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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: "The Anointed One" just can't seem to get a break when it comes to his polls numbers recently.

Now, Mr. President, I think the American people are sending you a message. Maybe you should listen.

Now approval ratings taken among residents in liberal Massachusetts show that Republican Scott Brown is more well-liked than both "The Anointed One" and the state's other senator - that's Democrat John Kerry.

Now Brown's 55 percent approval rating puts him one point ahead of Obama and three points ahead of Kerry.

Now in the U.K. where the president was revered upon his election, citizens seem disgusted by his spoken to the BP spill. A Sky News poll shows that 68 percent of those polled in Great Britain view the Obama administration more negatively in the wake of the spill.

Not only that, but 28 percent of respondents see Britain's relationship with the U.S. as less important than they did before the spill.

Now these alarming numbers come on the heels of a shocking Wall Street Journal poll that showed "The Anointed One"'s approval rating at just 45 percent, which is a new low for the president.

And joining me now with reaction is former Clinton adviser, the author of the New York Times best-seller, "2010: Take America Back," (ph) Dick Morris.


HANNITY: All right. Polling is your business. This is what you love. You read numbers all the time. What do you make of all this?

MORRIS: Well, the numbers speak for themselves but I have two additions to them. First is that, in an off-year election intensity is more important than the actual numbers, because turn-out drops about 30 percent from a presidential year to a congressional year.


MORRIS: And when you dig even deeper and you say, do you strongly approve or do you strongly disapprove, the stronglys of each are 2-1 negative for Obama. So it's not just that he's losing support, it's that he's losing intensity.

HANNITY: All right. There's a Scott Brown numbers - again, we go to New Jersey, Virginia, we've discussed those at length. But does it show that this is a sustained, I guess, rebelling - a sustained erosion? What do you think?

MORRIS: Well, I think it is. I think that first he lost the Republicans and the independents over health care. Now over the oil spill, and the Afghan war, he's losing the left. And when I say losing the left, I don't mean that they're switching to Republicans.


MORRIS: They're just much less likely to show up and vote.

HANNITY: Especially in 2010. Maybe people that had a lot of passion for Obama maybe they're not going out in the midterm.

Look, Obama's strategy - Democratic strategy - is now stated. They want to go out and find all those people, that 15 million number that they say came out just for Obama, and come out in 2010. Is there any chance they can pull that off?

MORRIS: Well, they'll try. But they've been hurt by the oil spill and they've been hurt by the war.

Obama's percentage of the white vote was the same as John Kerry's. The only difference was within the white vote he got more young and fewer old. But the reason he won is exclusively among blacks and Latinos. And he has to sustain that going into the election.

That's why he's suing over the Arizona immigration law. That's why he's talking about pardoning illegal immigrants. They're doing all of that in a hurry-up mode to try to get back the Latino vote.

HANNITY: All right. There are three things, you mentioned two of them. War, when we had this big blow up with McChrystal last week. The oil spill, and I would argue there's one other issue and that's the economy. Jobs are not coming back, especially in the numbers that we have.

Paul Krugman today - and we'll get into this in the next segment - is suggesting that, you know, we're in the beginning stages of a depression.


HANNITY: This is a liberal. This is not a conservative saying that.

MORRIS: And his solution is to do more spending.

HANNITY: Yes, he wants more.

MORRIS: And more borrowing. It's like in the middle ages. They bleed patients to get rid of the evil spirits.


MORRIS: And when the poor son of a gun is half dead they said ah, he's got more evil spirits. Let's bleed him some more.

HANNITY: I mean, and now the president is getting lectured about austerity at the G-8 and G-20 summits in Toronto.

MORRIS: Right. By socialist regimes.

HANNITY: Yes. By socialist regimes. All right, let me ask you about this. Here, your buddy Bill Clinton is back in the news. He actually said - he said the absolute focus of government right now should be on fixing this leak in the Gulf.

And he warns that officials should quit bashing BP since they are the only ones who have the expertise to fix it. He says let's, you know, just fix the problem, we'll worry about emoting later. A direct shot?

