On the Road Again

As I kick off my book tour for "Your Money or Your Life," I'm reminded of that line from my old friend, Jack Welch, who once told me: The best thing about writing a book is meeting the people who want to read it.

I know what he means.

I remember from my last book tour meeting a woman who had sewn a blanket for me, complete with my name engraved. Or the young couple who showed up with two boxes of yodels. Another fellow brought pizza.

There was the proud mom and dad who brought their son along, destined for West Point, who just wanted to say hi and thanks.

I felt I was the one who should be thanking them.

Another radio host down South who challenged me to a head measuring contest, convinced his noggin' was bigger. It wasn't.

Or the very liberal college coed who still insisted I was endearing, "in a haunting way," as she put it.

People from all walks of life, stopping in at a bookstore to meet a stocky anchor and take stock of the moment, for a moment. Before the next city, and the next signing.

I put faces to e-mails and kind words in person to nice missives on a computer.

It was as rewarding as it was humbling and it begins anew now.

The challenge, I guess, isn't in the chapters already written and on store shelves. But the chapters yet to come in the faces of the kind folks in those stores themselves.

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