Parents of children killed by illegal immigrants sound off; Gov. Fallin won't remove Ten Commandments statue

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity." Tonight, the country has been taken aback by the brutal killing of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal Mexican immigrant and repeat felon named Francisco Sanchez, who according to reports, had been previously deported five times. Now, unfortunately, Steinle is far from the only person tragically harmed by an illegal immigrant living here in the United States.

Joining me now to share their own devastating stories -- Sabine Durden is with us. Her son, Dominic (ph), was killed in 2012 during a traffic collision. The driver was an illegal immigrant. Also with us -- Dan Golvach is with us, and his son, Spencer (ph), was killed earlier this year in January, shot in the head by an illegal immigrant while waiting at a red light. Also joining us, Mary Ann Mendoza. Her son, Sergeant Brandon (ph) Mendoza, an off-duty police officer, was killed by a drunken driver in 2014, the driver again an illegal immigrant.

First, to all of you, my thoughts, prayers and condolences. I know this is devastating. You lose a family member. Sabine, let me begin with you. Tell us the story and your thoughts now that this debate as come to the forefront. What are your thoughts about where this all stands?



DURDEN: My thoughts are pretty basic. I'm not a politician. I don't care, left, right, Tea Party, whatever, it doesn't matter to me.

To me, what matters is that my only child, my son Dominic, is no longer with me. And it's not because he drove carelessly or he did anything wrong. It was because he was on his way to work on his motorcycle, and the guy that has been here for eight years committing many crimes, including felony armed robbery, two DUIs, decided the law doesn't apply to him because there were no consequences before. So...

HANNITY: In other words, this illegal immigrant committed armed robbery, felonies...


HANNITY: ... all these crimes...


HANNITY: ... and we still didn't deport the guy.

DURDEN: No. No. He didn't even have to serve much time, if he did any. He just -- regardless of what he was told not to do, he got in the car again and he drove that morning because three weeks prior to that, he was arrested for his second DUI and had...

HANNITY: Aren't you angry?

DURDEN: ... no license and no insurance.

HANNITY: I would be so angry and I'd feel so betrayed...


HANNITY: ... by our government for not doing their job and deporting him.

DURDEN: I'm very angry. And I've been fighting this and talking.  You had me on before, and I appreciate you very much. I've been fighting about this. I know other families now that have been fighting this for years. But it's been swept under the rug.

And even though Donald Trump didn't use the words I would have used and his message is a little rough, OK, but I thank him for bringing this up front...


DURDEN: ... and for having this conversation.

HANNITY: Well -- And people's feelings are hurt. Well, my heart is ripped apart, and these other families here. Our lives will never be the same. He was my only child.

HANNITY: And it could have been prevented.


HANNITY: That's one of the big tragedies. Dan, let me go to you.  Your son, Spencer, shot in the head? Explain the background in that story.

DAN GOLVACH, SON KILLED BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT: Well, Sean, it was back on January 31st. He had dropped his girlfriend off. He took her out. It was her birthday and they celebrated. And he had to get back to his apartment.

On the way home, it was -- he stopped at a red light, and this illegal alien, who had been deported four times and had a rap sheet that dated back to 2001 that was violent -- he did 63 months in a federal prison, had been released. And he reentered the -- he was deported, then reentered the country for the fifth time.

And so he pulled up next to my son, drew his gun, and blew my son's brains out. It didn't end there, though, because he moved on down the road, and 20 minutes later shot another young man by the name of Juan Garcia (ph), who was 28 years old. Then he shot a couple, and then was pursued by a police officer, Harris County Sheriff's Department, and exchanged fire, and the sheriff's department deputy took him out.

But it was -- it was very similar to what happened in San Francisco in that the killer had been -- you know, a long history of violent crimes and in and out of jails and four times deported.

HANNITY: Four times deported. Are you -- I would be, again, livid and feel betrayed that our government didn't protect your family...

GOLVACH: Sean, I...

HANNITY: ... with known people that shouldn't have been here, committed crime after crime, and they never deported them! I don't know if I'd get over that anger.

GOLVACH: It's the strange thing is, Spencer's mother and I, we don't think about the killer that much. We feel like he was more or less a foot soldier, and it's our government that did this. It's, you know, cherry picking laws, regardless -- it could be because you're trying to import votes or you're trying to import cheap labor. It doesn't matter. The laws are being cherry picked, and there's consequences to that...


GOLVACH: ... And my son paid the consequences.

HANNITY: Mary Ann Mendoza, you lost your son...


