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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: It seems only logical that in America judges would base their rulings on the U.S. Constitution and not the laws of other nations. But increasingly activist judges have started turning to international precedent in court decisions.

Now, this disturbing trend has caused lawmakers in the State of Oklahoma to take matters into their own hands. And this November residents will be able to vote on a ballot questions to ban courts from considering international law in rulings.

Now, it's being described as a preemptive strike to ensure that things like Islamic Shariah Law are kept out of the Oklahoma court system.

Joining me now from Oklahoma is the author of this measure, State Representative Rex Duncan. Rex, welcome to the show, I'm glad you're with us.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE REX DUNCAN, R-OKLA.: Thank you Sean, I appreciate it.

You know this debate is years overdue, Sean. State Senator Anthony Saxon, I authored a joint resolution that we called "The Save Our State Amendment" and on final passage it became State Question 755 which by the way you can read at RexDuncan.com.

And Sean, 755 is a preemptive strike and that will allow Oklahoma voters this November to vote to amend our State Constitution, prohibiting all state courts from using or considering international law or Shariah Law.

HANNITY: All right, now this is important. This came up the — the controversial Imam that wants to build a mosque right next to where Ground Zero is. We found out in his writings that in fact, he wants America to be more Shariah-compliant. And he wanted a judiciary within a judiciary so that literally, we could circumvent our own Constitution, which is scary.

Now, some of the points that you have been arguing is this is not unprecedented to surprise people. Why don't you tell us what's happening in Great Britain.

DUNCAN: Well, it's not unprecedented and that's the problem. People will not open their eyes or they choose to look the other way. Shariah Law has come to Great Britain and I've described it as a cancer upon Great Britain's survivability. It is that serious. There are dozens of Shariah talk courts there —

HANNITY: Explain it.

DUNCAN: Well, Shariah Law is basic Islamic law derived —

HANNITY: No, no, no that's not what I'm asking. We've got over Shariah Law. Explain how the Shariah courts exactly what they — they are Britain.

DUNCAN: Well, what would entail is say, a domestic case, a family, a people, a divorce or child custody, arbitration. These parties would come to the court and say we want to be bound by Islamic law and then ask the courts to enforce those agreements. That is a backdoor way to get Shariah Law in the courts.

Now, there will be efforts, have been some efforts I believe to explore bringing that to America.


DUNCAN: And it's dangerous.


DUNCAN: It would be the same cancer upon American courts it is in Great Britain.

HANNITY: Here's — here is what I want, I want to put something up on our screen here. Because when we talk immigration we talk about assimilation. You come to America and you become an American. I would assume that if you moved to Great Britain you would become British. And you would want to adopt their way of life in many ways.

But it seems like there's — there's efforts for separation, especially as it relates to the rule of law.

Now, let me give you the latest example, we have this controversy, here's video of British soldiers coming back after fighting in Afghanistan, and literally being protested by Muslim extremists, brandishing vile, you know, signs like you see there, et cetera, I'm not sure if that was one but they do have some calling them baby killers and rapists and butchers, et cetera, et cetera.

What does this video tell you? This is Great Britain. These are British soldiers, heroes coming back from fighting a battle. They are called baby killers, rapists and butchers. What does that tell you? Are these — are these the same people that would want to implement Shariah Law in Britain?

DUNCAN: They are. They are Sean and that's a preview. We call that a movie trailer that is not — that's something that's coming to America.

Sean, you and I are about the same age. Your children and my children have a right to inherit the same liberties and freedoms that we inherited.

These people that you see, that you're showing, those are the same people that are coming here to take away those liberties and freedoms from your children, my children and our grandchildren.


DUNCAN: And it's time that the state legislature step up and do what the federal government has willfully refused to do.

HANNITY: Well, I hope this passes. We'll watch this measure very closely. We appreciate you being with us.

DUNCAN: Sean, I would tell you that by the time your Freedom Concert comes to Tulsa on August 20th, I predict that other state legislators will have announced their intentions to follow suit and introduce similar legislation in their states next year.

HANNITY: I'll look forward to meeting you down there. Thank you very much for being with us and yes we have eight Freedom Concerts —

DUNCAN: I'll see you then.

HANNITY: — Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, Michael W. and by the way if you didn't get a Father's Day gift, you still got time at my website Hannity.com. Thanks for the plug.

DUNCAN: Thanks Sean.

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