New website calls out radical liberal professors

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O'REILLY: "Impact" segment tonight, beyond debate that the nation's universities and colleges are dominated by left wing faculty members. That is becoming an acute problem as some students are acting out, sometimes infantile ways.

Now a group called "Turning Point USA" has set up a website that accuses, accuses nearly 200 college professors of, quote, "leftist propaganda in the classroom," unquote.

Joining us now from San Antonio, Texas, Charlie Kirk, founder of "Turning Point USA." First of all, how do you determine what teachers to put on your list?

CHARLIE KIRK, TURNING POINT USA FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Sure. So this project was many years in the making. Growing this organization to 1,100 colleges and high school campuses across the country. We started doing counter incredible biases some of which you covered whether it be in University of Missouri and all across the country.

You know, what really troubled me talking to adults and donors and even regent members, it was kind of like an urban legend. People didn't really believe all that was happening in our universities.

It's kind of like pockets of information and so we decided to consolidate all this information, all the different biases and examples with third party verification on a very simple easy to use website

And look every single incident and every single professor that we put on our website is backed up by a third party news source is mentioned many times.

Look, all we want here is to shine a light of what's been going on in our universities and the response has been incredible by students, by donors, and alumni, mostly thanking us for doing this type of work because this really has not existed until right now.

O'REILLY: This is serious thing when you say it's backed up by a third party reportage. Some of the third party reportage is garbage and that's the problem that you really have to know whether the college professor is going into the classroom because that's a crux of it.

When these people go into the classroom and they force the students to think their way. You know, it's a good, healthy thing for college professors to have an opinion and articulate it in a strong way and the kids challenge it that's what college is supposed to be.

Now, when you put them up there at the website, you know you're putting them in a little bit of danger because people, you know, you have to think about that.

KIRK: Yes, I don't think so. Look, if the professors are so scared of what's going on in their lecture hall to be made public then that's their problem and not ours. I think parents have a right to know what's going on in these universities.

I mean, parents especially are forking over tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and they should know what these professors have been teaching. And it's important to note we are very deliberate in what we put on this website and, in fact that we did not break any news stories.

These are all existing on the internet. This is just an aggregator putting them altogether. We are simply shining a light, putting it on one easy -- faculty and donors to see and understand.

O'REILLY: Two of them caught my attention. The first one is Mariel Mille Young teaches feminist studies at the University of California Santa Barbara. Apparently this woman pled guilty to assaulting a 16-year-old pro-life person.

KIRK: That's correct. Yes.

O'REILLY: Tenure? I mean, did she pay any price at the university?

KIRK: From what I understand, she is still teaching there and another example which have you covered extensively is Dr. Click who is formerly at University of Missouri and now teaches and lectures at Gonzaga University and she famously said on camera bring in the muscle when a journalist student was simply just filming demonstrations on campus.

O'REILLY: Yes, Missouri dumped her and she went up to Gonzaga. The other woman I mentioned pled no contest, not guilty, but she is still there and the other guy is Julio Cesar Pino, who the FBI, I guess, is investigating to some kind of Muslim terrorism beef or something?

KIRK: That's right. And according to several news sources, he is reportedly being investigated for allegedly having connections with ISIS and an FBI spokeswoman confirmed this.

O'REILLY: What does Kent State say?

KIRK: Well, look, again, the official statement was somewhat murky in the sense that he is still teaching there and then it's trying to be confirmed to the FBI. Look, if I was a donor to Kent State or alumni or sending my kids there, that would be a huge concern.

O'REILLY: I don't know if I would sign up for the class.

KIRK: Yes, I wouldn't either. Are you kidding me? So all we are doing is shining a light. We are not trying to prevent teachers from saying anything or professors from --

O'REILLY: As long as your facts are straight. Mr. Kirk, thank you.

KIRK: Thank you.

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