HANNITY: ... Sergeant Brandon Mendoza.


HANNITY: Tell us your story.

MENDOZA: He had just -- he had just left work and he was heading home. And Raul Silva (ph) had been driving over 38 miles the wrong way on four different freeways in Phoenix and slammed head-on into my son on a curved offramp that my son was going on. He had no heads up what was happening to him.

Raul Silva had been charged up in Colorado many, many years ago for burglary and for assaulting an officer, and he was released to come back to court. He never showed up. And 10 years later, they found him at the border, reentering the United States. And when he appeared back in court to face those charges, they provided leniency for him and he spent no time in jail.

You know, and I'm looking at this, thinking and listening to all these other stories, thinking the leniency that our government is showing these illegals is costing innocent American lives. And if somebody doesn't stand up and start speaking the truth, as I feel Donald Trump did -- maybe in not the perfect way -- but if people don't start speaking the truth and acknowledging that we have a problem at the border for the sake of getting votes, I am getting more and more disgusted with politicians in this country!

HANNITY: So am I. I feel -- there is no excuse for this. You all lost family members needlessly, your children.

MENDOZA: Well, and...


MENDOZA: And when you consider ICE released over 315,000 people last year -- not 3,000 or 30,000, 315,000 and over 177,000 of those were criminals, when the state of Arizona, when the city of Phoenix -- 75 percent of the people on our most wanted list are illegals, when 40 percent of the criminals in our jail system are illegals, if you can't tell me this is a problem with illegals in this country -- and I'm just talking about Phoenix at this point -- it's astronomical what's happening across this country...


MENDOZA: ... and what's happening to innocent American lives.

HANNITY: Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to all of you.  I'm also thankful that you're willing to share your story so that maybe there's a greater awareness of a problem I think needs to be solved very quickly. Thank you all for being with us. Appreciate it.


HANNITY: Here now with more reaction, FOX News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera. You and I have disagreed on immigration. In every case, Geraldo, these people -- these are people we didn't deport -- criminals, crimes, one after another. If they got deported, they have no problem walking right back in across our country.

That's why I want a fence! That's why I want our country secure! I'm not talking about the people that want a job, but the criminals that have open, free access to our country. And we're not protecting Americans, those family members lost their kids because we didn't do the right thing!

GERALDO RIVERA, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: My heart breaks for those family members, as it does for the -- Kathryn's family in San Francisco. It's horrible what happened. What these...

HANNITY: And preventable!

RIVERA: ... -these did...

HANNITY: And preventable!

RIVERA: One thing -- and I -- I've been, you know, tending to my mom, my 95-year-old mom in Florida. So for two days, this discussion and this - - this whole dialogue has happened, and I've frustrated and wanting very much to comment.

My heart goes out to the victims of these crimes, as they do to the victims of any crimes. When you use these anecdotes, though, to make the broader point that you're making about undocumented immigrants, you can't deny, Sean, that these monstrous criminals, like the person who shot that 32-year-old woman in San Francisco -- these people have as much in common with the vast majority of undocumented immigrants...

HANNITY: Fair point.

RIVERA: ... these criminals...

HANNITY: I'm not...

RIVERA: ... as we have in common with James Holmes in Aurora, Colorado, Adam Lanza in Newport, Connecticut...


RIVERA: ... or those four black people who were killed in the last 12 hours in Baltimore!

HANNITY: That's not -- but that's not the issue!

RIVERA: I mean, those four black people killed in Baltimore are not reflective of the African-American population!

HANNITY: I'm conceding your point, but here's the problem. Even if we do deport them, they come back. You know why they can get back?  Because we don't secure the border!

RIVERA: But this -- this -- this beast, this scum dog who killed the woman in San Francisco -- remember, this guy did almost 15 years in jail, in federal prison, for felony reentry!


HANNITY: ... Obama's policy...

RIVERA: He was put in jail, and he stayed in jail three different...

HANNITY: He went to San Francisco...


HANNITY: ... because it's a sanctuary city, and America under Obama has become a sanctuary country!

RIVERA: Those kinds of problems -- why this particular violent -- why was this man on the streets anyway? He had seven felony convictions. Why wasn't he behind bars for life?

HANNITY: Last year...

RIVERA: What happened to three strikes, you're out?

HANNITY: Last year...


HANNITY: ... we released 37,000 illegal immigrants that were convicted of crimes. Guess what, Geraldo? Of those 37,000, 193 killed Americans, 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnapping convictions. You know, how stupid a country are we that we not only let you out...


