Only in America

I don't mean to keep pounding this Home Depot atrocity, but I can't let go. Because this is wrong — wrong, and yes, dumb.

Here's what it comes down to: People who make laws want to protect those who break laws.

It's that simple.

If some California geniuses have their way, Home Depot would be forced to take care of illegals loitering outside their stores looking for contract work. Maybe feed them, house them, look after them. And if Home Depot does not? It's in violation of the law.


Am I the only one seeing this?

A company trying to do the right thing by its workers and customers now has to start playing nanny to its illegal loiterers?

Are you nuts?

Only in America can those who shouldn't be here, get so much from here — supported now by the goofiest and wackiest elements here.

Since when did Home Depot become "Illegal Care Center Depot"?

And they wonder why illegals won't leave. Because they know we won't change.

And because they know we'll sooner punish the company just trying to do its job than the illegal trying to steal it.

Understand this:

Become a citizen: get rights.

Choose not to become a citizen: don't get rights.

What part of "illegal" aren't we getting here?

When authorities take it upon themselves to punish legal companies who refuse to take care of illegal workers, what's next? You, if they're outside your house? Your kid's principal, if they're outside his school?

It's incredible. It's asinine. And yes, it's dumb.

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