Pam Geller on being Boston terror target: It's scary, but it's scarier to do nothing

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Now, the stunning terror plot sending shock waves across the country and one of the specific targets who they wanted to behead. The woman who organized the controversial "Draw Muhammad" event, anti-radical Islam blogger Pam Geller, she joins us.

Nice to see you, Pam.


VAN SUSTEREN: Pam, were you ever warned by law enforcement that someone in Boston was seeking to behead you?

GELLER: I was not given this specific threat. But I was warned of impending threats.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. But nothing coming out of Boston?


VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Now, how did you first learn about this in that your name was actually -- I mean that your name has been batted around as one of his targets?

GELLER: CNN had called me for comment.

VAN SUSTEREN: And after you got that information, did you follow up with the authorities?

Has anybody talked to you since then?

GELLER: Well, at their request, I had a meeting with multiple agencies but I'm not at liberty to discuss what we said at that meeting.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you afraid that you are the target for what is the signature crime by ISIS and other radical or extremist groups, beheading?

Are you worried about that?

GELLER: Well, the idea that my work in defense of freedom would warrant cutting off my head is deeply disturbing. And, of course, it's scary. But, to me, it's scarier to do nothing.

VAN SUSTEREN: You are a critic of radical Islam. Are you critical of Islam as well or just radical Islam?

GELLER: I'm critical of jihad and I'm critical of the sharia. I don't care if you worship a stone, just don't stone me with it. So it doesn't matter if you are a Buddhist, if you are a Wiccan, if you are a Christian, if you are a Muslim, but the jihad and the sharia are deeply problematic.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Do you have another cartoon drawing contest of Muhammad scheduled?

Because obviously that was one that certainly drew a lot of attention.

GELLER: Well, it was the first annual and I intend it to be annual. And again, remember, it was in response to a pro-Sharia event in the wake of the "Charlie Hebdo" slaughter.

Muslim groups just a couple of days after that gruesome massacre held a conference called "Stand with the Prophet" in support of sharia restrictions. So we held a conference in that exact same spot in defense of freedom, standing with the victims of the "Charlie Hebdo" slaughter. That's why we were in Garland, Texas.

VAN SUSTEREN: Actually, I would suspect that you must get a lot of threats. Is that true or not true?

GELLER: It is true. This is -- I violate the Sharia. I violate the blasphemy laws under Islamic law. And it's not just me. You know, whether I do this or not, anyone that doesn't abide by the blasphemy laws under the Sharia will be targeted.

VAN SUSTEREN: And when you talk about blasphemy laws are you speaking just directly to a cartoon or something of Muhammad or are you taking it beyond that?

GELLER: I don't take it beyond that. They take it beyond that. I didn't make the cartoons of "Flashpoint", the jihadists made the cartoons of "Flashpoint". And this is a fundamental -- this is an elemental right of every American.

And the idea that we would abridge our freedoms so not to offend savages goes against every fiber of my being, so of course I'm going to continue. My resolve is even strengthened in light of the past few weeks.

VAN SUSTEREN: What should we do? Tell me your sort of your solution to all of this because, obviously, look, the idea of beheading people is so abhorrent -- besides the fact that it's murder. It's absolutely abhorrent and now it's being done -- it's almost their brand of -- it's their signature.

GELLER: Well, it's in the Quran. "Smite them at their necks." Look, what should we do? Everyone should have a cartoon contest. Everyone should stand in defense of freedom. Our organization, the American Freedom Defense organization has an 18-point platform in defense of freedom.

Even today in that press conference, the imam that spoke, he was fired from a university because he told his students to pick up the -- Muslims, pick up your swords and do your job.

The idea that you are blaming the cops, this jihadist was lunging at the cops with a machete-type beheading weapon. They defended themselves.

And that's reckless? What's reckless is the focus on me. What's reckless is to focus on anyone who criticizes or questions Islam. We should be looking at the mosques. The Islamic society of Boston is a terror-tied mosque. Anwar al-Awlaki partnered with the imam there. We know one of the jihadists was a security guard there.

The chemical weapons doctor, Siddiqui, had plotted an attack, a chemical weapons attack in New York City. She tried to kill U.S. soldiers. There are a number of terror attacks tied to that mosque. Why aren't we looking at the mosque? Why aren't we looking at the mosque in Phoenix, Arizona?

We know that a friend of Ibrahim Simpson, the jihadist that tried to slaughter hundreds of people, said he would never waver from the teachings of the mosque. He slept at that mosque. He did a promotional fundraising video for that mosque. Why aren't we talking about the jihadic ideology behind this mosque behind this slaughter?

VAN SUSTEREN: Pamela, thank you very much for joining us.

GELLER: Thank you for having me, Greta.