RIVERA: ... a population of 11 million or more. They commit crimes at a lesser rate than...


RIVERA: They commit crimes at a lesser rate than citizens...

HANNITY: Actually not true.

RIVERA: That has been proven.

HANNITY: No, it has not been proven!

RIVERA: It has been proven. I have the surveys...


RIVERA: Unless you have surveys from political activists, rather than scientists, everything I've seen done by anybody done from the middle of the road indicates they are less criminally prone...

HANNITY: All right, we can throw...

RIVERA: ... than citizens are.

HANNITY: ... statistics at each other. I have...


HANNITY: The bottom line is the problem, Geraldo, is our borders are insecure. Even if we send people...

RIVERA: I grant that!

HANNITY: Listen, I...

RIVERA: I grant that! I've got no problem with...

HANNITY: I've been to the border! I understand why people want to come here!

HANNITY: Put up a wall 100 miles high.


RIVERA: That's fine. If you put up a wall 100 miles high, people like this murderer in San Francisco...

HANNITY: They can't get back in!

RIVERA: ... will get a 100-mile one-foot fence (sic) to climb it!


RIVERA: It's these dogged criminals -- this guy went to jail...


RIVERA: ... for 15 years and for felony reentry. This is not a typical person.


HANNITY: No. No. You're wrong here!


RIVERA: I have one other point I have to make.


RIVERA: You just put me in a place where I have to follow three grieving families...

HANNITY: I know you care.

RIVERA: Very unfair. Very unfair. But...


HANNITY: I'm not being unfair!

RIVERA: All right. It's a very difficult situation. Isn't -- wouldn't it be as justifiable to say, OK, here are these three or four or 300,000 crimes committed by undocumented -- now, here is 11 million people who walked their children to school today, who did the dirty jobs Americans wouldn't do...

HANNITY: I don't believe that!

RIVERA: ... who -- who...

HANNITY: I washed dishes! I worked in restaurants! I was a busboy...


RIVERA: Did you ever go to a meat-packing plant...

HANNITY: Excuse me! I paid...


RIVERA: ... process poultry?

HANNITY: I've done so many jobs...


RIVERA: All right, you find the people who are going to clean the toilets, who are going to...


HANNITY: ... I washed the dishes...


RIVERA: My point is that these horrible crimes, these anecdotes, as horrific as they are, do not...

HANNITY: You are not...

RIVERA: ... reflect the vast majority.

HANNITY: Listen, I am not doubting -- I am -- I understand if I'm at there border and I'm in San Diego and I see poverty on one side and milk and honey on the other...

RIVERA: Right!

HANNITY: ... I'm going to the other side...

RIVERA: Right.

HANNITY: ... to work. The vast majority -- but here's the problem.  Along with the vast majority that want jobs, so too are these criminals and rapists, a small minority, but they're committing crimes, killing Americans, committing sexual crimes...

RIVERA: You hate President Obama's executive order now being enjoined by a federal court...

HANNITY: Americans are dying, Geraldo!

HANNITY: ... because President Obama wants to give a kind of amnesty to undocumented immigrants who have been here 10 years or more, have committed no crimes, have citizen children...

HANNITY: Geraldo...

RIVERA: ... born in this country. This is the kind of person that have built America!

HANNITY: Those people that cross the border...


RIVERA: That's most of them!

HANNITY: Those that cross the border...

RIVERA: And -- and these murderous thugs...

HANNITY: You don't want to hear this.

RIVERA: ... they slander the hard work and toil of...

HANNITY: Geraldo...

RIVERA: ... people who just want to...

HANNITY: You're missing my main point.

RIVERA: ... do what our parents came...

HANNITY: We have a vulnerability. And if somebody that wants a job crosses over, so too can ISIS! And so too can people from al Qaeda! And I'm saying, America has a responsibility to those three parents that lost loved ones, who we had in our criminal justice system and didn't send back, in some cases, or they can just walk across again -- we are -- our government is responsible for the death of their children!

RIVERA: There has never been a verified terrorist penetration from the southern border. There have been from Canada, never from Mexico...


HANNITY: I want to secure the Canadian border!

RIVERA: Not one time has there been...

HANNITY: I want to secure...

RIVERA: But there's not the same kind of emotion. We have this vision, because of Donald Trump, who I love...

HANNITY: We're paying billions!

RIVERA: ... and admire -- because of his sloppy rhetoric, there's this image of a brown tide...


HANNITY: Oh, stop it!

