Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Network's Problem?

Former CBS News president Van Gordon Sauter says that in the aftermath of the report on CBS' now-discredited Bush National Guard story, the network's biggest problem is "it has no credibility. And no audience, no morale, no long-term emblematic anchorperson and no cohesive management structure."

But, he says, "Outside of those annoyances, it shouldn't be that hard to fix." Writing in The Los Angeles Times, Sauter says many of CBS' problems are based in its "unremitting liberal orientation." What's more, he says, "The insufferable hubris and self-righteousness of the organization have been replaced by apprehension."

He concludes, "For CBS News, the only path back to anything near first place will require a compass setting based in objectivity and quality."

New FOX Poll

A new FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll out today shows a majority of Americans now approve of President Bush's job performance, going from 48 percent last month to 52 percent now, which is almost identical to his support on election day.

In addition, the poll shows that 61 percent of Americans say they are optimistic about things in the U.S. — though only a minority of Democrats say that. Twice as many Republicans do.

The poll also asked about William Rehnquist, the Supreme Court Chief Justice who has been on the bench for 33 years, and presided over President Clinton's impeachment. But nearly a third of Americans say they can't form an opinion of him, and another 22 percent have never even heard of him.

"Tasteless" Teddy Bear?

Vermont's chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill is demanding the Vermont Teddy Bear company pull one of its 31 Valentine's Day teddy bears from the shelves, insisting the 70-dollar gift is "tasteless."

The bear, called the "Crazy for You Bear," is dressed in a white straight jacket with a heart, and comes with papers that say, "Can't Eat, Can't Sleep ... Diagnosis: Crazy for You!"

The group insists the bear "stigmatizes persons with mental illness." The Vermont Teddy Bear company says it will stop selling the bear... after Valentine's Day.

Former Adviser Now Faculty

New York University is adding former Kerry campaign adviser Bob Shrum to its faculty. He's leaving the political consulting firm he helped start, and will begin teaching courses in public service next fall.

The school says his "vast experience ... makes him a perfect fit for NYU."

Harvard Has A "Fun Czar"

Meanwhile, Reuters says Harvard University has hired a "fun czar" in hopes of getting its students to loosen up. The fun czar will help students plan parties and other social events.

A school official says, "the kids work very, very hard here." But, she insists, "they worked very, very hard before they got here ... It's not us: They arrived needing help having fun."

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report