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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: She spent 16 months in state custody after a Massachusetts judge ripped her away from her parents following a contentious dispute regarding her medical care. But now thanks to yesterday's ruling, Justina Pelletier has now finally been returned home, and I'm very excited. Justina posted this video on Facebook. Let's take a look.


JUSTINA PELLETIER: I'm so excited to be home. I can't wait. I'm just so happy to be home. Thank you for everyone, for letting me go home tomorrow. I'm so excited. I can't believe it's happening. Thank you guys so much for everything.


HANNITY: Here with reaction is Justina's father and sister, Lou and Jennifer Pelletier. I watched this case from a distance, watched and watched it. I still don't know how they got custody of your daughter. I don't get it. Fill in the blank. What was their justification? Why did they say this?

LOU PELLETIER, JUSTINA PELLETIER'S DAD: Ultimately, it's because they can. As I have been learning from Justina's situation, it's not an isolated thing. This is happening in every state in the country.  Hospitals a long time ago figured out that through the Health and Human Services ruling that some someone is a ward of the state under DCF control or even a foster child, that hospital can do research on them with no consequences.

HANNITY: She suffers from a rare genetic disorder that -- where is the conflict? Because there is nothing they did to cure her in the interim, is there? Is she in better shape than when she left you?

LOU PELLETIER: Much worse shape.


HANNITY: Your sister is in worse shape?

JENNIFER PELLETIER: Yes. She can't walk in now. She went in there skating and riding her bike, doing any type of activity.

HANNITY: What did they do?

JENNIFER PELLETIER: They let her get so deconditioned. Part of what she was on was a vitamin cocktail. And also anybody that is not doing anything for a long period like you or I, if we're not active your muscles are going to go away.

HANNITY: Atrophy.

PELLETIER: You had her on a regimen where she was doing a lot of pool work and rehabilitation, right?

LOU PELLETIER: She was living the normal dream. Basically Tufts saved her life and they saved the life of her --

HANNITY: So how did they justify taking your young teen-aged daughter?

LOU PELLETIER: Because it was a quick rush to judgment. You had a young neurologist who came along when Justina arrived at the emergency room in Boston Children's. The only reason she went there is because her stomach doctor was a director, former director at Tufts Medical Center.

HANNITY: They claimed there was abuse, but there was no evidence of abuse?

LOU PELLETIER: There was no abuse. They said she was over- medicalized. She had two procedures done in her life, both medically verified and insurance approved.

HANNITY: I have to tell you, this really scares me. The V.A. scares me. The ObamaCare that can't even get a website up scares me and people are dependent on it. Government control, you guys are living this nightmare. I'll give you the last word here.

JENNIFER PELLETIER: I just still can't believe that this nightmare has been going on. This whole entire time I thought we'd just wake up from it. I'm still in a bit of a shock that Justina is home.

HANNITY: Sometimes I worry about whether or not this will be the United States of America as we know it.

JENNIFER PELLETIER: This can't go on. It's disgusting to hurt anybody, let alone a kid.

HANNITY: We're going to fight for what we're going to call Justina law so every state in the country that is still doing this today will pay consequences so they can cannot happen, be., remember, Sean, it could be your child.

HANNITY: I totally agree. It's very scary. I'm glad, this is a happy time for you.



LOU PELLETIER: Sean, thank you.

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