RIVERA: ... stone (ph) dog (ph) murderers pouring across the border!

HANNITY: You know I'm not saying that.

RIVERA: It's not true.

HANNITY: I understand people want America...

RIVERA: I was in Paterson, New Jersey...

HANNITY: Hang on. Let me finish. I understand they want this opportunity! Do it legally!

RIVERA: They are not -- they are not...

HANNITY: Do it legally!

RIVERA: They are not -- these murderers are not the face of the undocumented immigrant.

HANNITY: OK. We have an obligation to the American citizen...

RIVERA: But I agree -- actually

RIVERA: ... and I'll build a fence with you. You, me and Trump, we'll build a fence. That's OK.

HANNITY: (INAUDIBLE) go down there and hammer hails?

RIVERA: I just don't want this kind of racial ethnic slander that happens.

HANNITY: Who's using that?

RIVERA: Not you, brother!

HANNITY: I'm not. I never would. I actually -- if I was on that side of the fence, I would come over here.

RIVERA: And you'd come over here and you'd do whatever it took to feed your family.

HANNITY: Yes. Of course. But we have to do it legally.

RIVERA: This is an aberrant sociopath who should have been behind bars.

HANNITY: But there's a lot of them! There's a lot of them!

RIVERA: Relatively, as I...

HANNITY: OK. There's a lot...

RIVERA: ... there are fewer in that population than (INAUDIBLE)

HANNITY: Listen, of the 37,000, 193 homicides, Geraldo. If it was your family member -- I know you love your family. You'd go nuts! You would...

RIVERA: I would go nuts whoever killed them! What...


HANNITY: That's my point. You would go insane because not one American should die, not one American should be sexually assaulted. These numbers are unacceptable!

RIVERA: The image that the news has given over the last several days is that we have a murder epidemic, that undocumenteds are going slaughtering innocent Americans...

HANNITY: We're releasing 37,000 criminals and they killed 200 people!

RIVERA: I said there were four homicides in Baltimore in the last 12 hours. There's less than 1 percent Hispanics in Baltimore. What -- where is the rage?

HANNITY: Whoever mentioned Hispanic here? I'm mentioning people...


RIVERA: ... Mexican immigrants!

HANNITY: We're talking about illegal immigrants, not any particular race, nationality or location!

RIVERA: The problem was between San Francisco and the federal government. This person should never have been on the streets.

HANNITY: All right. Geraldo, good to see you.

RIVERA: You, too, brother.

HANNITY: I did not put you in a bad position.

RIVERA: I love you regardless.

HANNITY: You love me regardless. All right.

When we come back, there are over 300 jurisdictions in this country that do not cooperate on the issue of immigration and deporting illegal immigrants, so-called sanctuary cities. Ainsley Earhardt is here tonight with a full report.

Plus, after a wave of murders in Baltimore, embattled mayor there has now announced that she's replacing the city's police commissioner. Is she the one responsible? We'll check in with "America's mayor," Rudy Giuliani, and more.



HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Tonight, we are continuing to learn more information about Francisco Sanchez. He is the illegal immigrant who has been charged with murder for the shooting death of 32- year-old Kathryn Steinle.

Now, Ainsley Earhardt has more on Sanchez's very long criminal record and the growth of these so-called sanctuary cities, like San Francisco.  Ainsley, what's the latest?

AINSLEY EARHARDT, CO-HOST, "FOX & FRIENDS FIRST": Sean, you're right, it is very long. Francisco Sanchez's rap sheet is nearly two pages long.  While it's unknown when he first came into our country illegally, we can confirm tonight that his first arrest happened back in 1991 and that he was first deported back to Mexico in 1994, before being sent back four more times. Sanchez also has seven felony drug convictions, with three of those for possession of heroin.

Sean, your viewers might be wondering why is a criminal like this allowed to stay in our country. The reason he was not deported back to Mexico is because San Francisco, where he is accused of murder, happens to be a sanctuary city.

Tonight, we have new numbers from ICE showing there are now more than 300 of these jurisdictions, including cities, towns and even counties in America that will not turn over illegal immigrants to federal immigration officials for deportation!

Sean, it's unbelievable, many saying that the illegals in our country have more rights than the legals do!

HANNITY: All right, Ainsley, it's scary information there. We appreciate that report.

Joining us now, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Mayor, I want to add to what Ainsley just reported, and that is if you look at the number of convicted illegal immigrants that were let loose by ICE -- look at what they did, 36,000 people that were put back into the public...