MORRIS: That's interesting. That's a shot. That's damn near a declaration of candidacy for Hillary.


MORRIS: But I got a real insight into the oil spill. And I have a big article on DickMorris.com, my website, explaining it. I had a tour of Alabama the other - over the weekend. And I spoke to a lot of the disaster officials. And here's what happened.

HANNITY: Who did you speak to?

MORRIS: The governor.

HANNITY: Bob Reilly?

MORRIS: A whole bunch of his - Bill - Bob Reilly, and a whole bunch of his disaster people. They decided early on to get the heaviest, biggest booms they could, seven meters high, tons each of weight, and erect them to shield all 170 miles of the Alabama coastline.

They did. Then they - then the Coast Guard decided to uproot them all and move them to Louisiana.


MORRIS: Well, it occurred two days after Carville had a press conference, blasting the president.

HANNITY: When he said we are dying down here.?

MORRIS: Yes, we're drowning down here.


MORRIS: And then the governor said ok, what we'll do is we'll put snare brooms there. We'll collect the oil when it comes ashore. And Fish and Wildlife said no, can't do that, it will hurt the turtles.

Then they said OK, we'll put 400 people here manually to collect the oil when it comes ashore. OSHA said no, can only work 20 minutes out of each hour and 40 minutes out of every - two hours and then they need two hours off.

HANNITY: Twenty minutes out of each hour?

MORRIS: So what's happening is each agency of government is putting their own bureaucratic interest ahead of solving the biggest disaster in history.

HANNITY: You also add to that no burning, no chemical disbursement.

MORRIS: Right. Exactly.

HANNITY: And rejecting the help of 13 countries. Look, I think this has become bigger than Obama's Katrina.

MORRIS: No, it's become - it's become - well, Katrina went to Bush's sensitivity and all that. This goes to competence. And I had a whole lot rather be seen insensitive than incompetent.

HANNITY: All right, so when you put these three together, and we've got conservatives now - conservative support in this country has hit a record high.

MORRIS: Right.

HANNITY: When you add the economy, the war, you went through the details of the oil spill.


HANNITY: And you converge this together and we're 127 days away from the midterm election.

MORRIS: You know, in the Congress, I've been saying that from the beginning. But there's a thing I want to call your viewers' attention to, a serious situation in Nevada that requires your immediate action -

HANNITY: Sharron Angle and Reid.

MORRIS: Against Harry Reid. The minute Angle won the primary, Reid put a negative ad on using a statement of Sharron's that they took out of context, saying we should phase out Social Security and Medicare.

That's not what she said. What she said was phase out the system where they can raid the money and instead put it into a personal lockbox for each person so the government can't take the money.

But that rebuttal ad has to catch up with the negative. Churchill once said a lie can make it halfway around the world before the truth puts its shoes on in the morning. Well, Reid has $1 million behind that negative ad. And so far Angle has about $50,000 behind the answer.

And if you don't want to put up with Harry Reid and his immigration position and everything else for the next six years, you've got to be helpful in that race.

HANNITY: We've had her on this program. She explained in great detail that the characterization of Harry Reid and the Democrats is false.

Look, I think Harry Reid - look, his own son doesn't even want to use his last name Reid in this campaign. It's not on his website and it's not in his recent -

MORRIS: But my experience has been that when you're - that when an incumbent throw's punch like this -

HANNITY: You got to hit him back.

MORRIS: - against an unknown challenger.


MORRIS: If you hit him back you can win the race right there. But if you failed to hit him back, particularly if you're a woman.

HANNITY: It could stick.

MORRIS: You never recover.

HANNITY: All right.

MORRIS: So it is crucial in the next week or two that everybody do everything they can to - help Sharron Angle. Doesn't matter if you live in Nevada, you can help her anyway.

HANNITY: All right. Dick Morris, good to see you.

MORRIS: Thank you.

HANNITY: Congrats on the book. Appreciate it. You're going to give me the fist bump?

MORRIS: Fist bump. Yes.

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