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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: It's been nine weeks since Natalee Holloway vanished without a trace. Since then, we've heard from family and friends about Natalee's warm and good-natured personality, and tonight, in an "On the Record" exclusive, you can see for yourself at least a glimpse of what Natalee Holloway is like.


NATALEE HOLLOWAY: Just, you know, sitting in the back, cruising over to my place, and you're doing an excellent job. And I just want to say happy birthday. You know, you look like an old woman, and I'm sure you feel like one, too. And the beach was a blast. I had the best time of my life.


VAN SUSTEREN: Two days ago, Natalee's mother left Aruba for the first time since she raced to Aruba after getting that call that her daughter had failed to show up for her flight back to the United States. We caught up with Beth Holloway Twitty and Natalee's stepfather, Jug Twitty, at their Birmingham, Alabama, home.


When did you get home, Beth?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY, NATALEE'S MOTHER: Oh, gosh, Friday night. Friday night.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you come, too, Jug, with her?


VAN SUSTEREN: The plan isn't to stay home long, though, is it?


GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: No. The plan was, Greta, to bring her home, and she had so many cards and letters and things down there that were just piling up in the room, and we knew we had to get some of it back because, you know, we would have never gotten it all out of there. And I wanted her to come back, and I wanted her to see what the community has done for her.

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: You know, when you step outside of Aruba, I think it helps to clear your mind and you see really what you've been going through and still what needs to be done and the things that are so wrong. And I'll be honest, it just really gave me so much strength, and my anger was increasing every hour. It just increases as I'm here, and it's because I know of so many things that — I see this huge support here, and then I see these things clearer now, these things that have gone wrong in Aruba in regards to Natalee's investigation.


BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Oh, everything, everything since day one. And I was just getting angrier by the moment. I mean, Jug knows, it was just...

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you madder — because you've been mad a lot since the beginning?

GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: Yes, I'm always mad. But when I came back the first time, I was livid. I mean, I just would watch the news, FOX or whatever, and it just drove me crazy. And I kept hearing these things that people would say down there, and then after talking with people here about — and seeing all the support, you just want to go back down there. So I was down there the next day. I stayed here one night, I think, I think in bringing Beth back, you know, first of all, we got a lot of the stuff back. I wanted her to come back and see Matt. I wanted her to come back and get Matt settled in, you know...


GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: Her son, for school. But also, it gave us an opportunity to talk to some of the kids that are Natalee's best friends that were on the trip with her down there. And you know, they came to my office one day, and we talked a little bit. But having Beth back here — Beth is like their best friend. I mean, they're all, like, she's like one of the girls, you know? So this afternoon, they came over and we sat down and we talked. And we talked about what happened that night, what happened at Carlos and Charlie's, what happened at the Holiday Inn, you know, just the whole story. Because we've been talking back and forth on the phone or asking questions when, you know, the FBI wanted to ask us a question, whatever. And this just gave her more fuel right there, that this happened and this happened, and she got the real picture of, you know, what all happened that night.

VAN SUSTEREN: Are you sort of in a vacuum in Aruba? You don't realize the tremendous amount of attention, I mean, this has been all over this media. Do you not see that in Aruba?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: No. No. Not anything like it's been since I've come home. And now I see why Jug would be so upset when he would call me. When he came back to the States and I was still in Aruba, and I was thinking, in my mind, I'd think, Well, nothing's changed, so I really wasn't any angrier or anything like that. But I noticed his was just increasing, and I couldn't figure it out until yesterday. I see why now.

And I don't know if it just helps you get a bigger picture or, you know, if you can step outside of something, I think I just saw for the first time how clearly things had gone wrong. You know, I knew they were going wrong, you know that, Greta, but I think I just saw it even clearer.

VAN SUSTEREN: Like what?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: I think I just saw specific little details that just have started eating me alive just, I mean, from details of that first night, when we met Joran and Paul and Deepak, you know, just little details that have been eating away at me on this pick-up time at McDonald's, you know, Paul van der Sloot stated specifically and emphatically he picked them up at 4 a.m. I have it documented in my journal too many times to know that...

VAN SUSTEREN: At 11 p.m.?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: No, he told us 4 a.m.

GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: To start with.

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: To start with. And then, you know, I noticed when you and I went to his home, do you know that was the first time that he had ever changed it to 11 p.m.?

VAN SUSTEREN: But before then, it had been 4 a.m., but then with us, it's 11 p.m.

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Yes, 4 a.m. on May 31, he stated — I documented in my journal — that he stated to the police spokesperson that he picked Joran up at 4 a.m. Again, on June 17, I have it documented in my journal that they were going to question Paul that day about the 4 a.m. pick-up. And then it changed. That's why I was so shocked that day that you and I went to his home. That was the first time that he had changed to it 11 p.m., to the 29th. So that's just one example of many little details that are just driving me crazy now that I'm back home.

VAN SUSTEREN: So what's the strategy, Jug? I mean, how do we get this case to move forward?

GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: I really hope that the new people that are involved — and I did meet Eric Zumers (ph) down there with a friend of mine. I actually went out to where they were draining the pond and met him. And I feel like this is my personal feeling. I feel like getting Van der Straaten out of the way will allow us to go back and maybe look at some things that happened on that first, second, third day. And everybody knows those first nine days were so critical and — you know, but — mistakes were made. But they can still go back and get the people that were with me that night.

There's eight people that were with Beth and I the night we went to the Van der Sloots' house. And you know, they didn't take their statements for 19 days, but they can still go back and get them. And you know, people forget things. If we had taken them, of course, you know, two or three days later, we'd probably already have had the answer to what happened to Natalee.

But I still think that the new people there do want to do that. I think they want to go back to the beginning. And there are so many people that they need to go back and talk to that I think, if we do that, somebody's going to say something or they're going to get some kind of clue as to what happened.

VAN SUSTEREN: How do you keep your cool, though? I mean, you seem patient.

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, I mean, last night, I don't think I was very patient. I have my moments where I'm just so angry and I'm just ready to lash out. And you know, I can't just stay that way. I just have my moments. I mean, you know, today, you know, it's getting closer to where I'll depart for Aruba again, so I realize that I will be able to, you know, just further harp on those specific details of everything that we've heard since we arrived on the island because there are so many things that are...

VAN SUSTEREN: When you go back, do you feel like you're determined? You don't feel like, this is so hard, I can't go back?


VAN SUSTEREN: None of that?



BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: I can't wait. I cannot wait.

VAN SUSTEREN: Have you always been like this?



VAN SUSTEREN: You both? And you, too, Jug?

GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: In a different way, yes. I'm like that, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: I'd want you two on my team! I want you two on my team on this.

GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: She's very, very determined. I mean, she's going to find the answer. I mean, she is not going to quit until she finds it and we think we know where it is.


GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: Well, we know we know where it is.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where is it?

GEORGE "JUG" TWITTY: It's in Joran's head. It's in Deepak's head. They were there that night. I'm telling you, when we drove up, that Joran, Deepak and the father all know what happened to Natalee.


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