HANNITY: ... 193 homicides, 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnapping convictions. Then we have the estimated cost per year to the taxpayers, illegal immigration, $113 billion. Medical costs, $15 billion. Education costs, $39 billion. The amount of money the federal government spends on security, $12 billion.

This is insanity!

GIULIANI: Yes, no question about it. First of all, let's be clear about this. Anyone who has a criminal conviction and is in this country illegally should be deported and should never be allowed back in. And if they are allowed back in, they should be put in jail for mandatory five years.

HANNITY: Immediately. In other words...

GIULIANI: Immediately.


GIULIANI: Now, I said criminal. Now, here's where it gets very confusing and where you got to look at those 300 cities very differently.  When I was mayor of New York City, I inherited a policy from Ed Koch, which I should say I was part of developing because I was U.S. attorney when he developed it on -- way back, I was in charge of the Immigration Service.

And here were the three exceptions to not turning over someone to the Immigration Service. One, if the person was the victim of a crime and was telling us who the person was who committed the crime. We didn't turn that person in because we wanted that person as a witness and we wanted that person to help us get a criminal off the street.

HANNITY: Makes sense.

GIULIANI: OK. Number two, we did not ask, when children were put in school, if their parents were legal or illegal because I don't want 40,000 kids running around the street without going to school. Otherwise, I would have had a bigger crime problem than we had.

And third, if you went into the hospital and you were seriously ill and needed to be treated, we were going to treat you, and we didn't just didn't ask. It was a "Don't ask" policy.

However, anybody who had a criminal conviction or was arrested for a crime, including a misdemeanor, was reported immediately to the Immigration Service.

HANNITY: Mr. Mayor...

GIULIANI: And my problem was this. I could not get the Immigration Service to deport the drug dealer in front of the guy who was working in the back of a restaurant. I would go to them, I fight with them, I argue with them. And I would say to them, You got to get these people out of my city. And they say, Well, we have our priorities. We have our orders. I said, Look, the guy working in the back of the restaurant, that's bad, shouldn't be doing it, but that drug dealer -- that's the guy you got to put at the front of the list.

They don't do it that way. They don't prioritize. They don't prioritize dangerous criminals. So there were times I would have press conferences with a guy like this, and I would take the rap sheet -- I remember having one that had 48 pages, and I threw it across the entire room, meaning across the entire...

HANNITY: A rap sheet of 48 pages.

GIULIANI: Yes, I took it and I threw it...

HANNITY: Illegal immigrant.

GIULIANI: Yes, and I took it and threw it right across the -- and said, This is the reason why we need a career criminal bill. Used to do it as U.S. attorney, used to do it as mayor.

HANNITY: Mr. Mayor, there are more than 300,000 criminal -- convicted criminal illegal...

GIULIANI: This is...

HANNITY: ... immigrants on the loose now today!

GIULIANI: That's a number we can handle, 300,000. When they talk about the 12 million...

HANNITY: People here illegally...

GIULIANI: ... illegals, that's a number that starts to be mind- boggling.

HANNITY: Overwhelming.

GIULIANI: But 300,000 is a number that we can handle. And this is a failure to prioritize. And here we have to be non-political about it.  This is a failure the Immigration Service has had for about 30 years!

HANNITY: But this has gone on -- it's not only San Francisco...


HANNITY: This is a sanctuary country now!

GIULIANI: I never -- I never -- when -- when somebody would say "sanctuary city," I never thought it meant criminals. I thought -- what I thought it meant was...

HANNITY: San Francisco was supposed to hand that guy over to ICE!

GIULIANI: When I thought of sanctuary city, I'd say 10, 15 years ago, I thought of a city in which people were turning their backs of gardeners and people working in restaurants. It never meant not reporting criminals to the Immigration Service. That is -- I think, basically, that's a violation of your oath of office.

HANNITY: What do you think of -- I know you defended Trump. Maybe it was -- maybe he should have spent more time saying most people aren't like this. He did say some are not...

GIULIANI: Look, I would have said it differently. You would have said it differently. The pile-on is absurd!

HANNITY: It's obscene!


GIULIANI: Donald Trump is a good man. Donald Trump is an unbiased person. Donald Trump has made tremendous contributions to this...

HANNITY: He's also right about criminal activity!

GIULIANI: And -- I say he said it in reverse order.


GIULIANI: You know, most of them, good people.

HANNITY: That's what I would have said.

GIULIANI: A large number, more than you think, bad people that sneak in with them.


