. All right. Let me go to Tom. So, San Antonio shooting incident over the weekend. Then we've got this more recent incident, then we had Washington. Do you buy liberals would say, conservative rhetoric caused El Paso? Well, then Bernie Sanders responsible for what happened to Steve Scalise and Elizabeth Warren would have been responsible in Dayton. And - but all of this anti- immigration talks about detention centers being like Auschwitz and concentration camps. Do you think that's a contributing factor?

THOMAS HOMAN, FORMER ACTING ICE DIRECTOR: Absolutely. The hateful rhetoric from the Democratic leadership at Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, The Squad, just about every Democrat running for President has called ICE, Nazis, racist. Let's abolish them. They're running concentration camps and they wonder why people do what they're doing.

Look, this is domestic terrorism. You saw the video. This is using threats, intimidation of violence for a political end. This is domestic terrorism. And they haven't said a word about it, and it is upsetting. The men and women of ICE are national heroes. They're patriots. They're enforcing laws that Congress enacted and yet they vilify it.

HANNITY: Bernie, what would you do to stop the dousing of cops with water in New York or wheels? Look, the KYW reporter said it was only 2 percent of the people. The rest of the people appreciated the cops in Philly. What do you do to stop that? We only have 15 seconds.

KERIK: You lock them up. You act at the time. Don't go back and look for them later and tell the cops stand down and all this nonsense.

HANNITY: Arrest them then. Call in an emergency.

KERIK: Arrest them on the site. You get as many cops as you can get.

HOMAN: Amen, amen.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you. We've got to protect these guys. They carry guns for a reason. It's a dangerous job. More Hannity, next.


HANNITY: Right, so much news these last couple of days. Thank God. We really have a lot to be thankful for. Number one, those police officers shot every one of them out of the hospital. Thank God.

Those that were in that building where that active shooter was told 9:40 last night. Thank God, they got out. With the perpetrators that they had had in custody.

All right. We have a lot to be thankful for. These brave men and women put their lives on the line every day. Let not your heart be troubled. Here he is. I'll never be the media mob. Jason Chaffetz for Laura tonight.

Jason, how are you?

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