GIULIANI: And you got the numbers to show that. So what he did was get us to focus so we come to the same conclusion, maybe in a different way. The conclusion is, this is a serious problem. And with things like ISIS hanging out there, this becomes an even bigger problem.

HANNITY: I want to ask you one quick question about Baltimore because you were with our coverage of all this. The Baltimore mayor announced the firing of the police commissioner.


HANNITY: I want to run the -- yes, right?


HANNITY: I want to run this tape.

GIULIANI: Scapegoat!


STEPHANIE RAWLINGS-BLAKE, D-BALTIMORE MAYOR: Moments ago, I thanked police commissioner Anthony Batts for his service to Baltimore city, and I informed him that I would be making a change in the leadership of the Baltimore City Police Department.


HANNITY: She's the one that told the police to stand down! Now, if I'm a cop in Baltimore, after what happened, there's no way I'm working as hard as I used to. I'm going to be really careful.

GIULIANI: Well, you got to be really careful. You got a family at home. You got a montage to pay. You got kids that have to go to school.  And then you make the slightest little mistake, you know, this mayor is going to turn on you.

I mean, as I watched these two, the mayor and the police commissioner, she was the one doing most of the talking. And you know, if you're going to fire somebody, maybe she should fire herself.

HANNITY: Should fire herself.

GIULIANI: And the police commissioner seems like he's a scapegoat in this situation. Maybe -- maybe he didn't (ph) do the right thing, maybe he didn't. But somebody's got to find out what was he hearing from the mayor.  You know...

HANNITY: I've talked to rank and file within the department. They are telling me they fear that they cannot do their job, that they will be...

GIULIANI: I went -- I went to every police graduation class, and I said to every police graduation class, I need you to reduce crime in this city. I basically told them, I have your back. If you get in trouble, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. And all I'm giving you, by the way, is what every criminal gets, the benefit of the doubt.


GIULIANI: And I am not going to accuse you or fire you unless it is proven that you committed a crime. And if you committed a crime, I'm sorry, pal. Like (INAUDIBLE) of them, you're going to go to jail. In my lifetime, I put 70 cops in jail.


GIULIANI: So I'm not incapable of putting cops in jail. But I'm also not going to be someone who takes the presumption of innocence away from the police...

HANNITY: Fair enough.

GIULIANI: ... and makes them scapegoats, which is what this mayor did. I don't know what the police commissioner did, but the mayor...

HANNITY: Mayor did that.

GIULIANI: ... made the police worried about doing their job.

HANNITY: All right, Mr. Mayor, good to see you. Thank you.


HANNITY: Coming up, you're going to hear from an Arizona sheriff on the front lines battling illegal immigration and that crime crisis.

And then later tonight...


HILLARY CLINTON, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The American voter will weigh these kinds of accusations. I mean, you know, people write books filled with unsubstantiated attacks against us and even admit they have no evidence.


HANNITY: Hillary finally sits down for an interview. She doesn't say much. We'll get reaction from 2016 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. She's here with reaction and more, as we continue.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." According to the Pinal County, Arizona, sheriff's department, over the July Fourth weekend, illegal immigration Manuel Perez Vasquez was reportedly driving high on drugs and crashed into a car, injuring two small children and their mother.  Fortunately no one was killed. According to police Manuel Perez Vasquez has been deported, get this, six times in three years. Here now is the sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeu is with us. Welcome back, Sheriff, good to see you.


HANNITY: So earlier we talked to families that lost loved ones. As is often the case, they're deported, and then they walk across the border again. Isn't that the big part of this problem, criminals know they can get back very easy and they know the routes and where to go?

BABEU: Absolutely, and without consequence. And that's the problem here. We see in my county this near head-on collision with this young mother and her five-year-old son, two-year-old baby girl, this illegal that hits her, totals her car. But if it was you or I we'd get out or any other citizen we'd get out to find out what's going on maybe even or call 911, right?

He and a witness said four others fled on foot. They didn't stop to render aid or even call 911. They fled on foot. And this guy turns out, not only he's impaired by drugs in this wreck -- six times. So there's a lack of consequence. So that's why none of us should be surprised all these crimes continue to occur. And then we get people attacking us somehow, saying we're not compassionate because we don't want to just have open borders. And I reject that because every year, every year this is a country who proudly accepts more legal immigrants than every other nation on the face of this earth combined.

HANNITY: And how bad -- for those -- how accurate was Donald Trump?  How accurate was he that this is a huge problem in terms of crime, et cetera? Is he right or wrong?

BABEU: It's a huge problem. He's tapping into the anger that I and every American should feel. He's going a little bit broader with a brush when he characterized, you know, all of the illegals.

HANNITY: He did say some are good people. He could have probably said it better. But I get your point.

BABEU: Look, in my county I've got 30 percent of my 400,000 people that are Mexican, Hispanic descent that are from Mexico largely in their lineage that are good, decent, hardworking Americans. Yet it's these criminals illegals, 30,000 last year that were released. And the numbers you quoted earlier about the murderers and the rapists, who can justify the fact that they remain in our country? What do we think they're going to do? And we don't -- when we catch one of these murders, it's not the first time they committed all kinds of other crimes. So, absolutely, we're getting what this administration has served up.

HANNITY: A sanctuary country.

BABEU: That's right.

HANNITY: Obama sanctuary country.

All right, thank you.

BABEU: You're right.

HANNITY: Coming up, Hillary Clinton, she speaks. She did her first national interview since announcing her candidacy. 2016 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina will have reaction.

And then later, Oklahoma's governor will not remove the Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds just yet. She'll join us and explain straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." Yesterday Hillary Clinton sat down for her first national interview since she announced her campaign. And when asked about the alarming poll numbers regarding her trustworthiness and honesty, here's what she had to say.


CLINTON: I think when you are subjected to the kind of constant barrage of attacks that are largely fomented by and coming from the right, this has been a theme that has been used against me and my husband for many, many years.

The American voter will weigh these kinds of accusations. I mean, you know, people write books filled with unsubstantiated attacks against us and even admit they have no evidence. People should and do trust me. And I have every confidence that will be the outcome of this election. I cannot decide what the attacks on me will be, no matter how unfounded.


HANNITY: All right, joining me now with reaction, 2016 Republican president candidate Carly Fiorina. Even Carl Bernstein, I want to get your reaction to what she said in that interview, but said Hillary has a difficult relationship with the truth but has become a specialist at fudging the facts. Wow. What's your reaction to that interview?

CARLY FIORINA, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, it's back to the vast right wing conspiracy, Sean. It's all the fault of the vast right wing conspiracy. And in that interview, which I think was really vintage Clinton, she did not answer a single question really. She did not accept accountability for anything really. I honestly think she has lived in her own world and in her own bubble for so long that she really doesn't perceive these very real conflicts of interest as conflicts of interest.  She just wants people to trust her.

HANNITY: What did you think, for example, on her answer about e- mails? Oh, there was no law. Actually we do have a records law. So that was inaccurate. And that, oh, there was no regulation, there was nothing I did. These items were subpoenaed and she hasn't handed them over for years. So does this fly with the American people or does the trustworthiness quotient get bigger for her?

FIORINA: Well, I think, as the polls indicate, people don't trust her. And that means the foundation of leadership is not solid for her.

But I also want you to notice something else, Sean. She was not asked a single question about her track record as secretary of state. She wasn't asked about why she thought a gimmicky reset button would stop Vladimir Putin. She wasn't asked about why she called President Bashar al-Assad of Syria a positive reformer. She wasn't asked why she declared victory in Iraq in 2011. She wasn't asked if she thought she had lied to the American people about Benghazi and what she thinks now of the fact that Libya is a failed state and a haven for terrorists.

In other words, she isn't going to be asked all the questions she needs to be asked, which is why we must have a nominee who will face her on a general election debate stage and ask every single one of those questions so that the American people have the facts they need to make a good judgment.

HANNITY: You know, the other thing she attacked dishonesty and trustworthiness question. I have never witnessed a politician that's won an election when 57 percent of the electorate don't think your honest and trustworthy.

Now, she dismissed the idea of the Clinton Foundation. I mean, all of this money that was given from all of these countries with atrocious human rights records for women, but she wants to be the women's candidate. What is your answer to that?

FIORINA: Well, yes. You're right. She wants to run as the first woman president. If, for example, I faced her on a general election debate stage, she wouldn't get to run as the first woman president, would she?  She would actually have to answer a question about her track record, about her accomplishments, about her trustworthiness.

And I would point out that not only has she taken money from countries with atrocious human rights records, but she as secretary of state took women rights off the table in her discussion with China specifically. Even though she made a big show of showing up in China to talk about women's rights or human rights, and yet when she was in a position to pursue that conversation with China as secretary of state, she took it off the table.

HANNITY: I want to go to comments you made about Donald Trump and his comments that he made that have made so much news here. You called them "outrageous." You said "He doesn't represent me. He doesn't represent my party." I want to play the comments for you, and specifically I want you to tell me what part of this you disagree with and why. Let's listen to the tape.


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.  But I speak to border guards, and they tell us what we're getting.


HANNITY: Your comments I felt were extraordinarily harsh. What part of what he said do you disagree with?

FIORINA: Well, I think first of all that it's inaccurate to say that the Mexican government is purposefully sending all of their criminal elements.

HANNITY: They're not stopping it, in other words.

FIORINA: Secondly, I think we have a lot of criminal elements, and I think we need to collaborate more with Mexico, to be sure. I think Donald Trump has raised an important issue, but as Rudy Giuliani said in your previous segment, these issues have been around for a very long time. It has been a problem with an insecure border, sanctuary cities, crime, criminal elements coming in through an illegal immigration problem that hasn't been fixed under Republicans or Democrats. And I think it points out the fact that we have too much hyperbole and too many sound bites in our political process and not enough problem solving and not enough results. Everybody talks about it, Republicans and Democrats alike, particularly around --

HANNITY: He's offered a solution.

FIORINA: And somehow the border remains insecure.

HANNITY: He said nobody builds better walls than Donald Trump, which I think is actually funny the way he says it. But more seriously, Carly, people are being murdered by illegal immigrants. There have been sexual assaults.

FIORINA: No question.

HANNITY: The numbers are staggering.

FIORINA: That's right.

HANNITY: And we haven't done anything to fix it. So in that sense I think you agree with him that that's all true. It's just you didn't like the manner in which he said it? Why did you call it so outrageous, then?

FIORINA: Well, I think when we condemn a group of people wholesale that doesn't solve the problem. I, too, have offered a solution to the illegal immigration problem. I've been far more specific than Donald Trump about the need to secure the border, about how I would fix the legal immigration system. For an example, I've been specific of how I would deal with those who have come here illegally and stayed here illegally. But when we paint whole groups of people as bad people, I don't think that helps us advance the conversation. I think what we need now honestly in all of our political process is less rhetoric and more results, less talk and more problem-solving.

HANNITY: He did say some are good people. I just want to be fair to his side of the argument. Good to see you. Thanks for being with us.

Coming up, Oklahoma's governor refusing to take down the Ten Commandments monument on capitol grounds until the ruling has been appealed. She will join us next to explain straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." The Oklahoma Supreme Court recently ruled that a Ten Commandment monument on state grounds must be removed, but the governor, Mary Fallin, declared that the statue is staying at least while her attorney general is appealing that decision. Joining me now with more to explain, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is with us.  Governor, how are you? Good to see you.

GOV. MARY FALLIN, R-OKLA.: I'm doing good, Sean. How are you doing?

HANNITY: I'm good. So are you going to stand up to the mean old State Supreme Court? Do you need a cake with a file or something? I'll come bail you out. Are you worried about that?

FALLIN: I appreciate that. We've had a lot of calls from across the nation about this issue. And basically, Sean, what we have is a privately funded historical monument that was put on our capital, actually a piece of legislation passed years ago to allow to put this monument up there, that shows the Ten Commandments and talks about its historical significance to our system of laws in the United States. And so our Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that it was impermissible to have it on the ground based upon the Blaine Amendment which is in the Oklahoma constitution. And that's their ruling.

HANNITY: And the legislature can also jump in on this as I understand that they could actually clarify this. Is that going to move forward?

FALLIN: Well, I'm hoping that the legislature will address this.  They said they would. Our session won't be until next year in February.  But we do need to clarify, and I think we just get rid of the Blaine Amendment in the Oklahoma constitution. The U.S. constitution does not say that we can't have the historical monument on the Oklahoma capitol grounds.  So if we pass a resolution through the vote of the people to say we remove the Blaine amendment, then we can have, we believe, the monument on the capital grounds.

HANNITY: All right, Governor, thank you so much joining us and updating us on that story. We appreciate it.

FALLIN: You're welcome.

HANNITY: Coming up, we need your help. Tonight's "Question of the Day" straight ahead.


HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." It's time for tonight's "Question of the Day." Should President Obama attend the funeral of Kathryn Steinle?  I don't think he will but I think he should. Go to, @SeanHannity on Twitter, let us know what you think.

That is all the time we have left this evening. Don't forget, set your DVR. We miss you when you're not here, so you never miss an episode.  That is all the time we have left. Thanks for joining us. We'll see you back here tomorrow night.

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